The Player Article Index

The table below serves as an index of all articles written for The Player.

Based on The Smog Article Index

IssueArticle NameAuthor(s)
1Editors' NotesScene and Vacate
1Interview with SceneSteelEdges
1An Analysis on Odd UsernamesElectrolyte
1The Gossiper: Volume 1MattL
1A Casual Guide to TournamentsAntemortem
1A Guide to: PS! MafiaTransmuter and Snaquaza
1A Guide to: Roleplaying on PS!Skitty
1What makes a successful room on PS?shaymin
1So what really makes The Happy Place, well, "Happy"?shaymin
1Recently on PS!N/A
2Editors' NotesScene and Vacate
2Interview with Darnellshaymin
2The Wi-Fi EconomyShgeldz
2Introduction to Tier RoomsAntemortem
2All About Scripted TournamentsScene
2Room Introductions and Room DescriptionsCrushinDefeat
2How to Make Scavenger HuntsSpydreigon
2How to Win Scavenger HuntsSnaquaza
2The PS! ForumKangaaroo
2Introduction to Text QuestSpydreigon
2Battle Spot and You August: Pikachu TournamentchuAntemortem
2The Studio's Artist of the Month: SavantEvir and other panelists
2Recently on PS!N/A
3Editors' NotesScene and Vacate
3Interview with ScottehElectrolyte
3Ask the Adminsshaymin and the panelists
3The Higher-Ups: Staff on PS!Blitzamirin
3The GossiperMattL
3Promotion Guide Part 1: Voice (+)Darnell
3New User's Tips to Succeed at PS!Antemortem
3Other Metas Roomunfixable
3Battle Spot and You September: Fairy Face-OffAntemortem
3Room Suggestion Spotlight: Breeding!shaymin and Darnell
3The Challenges Room on PS!Bean
3Educational RoomsZodiax and SteelEdges
3Shh! Keep it private! The Hidden Side of Pokémon ShowdownTemporaryanonymous
3An Inside Look at Global Staff and Policyshaymin
3Recently on PS!N/A
4Editors' NotesScene and Vacate
4Interview with Goddess BriyellaAntemortem
4PSPL II Coverage: Round 1Spydreigon
4You're Grounded! Sky Battles 102Antemortem and unfixable
4Staff CommunicationSpydreigon and Blitzamirin
4The Perilous Pundit's Guide to Getting to the Top of the LadderSteelEdges
4YouTube Tournaments on PS!Darnell
4Other Metagame Laddersunfixable
4Battle Spot and You October: Halloween PartyAntemortem
4Mentours Coverage: First MonthDarnell, Redew, and Xylen
4Venturing Into the Depths of Meteor Falls (ORAS)slayerx725232
4Avoiding people you don't want to meet on PS!Darnell
4Promotion Guide Part 2: Driver (%)Darnell
4OH BABY, A TRIPLE! - Smogon Triples!xzern
4The Best of the Worst! An Overview of PUoffler and unfixable
4Recently on PS!N/A
5Editors' NotesScene and Vacate
5Interview with VacateSpydreigon
5The Gossiper ReturnsMattL
5The Teambuilderunfixable
5A Healthy Obsession With Fitnessslayerx725232
5How to be a Good Presence in the LobbyGoddess Briyella and Antemortem
5The Chess RoomAustin and Timbuktu
5Surviving the Gaming LifeMeteordash and Saverdien
5Much Ado About Free TimeAnto and slayerx725232
5How to be Successful at ChallengesZodiax
5PSPL II Coverage: Round 2–FinalsSpydreigon
5Introduction to Almost Any Abilityasterat
5Recently on PS!N/A
6Editor's NotesVacate
6Interview With Spydreigonshaymin
6A Trivial ShowdownInstant Apple Pie and Spydreigon
6Ask The AdminsAntemortem and the panelists
6PS! from the Perspective of a NewbieTikitik
6The Perilous Pundit Answers Your QuestionsSteelEdges
6PS! Tips: Autojoin and BackgroundsDarnell
6The Studio's Artist of the Month: Anamanaguchievir
6The Help Room and How to Use Itscalarmotion
6Double The Salt: Smogon Doublesxzern
6How to Become Famous on PS!Spydreigon
6Past Gen LaddersPlasmanta
6Recently on PS!Antemortem
7Editor's NotesVacate
7Interview With TricksterSpydreigon
7The Gossiper: Volume 4MattL
7A Trivial Showdown: Volume 2Spydreigon and Instant Apple Pie
7Memoirs From the OM Roomunfixable
7Battle Spot - The Wild West of Pokémon Showdown!A10theHero
7Beginner's Guide to the MMO RoomLuka
7Introducing the Old Gens RoomBedschibaer and Plasmanta
7Recently on PS!Antemortem
8Editor's NotesVacate and Antemortem
8Staff Interview: SkittyAntemortem
8The Creative Side of PS!faxxifer and Blue Kitteh
8A Trivial Showdown: Volume 3Instant Apple Pie
8Other Metagame TournamentsSnaquaza and w0rd
8The Survivor Room - Who Can You Trust?Tikitik and Aknolan
8To Be the Very Best: A VGC Room IntroSerapis
8Recently on PS!Dell
9Editor's NotesVacate and Antemortem
9Staff Interview: SteelEdgesSpydreigon
9The Perilous Pundit Introduces ShowdownSteelEdges
9A Trivial Showdown: Volume 4Instant Apple Pie and kevinrocks
9Rap Battles in The StudioCharles Carmichael
9The Guide to the Monotype MetagameRhythms
9Getting Accustomed to Your New Favorite Roomunfixable
9The Doubles Room: Double the Babesxzern
9Recently on PS!Dell
10Editor's NotesVacate and Antemortem
10Staff Interview: SweepNova
10Origins of a Webzine: From Concept to CreationVacate
10Ask The Adminsantemortem
10The Gossiper: Volume 5MattL
10Room Spotlight: Battle DomeTikitik
10Your Epic Guide to Dank Memes on PS!xzern
10Wifi: Why We Do What We DoRosie_The_Venusaur
10The No-BS Guide to the Lobbyf(x)
10Challonge Formats in the Tournaments RoomsirDonovan and Jack Dalton
10Writing a Really Super Good Article in The Playerxzern
10Recently on PS!Dell
11Editors' Notesantemortem
11Interview with sirDonovanantemortem
11The Gossiper: Volume 6MattL
11A Trivial Showdown: Volume 5Instant Apple Pie and kevinrocks
11The Best of the Worst: Room Suggestionsf(x), Trickster, and Skitty
11Room Owner Interview: Cranhamxzern
11Properly Building Past Gen Teams with the PS! TeambuilderBedschibaer
11Introduction to the Realm of SportsPsych and Valentina16
11How (not) to Appeal PunishmentTemporaryanonymous
11Recently on PS!Dell