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  • Hey EE, I have a question for you.
    I was wondering if it would be within the rules for me to post a thread for 4th gen abuse guides that I've written up? The thread may later include older gen guides if I decide to learn to RNG them and find the time to write up a guide, or may have someone else. I don't know exactly just yet. Either way.
    I was wondering if it'd be allowed, as Terrasection did a 5th gen RNG guide, and since there have been a lot of people jumping straight into RNG 5th gen. No one has a clue what a delay is let alone how to abuse anything in 4th gen.
    No rush, still writing up guides myself, and figuring how I would want it to go if approved.
    Hello EE!
    I'm using a different computer than I have (for Smogon) in the past. When I attempt to edit my thread, instead of seeing everything normally (sprites, text, etc) everything is strictly in BB code. Is there a way to change this? It makes it extremely difficult to edit anything at all.
    Okay, thank you. I double checked the rules before I made the thread and I didn't see anything about notifying a Mod, but I thought I might as well do it than just get in trouble with out doing it.

    I'll notify you when it's over :)
    EE, did I have to tell a mod before opening a giveaway thread? I forgot to ask before I started it up.
    Hey EE sorry to bother you. Could you edit in 5 posts in my thread if it's not too much to ask? My thread
    I believe I have my DS problem close enough to fixed to run my thread again.

    The bottom screen is still 95% gitchy, but I'm getting along with it for now.

    Will you unlock my thread, please? (link is still in my sig)
    Can you lock my trade thread, please? My DS is broken. Link to my thread in my sig.

    No DS=no trades=no need for a trade thread.
    Hey Expert Evan! :)
    I was wondering if you wouldn't mind adding 2 posts after the first one in my trade thread? There's a link to it in my signature. It would be greatly appreciated! My thread is starting to expand a bit more, so I may even need to change the name soon :)
    I don't mean to sound annoying but I'm just trying to discuss about it so I can understand if I was right or wrong.

    So if it was wrong for me to do something like that, then i wanted to say... I'm sorry.
    Hey Jeff sensei, I want to ask you something and I want you to be honest with me.

    When I was talking to you about shady the other day, did the way how I acted and the way I talked about him was kinda childish and immature of me to do?
    Thanks for the offer, but Golem won't work.

    I'm in a tourney that is a draft style tourney. People picking their teams one Poke at a time. 2 OU, 2 UU, 1 RU, and 1 NFE.

    I missed my NFE draft pick, so Wyn Corporation was used to auti-pick all missed draft picks.

    My auto-pick was Graveler. >_<
    I'm having one hell of a time finding a Poke I need for a tourney. Do you have an Impish, 31/31/31/*/31/* Geodude or Graveler (not Golem) in Gen 4, or in Gen 5 with Stealth Rock + Sucker Punch?
    Thank you :), I just tried on IE and it messed my browser up aswell..I mainly use Firefox but I think its the moving sprites so I will switch back to the regular non-moving sprites. Thanks for letting me know about this.
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