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IssueArticle NameFirst AuthorAdditional AuthorsType
1Note from the Editor ShivTAYGeneral
1Featured PokémonBlue KirbyHavakGeneral
1Featured RMTTAY-General
1Questions & Answerstennisace-General
1OU Metagame Lead AnalysisLegacy RaiderImranMetagame
1New Faces of UULonelyness-Metagame
1Inverse MetagamesSeven Deadly Sins-Metagame
1Project UberTheorymon-Site Projects
1ST5Twash-Site Projects
1Active and Recent TournamentsKevin Garrett-Site Projects
1Concept of LuresAldaronCaelumBattling Strategy
1Introduction to PredictionCaelum-Battling Strategy
1Rejected Names for The Smogcookie-Community
1Interview with chaosJimboSarenjiCommunity
1Quantifying Change in Damage from Attack/Defensive EVsX-Act-Battling Strategy
2Note from the EditorJimbo-General
2Featured PokémonBlue KirbyHavakGeneral
2Minimizing the Effects of LuckCaelum-Battling Strategy
2Saving HP EVsJibaku-Battling Strategy
2Appliance ShoppingSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
2CAPStellarCollaborationSite Projects
2Active/Recent TournamentsKevin Garrett-Site Projects
2Smogon FrontierKevin Garrett-Site Projects
2Uber Metagame AnalysisreachzeroTheorymonMetagame
2Suspect Metagame AnalysisLegacy Raider-Metagame
2Interview with Jumpman16JimboSarenjiCommunity
2Successes at VGCCaelum-Community
2Pokémon Gamefreak Only Included to Troll UsThundaCaptkirbyCommunity
2Featured RMT - OUTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
2Featured RMT - Ubersaugust-Recurring Articles
2Featured RMT - SuspectTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
2Featured RMT - UUTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
2Type Analysis - PoisonSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
2Type Analysis - IceLonelyness-Recurring Articles
3Note from the EditorTangerine-General
3Using Surprise in PokémonTangerine-Battling Strategy
3Attacking TypesX-Act-Battling Strategy
3CAP PlaytestingPlusCollaborationSite Projects
3Active/Recent TournamentsKevin Garrett-Site Projects
3Smogon Frontier ReviewKevin Garrett-Site Projects
3Smogon Tour Reviewtwash-Site Projects
3UU Metagame AnalysisLegacy Raider-Metagame
3Interview with DougJustDougJimboCollaborationCommunity
3Top Six Disappointments of DPJabbaTheGriffin-Community
3Featured Pokémon: ScizorSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
3Featured RMT - OUTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
3Bonus OU RMTaugust-Recurring Articles
3Featured RMT - Ubersaugust-Recurring Articles
3Featured RMT - UUTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
3Type Analysis - FlyingLonelyness-Recurring Articles
3Type Analysis - FightingSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
4Note from the EditorTangerine-General
4Ask the AdminsN/A-General
4Introduction to the Smog AwardsSmogon-General
4HGSS takes UU by StormLonelyness-Battling Strategy
4Damage StatsX-Act-Battling Strategy
4Top 10 AbilitesSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
4CAP: Pirates, Playtesting, and Policy ReviewDeck Knight-Site Projects
4Tournament CoverageKevin Garrett-Site Projects
4UU Review: Higher GroundaugustEo Ut MortusMetagame
4Introduction to NUunderdawg-Metagame
4Fallen Stars: Why did they fall?RBGSeven Deadly SinsMetagame
4Overview of Heart Gold and Soul SilverJimboJibakuCommunity
4Introduction to Smogon MafiaMekkah-Community
4Interview with DMJimboSarenjiCommunity
4The Demise of SpritesCaptKirby-Community
4Featured Pokémon: CelebiSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
