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Most of this is done with a tablet, but the older stuff like Erika and the first parasect is with a mouse. Shit almost gave me tendinitis xD

I do a lot of stuff on a Shi-Painter oekaki, though.

Shuckle and Blastoise are pure gold. I also love the Blaziken picture, although I usually think of it as female--hey, can I use that Blaziken for my avatar?


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the parasect is mindblowing, i really like omastar/weed erica/blastoise too

sometimes when i'm ill my mind goes all funny and that parasect is about the closest to properly visualising it that i've ever come

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I think the term junkie refers to a heroin user rather than a pothead :0

Here's a Machoke I did a little while ago, he's got track lines already, heheh.

Also, it's Typhlosion vs Ursaring above

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Here's Infernape?

I thought pooping would be funnier, I dunno.

Also, here's a quick Totodile doodle

Totodile reminds me of this comic about 28 Days Later I did a while ago:

Amazing art, your art attracts me. That's what I love about art.
Now if you don't mind, I second GTS's Nidoking, and please kindly do me a rotom.

Thank you.
Holy shit man I'm so glad I accidentally clicked on this thread just now - I would never look at this forum otherwise.

I might use that Machop as an avatar but if I do I'll post a link to this thread. Seriously man these are the coolest Pokemon drawings I've ever seen. bahaha keep up the good work :toast:

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