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Welcome to the UnderUsed's Official Forum Guide

This thread is a Central Hub for all newcomers and veterans that want to participate in this tier. This thread indicates the current UU Staff Members, the UU Council Members, and important Contributors, all of whom can assist you. Furthermore, this thread will cover all types of resources, link all current projects/tournaments, and will provide introductory access for players to properly participate in this tier. Further questions beyond should be directed to one of the Staff members/council members/contributors listed below.

Please familiarize yourself with our standards, as this will save everyone time and grief. Any decisions we make regarding moderation actions are final.

The UU forum is currently moderated by the following Smogon Staff members:

- Hogg [Tier Leader]
- Pearl [Tier Leader]
- Ark
- Tony

The UU Council: check our Tiering Policies here!

Our Community Contributors are here to help you! Here are a list of other important Contributors in the tier which can help answer your common questions:
- LeoLancaster (Community Contributor & UU Room Owner)
- CoolStoryBrobat (UU Room Owner and Community Contributor)
- Kink (Former UU Forum Moderator, Former Room Staff, Community Contributor)
- Shiba (Community Contributor, Room Staff)
- Killintime (Community Contributor, Room Staff)
- Pak (UU C&C Moderator, Community Contributor)
- Kreme (UU C&C Moderator)
- Accelgor (Community Contributor, Room Staff)

As for actual rules, all the rules that are applicable to the entire Smogon site also apply here. Additionally, take note of the following:

- We do things a little differently around here. Unlike what you're probably used to, tiering decisions are made pretty liberally in UU, so you will probably have strong feelings about it. Expressing your feelings regarding specific suspects in PM or in public is fine, as long as you do so in a calm and respectful manner. There is a posting guide written by Mazz listed below. Give it a read if you are new or need clarification of what constitutes as a high-quality post meant to contribute to the discussion.

- Do not make individual threads without UU Moderator Approval. Direct all new Project/Tournament requests to moderators Hogg, Pearl, and Ark under this format: http://www.smogon.com/forums/thread...ournament-project-guide.3591789/#post-7176025

- Stick to UU stuff.

- Don't be an idiot. Respect each other.

Pokemon Showdown UU Policies:
WIP as of March 16th 2018, if you have any immediate questions contact a Room Owner

To all new users, we highly recommend checking out the Guide listed below:
Introduction & Posting Guide - by Mazz
This is mainly in response to the influx of threads featuring non-viable Pokemon in UU (ie; Mightyena, Wigglytuff, etc.). The purpose of this post isn't to call anybody out for making these threads; Underused is a very balanced tier where lower-tiered Pokemon can find success. In fact, the moderators here, as well as our more veteran members, encourage people to find things in lower tiers that work in UU. It's great for diversity. The purpose of this guide is to assist the newer (and existing if need be) members see what exactly we're looking for in a quality post. Whether you're posting a new thread, replying to another member, or defending your position, a quality post should have some or all of these elements in them, as not only do they make you look like you know what you're talking about, but they strongly reinforce your argument.

The Basics
  • Lurking is never a bad idea if you're brand new to the competitive scene. Take some time to figure out how members are posting and how the tier operates before you dive in.

  • Generic 'if' statements will rarely contribute to a topic, unless the point is directly connected to the topic at hand. For example: "... if Jirachi falls to UU, I'll start using x on y."

  • Your post / reply should never be rude, overly aggressive, or malicious. Nobody likes being insulted, and by putting someone down, you're not doing your arguments any favour. You just look dumb, and if you maintain this pace, you'll notice a lot of your posts / threads being deleted, and you may even face action from a moderator. If you can keep your posts clean, concise, and manage to avoid stepping on people's toes, you'll gain some credibility around here, and members will be more willing to read your arguments and take them seriously.

  • Dry wit / sarcasm / humour on occasion is great, as it can liven up a post and help prove a point. However, don't be a clown. After a while, people will stop taking you seriously. If you want to be funny, check out Firebot, but this subforum is primarily aimed at discussion, reason, and focused arguments.

