Tournament MAMP's Multi-Meta Mashup Minitour - Won by Quantum Tesseract!


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Round 2

Next to each pairing is the metagame you will be playing. Below some of the metagames is a hide tag with details about the metagame and where you can play it. Make sure you read the details in the hide tag

Balanced Hackmons - Thread (with sample teams), Resources
Monotype - Subforum, Sample teams
Almost Any Ability - Thread, Resources (with sample teams)
Sketchmons - Thread (with sample teams), Resources
Mix and Mega - Thread, Resources (with sample teams)
Anything Goes - Thread, Resources (with sample teams)
1v1 - Thread, Resources (with sample teams)

Qualifying game (explanation for this in next post)
jrm115 vs. Jajoken - Ultimate Z

Winner's Bracket
jasprose vs. ChrystalFalchion - Full Potential
TylerWithNumbers vs. Flamestar - Dual Wielding 1v1 (best of 5)
Note that this has 3v3 Team Preview. Just challenge to Dual Wielding, don't switch, and forfeit after your mon gets knocked out.

Dual Wielding is playable on

drampa's grandpa vs. Squawkerz - Gen 5 BH
Playable on

See here for resources.

DurzaOffTopic vs. Akumeoy - Mix and Mega AG
Playable on

Note that Pidgeotite OHKO moves are legal in this metagame. If this causes you to have an unpleasant experience, please direct all complaints to Chloe

partys over vs. Quantum Tesseract - Ultimate Z 1v1 (best of 5)
Note that this has 3v3 Team Preview. Just challenge to Ultimate Z, don't switch, and forfeit after your mon gets knocked out.

Yuga42 vs. Laxpras - Monotype with entry hazards banned
Chloe vs. OM room - Gen 6 Anything Goes Doubles
Gen 6 AG Doubles is playable on

Kris vs. highlighter - Monotype Follow the Leader
Follow the Leader is playable on

gumfu vs. lost heros - Inverse Battle

Chaitanya1.9 vs. Megazard - Sketchmons Ubers
Same move bans as in regular Sketchmons.

(Winner of jrm115 vs Jajoken) vs. SuperSkylake - Monotype AAA
ace 434 vs. chartung17 - 1v1 with Z-Crystals banned (best of 5)

Loser's Bracket
GL Volkner vs. Mark_K - Godly Gift
Playable on

Alt accounts only :( vs. tigertomd - Monotype Random Battle (best of 7)
Anaconja vs. ManectricOP! - Balanced Hackmons with Species Clause
Official Fissure vs. dusk raimon - Gen 6 Extreme Tier Shift
Playable on

(Loser of jrm115 vs Jajoken) vs. Exploudit - BH but the moves, item, and ability must all start with the same letter as the Pokemon
An example as provided by RNG:

Spore, Shell Smash, and Shift Gear are banned. Not every Pokemon on your team has to start with the same letter.

iLlama vs. Silver_Lucario42 - 1v1 Nature Swap (best of 5)
Note that this has 3v3 Team Preview. Just challenge to Nature Swap, don't switch, and forfeit after your mon gets knocked out.

Nature Swap is playable on

Twix vs. Rumors - 1v1 Monotype (Best of 5)
Pikachuun vs. Freddy Kyogre - AAA Ubers
Playable through custom game. All AAA ability bans still apply.

Funbot28 vs. The Excadrill - Anything Goes with no megas
TGC Disunited vs. Chazm - Balanced Hackmons with Psychic Surge banned
wishes vs. shubaka17 - Monotype but your team has to have 1 Pokemon each from OU, UU, RU, NU, PU, and LC
ihhca vs. Isotonex - Mix and Mega with Blazikenite unbanned
Playable on through Mix and Mega AG






thanks chloe!

Why is there a qualifying game? tl;dr i messed up last round and this is the best way to fix it

When making the list of players before making pairings for round 1, I goofed up and accidentally left off Pikachuun and Drampa's Grampa. When they pointed this out to me, I assumed that I had accidentally made 1 pairing too few and so I paired them against each other. This was not the case, and as a result round 1 had 25 matches. A double elimination bracket does not work properly with 50 people, so I was in a bit of a pickle. Thankfully, 2 people dropped out of the tournament and brought us back to a much more manageable 48 players. However, this created another issue, which was that I had 25 people in winner's bracket and 23 in loser's.

To solve this, the two people who won via coinflip (jrm115 and Jajoken) will play a game against each other, with the winner going into the winner's bracket and the loser going into the loser's bracket. Seeing as neither played a game in round 1, this seemed like the fairest way to handle this. Think of this as just a delayed round 1 game. Sorry for the hassle

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