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I haven't been working on Darumaka and Ducklett lately. I'll probably have them done by this week. I know I've been inactive for a while in C&C, but I actually will get them done, so just know that I'm active!
Pretty much no one steal them yet because I will finish them. =)


This isn't even my final form
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Archen's thread is up and ready for comments and QC checks.

Edit: It's written up and QC checked, so now time for GP checks.


This isn't even my final form
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Archen is done!

edit: I can't believe this isn't taken even though it's really limited but reserving Cyndaquil. Eruption is still pretty cool.

edit 2: Skeleton for Cyndaquil is up.
Foongus and Ralts placeholders please.
I'll have them done really soon.

Fuck it, im starting right now xD
EDIT: Meh, i have school in three hours; sleeping.

I also have already finished a Diglett analysis,
And the guy who has the placeholder hasn't even started..
I'm guessing he keeps it still?


Where'd they come from? And where are they headed?
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Doduo is done.

Will finish the write-ups of Gligar and Elekid as soon as voting results are in. I've got a good chunk of them both done, so it shouldn't be too hard to finish up. (Dammit Gligar why are you so good at everything ;_;)
diglett was moved to locked and outdated so it is up for grabs!
Alright! ^_^ I posted all the sets i've used effectively, it's my first analysis here, i hope i followed the format moderately well. Please fix anything i did wrong, and i'll learn how to do it correctly from then on. Set comments and all that soon.
You may want to check some stuff- The yamask analysis in the OP has been completed a while back and my name has been spelt incorrectly

EDIT: Can I please finish up the Ratata set, Its easy and quick to finish. It'll help me get back into C&C.

Thank You~

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