CAP 2 Smogon "Create a Pokemon" Part Deux: Poll 7

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The Beginning

Typing: Ghost/Fighting
90 HP / 105 Attack / 90 Defense / 65 Sp. Attack / 110 Sp. Defense / 65 Speed
Total = 525 BST
Will not evolve from an already existing Pokemon
Looks like this:

The question for this poll is "What ability do we give our Pokemon?" For all of you who want Levitate, Pressure, and/or Guts, they were stricken from the running becuase they are the most common abilities on Ghost and Fighting Pokemon. We found a large enough supply of original abilities that we did not need to resort to the tried and true standards. However, if you have a non-Levitate/Pressure/Guts ability you feel should be included, you may vote for it and I will edit it into the OP (unless its something ridiculous like Pure Power or Swift Swim). Below are the abilities for consideration and their descriptions.

Air Lock
While Pokémon with Air Lock are out, the effects of weather are temporarily disabled. Fire and Water moves are at normal power in sun and rain, Rocks have normal Special Defense in sandstorm, SolarBeam has 120 power and takes 2 turns, and Blizzard and Thunder have normal accuracy. The game will report that the weather is still going, however. The weather's effects will return when the Pokémon with Air Lock switches out.

Dry Skin
If Sunny Day is in effect, this Pokémon loses 12.5% HP each turn. If Rain Dance is in effect, this Pokémon heals 12.5% HP each turn. In addition, this Pokémon heals 25% HP when hit with a Water attack, but takes 25% extra damage from Fire attacks.

This Pokémon is immune to both regular Poison and Toxic.

This Pokémon cannot be put to Sleep. This Pokémon cannot use Rest. If a Pokémon is Sleeping, and then gains Insomnia, it is instantly cured of Sleep.

Rough Skin
If a Pokémon uses a contact move on this Pokémon, it takes 12.5% of its max HP as damage.

Sand Veil
When a Sandstorm is in effect, this Pokémon gets a 20% Evasion increase. [And provides immunity to Sandstorm if not Ground-,Rock-, or Steel-typed.]

Shed Skin
This Pokémon has a 30% chance of removing Burn, Freeze, Paralysis, Poison, and Sleep at the end of each turn.

Synchronize (or an ability with the same effect, but a more fitting name)
If another Pokémon inflicts Burn, Paralysis, or Poison on the ability-bearer, then the enemy receives the status as well. Toxic Poison is passed on as regular Poison. Self-induced status is not passed on.

Snare Trap or something
What if we gave this a special ability that acts like grip claw, making its wrapping moves last for 5 turns every time (and maybe deal 1/8th damage instead of lame 1/16th). It'd be kind of Shadow Tag Lite, but it would neccesitate Wrap (that powerhouse) on a set.

[Deck Knight later posted a better version of Wrap to go along with this ability, we may or may not use it.]

You could call it Snare Trap or something.
If you couldn't tell yet, this is a bold response poll. You only get TWO VOTES and you have to bold them for the vote to count. I still am not sure how I am going to finish the Ability polls. Three seperate ones of these is too much, but one is too little. Preferential voting failed misreably last time, it was to easy to countervote. I still haven't gotten how we would do Lord Sunday's idea, so I'm a little confused there.
Shed Skin and Snare Trap. You don't see this in OU. So i would like to see it. It also works out with the design. Sorry for posting two. I am EXTREMELY busy. Hence no activity in the last poll. Great. EDIT: This is what I get for working on another thing.

That's all. I realized that two votes makes more sense after posting the OP, so this is mainly for people who won't catch the change there.
Air lock and rough skin.Air locks just too cool,being able to beat t-tar and abomasnow is cool.Rough skin seems nice on him cause of his defenses.
Snare Trap sounds interesting, but is probably going to limit the tank's moveset a bit. I haven't seen the other threads, so would it be safe to assume that it won't have a self-heal (Softboiled/Recover)?

Sand Veil simply for the fact it adds some Tyranitar safe-switch, and that it would totally go great with the mummy theme.
I want INSOMNIA Mummies have been sleeping for millions of years, I think they've had enough sleep.

I'll save my second vote until further consideration.
Snare Trap and Shed Skin

Really, don't vote for sand veil. We've got enough haxy sweepers out there (duhgarchompduh), we don't want something that can take few hits with this ability >_<
rough skin and snare trap this is because the only pokes that get rough skin are sharpedo and carnvaha which cant do crap with it lol. and snare trap is so fitting with the bandages being able to trap something.
Dry Skin and Rough Skin seem to fit the art best, and aren't that broken. Dry Skin grants it an immunity (that heals him), but a semi weakness, and Rough Skin will help take on T-Tar and co.

Insomnia is definitely too broken, but on the other hand, takes away his healing (assuming no Pain Split). I could go for any of the other ones, too. Except for Sand Veil. I very much do not like SV.
I think this Pokemon should have Dry Skin and Immunity, because since it's a Mummy theme kind of Pokemon, Dry Skin would make sense. Furthermore, since it's basically a corpse...I think that poison and Toxic wouldn't affect it, makes sense? Does to me, yep.
Immunity and Dry skin

I like the way Snare Trap sounds, but if the wrap you are talking about giving it is that 50 BP Wrap then that is a deal-breaker imo.

rough skin and snare trap this is because the only pokes that get rough skin are sharpedo and carnvaha which cant do crap with it lol. and snare trap is so fitting with the bandages being able to trap something.
Don't knock Sharpedo 'til you've tried him :[
Insomnia and Shed Skin.

These actually make sense too. Insomnia because the mummy obviously doesn't sleep being undead and all. Shed Skin because it can just take off the bandages.
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