Autumn Friendly 2012

Just played "Uwe" from the Netherlands. I remember this guy used to DC on everybody and had hacked Pokemon too. This time around, I beat him with some hax in my favor and he took the loss! Thanks for not disconnecting, whoever you are. Props to you!
Had a great match vs Pro-D excellent game man, that was everywhere haha. So saving the video :3

Video number is: 62-87644-22125
Currently at 1867 with 57 battles, I think I've lost around 5 to 6 times. I'm pretty pleased by how few disconnections I'm getting - everyone 1700+ I've played today took the loss, including one who disconnected on me in previous tournaments lol. Anyway, I won't get to play until tonight since I'm going to a TCG BR but I'm pretty pleased with the progress I've made!


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Man...thought I'd have some matches this morning, ended up falling to the 1590s, and barely back up into the 1610's after beating Uwe from the Netherlands with 1700+ points. (And that is why you NEVER use a Crobat against me, gentlemen). ...Although I lost to about 4 people in a row, who all had a worse ranking than me...Which basically undid a huge amount of wins from last night with less than 5 losses :\
Goddamnit, I lost to Specs Gyarados, I'm done for the night.

I lost to the same team, read above to learn about it.
Btw ignore Rhyperior, he used Nidoking as a replacement later after he made this.

People like Ruben and Cybertron are over 1800 + :[

Well I said i'm keeping my weekend butterfree and I will no life this weekend.

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Although I said that I wouldn't be able to play this time, it seems that I have a usable Wi-Fi connection where I am staying. I don't expect to make a deep run like the last tourneys, but I suppose I should be placed onto the player list.

Kanade, from British Columbia, Canada
Currently at 1724, 27-2-9D/C

Haven't fought anyone noteworthy, aside from Soul Survivor (I think). However, I did have this one battle against a 1771 player from Mexico running a Trick Room team, where I read what they were going to bring, and what they were going to do on Turn 1, OHKO'd their only TR user, and they immediately disconnected. I'm not sure whether I feel better when I can see a D/C coming a mile away, or when I'm wrong about seeing a D/C a mile away.

Oh, and I just double froze someone with a Blizzard. Too bad they got a double thaw out.
Wow! A koran player have 1922 points, I think he is Segun PArck, I won he :P, also I loss my second batlle (0-4 TT) with PRo-D
After playing for hours last night, I have some very lengthy battles under my belt. I'm currently at 8-1-5. My one loss was against Omega Donut.
Currently at 1724 with 25-3-4. I barely won 1-0 against PRO-D who had a 1700ish rating. I won with freeze hax at the very end--though I could've made a better play near the beginning of the match to have avoided the need for said hax. GG PRO-D, and props to you for not DCing!
Who is Ethan ? (about 1870 points) I have just played against him and I won 3-0. Sorry for the avoid, Good Game and thanks to don't DC.

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