4Featured RMT - OUaugustTabRecurring Articles
4Featured RMT - UbersaugustTabRecurring Articles
4Featured RMT - UUaugust-Recurring Articles
4Type Analysis - PsychicSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
4Type Analysis - FireLonelyness-Recurring Articles
5Note from the EditorSeven Deadly Sins-General
5Ask the AdminsN/A-General
5Smogon Awards NomineesN/A-General
5Analysis of the Speed StatX-Act-Battling Strategy
5Mastering the OU LadderReverb-Battling Strategy
5Battle of the WeekEo Ut Mortus-Site Projects
5Tournament CoverageKevin Garrett-Site Projects
5CAP 9: Common Questions and MisconceptionsPlus-Site Projects
5Little Cup: Then and Noweric the espeonCollaborationMetagame
5Top 10 Offensive ThreatsColonel M-Metagame
5Flavor of the Month: HailDeck Knight-Metagame
5Interview with X-Acttennisace-Community
5Interview with MekkahJimboCollaborationCommunity
5Common Mafia RolesMekkah-Community
5Featured Pokémon: StarmieSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
5Featured RMT - Suspectaugust-Recurring Articles
5Bonus Suspect RMTaugust-Recurring Articles
5Featured RMT - UberJibaku-Recurring Articles
5Type Analysis - ElectricSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
5Type Analysis - GhostSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
6Note from the EditorJimbo-General
6Ask the AdminsN/A-General
6Smogon Awards WinnersN/A-General
6Top 10 Doubles Threatsmakiri-Battling Strategy
6Base Stat RatingsX-Act-Battling Strategy
6Gimmicks: The Good, The Bad, and the UglyAlchemator-Battling Strategy
6The Suspect TestJumpman16-Site Projects
6Battle of the WeekReverb-Site Projects
6Tournament CoverageKevin Garrett-Site Projects
6Clearing the Air: CAP's Biggest QuestionsPlusMagmortifiedSite Projects
6NU Metagame AnalysisClassCollaborationMetagame
6Uber Metagame AnalysisKevin Garrett-Metagame
6Flavor of the Month: GravityDeck Knight-Metagame
6A Brief History of UUEo Ut Mortus-Metagame
6Interview with Jimbotennisace-Community
6Interview with Tangerinetennisace-Community
6Village leading in MafiaMekkah-Community
6How to Avoid getting CaughtJabbaTheGriffin-Community
6Featured Pokémon: Rotom-ASeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
6Featured OU RMTaugust-Recurring Articles
6Featured UU RMTwhistle-Recurring Articles
6Type Analysis - GroundSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
6Type Analysis - NormalChris is me-Recurring Articles
7Note from the EditorJimbo-General
7Ask the AdminsN/A-General
7Cool Things to use in UbersAce Matador-Battling Strategy
7The Best Abilities on the Worst PokémonSeven Deadly SinsPhilip7086Battling Strategy
7Battle of the WeekEarthwormjumpluffSite Projects
7A History of the WSCAlchemator-Site Projects
7The CAP Revision ProjectUmbreon Dan-Site Projects
7NU Metagame UpdateVoiceOfReason-Metagame
7UU Ducks: Porygon-Z and Cresseliawhistle-Metagame
7An Introduction to the VGCzerowing-Metagame
7Interview with cookieJimbotennisaceCommunity
7Real Time MafiaMekkah-Community
7Featured Pokémon: MetagrossSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
7Featured OU RMTaugust-Recurring Articles
7Featured UU RMTwhistle-Recurring Articles
7Type Analysis - GrassReverb-Recurring Articles
7Type Analysis - DarkSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
8Note from the Editorjumpluff-General
8Ask the AdminsN/A-General
8Underrated Movesets (UU)whistle-Battling Strategy
8Leads in PokémonAla-Battling Strategy
8Phil's ProtipsPhilip7086makiriBattling Strategy
8A Continued History of the WSCAlchemator-Site Projects
