Hall of Fame

This section is where users who go above and beyond in rating teams, building teams, and winning rating challenges will be archived. Users that earn a spot in this archive are sure to soon become successful raters or players; winners of the Rater of the Week and Team of the Week challenges will find themselves here, as well as those who win challenges that relate to #ratemyteam.

Team of the Week

Week Winner
Week 1The Toxic Spikes Galleries - WreckDra
Week 2no scrubs - hollywood
Week 3Sixth Sense - Seirle
Week 4An Attempt at Ho-oh Balance - Dilwar

Rater of the Week

Week Winner
Week 1undisputed
Week 2ala
Week 3Funkasaurus
Week 4Leftiez
Week 5Honus
Week 6Neliel
Week 7Kidogo
Week 8Dice
Week 9Novaray