Your most Memorable moment from Gold/Silver

my most memorable moment was when my gold broke and at the time it was my favorite game. then a month later a guy gave it to me for a dollar. i now play this game so much.
I remember going to the lake of rage and talking to someone who said that they had seen a pink Butterfree. I thought I could find one there too so I literally spent weeks trying to find one in the grass. I did not :(


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This is embarrassing, but the first time I played Silver I got to the Ice Path, and couldn't figure out the puzzle. I got stuck for a while, thought I was trapped, and restarted the game. The whole thing.

Fail, younger Lolcat, fail.
Hello everyone!! This is my first post and I must say that I truly love first and second generation Pokemon! They remind me of a time when things were simpler, especially Pokemon. :D But my most memorable moments from 2nd Gen would have to be :

1. Breeding Pokemon! What a great concept, Lv.5 Growlithe straight out the egg with flamethrower, how awesome.

2. The real time aspect - catching different Pokemon at night added another level of realism to it.

3.And - exploring Kanto again!!
Once my friend lent me his gold version and let me play it for the first time. I found a shiny hoppip and caught it for him. When I was given crystal for my birthday a year or two later he traded it to me. He called it a late valentines present :3
NOTE: While I do not personally own or have ever owned GSC, I've played them before.

I've never, ever lost to Whitney. Seriously, when I first heard she was tough, I was confused. I thought she was easy. I still think she's easy (not counting that time in SoulSilver where she almost everytime but once paralyzed my Miltank with her's using Body Slam. "Bessie was cured of its paralysis. MILTANK used Body Slam. Bessie is Paralyzed!" That happened for about 7 turns in a row!).

Also, beating Morty with my Feraligatr with Crunch is still hilarious.
I was like 7 and didnt know anything about legendaries and stuff.

I was below blackthorn city, just training with the gravelers and skarmories (it was silver), and i was in my bed, almost paying no atention to the screen (i was seeing it, but not actually "looking" it).

Anyway, when a battle started, just as a black sprite was sliding on the screen, i noticed it was weird: yeah, in those nanoseconds i tough "oh, so i can find ponytas here? Cool!", but when the sprite cleared and the pokemon cry sounded, i couldn´t but look paralized at the blue beast-like monster. My heart stoped. I pressed the A button..

"A wild SUICUNE appeared"

That thing was level 40, what could my haunter do? Not knowing what to do, i threw an ultra ball. He freed.

"The wild Suicune used ROAR!"

And after a few second recovering for the impresion, i opened the pokedex and rushed from the very first poke until i saw him almost at the end, and had one of the biggest reliefs of my life when i pressed "Area" and he was near goldenrod.

That week i stared my haunt for the 3 dogs (soon Entei appeared in the grass in middle of the lake next to Mahogany, but it wasn´t until weeks later that Raikou appeared under Goldenrod)

Btw, suicune became like my favorite poke back then (he destroyed everything thyplosion couldn´t), and i loved his back sprite.

Another good ones were:

-Evolving togepi at level 19

-Learning how to fuse pokes (for me, it was even better than cloning, in wich i was a true master btw). I spent days fusing almost everything with the red gyarados and beetwen them to make my own shiny pokes (witn impossible movesets, of course).

-Learning about the egg moves, and breeding in general (whats not to love in a level 5 charmander with flamethrower?)

-Beating the E4 over 300 times (not kidding), and well, battling with my best friend and generally exploiting the glitches.

Oh, and last week when i turned my game boy on and realized gold´s battery is still alive

Yes, G/S/C are the best.

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My brothers are the ones who actually started playing the Gold version (It was fake, because the Pokemons' names caps off at most 5 characters) way back then, and out of boredom I just tried it for just the sake of playing it.

But I got the hang of it in a few days before becoming an expert later on, and searching also in the internet for guides and maps (especially how to get to Ho-Oh in the Tin Tower).

Never realized until later that using Chikorita is like HARD mode (it got mugged by Scyther several times, and I didn't notice I already lost my money down to 2 digits). It's only best move for type-coverage before Earthquake was the weaker Mud-Slap, which can still hit Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Koffing, etc... because abilities didn't exist yet.

