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PP war, awesome. :P Also, Iggdrasil, you get to name my rival, because Rattata is available earlier than Wooper.
What I named the Rival in every Scramble challenge I've done (which is 2...)

He's only the EVIList person on here, who else?

Your rival's name... is Thready. DUN DUN DUN!

EDIT: BTW, In the (insert Status/Stat-Up move)+Protect/Sub strategy, you are allowed to use your attacking move (assuming you have one...).

Hurray for slightly shorter PP war!

^Haha "PP war".


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
@Qwertyuiop, with only four gym badges, take down the Team Rocket HQ in Mahogany City. After you do, go to the Safari Zone and catch a Murkrow. After catching Murkrow, you must defeat Pryce, and then Jasmine, before you can fight Chuck. Murkrow must then solo Chuck at level 30 in order to evolve. Murkrow must also solo every Team Rocket executive in Goldenrod City.

As a clarification, Murkrow must start the fight with Chuck at level 30, but it may level up during the fight. Also, yes it is possible to take down the Team Rocket HQ and get to the Safari Zone with only 4 badges; access to the Safari Zone is granted after you heal the light house Ampharos, which you can do as soon as you have access to Surf.


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
I'll give you one for Emerald Glacia, assuming I haven't given you one yet. What's your current team? (I promise it'll be less annoying than that Porygon challenge).


P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
Glacia, you have an obvious weakness to Electric attacks on your team. Therefore, take a Trapinch. It must know either Dig or Earthquake to evolve to Vibrava. It must know Steel Wing or Fly to evolve to Flygon.

As an added challenge (assuming it's possible, I've not played through Emerald), if you use it against Wattson, it may not use a Ground attack against his Pokemon.
For Ruby, bwburke.

Take a Nosepass. Name him "DONOTPASS!". He must know Block. He must evolve by using Block on ten wild Pokemon or three trainers' Pokemon then KO them with any other attacking moves. Give him Zap Cannon and Lock-on before or during the Elite Four as well.


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Pearl No-Evo Scramble Update #7

Someone is obviously scared of me dishing out challenges to him/her...

Anyways, that's not what I was posting for, I was posting to update my Pearl No-Evo Scramble.

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4
Update #5
Update #6

  • Shinx (Lailaps): Must know Return (Athenodoros)
  • Piplup (Mr Penguin): Must be male. Must solo rival's main Pokemon at each battle. Once Surf is learned, it may never learn another level up or Water type move (Sprocket)
  • Buneary (Larolla): When it learns a level up move, the oldest move is replaced. It is to be taught exactly 2 TM's/HM's after each gym, starting with the 2nd. Cannot learn more than 2 TM's or 2 HM's at any time (auramaster)
  • Misdreavus (Missy): Can only learn & use STAB moves. For it to learn other type attacks, you must own an Unown of an appropriate HP (Paradox808)
  • Hippopotas: Cannot use Normal-type moves. If it has one, it must be overwritten ASAP (DetroitLolcat)
  • Starly: Must have a moveset of Quick Attack/Agility, Whirlwind/Endeavor, Brave Bird/Take Down & Fly before Palkia. Must Solo Gardenia at a level below 17, Maylene below 33, & One of Volkner's Pokemon (Chocolate-Kipp)

Where we left off, I had been to Lake Valor & beat Saturn. So I was in Pastoria City, healing up & flying to Twinleaf Town to go to Lake Verity. Arriving there, I see a whole bunch of Spacemen as well as Prof. Rowan & Lucas. Pummeling my way through the Spacemen, I see Lucas being held up by Mars. I confront her & challenge her to a battle.

Random's Team at this point:
Chocolate: Lv35
Larolla: Lv35
Stortamus: Lv35
Missy: Lv38
Lailaps: Lv41
Mr Penguin: Lv43

I lead out with Chocolate while Mars leads out with a Golbat. Chocolate gets in a Fly, but gets 2HKOed by Air Cutter. So I send in Lailaps, who takes the Air Cutter like a champ (God those Warstory puns have now made it into my updates 0_O) & KOes Golbat with Spark.
I send in Missy against Bronzor, who gets in a Shadow Ball, only to be confused by Confuse Ray. Spending two turns of hitting himself in confusion, Bronzor raises his Defence with Iron Defence & gets in an Extrasensory. Missy then fires off two more Shadow Balls to KO Bronzor, taking the oncoming Gyro Ball like a champ...
I send Lailaps to deal with Purugly. Unfortunaterly, Purugly puts Lailaps to sleep & KOes him with Slash. So I send in Mr Penguin, who shrugs off the oncoming Slash like a champ to deal a lot of damage with Surf. Not happy with this, Purugly eats her Sitrus Berry & hypnotises Mr Penguin to sleep. Then starts Slashing the poor Penguin, followed up by a few Faint Attacks. Luckily, Mr Penguin wakes up in time & KOes Purugly with Surf, winning me the battle.