  • Before submitting a reply (or even a post) you need to take a step back and ask yourself some questions, "does what I said make sense?", "is my argument valid?", "why is my argument valid?", and "will other people support my argument?". If you can easily answer the first two questions with ease, chances are, you've got a good post. Making that same post a great one however requires the third and fourth questions to follow suit. If you cannot prove what you're trying to deliver to us, or if nobody is willing to support it, your ideas won't get very far.

  • Avoid obscenely massive posts. I've been guilt of this before too, and at the end of the day, not too many members are going to want to read a page-long essay as to why something should be or shouldn't be. Don't cop out on your post either, but avoid writing an article for something that would only need a few paragraphs. If you must throw a wall of text at us, put a TL;DR statement at the top of your post summarizing your ideas. It's polite, and can save those certain members some time.

  • Lastly, your reply / post / thread needs to be reasonable. While Underused can be a very flexible tier in terms of lower-tier viability, not everything has its use. Before making a statement that may later on be considered wild, do some research. Try that Pokemon, strategy, whatever it is you're trying to make a point of out on the ladder. Do some calculations. Avoid going into your ideas without being able to support them. Knowing what you're talking about will make your ideas more likely to become valid.
Supporting Your Post
  • Whenever need evidence to showcase your ideas, Damage Calculations are an excellent way to get a point across. These give the community hard numbers to look at, and can greatly emphasize your point. The common practice regarding damage calculations is to target the common Pokemon in the tier. So if you were arguing for an offensive Pokemon, use the heaviest walls in the tier to emphasize your point, and vice-versa if you're arguing for a defensive Pokemon.

  • Battle Logs are a solid way to prove the effectiveness of cores, strategies, or individual moves / items on a Pokemon, as they're recordings of those things in action. If posting these, try to provide more than one, as the more evidence you can stack up to support an argument, the better. Don't go nuts with it however. Another common courtesy to consider is to indicate the specific turns when the topic in focus takes place, and should be a must for longer battles.

  • Logic and credibility, are huge. If what you're saying makes sense, and you're known for being sensible, your post will immediately gain traction. Having these behind a post, specifically logic, will inevitably make supporting an argument easier, as the post and evidence won't contradict each other.
We hope you enjoy your time with us and we hope you're ready to tackle the vicious world of our SubForum!

If you have any additional questions, direct them here.

That is all.
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Resources - A current list of up-do-date resources designed to help you improve and socially participate - All of these threads are run and maintained by the UU Moderation Staff; please contact them for any questions or concerns.

Pokemon Showdown Chatroom
Click on the Underused Room to join our official discussion room for the Underused tier. A lot of detailed discussion and friendly/competitive matches take place here. It is heavily recommended that all users interested in Underused come here and join in on the discussions.

UU Discord
Our public Discord chat; less popular than our Showdown simulator, but this platform is good for communicating with more experienced UU players and casually talking about UU or other fun things. Note, this is more or less our IRC replacement moving forward.

UnderUsed Usage Statistics
The usage statistics show what's currently being used in Underused and how common it appears. A staple when teambuilding. Also shows playstyles and common movesets.

SM UU Tournament/Project Proposals & Schedules
This thread is meant to assist users that are interested in hosting a tour or running a project. All proposals need to follow the guidelines listed in this thread in order to be looked at. If you're interested in substantially contributing to the UU sub-forum, this is a good place to start.

USUM UU Viability Ranking Thread
This thread collects the experience of the entire Underused community and transforms it into a list of most threatening Pokemon to least threatening. Another excellent teambuilding resource.

SM UU C&C Subforum
The Corrections & Contributions hub for 7th Gen UU Analyses to be posted on Smogon can be found here. Insight and knowledge of Pokemon is greatly appreciated for helping with in-progress analyses. Come lend a hand, or write your own!

USUM NP Thread
The main discussion thread regarding the Underused tier as a whole, with a vast degree of fundamental topics at hand. Tier shifts and suspect tests are commonly discussed here. This thread is taken rather seriously, and it is best that you check out our posting guide belowbefore making any sort of post.

