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Battle Tree Discussion and Records

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by NoCheese, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. NoCheese

    NoCheese "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!"
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    Mar 28, 2011
    Shortcut to this page: spo.ink/tree

    Want to chat about the Battle Tree? Visit the Battle Tree Discord Server: https://discord.gg/QrsE2ep (courtesy of turskain)

    With Sun and Moon officially releasing, it's time to discuss the Battle Tree, the new battle facility similar to the Battle Maison and Battle Subway.

    Things to keep in mind:
    • Regular Smogon and Orange Islands forum rules apply.
    • Feel free to discuss just about anything about the teams and strategies you use, the enemy Pokemon and movesets you encounter, and your streak successes and failures. Theorymoning is encoraged as well. Especially early on, free form discussion is really helpful, so don't be shy, even if you're posting about a very early loss or a poorly optimized team.
    • Reliable information on AI play, particularly with respect to changes from previous generations, is most appreciated. For example, in the Subway, AI Pokemon started to switch out when Tricked into using a non-damaging move. In the Maison, the AI finally learned to stop spamming status moves into existing Substitutes. An example of a possible change in Sun and Moon where confirmation would be wonderful: In the Maison, the AI wouldn't try to Trick or Switcheroo away Mega Stones that were introduced in XY, but would still try to remove Mega Stones introduced in ORAS. Has this been fixed?
    • Similarly, gathering data on enemy trainers and enemy Pokemon movesets, IVs, EVs, and items is a priority. Obviously, actually digging into the game data is ideal, but manually collected data is useful too, if much less efficient.
    • There's likely overlap with Pokemon movesets used in the Battle Maison, so I highly recommend consulting the first post in our Battle Maison Discussion and Records thread, which includes trainer and moveset info. It's also an excellent starting place when looking for teambuilding ideas.
    • Please do not make claims about AI "cheating," be it through influencing probability (forced hax), coded counterteaming, impossible abilities (e.g. Wonder Guard Spiritomb), etc. UNLESS YOU HAVE SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. Every generation, people make crazy claims about how the AI cheats. Many such claims prove demonstrably untrue, while for all others, there's been no solid evidence. If you want to post about how you lost to Sturdy Shedinja or the like, there had better be a battle video. I WILL EDIT, DELETE, AND/OR INFRACT POSTS THAT VIOLATE THIS RULE.
    • Likewise, while it's fine to discuss improbable losses, try to keep the whining to a minimum. Sure, losing a big streak to an unlucky sequence can be maddening, but over a long streak, lots of low percentage events can and will happen. Our goal here is to focus on ways we can learn from frustrating losses and get better, by both improving our play decisions and our teambuilding. Excessive complaining about hax rather than looking at what you could have done differently runs counter to this ideal.
    • Don't cheat. Streaks using hacked Pokemon will not be leaderboard eligible. [Edit: In the interest of clarity, note that this includes "legal" hacks. We've been consistent on this in all the battle facility threads for previous generations.] And I shouldn't even have to mention things like using other software to backup savefiles. No no no. I promise you, we have enough experienced players that suspect streaks get identified very quickly, and cheating to put together a streak of dubious validity will not win you respect.
    • This is not a court of law. I reserve the right to reject sufficiently dubious streaks even without absolute proof of cheating.
    • Super Singles and Doubles streaks must be a minimum of 90 wins to be leaderboard eligible. As it was in for the Maison, ongoing streaks will not be added until they reach 1000 wins. Requirements for Super Mutli battles are to be determined, but will likely be lower. I'm currently leaning towards 60 wins. These requirements are subject to change if they prove to be unreasonably high or low.
    • If you'd like a streak to be leaderboard eligible, please include a link to a video of your losing battle. Given the issues with certain videos failing to upload, and version 1.0 videos not being playable in 1.1, a proof photo is acceptable, but a video is still preferred where possible.
    • Streaks using QR Rental Teams ARE leaderboard eligible. But you must identify them as such in your writeup and give credit to the creator, whose name will be listed in brackets in the leaderboard post. NEW!!!
    • Remember that in the end, this is all just for fun. So please try to keep a positive and collegial attitude. It really does make the discussion more pleasant for everyone.
    • If you spot an error or omission concerning a streak dating from before the date of my most recent update (listed at the top of the leaderboard), please don't hesitate to contact me so that I can fix it!
    Expect lots of changes to this post, and perhaps the rules, as we get more information. So stay tuned! If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

    Here's hoping we'll have a ton of fun competing to build some monster streaks! Best of luck to everyone!

