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Doubles Premier League

Doubles Premier League 3

Winner: Santalune Storms
Manager: Arcticblast
Players: kamikaze, Laga, Yoda2798, Cease Tick, Frania, Akaru Kokuyo, AuraRayquaza, Tman, Tymano, n10sit, Jhon, Hashtag, Psynergy

Doubles Premier League 2

Winner: Six Island Shitposters
Manager: Stratos
Players: Stratos, Checkmater, kamikaze, BLOOD TOTEM, clius, stax, Vinc2612, DragonWhale

Doubles Premier League 1

Winner: Mossdeep City Space Jams
Manager: shaian
Players: shaian, Pinoy, Level 51, Edgar, Bughouse, BLINGAS, atomicllamas, -Tsunami-, Vinc2612, Hikari, Bouff

Doubles Seasonal

2018 Winter Seasonal
Winner: SMB

2017 Fall Seasonal
Winner: Frania

2017 Spring Seasonal
Winner: nvakna

2017 Winter Seasonal
Winner: Demantoid

2016 Fall Seasonal
Winner: Mishimono

2016 Summer Seasonal
Winner: Jamesspeed1

2016 Spring Seasonal
Winner: Dawg

2016 Winter Seasonal
Winner: TUO

2015 Fall Seasonal
Winner: KyleCole

2015 Summer Seasonal
Winner: Memoric

2015 Winter Seasonal
Winner: deoxys speed

2014 Summer Seasonal
Winner: Lohgock

2014 Spring Seasonal
Winner: makiri

Smogon Doubles Tour

2017 Smogon Doubles Tour
Winner: stax

Doubles Ladder Tournament

2018 DLT 1
Winner: Mint16

2017 DLT 2
Winner: SMB

2017 DLT 1
Winner: Frania

2016 DLT
Winner: Kaori

2014 DLT
Winner: Matt

Doubles Open

Doubles Open V
Winner: stax

Doubles Open IV
Winner: Arcticblast

Doubles Open III
Winner: TheFourthChaser

Doubles Major

2014 Doubles Major
Winner: Haruno
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