8An Introduction to SpritingAlchemator-Site Projects
8CAP FAQFuzznipUmbreon DanSite Projects
8Traces of Magic: CAP 10 UpdateDeck Knight-Site Projects
8Smogon Power RankingsKevin Garrett-Site Projects
8OU Metagame AnalysisPhilip7086ScofieldMetagame
8Moves Pokémon SHOULD Have, but Don'tPhilip7086Seven Deadly SinsMetagame
8The Little Suspectsmacle-Metagame
8UU Rain DanceDiesel-Metagame
8Interview with EarthwormMekkahJimboCommunity
8Cookie's Tipscookie-Community
8Designing and Hosting a Mafia GameMekkah-Community
8MoP's MusingsMoP-Community
8Featured Pokémon: InfernapeSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
8Featured UU Pokémon: VenusaurErazor-Recurring Articles
8Featured OU RMTvashta-Recurring Articles
8Featured UU RMTTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
8Featured Uber RMTJibaku-Recurring Articles
8Type Analysis - SteelSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
8Type Analysis - BugReverb-Recurring Articles
9Note From the EditorJimbo-General
9Another History of the WSCAlchemator-Site Projects
9Spriting Incognito - A Guide to DisguisesAlchemator-Site Projects
9Bad Taste - When CAP Flavor Goes Wrong!Umbreon_DanFuzznipSite Projects
9The Krilowatt PlaytestFuzznipUmbreon_DanSite Projects
9Smogon Premier League CoverageKinneas-Site Projects
9Interview Double Feature: Gouki & LokiAldaronCollaborationCommunity
9Alchemator's Art PicksAlchemator-Community
9Mafia RevolutionMekkah-Community
9Pokémon Trading Card GameMekkah-Community
9Looks Do Matter! A Guide to RMT PresentationBlooCollaborationCommunity
9Top Five Tips for Ratingvashta-Community
9Underrated Movesets (OU)Reverb-Battling Strategy
9Lead SynergyScofield-Battling Strategy
9Phil's Protips Vol. 2Philip7086-Battling Strategy
9UU Metagame AnalysisEo Ut MortusLegacy RaiderMetagame
9Black, White, and Ugly: Speculation of a MadmanDeck Knight-Metagame
9Featured Pokémon: BreloomSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
9Featured UU Pokémon: MoltresErazor-Recurring Articles
9Featured OU RMTTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
9Featured UU RMTTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
9Featured Uber RMTTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
9Type Analysis - DragonSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
9Type Analysis - RockErazor-Recurring Articles
10Note From the EditorJimbo-General
10World Cup Coveragejumpluff-Site Projects
10Smogon Power RankingsKevin Garrett-Site Projects
10Interview with MoPMekkahbojanglesSite Projects
10The Stealth Element of MafiaMekkah-Site Projects
10Pokémon TCG: Ex-Deoxys Metagame ReviewZystral-Site Projects
10Pokémon TCG: NeoTRGym Metagame ReviewMekkah-Site Projects
10Spriting Update: Pixel OversAlchemator-Site Projects
10Situational AnalysisEarthworm-Battling Strategy
10Underrated Movesets (OU)Reberb-Battling Strategy
10Surprising Movesets to use in NUPlusCollaborationBattling Strategy
10Move Analysis - SubstituteBlooMetaNiteBattling Strategy
10Creating and Selecting a LeadChris is me-Battling Strategy
10Phil's Protips Vol. 3Philip7086-Battling Strategy
10Core Crisis - Centering Your TeamBlooFuzznipBattling Strategy
10Latias: A History OfvashtaBlooMetagame
10Little Leads, Big ImpactmacleCollaborationMetagame
10Re-Re-Retypes! Competitive Pokémon RetypesRising_Dusk-Metagame
10Worthless Abilities that Could Have Been Better (and How!)Deck Knight-Metagame
10A Step Back - The Advance MetagameMekkah-Metagame
10Kill or be Killed - A UU Offense AnalysisHeysup-Metagame