    Potentially Useful Resources
    Downloadable Searchable Trainer / Pokemon / Quote Spreadsheet (courtesy of Skewtr)
    Trainer AND Moveset Data!!! (courtesy of Team Rocket Elite)
    Tree Damage Calculator (courtesy of turskain)
    Tree Speed Tiers (courtesy of Skewtr and turskain)
    Battle Maison Discussion and Records
    Battle Subway Discussion and Records
    Battle Tower / Frontier Discussion and Records
    Compiled QR Rental teams (courtesy of Smuckem)
    Trick Room users sorted by trainer (courtesy of Minineko)
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  2. NoCheese

    NoCheese "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!"
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Contributor to Smogon

    Mar 28, 2011
    Last update was on September 1, 2017 (page 95, post 2356).

    * = ongoing streak

    Battle Tree Super Singles Records:

    #01. GG Unit, (1017*) - Durant / Glalie / Mimikyu and progress through battle 1017, (481) - Mega Salamence / Aegislash / Chansey (run #2), (404) - Mega Salamence / Aegislash / Chansey (run #1) and the losing battle
    #02. SilverLining, (1000*) - Porygon2 / Aegislash / Mega Salamence
    #03. Hamber, (507) - Garchomp / Mega Scizor / Tapu Fini
    #04. R Inanimate, (449) - Silvally / Mega Salamence / Aegislash
    #05. Maunzi, (401) - Landorus-T / Toxapex / Mega Salamence
    #06. Psynergy, (358) - Mega Salamence / Aegislash / Chansey
    #07. Lassi, (350) - Garchomp / Mega Scizor / Tapu Fini
    #08. AnonymousRandom, (342) - Mega Gyarados / Garchomp / Aegislash
    #09. NoCheese, (319) - Dragonite / Mega Slowbro / Chansey

    #10. DLNarshen, (250) - Mega Gyarados / Aegislash / Garchomp
    #11. JebusChrist, (236) - Porygon-Z / Mega Gyarados / Kartana
    #12. HeadsILoseTailsYouWin, (222) - Dragonite / Aegislash / Tapu Fini
    #13. Cardio, (215) - Dragonite / Tapu Koko / Tapu Fini
    #14. Kommo-o, (201) - Garchomp / Tapu Fini / Mega Metagross
    #15. Collector Togami, (200) - Durant / Scoliopede / Mega Kangaskhan
    #15. Magicxgame, (200) - Mega Salamence / Aegislash / Chansey
    #17. Echskiry, (198) - Mimikyu / Kartana / Garchomp
    #18. Suspicious Derivative, (181) - Mega Salamence / Aegislash / Chansey
    #19. Coeur7, (173) - Gastrodon / Mega Salamence / Aegislash, (148) - Mega Salamence / Tapu Fini / Volcarona
    #20. Doobzi, (170) - Blaziken / Aegislash / Mega Salamence
    #21. hearthebeard, (168) - Porygon-Z / Celesteela / Mega Sableye
    #22. average fella, (160) - Mega Salamence / Aegislash / Umbreon (run #2),(90) - Mega Salamence / Aegislash / Umbreon
    #22. Tpick2211, (160) - Durant / Cloyster / Garchomp
    #24. Sidoth, (154) - Mega Salamence / Aegislash / Gliscor
    #25. Benefactor, (143) - Mimikyu / Mega Salamence / Milotic
    #26. RottedMushroom, (140) - Porygon-Z / Aegislash / Gliscor
    #27. The Great Roydinho, (139) - Aegislash / Porygon-Z / Mega Salamence
    #28. TimG57867, (137) - Toxapex / Chansey / Mega Salamence
    #29. Jirachee, (133) - Gengar / Mega Salamence / Porygon2
    #30. Black Flame, (126) - Mega Lucario / Salamence / Mimikyu
    #31. Frazone, (122) - Cloyster / Garchomp / Mimikyu
    #32. kikoafu, (119) - Toxapex / Mega Scizor / Flygon
    #32. Torqan, (119) - Dragonite / Mega Scizor / Suicune
    #34. SoundsLikeATornado, (118) - Diggersby / Mega Salamence / Rotom-W
    #35. MrMarc, (117) - Garchomp / Mega Scizor / Tapu Fini