SM Simple Questions Thread
If you have a simple or complicated Underused question in need of answer, provided it does not pertain to tiering (example: asking to retest something) or requesting authority positions (example: asking for voice in the PS! Underused Room or half-op on IRC), ask it here!

SM Sample Teams Thread- run by Aquadext and Ark
The purpose of this thread is to archive successful ORAS UU teams, intended to help new players get acclimated to the metagame and different playstyles. The subtle differences in each tier can make UU seem overwhelming, even to seasoned veterans of other tiers. Here, you can post your own team for archiving for new UU players to use.

UU Old Gens Hub Resource
This thread contains resources for the UnderUsed tiers of older generations - Black and White UU, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum UU, and Advance UU (or Generation 3 UU). This thread will also serve as a place to hold discussion about the older generations of UU. Each post contains Viability Rankings, sample teams, and a list of mechanics of the generation that is different from ORAS. Feel free to post your thoughts on a particular aspect of a generation, successful cores, underrated Pokemon, teams you want feedback on, and anything else related to old gens UU. We hope to bring these metagames more exposure.

UnderUsed Hall of Fame
If you've won an official UU tour, your name will appear here! Making it on this list is no easy task.

SM UnderUsed Teambuilding Compendium- run by Shiba, NV, LeoLancaster
This is a community-based project that helps players see what Pokemon are and aren't viable in the current metagame, what their roles are, as well as finding niches for less-common Pokemon.

SM Underused Cores Thread
The purpose of this thread is for the community to post and discuss various cores that work well in the metagame. All types of cores are welcome in this thread as long as you have proof to back up that they work.

Speed Tiers Project- run by CoolStoryBrobat
This thread will be a quick-access Speed list of all Pokemon in the UU Metagame (that includes any in RU and even NU who happen to have analyses) based on the Speed stats of their sets. If you want to Speed creep something, use this thread as a reference on what you need to creep, you creeper.

SM Creative/Underrated Sets Thread
A thread dedicated to creative or underrated sets that have a viable niche against a decent portion of the metagame. Be sure to carefully read the rules before posting a set; it's very easy to confuse a gimmick with a creative set. Contributions to this thread are appreciate, although the standards are very high. Feel free to consult the Project Host or a Community Contributor to see if a team is worth posting.

Global Smogon Rules
The boring part of the forum, but these rules, and knowing who not to provoke, are a safe bet to becoming a positive presence on the subforums.

Tournaments- A current list of ongoing official Underused Tournaments - unofficial tournaments will not be listed here, and instead will be listed here, along with the request forms.
Showcased Tournament: UnderUsed Premier League (UUPL) - Click here for replays
UUPL is a prestigious high-ranking tournament in which high-level players are selected as managers who then bid on players. This is done during a public auction, and teams are assembled in all major UU tiers (SM UU, ORAS UU, BW UU, DPP UU, and ADV UU) in order to compete against each other. All teams face against each other, and those teams with the best records move on to the UUPL Playoffs. The team that win this tournament is entered into the Hall of Fame, listed below.

Underused Hall of Fame
This is our official Hall of Fame list. Click here to review the winners of previous prestigious UU tours. Do your best to join the list of elites!

SM UU Tournament/Project Proposals & Schedules
This thread is meant to assist users that are interested in hosting a tour or running a project. All proposals need to follow the guidelines listed in this thread in order to be looked at. If you're interested in substantially contributing to the UU sub-forum, this is a good place to start.

Projects - A current list of ongoing Underused projects designed to help you participate. All of these threads are run and maintained by known UU contributors; please contact the appropriate project leader for any questions or concerns. Old projects or projects that have recently ended will NOT be listed here.
Underused Community Create-A-Team Project- run by HotFuzzBall
With the recent bans and establishment of the UU tier, the time is right to explore the metagame further through the best way possible: teambuilding! And, of course, who better to teambuild with than the entire UU community? This project aims to have the community work together to build a competitively viable UU team, one Pokemon at a time. In the first round, people will submit a Pokemon or core which they would like to see a team built around. In subsequent rounds, people will submit Pokemon that complement what is already on the team. At the end of each round, people can vote on what they like the most, and the submission with the most votes will be added to the team. Ideally, this project will allow newcomers to UU to see how more experienced players go about building an team.