10Featured Pokémon: HeatranSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
10Featured UU Pokémon: MiloticEo Ut Mortus-Recurring Articles
10Featured Uber Pokémon: Dialgabojangles-Recurring Articles
10Featured Suspect RMTvashta-Recurring Articles
10Featured OU RMTReverb-Recurring Articles
10Featured UU RMTaugust-Recurring Articles
10Featured Uber RMTTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
10Type Analysis - WaterSeven Deadly SinsEo Ut MortusRecurring Articles
11Note From the Editorjumpluff-General
11Inside the Mind of: A Shoddy Moderatorvashta-Site Projects
11OU vs. CAP Vol. 1: Play StylesRising_DuskZystralSite Projects
11Interview with jumpluffMekkah-Community
11Soft Alliances in MafiaMekkah-Community
11The Art of Fake ClaimingUncleSam-Community
11Why Pokémon TCG is better than ShoddyMekkahZystralCommunity
11Pokémon TCG - DP-on Metagame ReviewZystral-Community
11When the Outcome is Crit or Miss: A Match AnalysiswhistlePhilip7086Battling Strategy
11Phil's Protips Vol. 4Philip7086-Battling Strategy
11It's Super Effective! The Worst Weaknesses in Competitive PokémonChouToshioSeven Deadly SinsBattling Strategy
11Underrated Movesets (OU)Reverb-Battling Strategy
11Competitive Retyping II: UU to OUDeck Knight-Battling Strategy
11The Evolution of the 4th Generation MetagamePhilip7086-Metagame
11VGC Team AnalysisTTS-Metagame
11Arceus Unleashed: The Brand New Uber Metagamefirecape-Metagame
11Tripping Hazards: A Competitive Guide to OU Entry HazardsDJX09-Metagame
11Featured Pokémon: FlygonSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
11Featured UU Pokémon: SpiritombEo Ut Mortus-Recurring Articles
11Featured Uber Pokémon: Giratina-ObojanglesJibakuRecurring Articles
11Featured OU RMTReverb-Recurring Articles
11Featured Uber RMTTwist of Fate-Recurring Articles
12Note From the EditorMekkah-General
12Smog Awards 2010: NominationsN/A-General
12Tournament CoverageAtticusGoukiSite Projects
12CAP11 Report: Where the Voodoom RoamRising_Dusk-Site Projects
12OU vs. CAP Vol. 2: Effects on TeambuildingRising_Dusk-Site Projects
12Interview with SynreMekkahbojanglesCommunity
12Smogon TabloidsJabbaTheGriffin-Community
12VGC: The Ha DynastyDubulous-Community
12Movie Review: "Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark"ChouToshio-Community
12ようこそ!ポケモン世界へ! (Welcome to the World of Pokémon!)"ChouToshio-Community
12Applied Planning for VillagersUncleSam-Community
12Art: What Is It?Persistence-Community
12A ReCAP: Artistic Designs that Almost Made ItAlchematorSwaggersaurusCommunity
12Pokémon TCG - Base/Jungle/Fossil Metagame ReviewMekkah-Community
12Pokémon Black/White TCG ExpectationsMekkahZystralCommunity
12NU: What Works and How to Beat ItVazSceatsBattling Strategy
12A Whole New World: A Guide to the Dream Worldjumpluff-Battling Strategy
12Gloats and Chokes: Where Speculation Went Wrong (and Right!)Deck Knight-Battling Strategy
12Journey Through Isshu Region - Best of In-Game BadassesChouToshioCollaborationBattling Strategy
12UU Metagame Analysis - When Hera Crossed OverErazorAlaMetagame
12The Effect of Weather on the 4th Generation Little Cup Metagamemacle-Metagame
12Top New and Fallen Threats of the OU MetagameundisputedDJX09Metagame
12VGC Underdogs - From Zero to HeroKinneas-Metagame
12Featured Pokémon: Looking Back, Looking ForwardSeven Deadly Sins-Recurring Articles
12Featured OU RMTReverb-Recurring Articles
12Featured UU RMTRising_Dusk-Recurring Articles
12Featured Uber RMTRising_Dusk-Recurring Articles
12Featured LC RMTHeysup-Recurring Articles
