Yilx first place artist

meh, I'd just leave it and move on to something else. It's not like there's much to put there without completely shifting the focus from the creatures at the bottom (except maybe more of that red wall stuff, so it's not really worth it.
Doodle Hour on #pokemon
It's a long post so I hid all the stuff!!!
Don't expect any quality though lol.

sad groudon/manaphy behind bars/hariyama surfing on cyro in space/swanna/rodan

espeon playing w joltik/no quill qwilfish/elgyem/heracross n zoroark brofist/golurk

old shuckle w a diaper/aerodactyl reacting to not learning head smash/regice melting/skitty wailord/derp kyurem

mew slapping groudon/hitmonchan juggling 12 sealeos/tomohawk beating necty/happy necty/happy raticate

skyla and trainers/firecape and tr gyara/toxicroak/miltank slapping rayquaza/dratini on stilts

venomoth/venomoth/rotom formes/wet liepard/politoed/male bw trainer and heredier/cyborg crasher wake and quagsire


Jamming to the beat
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Yeah, the way the image's focus is naturally drawn to its head through lighting and sharper details is really well done. Good to see yourself pushing your limits!
So I started working and I don't have time to draw anything at home anymore because of how demanding my job is

But here's a WIP I managed to do over a weekend

How the fuck do you manage to do this in one weekend?! Your art is amazing man. The lighting, the colors, the details in the background, everything comes together nicely. Luvdisc'd!