    #36. Menne, (112) - Mega Scizor / Toxapex / Gliscor
    #37. hyperthyme, (108) - Pheromosa / Tapu Lele / Mega Salamence
    #38. CytricAcid, (106) - Pheromosa / Mega Salamence / Celesteela
    #38. cspades, (106) - Porygon-Z / Kartana / Mega Salamence
    #40. Jebus McAzn, (105) - Tapo Koku / Celesteela / Garchomp
    #40. WaifuPuff, (105) - Greninja / Mega Blaziken / Gliscor
    #42. Scythes, (104) - Golisopod / Garchomp / Mega Metagross
    #42. Frazone, (104) - Durant / Mega Salamence / Kartana
    #44. therealkabutops, (103) - Blaziken / Aegislash / Mega Salamence
    #44. CTNC, (102) - Mega Blaziken / Salamence / Xurkitree
    #46. Pav A Nice Day, (101) - Mega Salamence / Aegislash / Suicune
    #46. BlindNinja, (101) - Dragonite / Togekiss / Mega Metagross

    #48. cspades, (100) - Kartana / Mega Salamence / Ash-Greninja
    #49. Luigi Bros., (99) - Mega Salamence / Tapu Koko / Garchomp
    #49. venomous72, (99) - Garchomp / Mega Scizor / Tapu Fini (run #2), (91) - Garchomp / Mega Scizor / Tapu Fini (run #1)
    #51. Vizka, (98) - Kartana / Garchomp / Tapu Lele
    #51. Lazskini, (98) - Garchomp / Mega Scizor / Tapu Fini
    #51. yanicus, (98) - Porygon-Z / Mega Salamence / Mimikyu
    #54. Carrier, (96) - Pheromosa / Dragonite / Aegislash
    #54. PikaCuber, (96) - Mega Charizard X / Milotic / Ferrothorn
    #56. Makorel, (94) - Porygon-Z / Mega Gyarados / Kartana
    #56. Kanon90, (94) - Tapu Koko / Mega Salamence / Kartana
    #56. Legolax, (94) - Tapu Fini / Mega Metagross / Dragonite
    #59. Thessbmzocker, (93) - Mega Lopunny / Entei / Aegislash
    #60. Silver_Lucario42, (92) - Nihilego / Kartana / Mega Gyarados
    #61. Hulavuta, (91) - Tapu Lele / Ferrothorn / Garchomp
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  3. NoCheese

    NoCheese "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!"
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderatoris a Contributor to Smogon

    Mar 28, 2011
    Battle Tree Super Doubles Records:

