May I Giveaway? (Ready to Go!)

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Hey, moderator status feels good! Almost like a dream! May is also the most badass month of the year.'s been a good time to get new Pokemon. Entralink Pokemon...So, this month features a collection of all Entralink abused Pokemon (by me), giving them away to people who would like some semi-rarities!

But, as some of you know, you gotta play to win!

Santa Chu's Rules:
1. All entries must be posted here. Your response must include the following stipulation: a Munna sprite (to show you read the rules!-heck, look, here's one:
2. I will be distributing these Pokemon. Winners may vm/pm me to pick up the Pokemon if they see their name on the list.
3. This is a 5th Generation giveaway, so B/W fc is needed.
4. One Pokemon per person. You may choose which one (and mention it in your post). In that aspect, one entry per person (no editing your post!). Once a Pokemon is won, it cannot be claimed by another.
5. ICBB/Blacklisted members may not participate.
6. All Pokemon are non-redistributable.
7. Breaking any of these rules disqualifies you from this giveaway. Don't forget. I am a moderator now. Fail to follow the rules, and I'll ban you!!!! :P

Just messing, but please, do follow the rules.

So, how about those prizes? Well, there are five separate tiers for a Pokemon. The higher the tier, the more difficult the requirement. So...onto the giveaway and the requirement to win.

(Click on the Poke for more details)
Tier 1

Task: A riddle

I can fly like a bird not in the sky,
Which can always swim and always dry,
I say goodbye at night and morning hi,
I'm part of you, what am I?

Plusle (Arceus)

Tier 2

Task: Find (and link) another place where the username "religiousjedi" is linked to.
Victini (Poliwag)
popzmaster (Vulpix)

Tier 3

Task: Of the 16 teams in the 2012 NBA Playoffs, choose four of them and represent them with a Pokemon sprite and logo.
Tan (Spinda)

Tier 4

Task: Name at least five of the Ambassador Program games given away to early adopters of the Nintendo 3DS.
devstar (Gligar)
czechm8 (Absol)

Tier 5

Task: I like Pokemon music. Show me your favorite Pokemon tune and the reason you enjoy it. It can be anime or game.
Advancer (Magikarp)
TrollFreak (Anorith)
TalkingLion (Cacnea)
Jer (Butterfree)
mhybear (Koffing)

Tier 6

Task: Choose the Pokemon you want and give it an EV spread and moveset. Explain the reason you chose the intended spread.
Drizzin123 (Aerodacyl)
JackieChun (Exeggcute)
Drifblim (Oddish)

This giveaway ends May 29th at 11:59p EST.
Hi RJ!

I'd like to put in an entry for your Jolly DW Magikarp (Tier 5).

In response to your question I'd have to say that over the years I've had a couple of songs from the games and the OSTs that I've liked. At the moment I'm rather starstruck by a Violet City/Olivine City remix that appears in FireRed/LeafGreen as the Six/Seven Island Theme. I feel it's an honest love-letter of a piece, and it (and the remix of Azalea Town/Blackthorn City for Four/Five Island) certainly brought a Johto-ish atmosphere to my experience of playing LeafGreen on a cart for the first time.

Great Giveaway RJ!

My White FC is
0132 7419 6260

Jedi Says: Eh...not bad. Not a fan of Johto, but it seems you enjoy it. Winner.
I'm unsure whether u wanted to show where u were sent by the religiousjedi link or sent from...
Obviously, the link would send you to your profile page:

You could be sent from any of your posts, such as the one on this page!
Idk if this was meant to be a trick question, but technically, it does link to your page
If you accept my answer, I shall take the poliwag. If not, I might try out the NBA logos at school tomorrow.

Jedi Says: "Another place" does not suggest a trick question. So sorry.
Hi Religiousjedi! :D

I'd like to put in an entry for your (Tier 4)
In response to your question...
Some of the Ambassador Games given away were : Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion and Mario vs. Donkey Kong :)

Cool Giveaway :D

Jedi Says: Out of those five, Fusion and Super Circuit are the ones I enjoy most! Winner.
Hello RJ

Firstly, sweet giveaway. Secondly I can't post a munna sprite because I'm posting from my DSi but at least the fact I know I was supposed to means I read the rules right? Anyway I'd like DroughtPix and I think you're looking for something like this in return... Hope that does the trick and congratz on your new status!
edit: black fc 5372-2669-0930

Jedi Says: that works. Winner.

