5th Gen OU Analysis Index - 89 BW2 Revamps On Site!

I'm taking over Kerudio and Hihidaruma, and both are being worked on.

Question: Is it okay if I edit and continue what's been worked on? Or do I need to rewrite the two?
It's fine if you use what's in those threads already. You can add or romove as you wish; at the end QC will determine what sets should stay or what else should be added.
I just wanted to announce that I've given a major update to the OP of this thread -- I'm not finished yet, though. I've tried to make sure every link pertaining to those Pokemon that are currently being worked on (per Regions) redirect to the right post, and I've also eliminated all links to Uber analyses in order to make things a bit clearer. Apart from this, bob and I will continue giving updates to this thread on a regular basis. If you encounter any error with the Index, please post here indicating so and we'll take care of the problem.


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Wow, the one day I take the night off happens to be when this subforum gets its biggest update yet...

Many thanks to Setsuna for all the hard work put in.

As for me, I'll still be around to help out, and I'll be trying to update the OP as it comes in. However, to try to make sense of all this I've been through and made a list of all Pokemon that are currently being worked on as per this post - these are the Pokemon for which analyses are currently allowed.


*Venusaur - TobesMcGobes SKELETON
*Charizard - Venser SKELETON
*Nidoking - Located in this list
*Ninetales – Rhys DeAnno WRITTEN
Venomoth – Toaster SKELETON
Dugtrio - Parachomp SKELETON
*Arcanine – uragg SKELETON
Poliwrath - sax king PLACEHOLDER
*Tentacruel - Limewire SKELETON
*Slowbro – sax king WRITTEN
Cloyster - Located in this list
Gengar – StevenSnype SKELETON
*Starmie - bugmaniacbob WRITTEN QC APPROVED [1/2]
*Gyarados - DropTheNuke SKELETON
*Vaporeon – supermarth64 SKELETON
*Jolteon – Snorlaxe SKELETON
*Omastar – Steeli SKELETON
*Kabutops - Limewire WRITTEN
*Aerodactyl – smashlloyd20 WRITTEN
Snorlax - Erebyssial RESERVED
Zapdos – NatGeo WRITTEN
*Dragonite - lulzer PLACEHOLDER


*Crobat - XxbraedonxX SKELETON
*Xatu - Parallel WRITTEN
*Azumarill – Raikaria WRITTEN
*Politoed – for54years WRITTEN
Quagsire – Don Honchkrorleone WRITTEN
Wobbuffet - Jamesb8 WRITTEN
*Scizor - Chou Toshio RESERVED
*Octillery - Plusle RESERVED
*Skarmory - Calm Pokemaster PLACEHOLDER
*Kingdra - Mew WRITTEN
Hitmontop – sax king WRITTEN
Blissey – supermarth64 RESERVED
Suicune - XxbraedonxX PLACEHOLDER
Tyranitar – soonerorlater SKELETON
Celebi - ungulateman RESERVED


*Blaziken - Calm Pokemaster PLACEHOLDER
Gardevoir - GtM WRITTEN
Breloom – SevenDeadlySins RESERVED [S1]
Ninjask – smashlloyd20 SKELETON
Aggron – PK Gaming PLACEHOLDER
*Milotic – Cipher Admin Lovrina PLACEHOLDER
*Gorebyss – Limewire SKELETON
Salamence – Steeli PLACEHOLDER
Metagross - MixedCalibur PLACEHOLDER
Latias - Kevin Garrett PLACEHOLDER
Latios - Aerrow RESERVED
Deoxys-A – smashlloyd20 SKELETON
Deoxys-S – Calm Pokemaster PLACEHOLDER


*Infernape - Aerrow SKELETON
*Empoleon - SsAaVv SKELETON
*Staraptor – AccidentalGreed SKELETON
Honchkrow – Don Honchkrorleone SKELETON
Spiritomb – Don Honchkrorleone SKELETON
Garchomp – Chou Toshio SKELETON
Lucario – LaFrozen SKELETON
Hippowdon - Snorlaxe SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/2]
*Tangrowth - Benlisted PLACEHOLDER
Togekiss – Colon Three :3 WRITTEN
*Yanmega - sax king WRITTEN
*Gliscor – Optimusje SKELETON
Mamoswine – sax king WRITTEN QC APPROVED [1/2]
Porygon-Z - Petsinwinter PLACEHOLDER
Froslass - Trucy PLACEHOLDER
Rotom-W - Located in this list
Azelf – Plusle QC APPROVED [1/2]
Heatran - ungulateman PLACEHOLDER
Manaphy - Ditto PLACEHOLDER
Darkrai – Chou Toshio SKELETON
Shaymin-S - Chou Toshio RESERVED


