Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

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So I'm gonna ramble a lot. Most of this is incoherent and out of order as I have a hard time stating things in a logical order unless I'm receiving a grade (or money) for it.

Happy 3k to me! This is a list of people who I've worked with or had the pleasure of talking to for 8 years, perhaps into the wee hours of the night. The people who have been there for me in dark times. I also included on here several people that I don't know all that well but have inspired me greatly over the years with their thoughtful posts and wisdom. I pretty much just went over the whole badgeholder list so this list is almost exclusively badgeholders.... which is okay! A lot of my best buds got badges around the same time as me, or were people I met through places where you're guaranteed to get a badge (C&C), or are people I met on PS who went on to become fellow auth.

I must admit that as I was scrolling through the list, memories started flooding my brain and I truly got emotional. The internet is a different place than it was half of my lifetime ago. Social media really exploded while this place was getting popular and it's really awesome to keep up with you guys outside of this site. When I was typing this up, I was talking with The Dutch Plumberjack on Discord and I mentioned that user Judgement is the only dead user on this list. Now, I didn't know Judgement. He died around the time that I joined. The reason he's on here though is that he's the first "internet dead person" I've ever known about. Why does this matter? Well, we are all real people. We grew up babies, some of us had good lives, bad lives, some of us serve some god, we like music, we have hobbies. We put on our pants one leg at a time, we use the restroom, and we procreate. We have disorders, diseases, and sicknesses, we fall in love, we play sports, we go to university, we cry, we laugh, we make friends, and ultimately we die. We are REAL, made of flesh and bone and brains, not just text on a screen.

So this is a tribute to everyone who has made my time on this site worthwhile in some way. If you're on here twice, it was a mistake I love you more than the other users.

Fun fact: If you try to tag a banned user, it won't autocomplete lol but it will parse the name when you post.

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