VGC '12 Northeast Regional - Philadelphia, PA - Won by JiveTime & KeepBayleefing!

You guys are just asking for a random to win this #greed
i guess we're doing the hashtag thing now?

edit: actually rooting for my boy iss to win
I'm probably going, will be renting out Tropical Beach cards for whoever plays TCG and needs some. Just ask me about it.
I think he is asking if there is going to be a Newark regional again, in which case the answer would be no, as Philly is the Northeast regional this year.


I swear.
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Not sure if that still applies, I'll be asking Pokemon about this.
What competition
Aside from the smogoners in the OP, there are a bunch of randoms who know how to RNG and teambuild, but either aren't on smogon or just lurk. I'm just saying don't get cocky. Seniors is really unpredictable.

And lol, drcossack won already. Can't fight the home team.


I swear.
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I'm obviously kidding lol

But um other than kamz winning worlds seniors is honestly not a very unpredictable division..
not suprised they never it coming ill bet. also i happen to be the best friend of da guy who beat and im stronger than him.

Underzeebooten! You have never even played against just me in Doubles, and you have no titles WHATSOEVER. 'cept for "guy that thinks Terrawhim and Amoonguss are too cheap". I shall be attending Philly btw. Amtrak at midnight like last time I bet!


I'm everywhere, you ain't never there
only if you promise me a picture

Picture won't be happening unless you surprise me. I hate having my picture taken - if I see it coming, I do everything possible to get the hell away from the camera.

(they take the winner's picture, correct? You just got your photo.)


i've been crawling through the falling
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drcossack not liking his photo being taken..

I think we just found this years excuse.
Hmph. Shame I can't go over to Philly to show all of you how to get your butts kicked by me. I'll meet you all as a competitor at Nationals in Indy after I get 1st place at the Athens Regional Event this year.
This regional is already over.

Juniors- Babytron
Seniors- Cyberton ma boi
Masters- Kindernigga
2nd/3rd- Wolfey, Human (either way)
326th- Dr cossack
Gonna be awkward asking off from work to play Pokemon, but I've gotta attend this. I live in Philly, so there's no excuse not to... See you punks in Masters.


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^ this guy is weird. and drinks like a fish.

No but really, he's p cool someone hook him up with mons.

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