Hey RJ,
congrats on the moderater badge! I'll go for the Spinda. Do you mind if I use the NPA logos from the tournament? If not...

Here are the teams:

San Antonio Spoinks!

Chicago Afrobulls

Orlando Magikarps

New York Scraftys

Dozz gets all the credit for these logos and FC in sig

Jedi Says: Darn those Spoinks for sweeping my team in the semifinals! Oh well, evil, evil game they play, especially yesterday! Winner.
Hi Religiousjedi
, great giveaway! a link to your username here and here, i'd like the poliwag if i win FC: 1506 5732 3074.

Jedi Says: Pokemon roots right there. Winner.
Hi religiousjedi

Tier 6: Rhydon
Ability: Lightningrod
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD

~ Earthquake
~ Rock Slide
~ Megahorn
~ Protect

Just to evolve it ro Rhyperior and use it on a Trick Room team. :)

Jedi Says: I don't think that will work for this particular Rhyhorn. So sorry.

awesome giveaway

Tier 1

Task: A riddle

I can fly like a bird not in the sky,
Which can always swim and always dry,
I say goodbye at night and morning hi,
I'm part of you, what am I?

Abracadavre (the death song in Kino der Totan from the game Call of duty black ops)
Hope i win
FC is 4814 2762 5175

Jedi Says: Wrong. In any case, someone already won Arceus. So sorry.


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Tier 5: The DW Anorith looks nice!

Pokemon Music- The VGC 2011 Tournament music (Same soundtrack as the competitions)

Reason- I love the sound of the music, espically when you're about to face someone in a single elimination tournament (at regionals back in 2011) Great Music!

EDIT- Aww, I wanted that DW Sharpedo, oh well

Jedi Says: Oh...Subway Battle Theme! One of my favorites! Winner.
As already stated, great giveaway!

FC is 0519 0378 5394

Tier 1 = a shadow, annoyingly I knew this before the thread opened and haven't been able to post this since it opened.
Tier 2 = this is your trade thread
Tier 4 = Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Mario & Donkey Kong, Metroid Fusion, Warioware Inc - Mega Microgames, The Legend of Zelda
Tier 6 = As I want the Carvanha, here's what I would do.
Sharpedo w/ Speed Boost
Item: Life Orb
164 HP / 212 Atk / 52 Sp Atk / 80 Spe
Protect / Waterfall / Crunch / Ice Beam

Somewhat typical Speed Boost abuser with Protect, powerful STABS plus mild coverage for Grass and Ground counters. My original idea had no Special investment and in that case, I can't say what would go in the fourth spot, the analysis suggests EQ but Ice Fang could work, maybe Skull Bash?

Jedi Says: Disqualified. Looks like you didn't read rules carefully.

Tier 6: I want Aerodactyl: Life Orb Unnerve
Physical Attacker 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Speed
Stone Edge
Stealth Rock

FC Seth:4771-2699-3150

Jedi Says: Eh, simple enough. Winner.
Great giveaway! For tier 2 I believe this is suitable?

Jedi Says: I don't think I'm a Munna. Sorry.

Wow... meant to link to this, but I should have checked the link again. Either way, good luck with the giveaway!

Hey. Nice giveaway!
Tier 6: (Exeggecute)

Ability: Harvest
Item: Sitrus Berry
252 HP / 6 Def / 252 SDef
Sleep Powder
Double Team
Leech Seed

With this set, Exeggecute can become another uber wall like Chansey. However, Exeggecute will only be a Special Defensive wall. Sleep Powder is a general attack you always want to have on Exeggecute. It buys you more time for Harvest, allows you to Sub, and allows you to Double team. Substitute is there for extra protection. Double team will raise you evasiveness eventually making you unstop able. Finally, Leech Seed is there to heal your health but at the same time, give damage.
I hope you like it!

Jedi Says: I don't. It makes poor use of the nature this egg has. In addition, Double Team is a no-no. So sorry.

I'll give it a shot. I'm going for DW Exeggcute in Tier 6.

