Your most Memorable moment from Gold/Silver

My most memorable moment is step in to the Kanto for the first time.

Even after 10 years, I can't forget the Route 26 & 27 music.

"Congratulations, you have just stepped into the Kanto!"
Finding out that i could go to Kanto, 3 years after the events in R/B/Y. That was amazing.

Otherwise, my most memories is from R/B/Y, when i played G/S/C i knew what i was doing atleast. Not even the Pokémon surprised me after alot of Pokémon Cards and animé
My most memorable moment from Gold/Silver is that I stole my Copy of Gold from the most popular kid in class.

Without him I wouldn't know what Pokemon GSC is. (: D)
Ah... The memories of Silver. Beating Red is only second to beating Lance; It was 1 vs.1, my Meganium was in the red, and Lance had one Dragonite left. I had no items left, and knew I was defeated, until Lance's hyper beam MISSED, and I was able to get off a cut (lol) and take down the Dragonite. All this happened, like, 9 years ago and I still remember it as if it were yesterday...
Mine was when i used my only master ball on a skarmory. I honestly thought it was a legendary pokemon! Or another one would be when I first saw a Miltank and caught it and trained it to lvl 100. (my first lvl 100). I took my miltank (Milf Tank was her nick name) to the battle tower in Crystal and had the moveset of {Stomp, Milk Drink, Attract, and Toxic} all of the enemy pokemon were male except for the genderless ones. I swept the entire battle tower with only Milf Tank by flinching and stalling and infatuating my foes to death. I love Crystal version and started a new file on another Crystal version that i bought.
- Catching a shiny Entei (randomly OFC)

- Dynamic Punch on Blue's Alakazam, it did not become confused

- Breeding a Rhyhorn with Ditto and getting 4 female Rhyhorns in a row, even though Rhyhorn that was breeding was male...I realized it was the Ditto's fault.

- Hypnosis missing for my Gengar 7 times in a row.

- Getting 2 Ancient Power boosts in a row vs. Lance with Aerodactyl

* Yeah, my most memorable moments aren't that fantastic... *
These are all from when I was about nine years old--
--Quilava evolving into Typhlosion on Route 12 or 13 (i.e. before the 4th gym), me having fought wild Pokemon and caught random whatever for...must've been hours, spread out over weeks, because I couldn't figure out that I needed the Squirtbottle from the floral shop to get past the funny Sudowoodo tree--I'd also never talked to Whitney after beating her to collect the Plain badge. Looking it up on Gamefaqs (through Verizon's search engine) is one of my earliest memories of using the internet.
--Beating Clair's Kingdra in extremely close fashion--before I'd figured out that playing with stat increases/decreases could've gotten me the win much easier. Watching it Rest off all the damage Typhlosion had inflicted in front of me was quite intense.
--Catching a shiny Rattata in the Tin Tower.
--Reaching Lt. Surge for the first time and hearing the Kanto gym leader music. I don't think it could've been more epic.
--Beating Red barely with Typhlosion and Lugia both at about level 73 or so and everything else in the 30s iirc. Snorlax was my greatest foe with Rest and Amnesia, and Blastoise--Lugia handled Espeon well. It was a real cathartic moment, I'd been playing that game for months at that point. Kept re-playing it through for the next two or three years, I was hooked.

Oh, and about a month ago, as I was sitting in my dining hall in the second semester of my freshman year of college at around noon, it occurred to me in a flash that Sudowoodo's name made perfect sense-- "psuedo-wood-o," i.e. fake tree. Oh the shock of that moment.
I remember when me and My friend were obsessed with the Ruins Of Alph for WEEKS. We almost worshipped the Unknown, and constantly did a lot of crazy things like having them in our parties in different combinations, and playing the signal at the ruins of alph trying to summon a Celebi. It kinda reached its climax when we stayed up all night with our Pokemon Gold games downstairs at his house completing all of the side quests in the Ruins of Alph. Now that I think of it, I also remember moving the kabotu puzzle around wrong, and it looked kind of like...Jellicent does now! O_O
I had this thing. I forget what the exact name of it was, but I had bought it and it was a combination of a Gameshark and some sort of predecessor to Pokesav. It had nice user friendly menus to edit pokemon, stats, items, all that and was specifically designed to work with Gold, Silver, and I think Crystal. It wouldn't let you make illegal stats though, I think. I used it to play through the game over and over with all sorts of different teams, and later to make my first foray into competitive battling... of course, other local kids don't really put up much of a fight.

Forgot to mention one thing I really miss though. No 510 EV limit! I really liked the system in 2nd (and 1st) gen, and was very ticked off when they changed it.
When me and my brother were playing, he got three crit's in a row! >_>
My brother gave me Silver and it was glitched or hacked or something so I could do some events again! (Like fight your rival in Victory Road or catching the Three Beasts again.)


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I loved battling Red; his aura of mysteriousness, the great music, and his high level Pokemon made it the best part of the whole series imo.
Entering Kanto, in the future. That was so awesome. I had been so obsessed with Red, to see a future Kanto with awesomely remixed music, in full color, and with the day/night system was just flat out neat.

Even if Kanto had been a bit watered down, I knew it wasn't the main attraction of the game and just enjoyed it for what it was - icing on the top of the cake.

The music of G/S/C was the best, as well. Not just Kanto, obviously, but it must be noted that I typically don't take too well to remixes, however the remixes of the R/B/Y music in Kanto was also just flat out awesome. It struck a chord. But I also really liked the rest of G/S/C's music. Especially the Routes and the battle music. The music that is from Lake of Rage and a couple of the Routes is my favorite Route music from all Pokemon games to this day.
Not running into one, but three shinys through one gameplay (including the shiny gyrados) in Pokemon Gold. You can only imagine how excited I was to successfully capture and reach the final evolution of all the shinys. Now imagine how devastated I was when I turned on my Pokemon Gold and found that my cartridge battery died.
Mine's a toss-up. Either finding out how to change the battery, allowing me to have 3 working games today(one of each), or attempting to do a mono-Dark team in my Silver back in high school. When I realized that Umbreon is the only Dark pokemon available before the Elite 4, I changed it to a solo Umbreon run and proceeded to dominate all the gym leaders, the elite 4, and Red.
Accidently leaving it in my pocket then jumping into the pool >_> and then buying my friends unopened japanese copy. I caught Celebi lol it took a while because I used my memory and the occasional guide seeing as the text was Japanese
Finding my first shiny (tangela) outside of Mt. Silver, but not having any poke balls...

However, 10 years later, I started my game over and found another shiny tangela (I'd like to believe it was the same one mocking me 10 years ago). This time I had 12 ultra balls. Success :pimp:

I also remember walking through the first route after getting 8 badges, finding Suicune, and going 'WTF is this thing doing on the first route? Its level is way higher than everything else!'

Oh, and about a month ago, as I was sitting in my dining hall in the second semester of my freshman year of college at around noon, it occurred to me in a flash that Sudowoodo's name made perfect sense-- "psuedo-wood-o," i.e. fake tree. Oh the shock of that moment.
Happened to me as well when I replayed them a couple of months ago. First I was like 'thats clever.' Then I was like 'no wait, its just because I was 8 when I played the first time. Wow I'm dumb.'

This is embarrassing, but the first time I played Silver I got to the Ice Path, and couldn't figure out the puzzle. I got stuck for a while, thought I was trapped, and restarted the game. The whole thing.

Fail, younger Lolcat, fail.
You're not alone. Though I didn't restart my game because of it.

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