OM Mashup Megathread

The new mashups spotlight is Tier Shift AAA! January 5th to January 18th.

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Code can be found in the repository post but I'll paste it here as well:

/tour new [Gen 8] Tier Shift, Elimination
/tour rules !Obtainable Abilities, -Arena Trap, -Comatose, -Contrary, -Fluffy, -Fur Coat, -Gorilla Tactics, -Huge Power, -Ice Scales, -Illusion, -Imposter, -Innards Out, -Intrepid Sword, -Libero, -Moody, -Neutralizing Gas, -Parental Bond, -Protean, -Pure Power, -Shadow Tag, -Simple, -Stakeout, -Speed Boost, -Water Bubble, -Wonder Guard, -Shedinja, -Arctovish, 2 Ability Clause, -Arena Trap, -Light Ball, -regigigas, -archeops
/tour autostart 10
/tour autodq 4
/tour name [Gen 8] Tier Shift AAA
Have fun with the spotlight and if you have any sets/teams you'd like to share or any opinions on tiering decisions, feel free to post in this thread!
oh yeah right where was i


To no one's surprise, Zygarde is a dominating force in AAA Doubles. It has a large variety of abilities to choose from something offensive such as Adaptability to defensive options such as Poison Heal or Thick Fat all blending very well with its perfect coverage in Thousand Arrows and well-rounded stats. Still, I would hear your thoughts about it first before I take any action.

As for Dragonite and Archeops...

I don't think there's enough evidence for them to warrant the quick-ban treatment or in Archeops's case, being easily revenge-killed.
Yup, I don't think they worth the banhammer treatment at all. Now let me get into detail on why.

:archeops: While Archeops boasts impressive power with Magic Guard Head Smash, unlike stuff like the forbidden Urshifu Single Strike or Genesect, Archeops cannot take any hit at all, making it easy prey for being revenge-killed. It also doesn't run Earthquake due to not gaining STAB from it as spread move deals 25% less damage on multiple targets and there's the possibility of Grassy Surge and Levitate, making its coverage less impressive when compared to its Singles counterpart, which consists of Rock Slide, Knock Off and U-turn if you're going for Choice Band. Perhaps something else would better like Technician.

:dragonite: The prevalence of priority immunity abilities such as Psychic Surge and Dazzle doesn't favor Dragonite at all with its reliance on Extreme Speed (I mean you could use Body Slam but still) and is otherwise slow without it. Just like the aforementioned Archeops, it cannot run Earthquake and a generally good way to check Dragonite is Intimidate. Overall, I'm just as unimpressed by it.
Weakness Policy and Rattled have been banned in AAA Doubles! (for now)

One of the main issues regarding Weakness Policy in AAA Doubles is Cresselia, whose bulk and type makes it a perfect candidate for the item with either Stamina or Rattled as its ability. To make matter worse, Cresselia has access to Stored Power, allowing it to snowball with ease. Even if Cresselia's out of the picture, the usual Mew and Necrozma can take its place. Since Weakness Policy doesn't have that many competitive uses otherwise, therefore I believe the best course is to ban Weakness Policy in AAA Doubles.

As for Rattled, I initially thought it would be fine without Beat Up. But with further testing, that is not the case, so it's banned again with the speed mechanic changes in Generation 8. Leaving the only speed boosting ability that can activate multiple times in a turn being Weak Armor that comes with a drawback that its defense being lowered when activated, therefore being more vulnerable to priority attacks or when Trick Room's up.

That being said, I could see that Cresselia might worth potentially banworthy in AAA Doubles.

Also, let's move on to STABmons Doubles.


From my experience, Thundurus Incarnate has proven itself to be one of the most dominating Pokemon in the format with its combination of Oblivion Wing and especially Prankster Tailwind. Now it isn't exactly the only Pokemon with the combination of Prankster and Tailwind in town, that honor goes to Whimsicott, but it did suffer from four moveslot syndromes even worse and doesn't run recovery move too much. Of course, Thundurus could surprise its opponent with Defiant, but focusing on Prankster would be the best course for now and I can definitely see a ban for it in the future depending on Thundurus's future performance. While Tornadus Incarnate has the same combination, its coverage is significantly worse compared to its brother.

Thundurus (M) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Thunderbolt
- Oblivion Wing
- Tailwind
- Protect

You could replace Protect for Roost, but I won't recommend it because of how important Protect can bring to the table, especially regarding Fake Out. If you did so anyway, I suggest having Tsareena in the team due to the fact it's unaffected by Psychic Terrain.
The new mashups spotlight is STAB n Mega! January 18th to February 1st.

Code can be found in the repository post but I'll paste it here as well:

/tour new [Gen 8] Mix and Mega, Elimination
/tour rules STABmons Move Legality, *Acupressure, *Belly Drum, *Bolt Beak, *Boomburst, *Double Iron Bash, *Extreme Speed, *Fishious Rend, *Geomancy, *Lovely Kiss, *Shell Smash, *Shift Gear, *Spore, *Thousand Arrows, *Transform, *V-create, *Wicked Blow, *Mamoswine, *Zygarde-Base, +Urshifu-Base
/tour autostart 10
/tour autodq 4
/tour name [Gen 8] STABmons Mix and Mega
Have fun with the spotlight and if you have any sets/teams you'd like to share or any opinions on tiering decisions, feel free to post in this thread!

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