After that, I have to go to Snowpoint City, but first, some things have to be done. First, Larolla's 2 TM's. I replace Agility with Protect, & Protect with Iron Tail. Second, Someone to give Strength to. Unfortunately, the only Pokemon in my party that can learn Strength aren't really viable with it, so I need a HM Slave. I grab Doofus out of my PC, unfortunately, he doesn't learn Strenght, so I need to catch a new HM Slave. I go to Route 207 & catch Rock Pile the Geodude & teach him Strength. He enters the party at the expense of Stortamus, who isn't actually going to be much help once I hit the snow. So I go through the Celestic Town Entrance to Mt. Coronet, beating the trainers along the way. After going through the passageway, I eventually arrive in the snow.

It was cold, freezing, & pretty tough. I eventually find a shack where I have a rest before continuing. The battles were tough, I had to return to the shack a few times, but then, I eventually arrive a Acuity Lakefront, which was guarded by Spacemen. At this point, I had gotten Brave Bird for Chocolate & Larolla had learnt Dizzy Punch. After a few more battles, I had arrived in Snowpoint City, where I healed up & went inside the Gym. The minor trainers were tough, but I eventually beat them & then challenged Candice to a battle for Gym Badge #7.

Random's Team at this point:
Stortamus: Lv35
Chocolate: Lv38
Larolla: Lv38
Missy: Lv39
Lailaps: Lv43
Mr Penguin: Lv45

I lead out with Stortamus against a Snover, Stortamus' speed meant there was sand flying around in the air. At the beginning, Stortamus survives a Razor Leaf to set up Stealth Rock. Knowing I need him to keep the hail away, I switch in Larolla, only to allow Snover to set up Ingrain. Then Larolla starts an Iron Tail onslaught, taking the oncoming attacks, before Candice used a Hyper Potion, which was for free as Iron Tail missed...Eventually Snover survives the next Iron Tail to KO Larolla with Razor Leaf, only for it to be killed by Sandstorm Damage.
I send in Chocolate for the next part, hoping Abomasnow doesn't come out. A Medicham comes out. Good. Then Medicham comes along & gets a lucky crit OHKO with Force Palm...Damnit. So I send in Missy, who 2HKOes with Shadow Ball, laughing when Medicham Bulked Up.
Third was Sneasel & I sent in Lailaps against it. Lailaps kept Returning on it & after a Full Restore & a Slash, Sneasel went down.
Last was Abomasnow, who I sent Stortamus in, purely to keep Sandstorm going. Stortamus, unsurprisingly, was soundly defeated. Abomasnow showed she had Swagger, making Stortamus hit himself, & while I healed, Abomasnow cancelled out the Hyper Potion with Avalanche, then knocked Stortamus out with Wood Hammer. Lailaps fared little better, being put to sleep via Grasswhistle, & subsequently knocked out by Wood Hammer. So I was down to two Pokemon, Missy & Mr Penguin, who hadn't seen any action yet. I send in Missy, who saves the day, dodging a Grasswhistle to 2HKO with Shadow Ball, & more importantly, win the battle for me in a hard fought battle with a fair bit of hax involved.

So I had won the Icicle Badge, my 7th, & the TM for Avalanche. I wasted no time dealing with Larolla's 2 TM Restriction, making her forget Cut, replacing it with Protect, & replacing Protect with...Shock Wave. I then go to Lake Acuity & find that I was too late, with Idiot failing to beat Jupiter & the spacemen were on their way to their hideout in Veilstone. I fly there & get a Storage Key from one of the Spaceman & went inside the hideout. It didn't take long before the Grunt Battles started, but I eventually got through them & got the Galactic Key. After briefly healing up, I re-entered the Hideout through the main entrance, & after more annoying battles, eventually reached the Galactic Leader's room, & challenged him to a battle.

