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Alright, MAC #25 begins today!

Theme: Pokemon trainers

Draw a trainer doing what it is they do. Are they a Pokemaniac on the search for the rarest Clefairy, or are they retired and prefer chilling with their pokemon around the house? Or something altogether different? Don't feel limited to only drawing existing trainers though, designing your own trainer is completely acceptable!

Deadline: August 11th


don't expect me

it's a bit big so ill just link it
(not sure if it counts since there's no pokemon in it, but they are still pokemon trainers :x)
anyways this was really quick so i don't expect to win, i just did it for the fun of it (pretend theres a smiley face here, i hate the new smileys)
Well the timing usually isn't decided until closer to the date, but it's always at least a month after the original post declaring the theme... so around the 11th of August.

ZRACKNEL EDIT: The official due date is now August 11th!
We all knew how Youngster Joey and his top percentage rattata would end up one day.

Sorry for low quality, could not get to a scanner in time.
Alright guys, just putting this warning out there, the deadline will be in... let's say 32 hours from now. VM me if you really need a small extension, but try your best to get your pics in before the deadline!
Congrats to Particular1 for winning MAC #25!

Now we begin MAC #26, and the theme is...

Mega Evolutions!

Not just any mega evos though, we only want to see your ideas for mega evolutions of mons that (as of right now) do not have a revealed mega evolution. Don't worry, that only removes 7 pokemon from the list!

(Zracknel edit: it's cool if you start working on something that ends up getting revealed over the next month, nbd)

Deadline will be September 22.
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Manectric has a really cool concept, but I feel the official artwork makes it look really boxy.
I imagine in mega forme it could get a sleeker body, plus a fuller mane and a thunderbolt tail.

Here is my attempt to streamline it:
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