VGC '12 Mid-Atlantic Regional - Doswell, VA - November 13th

danny your tutee got top 2 are you proud of him
Fixed ;). And congrats to everyone else that participated I had a really fun time today! And thanks to cosmicexplorer for tutoring me!
EDIT: And thanks to Cybertron for uploading the finals(even though that was the battle I lost...)


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to danny-cosmicnoobplorer-mclahlananaahanhnahn:

i still love you.

-signed com bee

also yeah battling 202 people placed high... :D
Not everyone on here... I'm pretty sure the dude in 2nd got DQ'd?

lmao I almost made the same mistake against the same dude cocy, I might have forgotten if you didnt mention it xD
Haha, Im glad you topped because of my mistake :')
Good job on topping bro ^^
There was a person that got a DQ? One of my friends got a free pass in the third round because her opponent never showed up. This probably explains why.
I placed 3rd(Would've been 4th without the DQ of 2nd place).

Later I'll upload the Round 6 battle that put me at 5-1.

Video #:

I'll probably be heading up to Philly in April with a different team and try my luck there as well.
I actually have the video saved of my battle against Cocy. That was my favorite battle of the day because we outstalled each other until time ran out. I'll upload it later.


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Got 5th, bumped up to 4th. Would've been pretty bummed without that, haha. I'll definitely be in Philly as well since I'm from South Jersey during the not-school-year.
Here is my battle against Cocy.
Video # 47-20618-48652.
And I definitely have to head to Philly. Stormfront, you and I never got to battle yesterday. And I also want to face you again TTS as well. Before Doswell yesterday, I haven't had a battle as good as the one that I had against you in Dulles back in June. I'll wear the dancer outfit again in Philly.
Great battles everybody! I took 8th with a 4-2 record. Got outclassed by TTS first match of the day and then lost a pretty tough match against the guy who took 3rd I believe. I just happened to Fake Out an Inner Focus Mienshao, who then used Bounce lol. The highlight of the day was my battle against Larry the Cable guy with his amazingly intimidating team of Pokemon that were all weak to Rock. I forgot to save the video of my battle with Wolf, but I might upload my battle with Jibaku in a couple days. Going to start from scratch before Spring, since half of my team this time around was the same as the Summer's.


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Sarunibi, were you the black guy in the green shirt yesterday? You had magic coat Musharna back in Dulles? I didn't recognize you yesterday if so, haha. You should've said hi :P
Yeah, I was. I was dressed as the dancer from the games. I didn't even realize that you were there until after it was all over. I was also trying to encourage my group that participated with me (the blackbelt with the Machamp, and the gothic lass with the hail team). It was a first time for them, so they were a bit frustrated by the competition. Still, congrats on how far you went!
Somehow I managed to avoid like every smogonite there and battled a bunch of nobodys.

Sarunibi, I guess I'll see you in Philly, maybe we can battle there.

Anyone know how the guy in the wrestling mask that was 4-0 that I knocked 4-1 did after I beat him?


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Blue mask or red mask? I lost to the blue mask in round 4, was my only loss of the day. I'm pretty sure he was #8 or #11 on the pre-DQ rankings(so #7 or #10 at the end). Both of the names for those are ones I battled. In both cases those guys went 4-2.
There was a red masked guy? I knew about the blue masked one, but I never saw the one in the red mask. I do remember seeing a guy in a yellow mask though.


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Must've been yellow then, I only really remembered the blue one's color because I played him. I remembered 2 masked guys and that's it.
Man I got haxxed so bad. For those who haven't heard, my first game I lost to a Thundurus with Brightpowder in which I missed Fake Out and Sucker Punch on. I won 3 games, came back with almost the best resistance of all the 3-1s. Then I lost to Ice Beam Critting, and Freezing my Zapdos, it staying frozen for 4 turns, and then finally when I had my Chomp full HP, to his Scrafty and Jellicent only with a few HP left, and I EQd, it missed his scrafty because of lax incense.
Battle Vid: 96-00890-33987

I met some of you there.
The one in the Blue Mask.

I faced him in Round 5 and bumped him from the first table.

Also here's the round 6 battle video: 40-65432-50505(WTH are the odds of that)
Hipoke: Was your Garchomp scarfed/banded? Cause I was wondering why you didn't just take out the opponents Hydreigon with it. Your Zapdos getting critical hitted, and then frozen in the same turn is definitely hax material though. I was thinking that if your Garchomp had the Yache berry instead of Zapdos, you would have won the match. Still, a very solid team. I ran a similar team, only using Jolteon instead of Zapdos.
Stormfront: Your video isn't coming up.

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