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And that final check is a very special one… because it is my 2000th GP check in C&C.

I made a pretty Big Deal out of my first 1k, will keep it (hopefully) short this time because honestly I won't be able to top that post no matter how hard I try. And 2k is definitely not as much of a thing as 1k was, more than anything else it was just proving I could keep going without fizzling out. Which, I guess I did; mayyybe not always entirely by choice (as interesting as this day was, let's hope the queue never gets to a point again for something like that to be possible in the first place), and at this point I guess there's no claiming anymore that "the numbers" aren't a motivator by themselves lol, but as cliche as bringing up that "it's fun!!!" must be at this point, that's really what it comes down to in the end. This site definitely has its good times and bad times, but GP is the one anchor that's always kept me around and is gonna keep me around for a while, I just really don't want to stop doing this alongside these people. Summer 2015, aka the best time ever on this site as I mentioned in the Kangaskhan check linked at the beginning of this paragraph, is still gone forever, but present day honestly isn't doing too bad trying to revive it.

That's enough of that—as several people know, one thing I've always done is keep a list of my GP checks, and for my 1k GP check I made a list of the GPers I had most often checked alongside + the writers whose analyses I'd checked most often. Since it's been almost 2 years and 1000 GP checks since then, with a ton of new faces on both sides, I figured it'd only be right if I did it again. The same thing I said back then still holds—this is also a pretty good list to see who's been most active alongside me, and it also shows that there've always been some writers whose analyses I've enjoyed checking a lot (and were sometimes _really_ hard to avoid haha). Enjoy:

"Partner in crime" rankings
1. P Squared 388
2. Empress 165
3. martha 143
4. Fireflame479 137
5. A Cake Wearing A Hat 130
6. CryoGyro 126
7. GatoDelFuego 91
8. lotiasite 79
9. frenzyplant 77
10. Haund 67
11. Electrolyte 63
12. Winry 41
13. Rare Poison 38
14. fleurdyleurse 32
15. Kris 28
16. Mr. Uncompetitive, talkingtree 25
18. Eyan 17
19. Lemonade, Weebl 16
21. Wob 15
22. frostration, GMars 13
24. Rakan 12
25. Eien 11
26. NixHex 9
27. Jukain 8
28. horyzhnz, Malley, queez 7

Writer rankings
1. allstarapology, Lotus 30
3. Hilomilo, Megazard 29
5. Hootie 26
6. talkingtree 25
7. Dundies, Oglemi 23
9. Eien 22
10. Punchshroom 21
11. Pak 20
12. tondas 18
13. Jordy 17
14. Aaronboyer, Memoric 16
16. Misaka Mikoto, Nuked 15
18. Albacore, Kreme, maroon, smub, Twix, UberSkitty 14
24. Aurora, roman 13
26. astroboy, Carbonific, Eternally, Fireburn, Lyd, Moosical, Nayrz, Nineage, p2, Rabia 12
36. DaAwesomeDude1, EonX, erisia, Kris, Xayah 11
41. Colonel M, DarkNostalgia, Izaya., -kal-, Take Azelfie, terrors, TJ, Tokyo Tom, TONE 10
50. AJB, art3mis, jklioe, Josh, Minority, MiyoKa, Pokedots, Psynergy, rubsomebacononit, shaian, Theorymon 9

2000 C&C GP checks
448 article GP checks
76 Facebook GP checks
1 zoo sign GP check
3 featured RMT GP checks
2 tiering policy GP checks
No non-GPers allowed, back to chronological order, picking up where the list from 2 years ago ends....

Against all odds I've found an excuse for new shoutouts after all lmao. Very well-deserved winner of best contributor at last year's Smog awards, but most of all thanks for being a great friend that's always willing to hear out whatever dumb stuff I can't keep off my mind, glad things have been treating you well too lately. We should still finish our Myers-Briggs alignment chart of Ace Attorney characters at some point though.

Wob lotiasite
Australia is a cool country with cool GP checkers; thanks for all the work you guys have done. Hope to see you around at some point again in Wob's case, and eagerly awaiting your next activity spike in loti's case; you've got a lot of good things to give to this site, but I guess that's not too surprising when you're the one that gave birth to martha.

You may be a self-proclaimed badgewhore, but a self-proclaimed badgewhore without a ghost badge was exactly what we needed in TFP GP during recent weeks/months. Thanks for the hard work and the positive vibes elsewhere too.

There is an alternate universe where we overlooked you for TFP mod. It's not a pretty sight. You're an incredible contributor everywhere you go and a great person to work alongside, and you deserved everything you've gotten on this site so far; I've really enjoyed the past year+, let's hope we can keep it that way for quite a while longer.

A Cake Wearing A Hat
Sick workhorse and very friendly and helpful guy, sometimes somewhat puzzled where you keep finding the drive but not complaining at all, we need people around that care as much as you do.

Yes I know you've been on the team since literally months before I even considered registering my account, but I mean you have absolutely been the "new" GPer we needed in a time when they were hard to come by. Thanks for all the hard work and being a cool person to have hang out in the server, hope you're sticking around for quite a while.

Fun fact, pretty sure you're the only writer who's ever made me stamp something without any changes at all. Very happy that we were able to add you to the team, you're an awesome writer and a cool person, hope to see you back at some point down the line when motivation is a thing again.

frostration Rabia
Nice tactical timing on your GP apps, 2019 has already tied 2018 for new GPers added. Hopefully it's a sign of good things to come; so far it has been at least, you guys are cool and glad to have you on board already.

P Squared Jellicent GatoDelFuego fleurdyleurse Winry frenzyplant Calm Pokemaster horyzhnz Ender Oglemi
Not gonna forget the gen 6 GP royalty and other people I owe my respect to either—some of you guys I miss and hope will swing by again soon, some of you guys I miss less because you're still very much around and stuff, some of you guys I owe a ton to for when I was trying to get on the team or finding my way there, and some of you guys are simply my best friends on the site or altogether. You all know who you are, thanks for everything.

That's it... for this post at least, and for a second 1000 C&C GP checks. I would say "see you at 3000"; part of me wonders if that's something I should want at all, but pretty sure I wondered the same thing about getting to 2000 and look how that's turned out. However it turns out, at that point we'll be well into generation 8 at least, and who knows what C&C and the team will look like by then. Looking forward to learning that at least; the second 1k has been a good journey, let's keep it that way.

oh also I updated this thing
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