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Pet Mods Index

Gen 8 Pet Mods

AbNormal V3
This Pet Mod aims to replace the Normal type completely, in a community project format. Thus meaning, every Normal type must have their types changed. There will be various phases which each allow different options to post.

Clean Slate 2

Crossover Chaos
The basic premise of Crossover Chaos is to turn characters from other franchises into Pokemon.

Crossover Chaos Expanded - Part II

Double Trouble

Fossil Mashup

Fresh Takes V3

Fusion Evolution V6
A Pet Mod that revolves around using science to create new fusions of powerful Pokemon to be used in a brand new metagame.

Fusion Evolution Alpha


Megas For All V5
All Pokemon are given a Mega Evolution based on the mega evolution rules.


More Balanced Hackmons
A Pet Mod where moves, Pokémon, items, and abilities are modified in an effort to create a more diversified and Balanced Hackmons.

More Balanced Hackmons v2


Perfect Galar
The goal of this Pet Mod is to make a Sword and Shield OU metagame where every single fully evolved Pokemon in the Galar Pokedex has a unique, valuable niche.

Pet Mod All Stars

The premise is, the Pet Mod allows for the creation of "classes" you can choose for your Pokemon. These give stat boosts and can function like abilities, giving certain side effects. They can be existing side effects given by existing abilities, or new side effects.

A competitive metagame made up of brand new Pokémon that are randomly generated on every competitive aspect (typing, moves, stats, abilities).

Solomods Megathread

SylveMons Resources

The Complete Pokedex Project V4
The goal of this Pet Mod is to create a complete, three stage line for every Pokemon.

To The Gigantamax!
A Pet Mod that focuses on Gigantamaxing as a the main revolving concept in a metagame based on Gen 8 OU.

Two Step 'Mons


Past Gen Pet Mods

Gen 7
Gen 6
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Thank you everyone!
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Pet Mods Tools

Pet Mods Tools help the community in submissions, counting votes and coding. The guide for using each tool is linked.

Note: This tool is extremely helpful for coding. Try to make the archive (List of changes) of your Pet Mod in the same format as given in the Example Spreadsheet below.

The Pet Mods Workshop (Not referring to the thread) has tools for Pet Mods submissions and coding various elements. The concerned Pet Mod would have the link to its own tool in its thread.
It is developed by Pet Mods coders. You are welcomed contribute to the code if you have an idea for a tool or anything for that matter.

The Votes Counting Tool helps in easily calculating votes of the Pet Mods which use the 3, 2, 1 voting system.
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Thank you everyone!
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Coding Overview: WIP

Most of the Pet Mods are playable thanks to our coders. Coding Pet Mods is very easy and with some time you too can code your own Pet Mod. This will be very helpful for everyone.

Showdown coding is based on javascript but you necessarily don't have to know everything or anything at all about it for basic coding. Some highly custom elements would require javascript knowledge.

The simple idea of understanding how to code Pet Mods is looking at the existing code and then implementing it for the Pet Mod you are coding.

We also have many tools for making coding easier and faster.

Here is an overview of coding, originally given by Ludicrousity.

For your Pet Mod to be playable, you need to get it in the formats.ts file for it to show up in the tiers menu.

Then you need to add in changes to your Pet Mod in its mods files.

A Pokemon's name, types, stats, abilities, weight, forme details are stored in the pokedex.ts file

Have a look at one of the entries and you'll easily understand how it works.

charizard: {
        num: 6,
        name: "Charizard",
        types: ["Fire", "Flying"],
        baseStats: {hp: 78, atk: 84, def: 78, spa: 109, spd: 85, spe: 100},
        abilities: {0: "Blaze", H: "Solar Power"},
        weightkg: 90.5,
        otherFormes: ["Charizard-Mega-X", "Charizard-Mega-Y", "Charizard-Gmax"],

Mega Evolutions and Other Formes

    charizardmegax: {
        num: 6,
        name: "Charizard-Mega-X",
        baseSpecies: "Charizard",
        forme: "Mega-X",
        types: ["Fire", "Dragon"],
       // genderRatio: {M: 0.875, F: 0.125},
        baseStats: {hp: 78, atk: 130, def: 111, spa: 130, spd: 85, spe: 100},
        abilities: {0: "Tough Claws"},
        heightm: 1.7,
        weightkg: 110.5,
        color: "Black",
       // eggGroups: ["Monster", "Dragon"],
        requiredItem: "Charizardite X",

Visit the #coding-tools channel of the Pet Mods Discord for more info.

You can also talk to Pet Mods coders like KirbyRider1337, Scoopapa, Petuuuhhh, Spook about coding. (Coders can be identified by their roles in the Discord)
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