    #01. Josh C., (2000*) - Tapu Lele / Mega Sharpedo / Garchomp / Arcanine, his progress to 1600, and current progress, (777) - Oranguru / Magnezone / Araquanid / Mimikyu and progress to 500, with numerous battle details and a threatlist, (228) - Tapu Koko / Alolan Raichu / Pelipper / Kartana
    #02. turskain, (958) - Hitmonlee / Tapu Koko / Mega Scizor / Latios, (555) - Mega Kangaskhan / Golisopod / Landorus / Aegislash, (219) - Pheromosa / Tapu Lele / Tapu Koko / Celesteela
    #03. kneeshoeshoe, (572) - Oranguru / Mega Gardevoir / Buzzwole / Arcanine, (505) - Pheromosa / Tapu Lele / Mega Salamence / Celesteela
    #04. JustinTR, (569) - Aromatise / Hariyama / Araquanid / Mega Camerupt V2, (514) - Mega Swampert / Pelipper / Xurkitree / Kartana, (344) - Aromatisse / Hariyama / Araquanid / Mega Camerupt, (124) - Mega Charizard Y / Venusaur / Garchomp / Terrakion, (102) - Nidoking / Tapu Bulu / Celesteela / Greninja + Ash-Greninja
    #05. Level 51, (485) - Pheromosa / Tapu Lele / Mega Salamence / Aegislash, (232) - Pheromosa / Tapu Lele / Mega Salamence / Aegislash v2
    #06. lolnub, (463) - Hitmonlee / Tapu Koko / Mega Salamence / Excadrill
    #07. Silver Alli, (437) - Porygon2 / Aron / Sylveon / Scrafty
    #08. Smuckem, (425) - Mega Kangaskhan / Landorus-T / Tapu Fini / Zapdos [D34N QR Team], (169) - Dusclops / Aron / Mega Slowbro / Nidoqueen [Sascha QR Team], (130) - Dusclops / Aron / Bronzong / Taillow, (106) - Oranguru / Hariyama / Araquanid / Mega Mawile [ReptoAbysmal QR Team], (101) - Pheromosa / Tapu Lele / Entei / Archeops
    #09. Frodo, (391) - Greninja / Mega Kangaskhan / Talonflame / Conkeldurr
    #10. Maunzi, (337) - Tapu Lele / Pheromosa / Mega Salamence / Aegislash, (158) - Tapu Fini / Tapu Koko / Kartana / Flygon
    #11. Jolie Laide, (335) - Pheromosa / Tapu Lele / Aegislash / Mega Salamence
    #12. Berry Juice, (321) - Tapu Lele / Pheromosa / Mega Salamence / Aegislash
    #13. MrMarc, (296) - Mega Kangaskhan / Tapu Koko / Celesteela / Latios+Garchomp
    #14. atsync, (295) - Tapu Koko / Alolan Raichu / Landorus / Hawlucha
    #15. ReptoAbysmal, (280) - Oranguru / Hariyama / Drampa / Araquanid+Mega Mawile
    #16. das_eisenherz, (248) - Clefairy / Eevee / Tapu Fini / Krookodile
    #17. lucariojr, (247) - Mega Kangaskhan / Tapu Koko / Garchomp / Celesteela
    #18. Hervee, (243) - Pheromosa / Tapu Lele / Celesteela / Tapu Fini
    #19. Hamber, (221) - Tapu Koko / Alolan Raichu / Kartana / Garchomp, (166) - Tapu Koko / Alolan Raichu / Mega Salamence / Celesteela
    #20. Black Flame, (220) - Tapu Lele / Ash-Greninja / Alolan Marowak / Mega Salamence
    #21. Magicxgame, (204) - Whimsicott / Tapu Lele / Mega Blastoise / Kartana
    #22. Pav A Nice Day, (190) - Tapu Koko / Alolan Raichu / Mega Gyarados / Garchomp
    #23. cocomunga, (163) - Talonflame / Buzzwole / Mega Blastoise / Clefairy, (94) - Mega Blastoise / Clefairy / Talonflame / Kartana
    #24. hearthebeard, (156) - Mega Metagross / Tapu Fini / Alolan Muk / Gliscor, (122) - Salazzle / Kommo-o / Tapu Fini / Mega Metagross
    #25. Ames, (151) - Mega Metagross / Tapu Lele / Hydreigon / Araquanid
    #26. SupaBass, (143) - Xurkitree / Tapu Koko / Mega Salamence / Gyarados
    #27. Tpick2211, (138) - Greninja / Tapu Koko / Mega Salamence / Snorlax
    #27. Shibayan, (138) - Tapu Lele / Mega Sharpedo / Garchomp / Arcanine [Josh C. QR Team]
    #27. Milhau5, (138) - Hitmonlee / Tapu Koko / Latios / Mega Scizor [turskain QR Team]
    #30. Exploits, (124) - Porygon2 / Hariyama / Araquanid / Drampa
    #31. eruus, (120) - Tapu Koko / Alolan Raichu / Mega Gyarados / Garchomp
    #31. Echskiry, (120) - Pheromosa / Tapu Lele / Mega Salamence / Tapu Koko
    #33. Skewtr, (112) - Oranguru / Torkoal / Alolan Marowak / Buzzwole
    #33. waffles101, (112) - Oranguru / Hariyama / Torkoal / Sylveon
    #35. christopher_ 1942, (110) - Torkoal / Mimikyu / Gastrodon / Leafeon
    #36. hypno28, (107) - Oranguru / Hariyama / Vikavolt / Torkoal
    #37. xSilentDeviL, (102) - Pheromosa / Tapu Lele / Mega Metagross / Dragonite
    #38. AwesomeDave980, (101) - Tapu Koko / Alolan Raichu / Mega Salamence / Golisopod
    #39. Worldie, (99) - Aromatisse / Hariyama / Vileplume / Alolan Marowak
    #40. Frozocrone, (95) - Porygon2 / Hariyama / Incineroar / Araquanid
    #41. Tyranidrill, (94) - Gyarados / Togedemaru / Garchomp / Tapu Lele
    #42. Doobzi, (93) - Tapu Koko / Alolan Raichu / Arcanine / Tapu Bulu
    #43. therealkabutops, (92) - Tapu Fini / Kartana / Arcanine / Garchomp
    #44. DK Quagmire, (91) - Mega Gyarados / Togedemaru / Clefable / Arcanine
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  4. NoCheese

