VGC 2011 Analysis/Article Index


/me cresselias
If someone wants to do Mandibuzz they can take it... I feel like my analysis is going to be a bunch of suck and I can't do justice to the stall bird.

I'm keeping Accelgor. Analysis will be up after VGC this weekend. ^_^
Simisage and Simipour are MINE.

EDIT: Oops, Six already took Simipour, so I'll just do Simisage!
EDIT2: Things have come up and I'll have less time to work on things, unreserving Simisage as well.


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This isn't an analysis reservation, but I've found it annoying having to shuffle through pages of threads looking for a certain analysis. So in the same vein as the OU analysis index, I hyperlinked each Pokemon listed with its analysis (if it existed). I hope this will be of some convenience for others!

Serperior - sandman - QC 2/2
Emboar - JRank - QC 2/2
Samurott - kingofkongs
Liepard - muffinhead
Simisear - Shiny Mew2
Musharna - for54years - QC 2/2 needs reformatting
Unfezant - pressureflood
Zebstrika - sandman
Gigalith - muffinhead - QC 2/2
Excadrill - sixonesix
Audino - cosmicexplorer
Conkeldurr - kingofkongs - QC 2/2 GP 1/2
Seismitoad - JRank
Sawk - sandman - QC 2/2
Leavanny - HolyChipmunk - QC 1/2
Scolipede - muffinhead - QC 2/2
Whimsicott - muffinhead - QC 2/2
Lilligant - chihuahuaowner
Basculin - muffinhead
Krookodile - muffinhead
Darmanitan - Cosmicexplorer
Maractus - Huy
Crustle - Muse
Scrafty - Kinneas - QC 2/2
Sigllyph - cosmicexplorer
Cofagrigus - JRank
Carracosta - Tyler
Archeops - muffinhead - QC 2/2
Zoroark - JRank - QC 1/2
Cinccino - andrea
Gothitelle - Solace.
Reuniclus - cosmicexplorer - QC 2/2 needs to be written
Swanna - chihuahuaowner
Vanilluxe - andrea
Escavalier - JRank
Foongus - King Emerald
Amoongus - cosmicexplorer - QC 1/2
Jellicent - JRank - QC 1/2
Alomomola - cosmicexpolorer
Galvantula - JRank
Ferrothorn - Starfawkingburst
Eelektross - muffinhead
Beheeyem - FlatwoodsMonster - QC 0/2
Chandelure - Cosmicexplorer
Haxorus - muffinhead - QC 2/2
Beartic - Cosmicexplorer
Cryogonal - Cosmicexplorer
Accelgor - andrea
Mienshao - Ditto
Druddigonn - sandman - QC 2/2
Golurk - muffinhead - QC 2/2
Bisharp - muffinhead
Bouffalant - cosmicexplorer
Braviary - cosmicexplorer
Heatmor - Solace.
Durant - JRank
Hydreigon - Alaka - QC 2/2
Volcarona - drug_duck QC 2/2
Cobalion - Solace.
Terrakion - JRank - QC 2/2
Virizion - muffinhead - QC 2/2
Tornadus - JRank - QC 1/2
Thundurus - JRank - QC 1/2
Landorus - kingofkongs


I feel like a failure. O've tried every possible way to use Garbador in VGC, and Either I am not good enough to set up, or he is just not viable. I hope it is the latter because it hurts my pride.

I don't think I am able to do Garbador, so the spot is free.
Unless anyone would like to see my set?


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I've updated the index with what analysis are done, or how many QC checks they have etc.

QC members please use this to figure out which still need qcing.


Also a status update on how we are progressing:

75 total
37 done - 49%
14 reserved but not ready for qc - 19%
10 awaiting qc - 13%
8 copyediting - 11%
4 unreserved - 5%
2 qc'd but not written - 3%
Can I reserve Garbodor and Stunfisk, Placeholders should be up Friday when there is time for me to work on swiftly progressing to skeletons in due time


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btw, for the record the following still need an analysis for VGC 2011

Watchog, Simisear, Swoobat, Basculin, Maractus, Garbodor, Cinccino, Emolga, Ferrothorn, Klinklang, Accelgor, Stunfisk, Mandibuzz

These shouldn't be done, however, until the analyses for VGC 2013 are completed.

If you have ANY VGC experience please direct your efforts there first. If you consider yourself a very good or talented Doubles/VGC player, drop me a PM. I'll add you to the QC team if you can answer a few questions for me so that we can actually get some of this stuff onsite.

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