Sellin Slowpoke Tail

I'm so glad that Duckster linked me to this thread, I would never look at this forum otherwise. :)

I enjoyed everything in this thread, but Omastar is simply amazing. i'd like to see a Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard being badass with Squirtle Squad glasses, when you have the time. :)


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These are incredible. You can't say a bad word about this art.

They are all so good, I can't choose a favourite. Or else I will disrespect the other pictures.
Seriously, this makes the art threads even more viable.
I love your art style; all of your drawings are made with great quality and show a great deal of personality and humor in you, which is a factor I always consider in how good art is. If it is possible to get an avatar of Erica, just her head I mean, that would be great, but if not I am more than content with just looking at all of your amazing works. (^_^)

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I love your style. Itis pretty origional and is like a breath of fresh air when I loo at this thread. Please keep drawing!
Awesome. I love this sort of dark sketchy art and the humour's great too. Lots of emotion and lots of fun.

My favourites are the more monstrous stuff like the alternate Parasect and the Totodile.

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Okay, hay again guise. Took a hiatus for some drugs and other whatnot. Here is a mamoswine for someone!

Aaaaand here is a girafarig for some reason!

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Thanks for your kind words, guise. I am mostly just a guy who works at a deli and going nowhere in life.

Oh well.

Here's me because I am also a Rocket Grunt in my spare time and stuff.

Magcargo is so cool, too bad he's weak to EVERYTHING

Oddish is sad because he watched his best friend roll up into a blunt or something, I don't know.

I actually don't smoke weed anymore. I just huff copious amounts of stun spore.

Aaaaand hypno for some reason!

Thank you again, everybody. Have a lovely Easter~

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Dude, Cartoons! is AMAZING. Did you see the Pokemon Trainer archetypes he did? They're incredible. If I can be as good as he is by the time I'm like 40, I'll die happy.

For now I'll just drown my sorrows in stolen liquor. At least I've got a liver of stone <3

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