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I feel like I need to change my submission for this Mac, so here it is. Feedback always appreciated. :) Also this was finger painted so might not be as great. :/

Croagunk Poison Jabbing Alakazam

Hey all, gunna give this one more day for people to submit things before I close it! So the deadline is now 6pm PST Feb 23. If you've been dawdling, get on it!
Hello friends. BlueFrog and freezenlight are our MAC #28 winners, in case you weren't aware or are months behind like I am. Congrats to both of them! Now we begin the next MAC. Our theme will be...

Springtime for Pokemon! Pretty simple theme this time around, it's essentially just drawing pokemon against a spring backdrop. Maybe they're doing Easter things, or maybe they're like annoying trolls who just want to grow flowers, sing, dance and get weirdly excited when toddlers kiss them. Up to you guys!

New due date: April 27th.
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I've just gotten off from school and I'd really like to enter this MAC... I don't think I'd be able to cook up something good within the next three days though. Is there any chance that the deadline could be officially extended?

And if does get extended, I think other artists should try to enter too ... the theme is great. and by great i mean broad and therefore probably easy. Do it!


I'm probably in the same boat as a lot of people here. I should be free of the grasps of post-secondary education soon enough!
Hey all, I'm going to be pretty disappointed if all the people who asked for an extension don't actually end up submitting anything. While I'm sure MewSkitty would appreciate the auto win, all those who want to enter should get on it. Deadline is in 40 hours.
Yeah, class was over but I still had exams for a while... then afterwards, I couldn't think of any ideas I liked. I'm lame.

I could show a WIP:


To make matters worse, when I had asked Layell for an idea, he sent me this picture. What a horrible joke to spring on somebody!

Anyway, I tip my hat to you, MewSkitty. That's a mighty adorable drawing you whipped up.
Yeah, it's too bad you didn't finish that PoM.

Anyway, MAC #29 is over, congrats to MewSkitty for winning by default. Little disappointing for everyone, I'm sure, since that misses the whole point of a competition in the first place. MAC #30 will begin as soon as I think of a theme. Hopefully with finals being over for pretty much everyone we'll be able to get some more contributions.
When I think of a theme, which I still haven't yet. I'm not very good at this apparently! Feel free to PM me with ideas!
Ok well, originally I was going to go for a gen3 megas thing for ORAS, but then I realised we did a megas thing not too long ago... so I'm gunna go for something conceptually similar but a little different!

MAC #30 theme: Pokemon makeover! Do you think a certain pokemon has an interesting base concept whose design failed on the drawing board somewhere? Then this is the competition where you can fix that! Draw any single pokemon or pokemon line, I just want to see them redesigned using the same basic themes/animals/concepts, just done in a different way from their official designs. If you want an example of this, you can look at our previous pokemon makeover threads, here for what started as the tepig line and eventually turned into the first three Regis, and here for the vanillite line. I'd prefer to see different pokemon done than these, but you are welcome to use the Regis or vanillite line if you really want to.

Let me know if there are any questions or whatever.


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Luchatung and Luchalicky

Reviews from the best of the internet:


"User's submissions scare me some times"

"I hope this is not going to be in a pokemon game"

If only the Licki's were Fighting Type and GF saw this. But I love how the Lickilicky has breasts? Very innovative.

I tried to make Stunfisk's design less derpy and more like a stargazer that its concept is based on.
Honestly it still looks derpy, but in a different sort of way.
Maybe there is no saving Stunfisk's design.
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