UnderUsed Research Week- run by Ark
Hey there UUsers and welcome to Research Week: SM edition! In this project, participants research suggested Pokemon every week and share their experience. Whoever has the highest ladder score at the end of the week will be declared the winner. For details, click the link! This is a competitive project where Pokemon are brought to the spotlight in order to determine their strengths, weaknesses, and just learn more about them in general.

UnderUsed Matchmaking of the Week- run by NV
Every week, NV will nominate a Pokemon for discussion of potential partners and submissions. In that week, you will have the chance to submit any good partners for that chosen Pokemon, and after the course of the week he will choose the best partner(s) for that chosen Pokemon and put it into the archive. People that manage to get into the archive multiple times with good submissions will be let into the Hall of Fame.

Underused Teambuilding Workshop - run by LeoLancaster and Eyan
Experienced members of UU have noticed that a good chunk of newer players do not know how to effectively team build or have no access to good teams to get started with. In an effort to rectify that, veterans have joined forces to host this ongoing teambuilding workshop. Here users can participate in different workshops and requests cores that they would like us to build a team around. The goal is for the user to see our thinking processes and get ideas on how to build their own teams in the future.

UU's: What's His Last?- run by LeoLancaster
A long time ago, back when DPP was the current gen, and there was no team preview, the above question was often asked. You had to be prepared for anything in that last slot and use your deductive teambuilding skills to figure out just what your opponent was saving in the back. Still today, we can use these skills to better build our own teams. When building, there will be times when you have 5 perfect Pokemon. Mons that fit together so well that you just can't seem to pick a final Pokemon. Or sometimes you have a crippling weakness to a major threat and can't think of a Pokemon that will cover it that fits the team. This project aims to let the community figure out what the best last Pokemon would be for a given team of 5.

UnderUsed Core Builder Workshops - run by Sacri'
The aim of this project is to make the users build core around a particular component. It could be a core that fits a particular playstyle (ex: Tentacruel + Chesnaught + Slowbro would fit a semi stall team as it provides a great defensive backbone that provides the team with hazard control), one that uses a particular strategy (Froslass + Bisharp + Sharpedo-Mega would fit a spikes stacking team as it provides hazards, ways to prevent them from being removed and one abuser in Sharpedo), or a core that includes a particular typing (Bisharp + Scizor would fit a steel spam request as they can easily overwhelm the numerous checks they have in common).

Break This Team- run by Highways
Welcome to SM UU's Break This Team! This project follows a simple layout, similar to the submission and voting stages that other projects have implemented in the past, such as nv's UU Matchmaking project. Most metagame defining teams may seem perfect on the surface, but they all have their undeniable flaws, and this project aims to help point out those weak links. Each week, I'll post a team that was built by someone invested in the metagame, and the participants will then try to break this team with a core made of just two Pokémon.

UU Player of the Week - run by Manipulative
Hello, and welcome to UU's Player of the Week, where I (Manipulative) interview
some of Smogon's most accomplished and well known players in the tier to give
some insight on who they are and their views on certain aspects of the metagame.
If there's someone you want to see interviewed, shoot me a PM!

UU Teambuilding Lab - run by Amaroq and Accelgor
Hello, everyone. We're Amaroq and Accelgor. Throughout our time in UU, we have noticed that many newer players struggle to build effective teams. In an effort to rectify that, we have joined forces with several experienced UU players to host the UnderUsed Teambuilding Lab. Here, users can post Pokemon sets or cores that they would like the Lab staff to build a team around. The Lab staff may then reply with their team and the team building process they used so that the client can see our thought processes and, as a result, better develop their ability to build their own teams in the future.