Exeggutor @ Chesto Berry
Nature: Quiet [+SpA, - Spe]
Ability: Harvest
EV's: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA
- Trick Room
- Giga Drain
- Psyshock
- Rest

This should be run with a Speed IV of 0, of course. Exeggutor can theoretically stay alive the whole game and keep setting up Trick Room for itself or it's teammates as long as Harvest keeps activating. Being that this should only be run on a Trick Room team, the EV's have the maximum overall bulk and maximum special attacking power possible. The 4 Def is for switching Eggy into Fighting attacks(and is his better stat anyway). I guess you could run Sitrus Berry instead if you want the 4th move to be another coverage move, though I can only see Hidden Power being the last move honestly.

I keep making TR sets for these giveaways. If I keep this up, I will have a whole Trick Room team by accident lol.

Jedi Says: Not bad. This particular one has a Speed IV of 0 anyways. Winner.
Herro religiousjedi

Tier 5(Cacnea):

The entire game had awesome music as a whole, but this one especially stands out as my favorite. The fact that it was a final battle made it a lot more epic, and the crowd cheering in the background made it even more intense, knowing that the fate of the Orre region was in your hands, and was going to be decided by this one battle. This is just hands down my favorite tune in the whole game, though Pyrite Town and Mirror B.'s theme come really close.

Great Giveaway, and my FC is 0475 7427 7064

Jedi Says: Oh, I remember this theme. To be honest, I found it anti-climactic for such a match. But, I can't fault someone for liking something so much. Winner.


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I don't know if I can win a Pokemon someone already won, but if I can, then I'd like the Vulpix.

Here's your sprite,

And here's your link.

Edit: Oh wow, missed that one rule. Great giveaway though, and grats to those who won. :p too bad

Jedi Says: Yup. So sorry.

I could pretty much recite the whole PokeRap back in elementary school.
Needless to say this made me a a 10 year old badass...

Jedi Says: Thank you for bringing up a memory i thought I buried long ago...Winner.

I'd like to go for the koffing (since it's the only one left, lol).
My favorite Pokemon song is "Mezase Pokemon Master" by Matsumoto Rika (the voice actor of Ash or Satoshi in Jap)
A link to the whole song
Matsumoto Rika performing ^_^
I found out about the song while looking at forums during my final semester in college.
I listened to the song during an all-nighter in our research laboratory while I was coding the program to present as my undergraduate thesis (so about 6 hours of continuous playing of the song until I switched to another song)
I liked how upbeat the song is (compared to the English adaptation version, but I still liked that song) and how amazing Matsumoto Rika is! I like Japanese anime song so this is my favorite Pokemon song (The English Pokemon theme will always have a place in my heart).

Jedi Says: were listening to this while doing coding? Um...congratulations on passing? Winner.

This is for Absol
Here are the Ambassador games F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, Super Mario Advance 3, Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.

Awesome giveaway :)

Jedi Says: Works. Winner.

Cool thread! I wish I had noticed a bit earlier, the Exeggcute was the first thing to catch my eye. Here is my submission for Tier 6 Oddish

Vileplume@Sitrus Berry
Effect Spore
252 HP/68 Def/188 Speed

Sleep Powder
Stun Spore
Giga Drain

I am primarily a VGC 2012 player, so that is what this set is designed for. If submissions were supposed to be Singles only, sorry but I did not see it in the rules. This set functions as somewhat of a Trick Room counter. It will hit 94 speed with the given EVs, enough to outrun most base 70's not focusing on speed. Thus, it might get some surprise Sleep Powders onto the likes of Metagross and Hitmontop. Amoonguss can only speed tie base 70's, when he is Timid 252 Speed EVs. It can outrun any Amoonguss, and most TR setters with a lowering nature and 0 IVs. Surprise factor is important, people might not expect him to be relatively fast. Partner to help with coverage, or a Tailwind setter work well. Stun Spore is more of a last resort, not a huge amount else could go in the spot. I admit the set is a tad gimmicky, but thanks for reading!

Edit: FC is 1592-9161-5242. I understand no edits, but I figured it only applied to submission alterations. Sorry though, I seriously should have remembered!

Jedi Says: Anything VGC works, so long as it makes sense. Winner.


Burning 3DSes before the virus known as GSC hits.
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That's it. Thank you all for participating! Winners, you may now pm/vm me to pick up your Pokemon. You'll have a week to do so.
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