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also i have 2 quick announcements to make

First, figured I'd post quick about the high prio asterisk; the system that we've been using here is:
- usage-based tier ladder: S / A+ / A / A- rank VR;
- UMs/OMs/CAP: S / A+ / A rank VR;
- Monotype: type-specific S rank VR;
- past gens: metagame titans basically;
- naturally there's exceptions when appropriate, e.g. for new drops and stuff.

Of course that means that there's still gonna be not-unimportant analyses that end up in regular prio, but the more analyses that we are making high prio, the more super high prio analyses that will end up buried after all; this seemed to be the best balance. You guys have been helpful indicating which analyses are high prio in your posts, so this is p much just to get everyone on the same page.

also Estronic is now on the gp team!!!!!

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