Random's Team at This Point:
Stortamus: Lv37
Chocolate: Lv38
Larolla: Lv38
Missy: Lv41
Lailaps: Lv44
Mr Penguin: Lv45

I lead with Stortamus against a Murkrow. Murkrow kicks off the battle with Astonish, while Stortamus sets up Stealth Rock like he usually does. Murkrow, realising how little damage Astonish had done, resorted to Night Shade while for a lack of a better attack move to use, Stortamus used Crunch, doing a fair bit of damage. Seeing as he wasn't going to get KOes fast, Cyrus switches in Sneasel, took Stealth Rock damage & took the oncoming Crunch like a champ, unusual for something that fragile...So Sneasel then went along & KOed Stortamus with Ice Punch.
After thinking for a bit, I send in Larolla, who shrugged off the oncoming Ice Punch to do hefty damage to Sneasel with Iron Tail & get a lucky Defence drop. Cyrus then saw an opportunity to use a Super Potion...Which was cancelled out by Larolla's Iron Tail. Seeing as Super Potions weren't going to save Sneasel, Cyrus goes for broke getting Sneasel to Ice Punch Larolla...Only for Larolla to survive with 9HP. Larolla in return, landed the KO with Iron Tail.
Seeing as Larolla clearly had one turn left in her, I switch in Missy after thinking for a bit against a Golbat. It wasn't exactly the best choice, as Golbat had Bite up his sleeve, but Missy survived with more than half health & did surprisingly low damage in return with Psybeam, but enough for Cyrus to use another Super Potion...Which was cancelled out by Psybeam. Then Golbat used Air Cutter, doing not as much as Bite, as Missy KOed in return with Psybeam.
Lastly, Murkrow returned & it was Lailaps who was sent in to pick Cyrus off, & she did exactly that, taking the Night Shade like a champ to KO with Spark & win the battle.

After the battle, I get a Master Ball form Cyrus & he tells me that he's going to Mt. Coronet. After healing up at the hideout beds, I go past Cyrus' Room to go to the place where the three fairies were. Saturn was there & I challenged him to a battle. The battle was a mere textbook victory for me, Stortamus was put in an Embargo & OHKOed Kadabra with Crunch, Missy survived an Extrasensory to 2HKO Bronzor with Shadow Ball, & survived a Poison Jab to 2HKO Toxicroak with Psybeam. A textbook victory.

After that, I left the hideout & healed up at the Veilstone Pokemon Centre & got ready for Mt. Coronet. So it's definitely lategame now, starting to phase into the endgame. I have 7 badges in possession, the battles really are getting harder by the game-time hour, but with confidence, I will prevail. And that's where we leave off...

Stortamus (Male Hippopotas) @ Nothing
Lv:38/Quiet/Sand Stream
-Sand Attack
-Stealth Rock
Comments: Stortamus has struggled a bit this update, but Stealth Rock & the newly acquired Earthquake has shown that he still has it.

Chocolate (Male Starly) @ Nothing
Lv:38/Lax/Keen Eye
-Brave Bird
-Quick Attack
Comments: Not exactly strong, got Brave Bird now! It's usefullness is tapering...

Larolla (Female Buneary) @ Nothing
-Rock Smash
-Iron Tail
-Dizzy Punch
-Shock Wave
Comments: To be fair, Larolla actually did well this update, with a good moveset at the moment, but still...Current LVP

Missy (Male Misdreavus) @ Nothing
-Confuse Ray
-Shadow Ball
Unown HP's obtained: Poison, Bug, Dragon, Ground, Rock, Ice, Fighting, Electric, Psychic, & Dark.
Comments: The most brokenest Ghost in Little Cup History is coming to the fore, but it's still not broken...yet. Usefulness on the up & no sign of slowing.

Lailaps (Female Shinx) @ Nothing
Comments: The incredibly loyal Lailaps is strong, but hindered by low speed & fragility. Still useful.

Mr Penguin (Male Piplup) @ Nothing
-Grass Knot
-Ice Beam
Comments: Perfect Coverage with Grass Knot/Ice Beam/Surf. Albeit a bit slow, he is extremely powerful, wreaking havoc where possible. Didn't get much use, but is still there when needed. Current MVP.