Enbuoo - sax king PLACEHOLDER
Muurando – Lee WRITTENQC APPROVED [2/2]
Doryuuzu – Rising_Dusk SKELETON
Roobushin – Colonel_M SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/2]
Nageki = Located in this list
Pendoraa Located in this list
Erufuun - SevenDeadlySins RESERVED
Doredia – Chillarmy WRITTEN
Warubiaru - Located in this list
Hihidaruma - Venser PLACEHOLDER
Iwaparesu – bugmaniacbob WRITTEN QC APPROVED [2/2]
Zuruzukin – Delta 2777 SKELETON
Shinboraa – CitizenSnips SKELETON
Desukaan - Delta 2777 SKELETON
Abagoora – NatGeo PLACEHOLDER
Aakeosu - Located in this list
Zoroark – PK Gaming SKELETON
Rankurusu – Plusle WRITTEN
Shubarugo - Lee WRITTEN
Burungeru - Located in this list
Mamanbou – Delta 2777 SKELETON
Denchura – bugmaniacbob SKELETON
Nattorei - Delta 2777 RESERVED
Gigigiaru – Wild Eep SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/2]
Shandera – badalcristiano WRITTEN
Ononokusu - Located in this list
Agirudaa - Located in this list
Kojondo – Parachomp WRITTEN
Kurimugan – Lee SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/2]
Goruugu - Chillarmy PLACEHOLDER
Kirikizan - [Zangoose] WRITTEN
Baffuron - Located in this list
Vuljiina – Eo Ut Mortus SKELETON
Aianto – Rising_Dusk SKELETON
Urugamosu - PooF WRITTEN
Kobaruon - Located in this list
Terakion - SevenDeadlySins RESERVED
Birijion - Located in this list
Torunerosu – Ditto SKELETON
Borutorosu – Calm Pokemaster WRITTEN QC APPROVED [2/2]
Randorosu – Nachos SKELETON
Kyurem - Bluewind SKELETON
Kerudio - Venser SKELETON
Meloetta – Rising_Dusk SKELETON
Genosect – The Legendkiller PLACEHOLDER

So, yeah. Right now what I'm trying to do is go over every link in the index and make sure that the entire thing is up to date, which should take some time. Please be aware that the Pokemon above are, generally speaking, the analyses with the highest priority, so it would generally b a waste of time to pick any others. If you disagree with this list, please post your argument in the appropriate thread (link above).
Making my 6th, and most likely final reservation, for Sazandora. As with my other analyses, I am being hard pressed for time due to exams,so I cannot start this analysis right away. Work on this analysis will start when my exams end on 20/12/10, as with my other analyses.
If possible, I'd like to reserve Weezing. All the fighting types this gen make it more appealing as a Physical Wall, and access to Clear Smog doesn't hurt.


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Short note -

Please only reserve Pokemon that are listed under 'Current Analyses'. This means that, looking at the last page or so of posts, Gochiruzeru, Shinboraa, and Weezing are not yet eligible for their own analyses. We should be concentrating on those Pokemon deemed to actually have competitive significance before delving into the pools of obscurity.

If you feel you have a strong case for a Pokemon not on the list of competitive Pokemon to be granted permission for an analysis to be written, please take your argument here. One last thing - I would advise everybody new to writing analyses to please read the stickied threads and announcements, most notably the ones about thread titles, analysis format, and Pokemon unfit for OU analyses, as looking through the subforum there is a surprising lack of conformity to these standards. Please try to keep your threads in good order, as they are your responsibility.
edit: If there isn't a problem, i'd like to take over the Ononokusu analysis as well.

edit2: Continuing work on both Deoxys-D and Ononokusu


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Apparently, I wanted to reserve Crawdaunt but it's too "losery" to be written about.
If you think that Crawdaunt is worth writing about, by all means post in the relevant thread. Also, you may want to give a bit more reasoning than you already seem to have done, looking at your last post in that thread.

Now, a couple of updates to note. Firstly, I've included a list of reservations by OP for all analyses currently being worked on. I'm also including links to various important threads in a 'required reading' section, which should hopefully make the new legislation regarding these analyses more clear.

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