13Note From the EditorDeck Knight-General
13Smog Awards 2010: Nomineesmakiri-General
13Interview with Philip7086Mekkah-General
13The Competitors: Premiere BW ThreatlistAerrow-Battling Strategy
13Featured Pokémon: NattoreiSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
13Featured Uber Pokémon: ZekromJibaku-Battling Strategy
13Featured LC Pokémon: ZurugguDracoyoshi8-Battling Strategy
13Type Analysis: FightingSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
13Black & White Metagame AnalysisDestiny Warrior-Metagame
135th Generation Little Cup Metagame AnalysisDestiny Warrior-Metagame
13A New Face on Legends of Oldfirecape-Metagame
13Fallen Stars: The Decline of Once-ThreatsReverbreyscarfaceMetagame
13Featured Uber RMTfirecape-Metagame
13Featured Uber RMTmacle-Metagame
13Up the Mafia TempoMekkah-Arts & Recreation
13Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's Art PanelChou ToshioCollaborationArts & Recreation
13No Contest: Monthly Art Contest HighlightsAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
13TCG: Triumphant!Zystral-Arts & Recreation
13Going Rogue: TCG Strategies that look cool but don't workDeck Knight-Arts & Recreation
13Top 10 Manliest PokémonIconicCollaborationEntertainment
13Broken Unsaid Rules of Pokémon DesignChou ToshioSeven Deadly SinsEntertainment
13Stupid Japanese Pokémon Names: And you thought your name was bad?Chou Toshio-Entertainment
13CAP Update: Survey Results and Going ForwardDeck Knight-Other Features
13Introduction to In-Game Tier ListsColonel M-Other Features
14Note From the EditorDeck Knight-General
14Note From the EditorDeck Knight-General
14Smog Awards 2010 Resultsmakiri-General
14Interview with makiri and HuyRising_Dusk-General
14Battle of the Week Vol. 1: Weeks 1-3Eo Ut Mortus-General
14Featured Pokémon: ReuniclusSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
14Featured Uber Pokémon: ReshiramFlora-Battling Strategy
14Featured LC Pokémon: FrillishDracoyoshi8-Battling Strategy
14Type Analysis: GroundSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
14Competitive Surprises of Gen VRising_Dusk-Metagame
14Team Style in Little Cupmacle-Metagame
14Featured OU RMTIconic-Metagame
14Featured LC RMTmacleElevator MusicMetagame
14Introduction to the VGC MetagameDestiny WarriorKinneasMetagame
14Travel to Kansai: Another Look at JohtoChou Toshio-Arts & Recreation
14Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's 2nd Art PanelChou ToshioCollaborationArts & Recreation
14TCG Battle: Zy vs MekkahZystral-Arts & Recreation
14Underwhelming Fifth Generation AbilitiesFlora-Entertainment
14Everything New is Old Again: 1st Gen vs. 5th GenDeck KnightChou ToshioEntertainment
14Born to Survive: The OU Veteransbugmaniacbob-Entertainment
14The Art of War(story)bugmaniacbobChou ToshioOther Features
14Critical Thinking: Team Rating From the ExpertsAerrowvashtaOther Features
14Creation Station: CAP Spinoff Game DesignDeck KnightCartoons!Other Features
15Note From the EditorRising_Dusk-General
15Interview with reachzeroMekkah-General
15Battle of the Week Vol. 2: Weeks 4-6Ray Jay-General
15Featured Pokémon: ThundurusSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
15Featured Ubers Pokémon: PalkiaRay Jay-Battling Strategy
15Featured LC Pokémon: MedititeDracoyoshi8-Battling Strategy
15Type Analysis: PsychicSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
15Featured OU RMTAerrow-Metagame
15LC Suspect Test CoveragemacleDestiny WarriorMetagame
15Underrated Movesets in the Fifth GenerationSnunch-Metagame
