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  1. Endorfins

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    Nov 6, 2011
    Reserving archeops
  2. complete legitimacy

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    Nov 18, 2011
    I've taken it upon myself to get this index updated. This is all up to date with missing links filled in, name changes reflected, and banned/moved out of tier things removed (following NU's example with this, if they are supposed to stay in the index then I'll put them back in). I plan on updating this post at a later date to reflect updates, as well as add a page about additonal sets. Of course, if there's something that I got wrong or is messed up, please let me know.

    List of RU Analyses (open)

    [Completed.] Absol - November Blue
    [Completed.] Accelgor - Texas Cloverleaf
    [Completed.] Aerodactyl - Texas Cloverleaf
    [Completed.] Aggron - smashlloyd20
    [Completed.] Alomomola - dragonboy52
    [Completed.] Altaria - Thatsjustpeachy
    [Completed.] Amoongus - November Blue
    [Completed.] Ampharos - ShakeItUp
    [Completed.] Arbok - Cherub Agent
    [Completed.] Archeops - Texas Cloverleaf
    [Completed.] Armaldo - Endorfins
    [Completed.] Articuno - Thatsjustpeachy
    [Completed.] Audino - Jellicent
    [Completed.] Basculin - Komodo
    [Completed.] Bastiodon - Jellicent
    [Completed.] Beartic - Komodo
    [Completed.] Beheeyem - Jellicent
    [Completed.] Bouffalant - SuperJOCKE
    [Completed.] Braviary - November Blue
    [Completed.] Butterfree - SilentVerse
    [Completed.] Cacturne - Molk
    [Completed.] Camerupt - sandshrewz
    [Completed.] Carracosta - November Blue
    [Completed.] Charizard - ShakeItUp
    [Completed.] Cinccino - Omicron
    [Completed.] Clefable - alexwolf
    [Completed.] Cofagrigus - Komodo
    [Completed.] Crawdaunt - Jubilee
    [Completed.] Cradily - Komodo
    [Completed.] Crustle - Komodo
    [Completed.] Cryogonal - Texas Cloverleaf
    [Completed.] Dodrio - Amarillo
    [Completed.] Dragonair - AccidentalGreed
    [Completed.] Drapion - ParaChomp
    [Completed.] Drifblim - Molk
    [Completed.] Druddigon - ShakeItUp
    [Completed.] Duosion - Windsong
    [Completed.] Dusknoir - Shame That
    [Completed.] Eelektross - sirndpt
    [Completed.] Electivire -New World Order
    [Completed.] Electrode - Komodo
    [Completed.] Emboar - athleteandy1
    [Completed.] Entei - Honko
    [Completed.] Exeggutor - Jellicent
    [Completed.] Fearow - Komodo
    [Completed.] Feraligatr - Honko
    [Completed.] Ferroseed - Komodo
    [Completed.] Flareon - Windsong
    [Completed.] Floatzel - SuperJOCKE
    [Completed.] Fraxure - Komodo
    [Completed.] Gabite - BTzz
    [Completed.] Gallade - New World Order
    [Completed.] Galvantula - dragonboy52
    [Completed.] Garbodor - Komodo
    [Completed.] Gardevoir - sandshrewz
    [Completed.] Glaceon - Amarillo
    [Completed.] Glalie - Windsong
    [Completed.] Golbat - SuperJOCKE
    [Completed.] Golduck - sandshrewz
    [Completed.] Golurk - Endorfins
    [Completed.] Gorebyss - November Blue
    [Completed.] Granbull - SuperJOCKE
    [Completed.] Grumpig - Komodo
    [Completed.] Gurdurr - athleteandy1
    [Completed.] Hariyama - Zebraiken
    [Completed.] Haunter - Cherub Agent
    [Completed.] Hitmonchan - Honko
    [Completed.] Hitmonlee - New World Order
    [Completed.] Huntail - Complications
    [Completed.] Hypno - Honko
    [Completed.] Jumpluff - Komodo
    [Completed.] Jynx - November Blue
    [Completed.] Kabutops - New World Order
    [Completed.] Kadabra - Omicron
    [Completed.] Kangaskhan - Molk
    [Completed.] Kecleon - Komodo
    [Completed.] Kingler - jc104
    [Completed.] Klinklang - Molk
    [Completed.] Lampent - Komodo
    [Completed.] Lanturn - sandshrewz
    [Completed.] Lapras - ShakeItUp
    [Skeleton….] Leafeon - Straw Hat Luffy
    [Completed.] Leavanny - Omicron
    [Completed.] Lickilicky - Zebraiken
    [Completed.] Lilligant - Jubilee