That concludes Update #7. 7 Badges, 1 to go, & now I'm off to Mt. Coronet. Taking a short break from this to play a little bit of my other scrambles. That's all.
@bwburke: For Sapphire, take a Lunatone named Lovegood. It must hold BlackGlasses ASAP and must solo Flannery in order to use anything other than STAB moves (it must use only STAB moves until then). It must learn Calm Mind ASAP.
@bwburke: For Ruby, take a Marill. Since you have a ban on "no STAB" and "monotype" restrictions, I'll give you a happy medium: Marill must know three attacking moves of the Water-type, along with Rollout. It may evolve by soloing Flannery with only Rollout. Nickname it "RickAstley" for the lulz.
@bwburke: For Leafgreen, you get Anachron the Nidoqueen. She is a little ahead of her time, so she has 3 moves that would be boosted by Sheer Force. However, it took her time to get to that point. As a Nidorina, she only had 2 moves that were Sheer Force boosted and as a Nidoran, only one. She thinks all other Nidorans are stupid for not seeing the future, so all of her moves should be able to do something Nidoqueens (Toxic doesn't work so that is exempt) and she has to solo all Nidoran and evolutions of her state (all nidoran when she is a nidoran, all nidorino/nidorina when she is a nidorina... etc)
Evolve into Nidorina whenever, but she hates the color blue, so she cannot evolve into a Nidoqueen in Cerulean City nor any route adjacent to Cerulean City.
Leade, you get Sol the (Male) Vulpix. Sol has to set up Sunny Day (after getting the move from the Safari Zone) in every gym battle if there are no other restrictions that stop you from doing so (like a solo challenge). To prove his superiority as a Fire-type, he must solo Blaine. He can freely evolve.

Your sister gets Bob (see it's a bad pun) the male Lotad. Because Bob wants to prove his true worth, he must learn and keep at least 2 HM moves by the end of the game. HM moves can be switched freely once you get to lilycove (I.E. use the move deleter to get rid of Waterfall and switch it for Flash, for example). Bob can evolve freely. He must solo the rival at one point in the game.
Current team:
~ Safari Zone Kangaskhan
~ Matman324, the Spearow
~ Timmy, the Poliwag
~ Bulbasaur
~ Diglet, who hates me
~ Sol, the Vulpix

~ Safari Zone Natu
~ AORsON!, Ash's Pikachu
~ Lax, the Makuhita
~ Sableye
~ DUX, the Tailow

Uh, my sister still needs a starter, and to breludicolo, my sister's playing ruby. she can't catch lotads on it, only nuzleafs. and she still needs a starter, and we havent had our trainers nor our rival named :( please help guys, thanks! :DD
@Leade: Give me a minute. Your sister's starter will be Treecko.

EDIT: Have a Treecko named Planters. Your Treecko is totally nuts! (See what I did there?) It has no idea what it's doing, so your sister must close her eyes whenever it is in battle (that includes double battles and if it is learning a new move). It must also hold the regal Silk Scarf whenever possible. It must use at least one move in every Gym Leader battle and may never be your lowest-levelled Pokemon.

(If this won't work, I'll give you a different challenge still for Treecko.)


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@Leade: What happened to my challenges?

@bwburke94: Looking back, I think I need a please explain from you as to why you do not want me to give you a challenge? Any mentions about Cheri Berry Zubats, direct or indirect are invalid. Please explain, or I have a Wynaut from you in my current Fire Red Scramble, I might drop it & let someone else issue me a post-national dex challenge for that scramble...
Oh, didnt realize, they were so far back. Alright, My diglet and my sister's sableye have to go then, haha. sorry qwerty! Final team:

~ Safari Zone Kangaskhan
~ Matman324, the Spearow
~ Timmy, the Poliwag
~ Bulbasaur
~ Sol, the Vulpix
~ 50 Cent, the Meowth

~ Safari Zone Natu
~ AORsON!, Ash's Pikachu
~ Lax, the Makuhita
~ DUX, the Tailow
~ Planters, the Treecko

Thanks so much guys! If anyone wants to name our trainers or our rivals, you still have time. We're about to go out to eat, hehe.