    NoCheese "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!"
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    Mar 28, 2011
    Battle Tree Super Multi Records (with AI partner):


    #01. Pav A Nice Day, (138) with Pokemon Trainer Anabelle - Tapu Koko / Raikou / Mega Gyarados / Mega Lucario
    #02. turskain, (109) with Veteran Dooley - Tapu Bulu / Entei / Tapu Lele / Mega Mawile
    #03. Level 51, (99) with Pokemon Trainer Colress - Tapu Koko / Porygon2 / Mega Salamence / Mega Metagross
    #04. PikaAbuser, (78) with Captain Kiawe - Latios / Mega Kangaskhan / Celesteela / Salazzle
    #05. VenusaurOmega, (69) with Police Officor Rendor - Mega Gyarados / Mega Scizor / Alolan Marowak / Serperior
    #06. Tpick2211, (68) with Dancer Jo - Greninja / Mega Metagross / Mega Salamence / Zapdos
    #07. Torqan, (63) with Pokemon Trainer Wally - Thundurus / Garchomp / Mega Gyarados / Mega Gallade
    #08. PikaCuber, (61) with Pokemon Trainer Cynthia - Mega Salamence / Mega Lucario / Aegislash / Togekiss
    #09. OrderEX, (60) with Pokemon Trainer Wally - Tapu Lele / Mega Gallade / Celesteela / Garchomp

    Battle Tree Super Multi Records (with human partner):

    #01. cannibal with ProjectTitan313, (103) - Mega Salamence / Mega Metagross / Ferrothorn / Tapu Fini
    #02. -Snorlax- with Deynon, (80) - Raichu / Golisopod / Aegislash / Throh
    #03. Silvernickel with friend, (77) - Mimikyu / Tapu Fini / Xurkitree / Kartana
    #04. LordRevan22 with Golden_Helix13, (69) - Araquanid / Mega Gyarados / Tapu Lele / Garchomp
    #05. Prof. Tom Bombadil with friend, (68) - Garchomp / Zapdos / Scizor / Tentacruel

    Smuckem's Stamp Run Collection of 50-win teams
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  5. Marowak2000


    Jun 6, 2011
    In first!! (Marowak2000 uses quick attack!)

    Do we know if it'll be battle points system again or will the new bottle caps become a part of the battle tree?
    Im UK so dont get the game realese for another week
  6. turskain

    turskain activated its Quick Claw!
    is a Community Contributor

    May 2, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
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  7. NoCheese

    NoCheese "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!"
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    Mar 28, 2011
    From the raw text here (linked in the SuMo datamine resource thread) it appears you'll earn BP in the Battle Tree.
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  8. Altissimo


    Feb 19, 2015
    :( but that's what I live for

    (and no I have nothing substantial to add to this because I don't have su/mo lmao. Quality posting!)
  9. Nelson Tangela

    Nelson Tangela

    Nov 17, 2013
    You get Battle Points.
    Bottle Caps have nothing to do with the Battle Tree. They can be "bought" with shards or found while fishing. Some NPCs also give you Bottle Caps.
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  10. Smuckem

    Smuckem Resident Facility Bot Wannabe
    is a Community Contributor

    Mar 8, 2016
    Thank you so much for linking to the old Frontier thread, I finally can wander those endless corridors!

    Looking at all of the leaderboards, I notice a disturbing lack of Buziel/Floatzel; other than a couple of cameos in Battle Factory streaks, it is nowhere to be found. Once Bank is re-vamped, my second major task may be to work on fixing that (the first would be accumulating enough BP at the Tree to facilitate this second task). Hopefully, the new 'mons won't be capable of whipping the otter too badly...there HAS to be a way to make it work!

