[READ ME] Tips for Simple Hack Checks

Hey there fren, since you don't seem to know who originally caught those I'd say it's safe to assume them as hacked, the Zekrom is 6IV with max speed and attack EVs, with a good nature, pokerus and shiny on top of that (which might've been RNG'ed but again you don't seem to know who caught it). As for Kyurem the IVs and EVs don't seem much, the defense and special attack IVs aren't perfect, it's level 85, with a non optimal nature and messy EVs, might be legit but I wouldn't trust it be. I could take a look at them if you want more info on them.
Although I do remember that Zekrom was a link trade, and Kyurem may have been from the GTS, I thought I posted the OTs... (unless you are actually referring to my ability of identifying the real people that got them). Thank you so much.
Language: ENG
Species: Reshiram
ID No.: 56600
IVs: All Best
Ability: Turboblaze
Pokemon's name: Reshiram
Gender: None
Level: 100
Pokeball: Ultra
Shiny?: Yes
Pentagon/Cross? Pentagon
Moves: Blue Flare, Draco Meteor, Roost, Stone Edge.
Nature: Modest
Region of origin: Hoenn
Characteristic: It's alert to sounds!
Ribbons: None.
Other comments (optional): Traded away my extra Shiny GMax Charizard with HA and 4IV for another person's Shiny Reshiram. They are not the original trainer as seen above. It has Pokerus.

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