Pokemon Database Errors (Past Generations)


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Cloyster is not listed on the Spikes move page for G/S, despite the fact it learns it.

The G/S page for Leech Seed mentions that the user takes damage if the enemy has the Liquid Ooze trait. Traits don't exist in GSC.


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Just wanted to post this message here. This was originally a message I sent to a mod, but I just copied and pasted it here.

It has currently been brought to my attention that the strategydex is not as up to date as it should be. I was discussing ambipom on the SQSA forum, and I was under the impression that it could not learn the elemental punches (thunderpunch, ice punch, and fire punch) because under the "moves" section of the strategydex it doesn't list those moves for ambipom. I stated this on the forum, and I was mocked and ridiculed by our fellow board members because apparently other sites such as serebii and marriland state that ambipom can learn these moves. Because of the lack of updates in the strategydex, it not only has made me look bad, but it has made smogon look terrible as well. I recommend making some serious updates to the strategydex.

The following pokemons should be in the list, but aren't:


Metronome is also missing in the /dp/<pokemonname>/moves page. But they're on Shoddy, so.....
Might have more, but that's what I found so far.
the following pokemon are listed as not getting softboiled despite getting it in FR,LG and emerald move tutor:
clefairy + evo's
togepi + evo's


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I have reopened this topic for people to post mistakes they notice in the on-site Pokemon database. Please check to make sure that what you are reporting has not been reported before in one of the above posts.

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