    Advance request: for those who manage to get to the Tree first, please let me know if some of the "Frontier survivors" managed to make it there with you. I'm thinking of:
    - Articuno1
    - Ampharos34
    - Bronzong3 (Frontier Bronzong4)
    - Crobat3 (Frontier Crobat4)
    - Donphan4
    - Dragonite3 (Frontier Dragonite4)
    - Drifblim3
    - Electivire4
    - Espeon3
    - Exeggutor3 (Frontier Exeggutor4)
    - Flareon4
    - Flygon34
    - Gengar4
    - Glaceon3
    - Gliscor3 (Frontier Gliscor4)
    - Gyarados4
    - Heracross34
    - Houndoom4
    - Lapras3 (Frontier Lapras4)
    - Leafeon3
    - Lickilicky4
    - Luxray3
    - Magmortar3
    - Mamoswine34
    - Miltank3
    - Muk34
    - Nidoqueen3
    - Ninetales4
    - Pinsir34
    - Politoed3
    - Probopass34
    - Rhyperior3
    - Roserade3
    - Salamence4
    - Shuckle3
    - Slaking4 (Frontier Slaking3)
    - Staraptor3 (Frontier Staraptor4)
    - Steelix34
    - Tangrowth34
    - Tyranitar3 (Frontier Tyranitar4)
    - Ursaring34
    - Vaporeon34
    - Walrein4 (Frontier Walrein3)
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2016
  11. Kadabrium


    Jan 13, 2013
    just posting to confirm the ai didn't get any new adaptations to truant durant in singles and fear aron in doubles.
  12. ReptoAbysmal


    Jun 12, 2014
    That's good, because Aron will probably be my primary method of BP farming for a little while.

    Walrein4 has survived three generations unscathed and I fully expect the bastard to return. Ditto for Donphan4.
  13. GG Unit

    GG Unit
    is a Community Contributor

    Jun 30, 2008
    That plus now being able to see your stat boosts is going to make Moody easier than ever before. May have to find another workaround in Singles with Dark types being immune to Prankster, but that shouldn't be too hard once the sets come out.

    Haven't been playing my ORAS streak with Glalie for a while. It's too slow to reach #1 at this point but I'll try to find a nice round number to stop at before getting into this generation. Most interesting thing that has changed this streak is switching Glalie into lead Skuntank (which Night Slashes 99% of the time) turn 1 in order to have full health Sableye come back in on the 2nd poke after Skuntank explodes.
  14. Eppie


    Aug 26, 2008
    We need Walrein4, GameFreak owes us that much.
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  15. Cresselia~~

    Cresselia~~ Junichi Masuda likes this!!

    Jan 14, 2006
    I can't believe how difficult the Battle Tree is.
    I only won 4 battles out of 8. I had to restart the chains so often.
    This game is making me feel very stupid.
  16. TheMantyke

    TheMantyke what if he kicks the ghost
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributoris a Forum Moderatoris a Live Chat Contributoris a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 9, 2007
    Yeah, I started battle tree singles to try and start grinding for power items and a destiny knot with my in game team, but got smoked by a Wishiwashi a few battles in. Definately refreshing to see the boring "fight against a bunch of nfes" axed, but it's brutal without competitively bred stuff. If you're like me and just trying to get a foothold to start getting competitive stuff, I'd recommend doing battle royals first. Wins on the highest level give you 5BP a piece. Managed to get a Power Anklet and Power Lens in a reasonable amount of time last night.

    Excited to bring back Cloyster and Stance Dance for early streaking once I can actually breed and train stuff properly.
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  17. MKL122788


    Oct 12, 2013
    I've gotten all the breeding items needed and crafted my first 5 IV physical and special males to breed. I am currently working on spreading those to all egg groups.

    Once I am done, I'd like to help breed teams for the BM testers. They are better at research and I stick to breeding. I will post again when I am done having perfect parents for each egg group.
  18. Smuckem

    Smuckem Resident Facility Bot Wannabe
    is a Community Contributor

    Mar 8, 2016
    Eh, I would give yourself a week or two to test each format out, you might find you are inherently more "comfortable" in one or two that way. Those who've gotten to the Tree first are laying the path out for everyone else to follow--no need to pull yourself from 'Pioneer' status simply because the task looks daunting. Shit, you might end up being the first person on the leaderboard in some form or fashion if you push ahead now! (Before the testers get interested and pull ahead, at least, or before our Messiah returns and establishes his new throne atop the Singles leaderboard.)