    [Completed.] Linoone - Molk
    [Completed.] Lopunny - sirndpt
    [Completed.] Ludicolo - Windsong
    [Completed.] Luxray - SuperJOCKE
    [Completed.] Magmortar - Texas Cloverleaf
    [Completed.] Magneton - Windsong
    [Completed.] Mandibuzz - November Blue
    [Completed.] Manectric - Thatsjustpeachy
    [Completed.] Mantine - Komodo
    [Completed.] Marowak - ShakeItUp
    [Skeleton….] Masquerain - SilentVerse
    [Completed.] Medicham - Heysup
    [Completed.] Meganium - Komodo
    [Completed.] Mesprit - BTzz
    [Completed.] Metang - Komodo
    [Completed.] Miltank - Komodo
    [Completed.] Misdreavus - Windsong
    [Completed.] Moltres - Cherub Agent
    [Skeleton….] Mothim - SilentVerse
    [Completed.] Mr. Mime - ShakeItUp
    [Completed.] Muk - lars
    [Completed.] Munchlax - Windsong
    [Completed.] Murkrow - Molk
    [Completed.] Musharna - athleteandy1
    [Completed.] Natu - alexwolf
    [Completed.] Ninjask - Malkyrian
    [Completed.] Octillery - Limewire
    [Completed.] Omastar - Amarillo
    [Completed.] Persian - Komodo
    [Completed.] Piloswine - Komodo
    [Completed.] Pinsir - Zebraiken
    [Completed.] Poliwrath - Woodchuck
    [Completed.] Primeape - Windsong
    [Completed.] Probopass - Komodo
    [Completed.] Quagsire - Limewire
    [Completed.] Qwilfish - Pwnemon
    [Completed.] Raichu - Cherub Agent
    [Completed.] Rampardos - Molk
    [Completed.] Rapidash - Komodo
    [Completed.] Regice - Windsong
    [Completed.] Regigigas - pokemon0078
    [Completed.] Regirock - Komodo
    [Completed.] Relicanth - TrollFreak
    [Completed.] Rhydon - Komodo
    [Completed.] Roselia - Karpman
    [Completed.] Rotom - Komodo
    [Completed.] Rotom-C - Texas Cloverleaf
    [Completed.] Rotom-F - athleteandy1
    [Completed.] Rotom-S - Komodo
    [Completed.] Samurott - Komodo
    [Completed.] Sandslash - Spork
    [Completed.] Sawk - Karpman
    [Completed.] Sawsbuck - NatGeo
    [Completed.] Sceptile - Komodo
    [Completed.] Scolipede - Texas Cloverleaf
    [Completed.] Scyther - New World Order
    [Completed.] Seismitoad - Omicron
    [Completed.] Serperior - Komodo
    [Completed.] Shedinja - Cherub Agent
    [Completed.] Shelgon - athleteandy1
    [Completed.] Shiftry - BTzz
    [Completed.] Sigilyph - Molk
    [Completed.] Simipour - SuperJOCKE
    [Completed.] Simisage - SuperJOCKE
    [Completed.] Simisear - SuperJOCKE
    [Completed.] Skuntank - Windsong
    [Completed.] Slowking - Pwnemon
    [Skeleton....] Smeargle - Zebraiken
    [Completed.] Sneasel - SuperJOCKE
    [Completed.] Snover - Windsong
    [Completed.] Spiritomb - complete legitimacy
    [Completed.] Steelix - Omicron
    [Completed.] Stunfisk - Molk
    [Completed.] Swellow - Molk
    [Completed.] Swoobat - Komodo
    [Completed.] Tangrowth - col49
    [Completed.] Tauros - athleteandy1
    [Completed.] Throh - Molk
    [Completed.] Togetic - AccidentalGreed
    [Completed.] Torkoal - Komodo
    [Completed.] Torterra - BTzz
    [Completed.] Tropius - Shame That
    [Completed.] Typhlosion - Omicron
    [Completed.] Ursaring - athleteandy1
    [Skeleton….] Uxie - Windsong
    [Completed.] Vanilluxe - athleteandy1
    [Completed.] Vespiquen - SuperJOCKE
    [Completed.] Victreebel - Texas Cloverleaf
    [Completed.] Volbeat - Komodo
    [Completed.] Walrein - kingcharizard
    [Completed.] Wartortle - kingcharizard
    [Completed.] Weezing - Molk
    [Completed.] Whimsicott - Texas Cloverleaf
    [Completed.] Whiscash - ShakeItUp
    [Completed.]Wormadam - Pearl.
    [Completed.] Wynaut - Windsong
    [Completed.] Zangoose - Cherub Agent
    [Completed.] Zweilous - Komodo
  3. Endorfins

    Endorfins Your Worst Nightmare
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    Nov 6, 2011
    Archeops needs a full update
    Skeleton here
  4. Oglemi

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    Oct 13, 2009
    sorry complete legitimacy, that was really bad timing

    new index is up
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