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Voting is over! The winner of the MAC #20 theme is elcheeso! Congratulations!

Now due to MAC having a huge gap in the "monthly" time slot, I think now is a good time to start a new theme.

MAC #21: Heroism
Draw a Pokemon or a group of Pokemon performing an act of good, or just giving off a very hero-like feel/striking a heroic pose.

Good luck!

Scraping the deadline dangerously close just like old times! I do wish I had more time to work on this.

(he is picking up trash in a world covered with it, which is a heroic act if nothing else! also, that is a garbage can, not a strange coffee mug.)
Voting has just ended!
Congratulations to Yilx for winning first place, Bummer for second, and RitterCat for third for this month's MAC theme!

The next theme will be updated in the next 24 hours or so.
Time for the next MAC theme!

MAC #22 - Minimalism
Draw a Pokemon as simple and with as few possible details as you can to give off a certain meaning.

Get to it!

Also, many thanks to Bummer for the theme suggestion!


My concept was to express deep humor using a simple story using Spoink as a subject. The simplicity of the lines and colors complements well with the light humor and negative space creates a background for seemingly slow movement made by the flying Spoink.

Hope it entertained you.
Question: Can I post 2 entries? I haven't decided which drawing to enter.
Great submission!

We usually have people use only 1 of their entry when voting comes up, but you'll have to decide which one you want for voting. You can post both if you'd like and get opinions from others to narrow down your results. It's happened before.
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