15Japanese Folklore, Myths, and PokémonChou Toshio-Arts & Recreation
15Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's 3rd Art PanelChou ToshioCollaborationArts & Recreation
15The Arterview: KinneasAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
15Pokémon TCG Metagame OverviewMekkah-Arts & Recreation
15Anthology of Evil: The Criminal Syndicates of PokémonDeck Knight-Entertainment
15A Pokémon Parablebugmaniacbob-Entertainment
15Future UU SpeculationsOglemi-Other Features
16Note From the EditorRising_Dusk-General
16Interview with Blue KirbyMekkahSetsunaGeneral
16Battle of the Week Vol. 3: Weeks 7-9Ray Jay-General
16Tournaments CoverageEarthworm-General
16Featured Pokémon: JellicentSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
16Featured Ubers Pokémon: BlazikenbojanglesCollaborationBattling Strategy
16Featured UU Pokémon: VictiniChou Toshio-Battling Strategy
16Featured LC Pokémon: Slowpokecomatthew6Destiny WarriorBattling Strategy
16Type Analysis: DragonSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
16Underrated Uber MovesetsfirecapeCollaborationBattling Strategy
16What's an RU?Oglemi-Battling Strategy
16Featured OU RMTAerrow-Metagame
16Featured Uber RMTfirecape-Metagame
16Featured LC RMTShinyAzelf-Metagame
16BW OU Metagame AnalysiselDino-Metagame
16BW LC Metagame Analysiscomatthew6-Metagame
16OU Suspect Testing CoverageIconicTEzeonMetagame
16UU Suspect Testing CoverageOglemi-Metagame
16Is Weather Necessary in BW OU?Eternal-Metagame
16An Uber Transition: Shifts from DPP Uber to BW UberTobes-Metagame
16Smeargle's Studio UpdateAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
16The Arterview: NastyjungleAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
16Inactivity in the MafiaStaraptor Call-Arts & Recreation
16最終記事: A look back at The Smog's Japanese ArticlesChou Toshio-Entertainment
16Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's 4th Art PanelChou ToshioCollaborationEntertainment
16To Learn is to Earn: OU Tutor Speculation and Shake-upsDeck Knight-Entertainment
16MoP's Musings v.2Aeroblacktyl-Entertainment
16CAP1 Report: Tomohawks Take FlightRising_Dusk-Other Features
16Contributions & Corrections: Where the Magic Happenszdrup15-Other Features
17Note From the EditorRising_Dusk-General
17Trivia & PollsZystral-General
17Interview with bojanglesMekkah-General
17Tournaments CoverageEarthworm-General
17Featured Pokémon: DragoniteSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
17Featured Uber Pokémon: Mewtwobojangles-Battling Strategy
17Featured UU Pokémon: MewChou Toshio-Battling Strategy
17Featured LC Pokémon: MienfooShinyAzelfcomatthew6Battling Strategy
17Type Analysis: WaterSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
17Core Crisis II: Tiers of Joybarry4everCollaborationBattling Strategy
17An Introduction to Rotation BattlesDestiny Warrior-Battling Strategy
17Hazardous Strategy: A Guide to Entry HazardselDino-Battling Strategy
17Featured OU RMTzdrup15-Metagame
17Featured LC RMTShinyAzelf-Metagame
17Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's 5th Art PanelChou ToshioCollaborationArts & Recreation
17Smeargle's Studio UpdateAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
17The Arterview: Chou ToshioAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
17How To Fit InAeroblacktyl-Entertainment
17Check like the Prose: A Guide to G/PNixHexCollaborationOther Features
17Making a Good Analysis GreatRay Jay-Other Features
17CAP ASB Update & Mechanics DiscussionDeck Knight-Other Features
