CaPmon Sprite Revamping

I don't think so. I seem to recall a while back when CaP ASB was being made everyone agreed that Revenankh being in a one stage evolutionary line. I may be wrong though.


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I don't think so. I seem to recall a while back when CaP ASB was being made everyone agreed that Revenankh being in a one stage evolutionary line. I may be wrong though.
aside from cap asb having zero power over the decisions of cap; it was decided... ohhh i dunno... when it was made.


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question. For Nohface, I was thinking of putting multiple masks, but I want to know what your opinion is wyverii, 1, 2 or 3 masks?

SDS said:
The idea is that Nohface is simply the mask (or masks) that are all over Kitsunoh's body. Nohface itself is very slow, moving by being carried by the evil spirits that gather around it. When a bunch of Nohface gather together, their various spirits combine together and they form a single Kitsunoh.
Im using this concept, I just dont know whether to give it a "mask (or masks)"
You did a really exceptional job on that Kitsunoh, Doran! You've come a long way since you started, and it's really exciting to see that. Cheers for your work, and keep it up.
You have a lot of artistic license with the kit pre-evo. It doesn't have a set design so go with what you feel is good. Be aware that Kitsunoh's pre-evolution is a point of much debate like Krilowatt's and may not be picked in favour of another design.
i dont like it either. maybe keep the mask,without the spines/horns, and give it a kind of baby wolf look? may help it relate to the final evo much more easily like that. also its kinda unsettling seeing somthing with 3 heads, and no body to share.


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hmmm to me the wisps dont look... well... wispy enough.
they look kind of solid. Im not an artist so i dont know how you would manage it, but i think it would look alright if the wisps looked less solid

On request, a more genuine gen5 version of Pyroak. Complete with similar shading scheme and has been split up into parts on seperate layers for later animation, something that would be more difficult with the other pyroak sprites I've made.
i think it looks great considering its just the basic layers. but the neck seems a little sheepish, maybe you could outstrech the neck a bit to make it look like its going on an offensive stance, not trying to run away. thas my verdict.

and can i have a link to the voodoom concept? because im having trouble spriting it.


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With Pokemon Showdown coming out soon, will you guys try to animate the sprites.
Cartoons! is working on the Tomohawk sprite right now (though I haven't heard from him in a while).

As for the other ones, no one's taken it up yet, but everyone's welcome to do it.
I rather like that Nohface sprite; it looks crazy cool. I don't quite mind the wisps in it, or that he has a body. I think having a body is kind of important for a Pokemon, and think that a disembodied set of masks would be very confusing for the Pokemon. It'd remind me a lot of like... Dugtrio. Except that, instead of evolving to gain more heads, it'd lose them? That seems weird to me. I say keep the body, or at least try versions of both.

Also, Wyv, the proportions of that Pyroak bother me a bit. The shading and shape of the head suggests that he has it cocked to one side, which looks weird. The arms are huge, too, and I think that the legs are having vanishing point problems. (too big in front and too small in back) All over I get that "looks funny" vibe, though, which I think definitely needs to be addressed. I think fixing up my previous points might be a good start. I like the work so far, though, but miss the cannon-aiming pose. ;_;

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