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But not in validation:
Validation is technically correct on Mew not learning Soft-Boiled, since Home hasn't released yet. Only way to obtain Mew on cart is to have gotten the Poke Ball Plus from pre-ordering Let's Go, not used it for Let's Go, then use it for SwSh to get the Mew inside. Although I'm pretty sure the Poke Ball Plus Mew had only 3 percent IVs, not 6.

Just to note, no Roost/Soft-Boiled/Recover TM or TR exists in SwSh, so your only recovery moves are pretty much Life Dew and Rest.
gen8randombattle, I get a Mega-Charizard-X set (charizard has no item because no mega stones, normal). Change it so it get only Y set (maybe).
This isn't an X set with the mega stone removed. This is just a physical Charizard. If it were a broken X set, it would have Dragon Claw or Outrage instead of Acrobatics.
Not sure if this goes here, but..

It's impossible for mobile players to access the Anything Goes tier for previous generation's, and I think a few others. This means I personally cant play Showdown how I want to, and I'm sure it has effected other users as well. I have several Gen 7 Anything Goes teams i can't use, since I'm stuck playing only on mobile.


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Not sure if the team is already aware of this but I might be able to shed some light on the extent of it.
Firstly Roar and some other phazing moves/methods are usable on Dynamaxed Pokemon, which is verifiably not true on cart (thanks duckpond for the easy to google video).
Additionally, as a consequence of phazing a dynamaxed pokemon, the now phazed Pokemon keeps its 200% HP bar for the rest of the match (as far as I can tell).
Evidenced here with Red Card: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8ou-1012756689
and here with Dragon Tail:

No evidence but I also noticed that Charizard had 596 HP after being Roared in the first replay as well.
This may be a non-issue if Dynamax users can't be phazed on cart altogether, but it's worth noting if that is not the case.

Disguise has been nerfed on cart to deal some damage in SwoSh IIRC, so this is likely working as intended.
On turn 23, my opponent notices that their Coalossal that had Dynamaxed on Turn 7 retained its Dynamax-boosted HP despite having been switched out forcefully by my Milotic's Dragon Tail.
Has anyone tested in Cartridge whether Red Card actually phases Dynamax pokemon because considering previous mechanics (ie. it doesnt force out ingrained mons) I'm not sure it does.
This bug has been fixed, phazing moves such as whirlwind, roar, dragon tail and red card will no longer work on dynamax.
My ditto was transformed into eternatus and had the option to dynamax and I could click a move but it said I have already dynamxed a pokemon (I hadn't). I get that you can't dynamax eternatus but then the option to should not be there.
The mouseover display of your opponent’s Pokemon gives more information than would be available in game. When using a Max move, your opponent can see how much PP it has, even if you haven’t used the base move yet. This lets you figure out what the base move is or could be.
I think tooltip always shows Max moves as having 8 PP, so you can't tell what the base move is.
Moody should not be able to change accuracy or evasion in gen 8
in this replay in turn 1 moody boosted accuracy and turn 7 it lowered evasion
Do you have a source for this?

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After doing some fairly extensive research and asking around on various Smogon-related chats, I can't find anything suggesting that the Alolan forms of certain returning Kanto Pokemon (Ninetales, Raichu, Persian and Dugtrio) are obtainable in Sword and Shield without transferring them in from a prior game via Home. Seeing as the current Gen 8 OU ladder is based on pre-Home, all of these forms should be made illegal unless proof can be presented that they are obtainable in-game. This is especially important for Ninetales seeing as there have been quite a few Alolan Ninetales Veil teams floating around that shouldn't be legal
[Invalid choice] Can't move: You can't choose a target for Lava Plume
[Invalid choice] There's nothing to cancel

Doubles does not allow you Dynamax and choose Max Flare with Lava Plume. It shows the waiting for opponent text after this but my timer still counted down.
Appletun and Flapple's exclusive ability "Ripen" affects the ability Leftovers. It doubles Leftovers recovery, making it set to recover 1/8th of HP every turn instead of the normal 1/16th. It's still only the normal 1/16th on Showdown, this needs to be fixed.
Just to note, weather ball is supposed to change to the appropriate weather-based type after dynamaxing, but it just stays with max strike atm. (Not sure how it's supposed to work with G-max moves though.)
When I tried to dynamax my crustle in a random battle and clicked the max quake which was originally earthquake. I got timed out because it said it was an invalid selection.
Mimikyu takes 9% to 10% damage after having his disguise broken. I thought he wasn’t supposed to take damage until the second hit because of his ability? I’m playing in gen 8.

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