~ Castform, to be named
Bwburke, you get Major Raichu (NN Major Chu) for your LeafGreen Scramble. This Raichu served in the same platoon as Lt. Surge, and has since retired to the Power Plant, where you encounter it. The Major had an old rivalry with Surge; they would often compete to see who would get most kills on a mission. Surge usually won. However, one fateful day, Surge was captured and tortured with electricity, which shorted out his heart. Not willing to let his rival die, The Major pulled an impressive big damn heroes moment, stormed the enemy base alone, and fought his way to Surge's chamber, where he was dying. In order to restart his heart though, Major Chu was forced to use up all his electricity. Somehow (shutupit'smystoryIknowitdoesn'tmakesense). Major Chu has been unable to use electric attacks since. However, if he restarts his old rivalry with Surge for one glorious final battle, the spark of desire will be lit in his heart, and he can learn all the electric attacks he desires.

-Capture "Major Chu" the Raichu in the Power Plant.
-He cannot use Electric moves unless he solos against Lt. Surge.


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Nevermind, I'm dropping bwburke94's Wynaut challenge for my Fire Red Scramble & I need a replacement one. No trading, it must be only obtainable post-national dex and...yeah.

Here are the 5 Pokemon I have...

  • Seel (Kanye West): May not know any other attacking moves as a Seel if I teach it Surf, Solo 7 Pokemon in Blaine's Gym (Including one of Blaine's Pokemon) to evolve, as a Dewgong, It must solo 15 pokemon in Giovanni's Gym (Including one of Giovanni's Pokemon) as well as Lorelei's Dewgong, Both of Bruno's Onix's, Agatha's Golbat, Two of Lance's Dratini evos, & the Champion's Rhydon. May never be the lowest levelled Pokemon on team. (Dummy007)
  • Charmander (Behemoth): Solo Erika to evolve & Blaine's Rapidash to evolve again. As a Charizard, cannot use moves of a power below 120. (Dexington)
  • Snorlax (Fat Camp): Must be caught south of Lavender Town then must immediately face its Celadon Cousin. If it solos it, It must know & keep two of the following: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, & Toxic. One of its other moves must be Physical. Otherwise, it must know & keep Thunder, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, & Sandstorm. Either way, the moves is to be obtained before Fuschia Gym (Vratix)
  • Clefairy (ImARandom2): Only move is Metronome, until it learns it, only move if Pound/Double Slap (Dark Ray)
  • Ratatta (TopPercent): No STAB, Adamant nature, Solo both of Lance's Dragonites on the rematch to evolve (yaya0)
  • Tyranitar (Freddy): Only Physical move is Focus Punch (Athenodoros)
All done.
@leade: Your trainer's name is ???

@bwburke94: your torchic/combusken is jealous of Infernape being OU. His plan is to only use moves that infernape does not learn. Those moves are: Body Slam, Counter, Cut, Double-Edge, DynamicPunch, Fury Cutter, Growl, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Mimic, Mirror Move, Mud Slap, Peck, Quick Attack, Reversal, Sand Attack, Seismic Toss, Sky Uppercut, and Slash. To evolve into Blaziken you must solo Flannery. After evolving if Blaziken solos a pokemon that gets an evolution in the 4th generation, it hears that it is going to get Speed Boost in the 5th generation. This makes it stop wantingt to only use mvoes Infernape doesn't have. To prove his awesomness he must solo an E4 member.
@bwburke94: I couldn't be bothered counting, so I'll reseve a spot for all three if posible.

EDIT: For Ruby: You get your Sableye "NO WEAK". Must solo Brawly and Norman's Slaking to prove how epic win it is. Must have at least one STAB on it's moveset, the other three moves can be what ever you want, because Sableye want to show off his versitillity. To prove that it is a supreme Sableye it must have a Adament, Modest, Timid or Jolly Nature. Finally, he must solo any pokemon on Champion Steven's team to prove once and for all that Sableye are the best pokemon of all time. Sableye rules!

For LeafGreen: You get "Matman324" the Sperow. Must know two STAB moves and two "Other" moves, one of them being Toxic, by Sabrina. To Evolve, it must solo Misty, and to evolve again it must solo your Rival in Silph Co. Just for the lolz, it also must solo the entire Fighting Dojo.

For Saphire: You get "Counter" the Gardevoir. To prove that in Gen 5 that it is the ULTIMATE weather counter, it must solo Kyogre. Must have Trace as it's ability. No Evolution restrictions, no move restrictions, have fun with this one.

Good Luck, Have Fun!
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