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There were quite a few. But what about the save states? I don´t wanna lose my mons! And I tried to go to the nintendo e-shop, but it still showed the price. :-(

My old New 3ds broke. So today I bought new. I have most of my games (including my pokemon) on sd card. So I took my old SD card with games, popped it into the new system and started. It asked me for a few questions (time, date,...). When I was done, there was no game on home screen. All my games gone! So I put the sd card out and into pc. There I copied the Nintendo 3ds folder. Next I tried to copy it back. Put the card back into the console, nothing.
I did an SD card swap before and it worked fine (tough it was on the same system, just changed the sd card for one with more space). I still had that old folder, so I copied it instead the current one. Again, didn´t work. So I wanted to copy the current one back. It told me I don´t have enough space on my SD card. What??? I then deleted the New 3ds folder from SD card and tried again. And again, it said that I don´t have space! Are all my games lost? I had most of my events there. Is there any way I can rescue those games?
For clarification, I have two "Nintendo 3ds" folders in my pc. One is the old one when I changed the sd card for new one. It is the one that is on my sd card now.
The second one is from the sd card just after the change of consoles. When I try to put in on sd card, it says I don´t have enough space.
Yeah, I tried that before and it didn't work. I ended up transferring the data of my old 3DS to my New 3DS XL after buying a larger micro SD card for it. I'd recommend doing that if you can boot up your old New 3DS and get to the system settings.

Otherwise you may very well be out of luck.
Games you bought can be redownloaded freely as far as I know. Was there that many games on the cart?
Only if it recognizes your Nintendo Network ID, since that's what keeps track of your purchase history. (so the eshop knows you bought the titles before and thus won't charge you again)
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Siria You could try calling Nintendo customer support. Is it possible for them to unlink your NNID from the old 3DS so you can link it to your new 3DS?
My old 3ds is completely busted, so I can´t do System Transfer. I managed to mail to nintendo support of my country, and they replied that it is possible for them to unlink my old system and link my sd card to this new console. I send them needed data (the system ID, my NNID, birth date and at least two downloaded and activated games) and asked about the save files of the games, and we´ll see if it´s possible to restore them. At worst, I will be able to redownload the games for free.

Oh, and about that space problem I mentioned earlier, how I can´t copy my Nintendo 3ds file from comp anymore? Funny story that, I found out that I accidentaly copied it before to the DCIM folder. Well, no wonder there was no space! Well, anyhow I hope the problem will be solved soon.

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