SM UU Battle Replay Thread- run by Underused Moderation Staff
See the top minds and skills in the UU subforum duke it out for forum glory!

SM UU Tournament/Project Proposals & Schedules
This thread is meant to assist users that are interested in hosting a tour or running a project. All proposals need to follow the guidelines listed in this thread in order to be looked at. If you're interested in substantially contributing to the UU sub-forum, this is a good place to start.

There are other known tournaments / mini-projects not on this list that are continuously running on our subforum, so be sure to check them out!

If you have a question about any particular project contact the Original Poster / Project head.

If you have any questions about becoming a Project head for a new project contact Ark, Hikari, Hogg, Pearl

If you have any additional questions, direct themhere.
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  • Currently Underway: Underused Classic II
  • SPRING: UnderUsed Premier League VI
  • SUMMER: Smogon Grand Slam VII
  • FALL: UnderUsed Majors III
  • WINTER: UnderUsed Classic III
  • TBA


How do I submit a tournament proposal?
  • Hosts must PM their proposal to Tony, Pearl, Hogg, and Ark and receive approval before posting. Use the template below to submit your idea.
  • The entire tournament, including sign-ups, all rounds, and results should be posted in the same thread (i.e. no posting each round in a separate thread).
  • Deadlines must be adhered to. Extensions may be granted as necessary, but rounds should be posted on schedule. Post unfinished pairings when extensions to games are given (ex: [player 1 vs player 2] vs player 3). The maximum length of a round is one week, but three or four days is good enough for smaller tournaments.
  • Hosts are expected to be active throughout the duration of their tournament in order to update pairings and make substitutions when necessary.
PM subject: UU Forum Tournament Proposal

PM body:
  • Briefly describe the metagame that will be played: (BWUU with the following Pokemon also allowed: Infernape Donphan etc etc)
  • Tour format: (single elimination, double elimination, brackets of 4, teams of 3, etc)
  • Pokemon Showdown/Smogtours format used: Gen 5 OU
  • Have you read the UU forum tournament hosting rules: (yes)

The schedule for tournaments will be updated as new tournaments are approved. Note that due to scheduling constraints, there may be some delay in when your tournament will go live; please do not submit a tournament proposal if you will be unavailable to host after a short delay.

If you have any questions or feedback on these changes, please direct them via PM to Tony, Pearl, Hogg, Ark


How do I submit a project proposal?
  • Any user that wants to create or take over a project must PM their proposal to Tony, Hikari, Ark and Hogg and receive approval before posting. Use the template below to submit your idea.
  • The project, including Hall of Fame, Archives, and subsequent rounds should be posted in the same thread (i.e. no posting each round in a separate thread), unless specifically instructed otherwise.
  • Projects need to be regularly maintained and reviewed. Rounds should be posted on schedule. Extensions for project rounds can be granted on an as-needed basis, with moderator approval.
  • Project Hosts are expected to be active throughout the duration of their project in order to update the project and keep it active. Projects will be reassigned if it is found that you are not updating your project regularly.
PM subject: UU Forum Project Proposal

PM body:
  • Pick one of the following options that best fits the Project Request:
    • (1) Teambuilding (example: Compendiums)
    • (2) Cores (example: Underrated Sets)
    • (3) Challenge-Based (example: Iron Chef)
    • (4) Competitive Based (example: Battle of the Week)
  • Project Format - How will this Project work?
    • Breakdown of the project and the way it will be run.
    • Please include a sample OP if you have developed it.
  • Have you ever participated in hosting a UU SubForum Project?
  • Please provide several posts indicating that you are invested in the metagame and have some basic knowledge as to how it works (NP thread, VR thread, etc.).

Note that due to Project redundancy and other miscellaneous issues, there may be some delay in when your project will go live; please do not submit a project proposal if you will be unavailable to lead the project after a short delay. All submissions will be reviewed carefully. Submissions are not guaranteed to be approved.

If you have any questions please direct them via PM to Pearl, Tony, Hogg, Ark
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