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  • Thanks for the trade. I thought it would be harder to find any HP Fire Celebi but I guess it wasn't.
    Ok I'll be on WiFi in a minute or two. My 4th gen FC is in my sig as well.
    Well I have your BP done as requested. Shiny Modest 31/2/31/30/31/30 Rotom w/ Pain Split in 4th gen. Let me know when you would like to trade. I should be free for the rest of today.
    Ok I'll get it shiny. I have the required seeds for the breed so it shouldn't take too long. I'll teach it Pain Split before I trade it to you.

    Edit: Oh and traditionally I offer Semi-redis rights for BPs and CPs for other people so you'll have Semi-redis rights should you choose to trade it.
    Alright I can get that Rotom you want but it will be a breed as I don't particularly don't like doing Platinum stuff. I won't need any parents as my HP Ground Rotom and flawless Ditto should be enough for the spread you want. Do you have any particular regard for shinyness?

    Also is there anything else you would like for the 3 Celebi?
    Hey EE, Can you add a psot in my thread in between my first and second Post. I want to start show casing my own Pokemon in the beginning of my thread. :) Thanks
    I heard you wanted a special calm ditto. What is the spread of that ditto?
    Okay, I'm here now. Add this fc and I'll see you on: 2881 0653 3102. Also, if you don't mind, can I get a copy of the ditto? I can wait until you have a method of cloning if that isn't possible at the moment. It'll help me out a lot in 5th gen.
    Okay, that'll work. Let me know what times are easier for you and we can trade tomorrow.
    After two tries, I have successfully captured naive hp ice ditto. I've also gotten my wifi earlier than anticipated, so if you would like to trade now, we can do that.
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