And I always use my Haunter with Curse to beat Whitney's Miltank and Clair's Kingdra.
My most memorable moment would have to be the first time I encountered a new Steel type. I remember my prized Kadabra ripping through the RBY, so I didn't hesitate to grab myself my dear Kadabra to bring more of the carnage. Then I see Magnemite, think "Eat Psybeam!" see "It's not very effective...." and go ".......Um....what?" Yeah....that was fun.
Being about 7 at the time, I couldn't work out how to get to half of the 'new' Kanto, so I didn't 'technically' finish crystal. Oh well. Anyway, my best moment was the enormous rush of nostalgia I got when getting to the first city and hearing the new and improved music. Happy days... I'll never forgive myself for losing all my old GB and GBC games though...
The most memorable moment I have from when I played Gold so many years ago was the sense of accomplishment I felt after defeating Red. After I fought him the first time I lost pretty easily as my Pokes were not at the levels needed to win that fight so after a few days of intense leveling I got my whole team past Level 90 and beat him. Good times indeed.
In Pokemon Silver, I was in Victory Road, with my Pidgeot, Flareon, Gyarados, Sudowoodo and Feraligatr. Sudowoodo fainted for some reason before, and then I found a Donphan. I thought it looked awesome and would kick ass, so I tried catching it. And it used rollout, bringing up bad memories of was weak to the point of red health, and I was using Gyarados. I failed to catch it, three times.
Gyarados gets raped by rollout.
I sent out Pidgeot, hoping to still catch it.
Pidgeot gets raped by rollout.
I send out Flareon, and I give up, trying to escape. But what's this, Can't Escape!
Flareon gets raped by a max power rollout.
Feraligatr is all I have left. Can't Escape! Seriously, what the hell. Feraligatr is left at yellow health. And I finally escape. I have no revives, and a few full restores.
Ahh, the exit...finall-OH GOD. NOT YOU.
Silver's Golbat goes down, and I'm thinking 'hey maybe I can pwn him with Feraligatr!'...and he sends out Meganium. The bane of my life. It knocks out Feraligatr with a razor leaf.
Yeah. FML. That Meganium, it haunts me.
Definitely when I found Shiny Teddiursa, non-swarming Dunsparce and SHiny Geodude all in one day in Dark Cave without even looking! Also when I did an in-game run full of bad Pokemon: Ledian, Furret, Meganium, Poliwrath,Venomoth and Arcanine. Ledian almost soled Lance, too! But he died to Charizard. And Furret was really awesome with STAB Return, Dig and Attract. Fun times...I love emulators and their ability to bring back games from the graveyard!
Didn't have Internet back then, so I didn't know about all the new Pokemon. Yeah, every new Pokemon was a discovery to me.
Anyway, I go to Blackthorn City with my AWESOME team (Typhlosion, Bellossom, Lanturn, Pidgeot, Onix and Raticate) and they tell me I am to face Dragons. I'm like "Huh, theres only Dratini and Dragonair, its way too early for Dragonite...". Then they throw Horsea and Seadra to me and I'm like "Sure, okay, they're dragonish". Then Clair...and she starts Dragonair. And another Dragonair. And another one. At this point I'm like "Worst. Gym. Leader. Ever."
Then Kingdra comes and I look at it and go "WTFOMGWTFISTHAT?!", and it sweeps the SHIT out of my team. I think I cried for 10 minutes.
I was playing pokemon Diamond, and i was at the e4 I never played farhter in any past pokemon game to beat the 4th e4. At this point i was really happy, and i beat him. He was like, "Congratulations, you have beat the elite 4". I was like OMGYESTHISISTHEBESTDAYOFMYLIFE=D=D=D" and then he said "But there is still the Champion left to face"

I was like.........WTF?
And best part is she beat me.....
my best moment from pokemon gold? Easy. When I finally evolved my Pupitar into Tyranitar for the first time. That b*tch was hard to train back then.
My first team... I took basically the first 6 pokemon I came across for my team :P

Meganium, Pidgeot, Beedrill, Graveler, Ledian, and Noctowl (LOL)

The weakest starter, two low BST birds, two early-game bugs, and... Graveler.

The only specific moment I remember is how I had SO much trouble with Sabrina... I tried to use Beedrill's Twineedle to get super-effective hits... that should be self-explanatory how tough it was. And Noctowl was somehow instrumental in my defeat of Red, although I don't remember exactly how... probably it beat that Snorlax...