    What sort of things have been giving you trouble so far?
  19. NoCheese

    NoCheese "Jack, you have debauched my sloth!"
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    Mar 28, 2011
    I've only played Moon about an hour so far, and doing a lot of travel this week, so going to take me a bit longer to get to the tree than I had hoped, but kind of exciting having to "go from scratch" so to speak and work through things without my army of Maison and Subway Pokemon. Mind you, I'll be thrilled to build optimized teams again once bank updates, but there's real satisfaction in doing the best you can with a much more limited toolset too, and so am glad to hear that the battles are playing pretty tough!
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  20. Cresselia~~

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    Jan 14, 2006
    Set ups like stock pile, double team and minimize.
    Chesto rest stock piling Walrein.

    Technically, I'd like to have a Pokemon with Fake Out and Taunt. Maybe I should have caught a Weavile.
    It's very difficult at this stage because I don't have all the moves or items.
    So it's not the same level as Showdown is. Because if you play Showdown, you can pick any item/ move/ Pokemon right from the start.
    It's not because I don't know the theories.
  21. Kietharr


    Jun 27, 2007
    The battle tree has really impressed me, the game seems to read and respond to your team and its weaknesses very effectively. I got smoked several times before 10 in the NORMAL singles trying to run through with ingame stuff

    I finally hit 50 in super singles with Bulu/Arcanine/Toxapex using pretty standard sets, LO+SD Bulu in the lead, CB Arcanine (bulkcanine doesn't have most of its key moves until pokebank), and defensive Toxapex. Once bank's around Toxapex gets haze which will be super useful in dealing with random stockpile BS and you can either do a proper Bulkcanine set or better yet, replace with Heatran.

    But this core is kind of nice because you don't even really need any HAs (regenerator on toxapex is almost overkill and considering you have an open slot until haze is introduced, you don't mind running sludge wave), the items you need are all in game, only Arcanine needs egg moves and a battle tree item (all of my losses went towards financing his band) and you can SR for a Bulu with decent IVs.

    I'm now working on my tree doubles team. I'm pretty sure I have it on lock though with a hyper offense strat. Swagger/Misty Terrain Fini plus sash Weavile/M-Metagross/scarfchomp. Provides fairly balanced typing and lots of good split attack coverage. Weavile is perfect in the lead because it gets a super fast fake out/taunt and a high ATK Icicle Crash. First turn FO their taunter or sash holder while Fini swaggers on Weavile, then Weavile can drop an icicle crash while Fini either protects or attacks opportunistically with muddy water/dazzling gleam. Sadly Weavile doesn't get knock off until bank, in the mean time I'm just going to run a coverage move in that slot.

    If it's not a good team I'm sure the tree will show me that quickly. I tried Bulu/Xurkitree/Toxapex before switching Xurk out for Arcanine and it was Venusaurs all day. Hypnosis Gengar was annoying as well. Oh, and I had to PP stall a bulky roost toxistall dragonite. If it wasn't for having a poison immunity it easily would have swept me.
  22. Smuckem

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    Mar 8, 2016
    Any particular Venusaur set that was a frequent opponent?
  23. Kietharr


    Jun 27, 2007
    There were two sets, one that I remember was a special offense Z-move/Leaf Storm set that I started seeing in normals and the other was kind of a standard M-Venusaur in super. I can't even remember what moves it had other than synthesis despite the fact I had more than one 50+ turn stall war with it because those fights were so mindnumbing. As far as spreads go, I will say that my Toxapex consistently beat the M-Venusaur set since it wasn't outdamaging my recovery and synthesis has less PP than recover, but I actually lost to the Z-move one once.

    More than anything the random hypnosis/nightmare/dream eater gengars were what killed me, all they need is a lucky hypnosis and suddenly Toxapex isn't a safe switch in.
  24. Smuckem

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    Mar 8, 2016
    Oh believe me, there is nothing random about the emperor/empress of sleep-based shenanigans, Gengar1:

    Gengar1 | Timid | Focus Sash | Shadow Ball | Dream Eater | Nightmare | Hypnosis | Spd/SpA

    Curious to see if the early Sets are able to pop up on mono-Set trainers beyond the boss (a la the Subway), or if they can only appear on specific Trainers from that point (a la the Maison).
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  25. SimicCombine


    Jun 8, 2010
    Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. The AI now uses Mega evolutions AND Z-moves? Dang I gotta get this game.

    How else is the Battle Tree different from the Maison?
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