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  • Thanks for understanding!! :)

    I know I'm sort of getting sick and tired of trading people Pokemon and then something goes wrong. Which is why I'm starting the grueling process of RNG abuse for my Pokemon.
    Expert Evan, a couple weeks back I traded a DW Chimchar to some one. I got that Chimchar from another site and I hack checked it before I brought it to this site. The check came out clean, so I traded the Chimchar to the person who wanted it. What happened later was the OT told that person that the Chimchar they got from me was hacked because of it had the wrong nature from when he bred it. I offered a refund to the person who I traded it to and they were okay with that. Though they still haven't made any arrangements to pick up their Freebie.

    Now they keep harassing me about it, and I had no way of knowing it was edited when I traded it. Was there any way I could've figured out it was hacked without finding the OT(Who I had no idea was at the time)?

    If this takes me to the Blacklist in your opinion then put me there, but at least can I get on the probation list? Thanks for your time :)
    Hey there. After countless failed attempts at calm ditto, I've decided to move on to naive ditto. I've already gotten my synch and I'm currently using emloop timer to figure out how to go about hitting a delay of 699 from my delay of 597. Apparently inserting a gba cartridge also changes your seconds value. My wifi will be out until Tuesday or so as my Internet provider just disconnected it now, but I'm confident I can get it before then as flipping the journal 460 times isn't difficult at all.
    Hmm. That naive spread looks much easier. I'll try the calm one first regardless, and move to the naive spread if it proves too difficult.
    I've located the desired spread for calm ditto in my platinum game, and will begin the calibration process sometime this weekend as Ive been very busy with school matters. If I run into any inconveniences or difficulties I will message you as soon as I can. Also, I'm able to only hit even delays with my game. Would inserting a 3rd generation game help alleviate the problem?
    I checked the rules, but I'm pretty sure there is no mention, is there any place I could post a threa fir my services, or would I have to start a trade thread? Offering a trade section and a services one.
    Yes i know but only the bold mew is caught that way so i ll correct the description..thanks for leting me know:)
    I will indeed keep you posted about my progress pertaining to ditto. The frames should be no problem considering I have done 1000+ frames before, the delay might prove to be the challenging part.
    Could you please help deal with a noob? He's called Qman69, and is spamming SQSR and complaining about the rules.
    I guess your wish is answered CE? The thread for which you got the name CE, is no longer being posted in!
    Hey, I'm sorry to bother you but I have a friend making a banner for my thread and they need to know what size to make it. I checked in the Wi-Fi Forum Rules but it doesn't state a specific size for banners. Can you tell me what a good/standard banner size is? I'm not looking to push the limits or anything, I'm just clueless about this stuff. Thank you.
    Hey EE! Is it possible to change JuiceFriend's posts in our trade thread into posts, posted by me? He told me, he doesn't want to run a trade thread any longer because he just doesn't have the time to do so and I thought this was a better idea than just re-opening the's the link:
    thanks in advance :)
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