17Recently in C&COglemiCalm_PokemasterOther Features
18Note From the EditorRising_Dusk-General
18Interrogation of Rising_DuskMekkahbojanglesGeneral
18Tournaments CoverageEarthworm-General
18The Smog Awards 2011bojangles-General
18Featured Pokémon: Rotom-WSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
18Featured Uber Pokémon: Kyogrebojangles-Battling Strategy
18Featured UU Pokémon: AlakazamMoo-Battling Strategy
18Featured LC Pokémon: Gastlycomatthew6-Battling Strategy
18Type Analysis: SteelSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
18The Role of the Bulky PsychicNachosCollaborationBattling Strategy
18A Guide to StallbreakersTomahawk9-Battling Strategy
18Weather in UbersTobes-Battling Strategy
18Featured OU RMTIconic-Metagame
18Featured UU RMTMoo-Metagame
18Featured RU RMTOmicron-Metagame
18Featured LC RMTcomatthew6-Metagame
18BW OU Metagame AnalysisAerrowCollaborationMetagame
18DPP OU Metagame AnalysisTomahawk9-Metagame
18Forgotten Favorites in RUHonkoTexas CloverleafMetagame
18Ready for a whole NU metagame?Oglemi-Metagame
18Fallen StarsSeven Deadly Sins-Metagame
18What's new in LC?MooElevator MusicMetagame
18RU OverviewTexas Cloverleaf-Metagame
18Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's 6th Art PanelChou ToshioCollaborationArts & Recreation
18Smeargle's Studio UpdateAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
18The Arterview: paintseagullAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
18Brushing Up On Your Skills: Top Tips!Alchemator-Arts & Recreation
18Little Cup: the Mystery ExplainedAerrow-Other Features
18Inb4 Nintendo: Metagames To BeLady SalamenceCollaborationOther Features
18Working the Lower LaddersRay JayCollaborationOther Features
18Check Like the Prose: Vol. IIbugmaniacbob-Other Features
18A Recent History of Analysesbugmaniacbob-Other Features
19Note From the EditorSetsuna-General
19Interview with Seven Deadly SinsMekkahFatecrashersGeneral
19Tournaments CoverageEarthworm-General
19The Smog Awards 2011bojanglesCollaborationGeneral
19Featured OU Pokémon: JirachiSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
19Featured Uber Pokémon: GroudonbojanglesCollaborationBattling Strategy
19Featured UU Pokémon: RoseradeMoo-Battling Strategy
19Featured LC Pokémon: Chinchoucomatthew6-Battling Strategy
19Featured RU Pokémon: HonchkrowOmicron-Battling Strategy
19Featured NU Pokémon: Gorebysstennisace-Battling Strategy
19Type Analysis: FlyingSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
19Featured VGC 2012 Core: Metagross and Rotom-Wmuffinhead-Battling Strategy
19Viable NFEsOmicron-Battling Strategy
19Forgotten StrategiesKomodo-Battling Strategy
19Rapid Spinning Among the TiersTomahawk9CollaborationBattling Strategy
19Featured OU RMTNew World Order-Metagame
19Featured UU RMTkokoloko-Metagame
19Featured LC RMTRay Jay-Metagame
19Featured RU RMTWindsong-Metagame
19Featured NU RMTKomodo-Metagame
19Welcome to Dream WorldTobes-Metagame
19Weather in the Lower TiersOmicronJellicentMetagame
19RU Suspect Test ResultsTexas Cloverleaf-Metagame
19Eviolite in Little Cupcomatthew6-Metagame
19Dealing with Ubers ThreatsPoppyGo10Metagame
19What's Newer in LC?Ray Jay-Metagame
19What's New in NU?NatGeo-Metagame
19Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's 7th Art PanelChou ToshioCollaborationArts & Recreation
19Smeargle's Studio UpdateAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
19The Arterview: ZracknelAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
19Race to the Bottom: How to Ladder Hard and FailRitterCat-Entertainment
