5th Gen OU Analysis Index - 89 BW2 Revamps On Site!

Excellent job!This is really helpful.
I just wanted to drop buy to say that you made a mistake in the link of the skeleton of Jaroda.If you click the link you get the skeleton of Victini and oddly enough its not mentioned in victini.
Alright, Heatran will be up before the weekend (depending on where you live).

I'll see if I can get one of my other three up by Sunday, but no promises. I still have schoolwork to do.


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Couple of updates to note for everybody

Firstly, please extend a warm thank you to Setsuna, who is helping me keep this index up-to-date in addition to all his moderation and Quality Control duties in this forum, which I don't need to tell you is a phenomenal workload, and is making keeping this index running a lot easier. So, just giving him the credit he deserves here.

Second, all of you with active analyses or reservations should be aware of this:

Eo Ut Mortus said:
We want to make the forum look as organized as possible, and one of the ways that we will be doing this is enforcing a standard on the way in which thread titles are shown.

If you have reserved a Pokemon but have yet to write or complete its skeleton, the title should look like this:

Pokemon name (Placeholder)

Bad examples: Venusaur (WIP), Venusaur (PLACEHOLDER), Venusaur (RESERVED)

Good example: Venusaur (Placeholder)

When you have finished writing a skeleton for a Pokemon, please change the title to look like this:

Pokemon name (QC Approved 0/2)

Bad examples: Venusaur (AWAITING QC APPROVAL), Venusaur (skeleton, awaiting feedback), Venusaur (QC Approvals: 0/2, QC Rejections 1/2)

Good example: Venusaur (QC Approved 0/2)

It is helpful but not mandatory if you update your thread title whenever you are given an approval.

When your analysis has been fully approved by the Quality Control team, the title should look like this:

Pokemon name (Skeleton / Written)

depending on whether your analysis has or has not been formally written out.

Bad examples: Venusaur (COMPLETED), Venusaur (qc approved 2/2), Venusaur (ready-to-be-uploaded I think?)

Good example: Venusaur (Skeleton), Venusaur (Written)

The most important things to note are how we are defining things: a WIP analysis should be called a "Placeholder"; an analysis awaiting Quality Control approval should be called a "Skeleton"; an analysis awaiting GP checks should be called an "Analysis." Please also note the capitalization; we don't want to be blinded by ALL-CAPS TITLES! This change will hopefully help speed up the C&C process by letting the members of the C&C staff be able to skim through the forum and know which threads need which kind of attention.
From http://www.smogon.com/forums/announcement.php?f=156&a=174

So please update your titles to this new format to help keep the C&C machine running smoothly. The index should stay the same as I find it easier to keep track of analyses this way, but every other thread in this subforum should conform to this standard.

That's all, and keep working hard!


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I've got a question. What do we call an analysis that we wrote up but hasn't been QC approved yet?
I'm not entirely sure. Personally I'd say "written" instead of "skeleton" eg. Deoxys-A (Written) (QC Approved 0/2), which is pretty explicit and doesn't really add any extra levels of complication (that's what I've done with my analyses anyway).
I edited the announcement, since I now realize that "skeleton" was misleading. Some people have chosen to write out the full analysis before QC approval, which is okay, although writing out a skeleton first is recommended. Hopefully the new standard is clearer now. Thanks for your cooperation, and sorry for the confusion.

This is now the thread in which reservations are to be made. It will continue serving as a way to keep track of everyone's movements, as well. Thank you!

Forget about posting in the previously existent thread located in Main 5th Generation, you guys can make your reservations here now.

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