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Mr. Green, I think you've doing well in identifying threats and giving solutions. One suggestion I have is giving the team builder reasons for why your set/pokemon is not only good for his team (which you're doing already), but also why it is better than than the set/pokemon you are replacing. And don't be afraid to make changes. If you see something that will genuinely help the builder's team, make the suggestion.

Neliel, fantastic rate. Never feel like a change you made was unnecessary. As long as you have a substantial reason for making the change, it is something worthwhile to mention, and gives the team builder a new, creative perspective on how to fix his team than the cookie cutter suggestions others might give. I felt it was pretty clear (bar a few parts which i'll explain). you never explained what new thing you were adding to beat latios after scizor lost pursuit. also, always be fairly certain of yourself when rating. defend your choice and be to the point (e.g. for keldeo don't say maybe hp ghost or ice, just say "use hp ghost because dragons aren't a problem anymore with mamow/scizorwhatever so hp ice is useless"), this will make your rates shorter and give them more more impact.

hope i helped you guys


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Thank you :)

Now that you remember me i didnt said anything to beat scarflatios because honestly i didnt think he was weak to it with scizor and mamoswine and scarf gengar which can tie.. thank you very much for your comment anyway! ^^


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Alright Dr Ciel. Your first three rates are good (considering the subpar quality of some of the teams that are being rated), but your fourth rate irks me. Most of it is good, but your suggestion of ScarfTar over his Hippowdon doesn't seem to help his team. You mentioned that it could be used to revenge kill Latios, Starmie, Volcarona, and unboosted Lucario, among some other threats, but the dude already had answers to them. Heatran demolishes Latios, and Celebi keeps Starmie on its toes. His Stoutland (thanks to your excellent suggestion of CB over Life Orb) can be used to take Volcarona and the previous threats apart, and Lucario could be handled with a combination of Hippowdon and Skarmory. Despite my rant on that one small point though, I really think that your rates are solid Dr Ciel. Keep them up!
Hi BattleStar. I'm not too good with OU rates, but I can help you with your RU rate.

You found the big weakness to Nidoqueen which was great, and Timid Nidoqueen would have fixed that problem. However, Timid Nidoqueen isn't that good at wallbreaking and misses out on some pretty key KO's iirc. Running max speed on Feraligatr would have solved the issue much more easily, as it still performs its job which is sweeping, and the added bulk isn't all that relevant for gatr, as it is already decently bulky. You could also have pointed out what was wrong with the rotom set, as thunder wave is used on an expert belt set not Choice Scarf, and locking yourself into Thunder Wave is not a great idea and doesn't help rotom with it's normal counters, such as Ferroseed. You could have expanded on why Entei could fit his team better as well.

Although I'm not too solid on OU, I'm going to try and help with your OU rates. On the first rate, Aerial Ace over Pursuit wasn't a great idea IMO, as Bullet Punch dents Breloom a fair bit anyway. Anything other than Scarf Breloom is dealt with fairly easily by Latias and Tornadus-T, and Scarf loom is fairly uncommon(only 1% of breloom are Choice Scarf). You could have said that running Sleep Talk on Tornadus-t would help with breloom though, as then it can absorb the spore and hit it hard with Hurricane or switch out with U-turn, and it gives him a nice sleep absorber. As for Pursuit on Scizor, Pursuit helps him to get rid of the vast majority of Keldeo's counters, such as Celebi and Latias.

I have no idea about OU hail, so I'll leave that to the OU raters. But keep on rating BattleStar. You seem to be able to find the weaknesses within a team, it's just finding ways to fix it, but I'm sure you'll improve with practise.


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@mr. green

First, i would like you to read this. Here tab explain one of the mistake you do sometimes when you rate. In trhe of your five rate, you suggested specially defensive rotom-w for example, which is obviously a great pokemon but not the only way to go to check rain teams and torn-t. I mean, its good to do so, but if you think this way you will have to put a rotom-w in almost every team that lacks of jirachi, and its not the best way to rate. Rating a team only thinking about the switch-ins he lacks its quite pointless, half of the metagame has not true counter so you cant just slap a lando-t in every team to check terrakion (this is just an example). You have to take in mind which strategy does the team have, and think how your change modifies his strategy. If the team is so offensive that a tornadus cant even switch in one time, maybe a cb zor is enough to check the bird, while a specially defensive jirachi will just ruin his offensive team.

Now i think your rates were overall good, the suggestions you made were correct, (obviously i cant enter in the merit of all the 5 rates) but sometimes it seems like you are just suggesting the standard set of each pokemon, which can be done for sure but with all the options this game has to offer, i think you can do a better job suggesting more "creative" things or something like that. Also, i think you can do a better job to the format of your rates, you can just do a new paragraph for every change you want to do, it makes the rate easier to read. Anyway, keep it up, you are doing a nice work!
@ BattleStar: Looking over your first rate, the first thing I noticed was how you went about making suggested changes to the team. The threat you identified to this guy's team was Scarf Breloom, something that you're really only going to see 1/100 battles. If you're going to rate a team, then you should try to look at the more common threats to that team, which in this case would be Scarf / Agility Thundurus-T, Mamoswine, Tornadus-T and Dragons which are all much more relevant and threatening to this guys team. If you're ever unsure of what to look for when rating a team, have a look at the most recent usage stats and the moveset statistics, and see what sets are the most common. As a result your changes were kind of in vein as he doesn't really need to change anything to specifically deal with Breloom, given that everything on his team checks it. Also the changes you made weren't really that effective. Losing Pursuit on Scizor further increases his Latios / Latias weakness, and given that Scizor is his only Dragon resist he'll have a lot of trouble trying to beat either of these, especially Scarf sets.

Moving onto your second OU rate, I had mixed opinions on this. I would agree that maybe Tentacruel isn't the best fit for his team and that Starmie might be better, especially given his pretty big weakness to Rain. As for your suggested Gengar change, I think that was a little random, as Gengar doesn't really have a lot of use for his team. You talk about Gengar being a good Terrakion counter and Spinblocker, when his team doesn't even have hazards and Gengar is not a Terrakion counter, as it is dying upon switching into Stone Edge. It seemed like you were making these changes based on the assumption that this guys team was weak to Terrakion, when it really wasn't. The OP already has Gliscor and Reuniclus for Terrakion, not to mention Tentacruel which you considered changing aswell. If a team is not weak to a certain Pokemon, then you shouldn't try to add another Pokemon specifically chosen to the Pokemon in question. The OP doesn't need a Claydol / Golurk / Nidoqueen / Tangrowth / whatever to beat Terrakion when he has solid answers for it.

I don't have much time so I'm not going to comment on your third rate, but a lot of your problems lie with the fact that you're trying to make the team fare better against Pokemon that aren't even threatening to the team in question. If you really are stuck on how to identify threats, then scroll through a threat list / usage stats to see which Pokemon in particular are threatening to each team, otherwise you're just making redundant changes that remove other Pokemon within a team that perform a certain role, which can be detrimental to the team.

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