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Revolutionizing the Metagame in Late 2007 - Aldaron [December 2007]

This team was made circa November 2007, during the spike of stall based teams in the metagame. It utilized entry hazards and the extremely hard hitting Lucario and Life Orb Heatran to deal with Stall, and High Speed Choice Scarf Pokemon and priority to deal with offense. It is best noted for "introducing / popularizing" Swords Dance Lucario and Lead Roserade, while re-introducing Choice Scarfing high base Speed Pokemon as a viable and competitively wise strategy.

A Greek RMT - Stathakis [April 2009]

Tyranitar Stall - Taylor [July 2009]

Six Paths Of Pain - tobi10 [March 2012]



Wobbuffet and Groudon's SubSeed Machine gun! - Theorymon [February 2009]

This is the Uber team that is responsible for the rise in Wobbuffet usage around March and April of 2009. It is said that in Ubers, creativity pays dividends. This is certainly the case here. The team featured a Wobbuffet set-up to abuse Jumpluff's Speed and stalling capability under the sun. It proved to be very successful on the Uber ladder, and really forced the Uber metagame to respond to it. The write up includes a comprehensive threat list, and in-depth comments to show how to use this team in battle.

Shadows and Dust - Deep Thought [September 2009]

Shadows and Dust was a great example of what your typical Ubers offense team resembled. It is centered around Taunt + Calm Mind Mewtwo, and it takes advantage of the top offensive powerhouses in Ubers, including less common sets for otherwise common Pokemon such as Choice Band Rayquaza and Choice Specs Dialga, to skillfully take out Mewtwo's counters while always keeping up offensive pressure on the opponent. Deep Thought's team also popularized the then innovative Mew lead, which provided valuable support to Deep Thought's team via Stealth Rock, U-turn for scouting, and Exploding on key threats that might otherwise trouble him. All of Deep Thought's Pokemon had detailed descriptions on how they contributed to the team, and he was sure to point out his strategies for every type of team he faced. Shadows and Dust was hugely successful and it peaked at #2 on the Uber leaderboard.

Henry - august [November 2009]

If there is something that should immediately come to mind when looking at the team, it's simplicity, right down to the name of the team itself. As a matter of fact, eyeballing it alone isn't enough for that - try it out, and marvel at the joyride ahead. Featuring a straightforward entry hazard set up into some of the most devastating sweepers in Ubers, such as Latios, Mewtwo, and interestingly but surely, Lucario, henry terrorized both offensive and stall teams alike in a few seconds flat. The X factor of this team, however, is Giratina-O's unique set at the time, utilizing the unexpected Shadow Sneak to turn the tides of battle, while maintaining wallbreaking capabilities with the rest of the set. As a matter of fact, this is the very team that immortalized Mixed Shadow Sneak Giratina-O into Ubers. Although the team itself suffered from 5 weaknesses to Ghost and Dark, most of them are hard pressed to fight off the sheer force and speed of these sweepers, backed with a healthy dose of unspinnable entry hazards.

Meteor Shower - reachzero [April 2010]

The rise of Lead Rayquaza began with this team. The team starts killing its opponents right from the start, forcing them to take a defensive stance or get run through in the early stages of the match. With Life Orb Dialga, Choice Scarf Palkia, and All-Out Attacker Mewtwo, this team is set to roll through teams at full force. Reachzero's team is a prime example of excellent artistic talent combined with succinct descriptions as to why each Pokemon is how it is; it's a fine example of how to write the ideal RMT.

Vulcan Fury! - Jibaku [May 2010]

Jibaku, with VULCAN FURY!, attempts to take advantage of a post-HGSS metagame to experiment with many of the new toys and the new metagame. Shadow Sneak Giratina-O makes a showing in this team, supported by the anti-metagame Pokemon Latias and Heatran. Jibaku also shows off Choice Scarf Deoxys-S, a set that is steadily rising in popularity due to its effectiveness. Between the superb presentation and the effectiveness of the team, there's no doubt as to why this team makes a star appearance in the archive.


Little Cup

The Trooper - Heysup [September 2009]

This team is what started many of the sets used in the modern metagame, especially SubSneak Misdreavus and mixed priority Croagunk. This team was based around the popular Munchlax and Choice Scarf Fighting-type combination. Machop was used to lure in Ghost-types, and Munchlax was used to trap and KO them, allowing Machop to sweep. This team also used the popular core combination of Gligar and Munchlax who have excellent synergy, along with Croagunk for reliable revenge killing and crucial resistances. However the real star of the show was SubSneak Misdreavus. Misdreavus was used to counter opposing Choiced Fighting-types, since Misdreavus is excessively dangerous when behind Substitute and backed by a Life Orb.

Chess Peace - Elevator Music [December 2009]

This team is essentially what the standard offensive team in Little Cup looks like, with a few twists thrown in. This team was based around an extra bulky Will-O-Wisp Misdreavus wearing the opponent down and being reckless with set up sweepers. This team would attempt to set up Substitute Carvanha or Dragon Dance Dratini whenever possible, since it had lots of priority to back it up if the sweepers didn't completely finish the job. Stunky was used on this team as well as a necessary evil, which is what many players were forced to do because of the threat of Misdreavus.

RIP Missy - franky [February 2010]

Rest in peace, Misdreavus. Franky shows off with RIP Missy his monstrous team that he used prior to her banning. Boasting a potent Normal-Ghost-Normal core between Porygon, Misdreavus, and Munchlax, franky's team puts the pressure on with passive damage and offensive momentum combined with multitudes of forced switches. This team with its success and structure exemplifies why Misdreavus was so revered and omnipresent in the LC tier prior to its banning.