best way to eat steak

which is the best way to have steak cooked

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I usually get my steak well done, but ironically, this is because I get mocked and stared at if I even talk about getting it any other way. I did get it rare once (much to the horror of my friends), and it was pretty darn good, even if it was from Applebee's, lol.

Would probably get rare or medium rare if everyone I knew wasn't such a vagina.
NEWS FLASH: The red shit on a rare steak is not blood, it is a denatured protein complex.

That is all.

P.S. fuck well done.

P.P.S myoglobin all up in dis bitch
Medium Rare-Medium Well.

I hate nasty-ass charcoal steaks, but I hate cutting into a steak and getting a pool of red on my plate even more. >_<
fatecrashers I have decided this is the most appropriate thread to tell you your avatar pisses me off. why does she do that little half smile in the middle of her "dancing"? it's making me angry looking at it while typing this.
Who in their right mind eats steak with ketchup? Steak is such a delicious and somewhat expensive food, and ketchup is meant for french fries from mcdonalds and shit.
Real men eat Strip steaks, flame-broiled at the bottom of Mt.Vesuvius so that its perfectly seared, but still medium rare in the middle, smothered with mashed potatoes and mushrooms.

Also, kinda wierd, but cold steaks? Like, refrigerated so they're about 40 degrees F ish? Abso-fucking-lutly amazing. The fat resolidifies into smaller structures, so you get a steak streaked with fatty goodness.


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I'm a steak????

No, you aren't a steak. You're a cupcake.

Either medium or medium well. I'm hate blood, and even if it turns out it's just protein soup like Bill Nye explained up there, I still don't want any of that nastiness in my steak.
i normally have a beef with threads like these
at first i thought it was a misteak to click here, seeing how rare it is to have a good thread like this
but it's pretty well done so i'm not going to bust your chops over it
this is one of the baste threads i've seen in a few days
so i'll spare you all any more banter

Well done all the others have to much blood and your all gonna die from it. :)
JK! seriously though eat it well done O.o
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