19Top 10 Most Fabulous PokémonOglemi-Entertainment
19SPL DramaWindsongLady SalamenceEntertainment
19VGC Dynasties: What's in a Name?Solace-Entertainment
19How Moves Workcookie-Entertainment
19A Guide to Smogon IRCOglemi-Other Features
19Lost in Translation: Smogon Translations ProjectsOmicron-Other Features
19CAP2 Report: The Essence of NecturnaBirkal-Other Features
19Challenge Cup: Rotom-S @ Air BalloonLady Salamence-Other Features
20Note from the EditorSetsuna-General
20TriviaSeven Deadly Sins-General
20Interview with HaunterSetsuna-General
20Tournaments CoverageEarthworm-General
20Smogon Awards Results 2011bojanglesCollaborationGeneral
20Featured Pokémon: TyranitarSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
20Featured Ubers Pokémon: RayquazabojanglesGreat SageBattling Strategy
20Featured UU Pokémon: Zapdoskokoloko-Battling Strategy
20Featured LC Pokémon: Bronzorcomatthew6-Battling Strategy
20Featured RU Pokémon: AggronKomodo-Battling Strategy
20Featured NU Pokémon: SamurottZebraiken-Battling Strategy
205th Gen Type Analysis: IceSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
20VGC Field EffectsBiosciCollaborationBattling Strategy
20Trick Room in the Lower TiersJellicent-Battling Strategy
20Playing with Loaded Dice: How to Control LuckSnunchSeven Deadly SinsBattling Strategy
20Adjusting from BW to DPPTomahawk9-Battling Strategy
20Prediction and Planning: The Art of Decision Making in Ubersbarry4evershrangBattling Strategy
20Featured OU RMTIconic-Metagame
20Featured Ubers RMTFurai-Metagame
20Featured UU RMTkokoloko-Metagame
20Featured NU RMTDjango Reinhart-Metagame
20OU Underrated MovesetsIconic-Metagame
20UU Metagame Trendskokoloko-Metagame
20How the Heck is that NU?Jellicent-Metagame
20Little Cup CoresFuraiElevator MusicMetagame
20Introduction to Wonder LauncherDestiny_Warrior-Metagame
20Introduction to Triple BattlesDestiny_Warrior-Metagame
20Hitting the Lottery: BW's Big Winnerssandshrewz-Metagame
20The Impact of Forme-All Wear, and what it means for BW2Deck Knight-Metagame
20What's New in NU?DTCZebraikenMetagame
20Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's 8th Art PanelFatecrashersCollaborationArts & Recreation
20Smeargle's Studio UpdateAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
20The Arterview: SwaggersaurusAlchemator-Arts & Recreation
2020 Memorable Articles in The SmogRay Jay-Entertainment
20Pokémon BiologyBirkalCollaborationEntertainment
20Top 10 Dangerous Pokémon IRLOglemi-Entertainment
20Mock Smog AwardsEo Ut MortusIconicEntertainment
20PokéTour: Castelia CityBirkalCollaborationEntertainment
20The Dream World ProjectOmicronTobesOther Features
20Welcome to the Family: An Introduction to MafiaAcklow-Other Features
20Nuzlocke and Loadedfirecape-Other Features
21Note from the EditorSetsuna-General
21Ask the AdminsSetsunabojanglesGeneral
21Interview with JabbaTheGriffinbojangles-General
21Tournaments CoverageEarthwormCollaborationGeneral
21Featured OU Pokémon: Tornadus-TherianSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
21Featured Ubers Pokémon: Kyurem-WJibaku-Battling Strategy
21Featured UU Pokémon: Slowbrokokololo-Battling Strategy
21Featured LC Pokémon: PorygonRay Jay-Battling Strategy
21Featured RU Pokémon: MoltresTexas Cloverleaf-Battling Strategy
21Featured NU Pokémon: SkuntankNatGeoDTCBattling Strategy
21Type Analysis: GrassSeven Deadly Sins-Battling Strategy
21Bottom of the Barrel: The Stuff You Should NOT Be UsingkokolokoCollaborationBattling Strategy
21Best of the Best: Ranking of Pseudo-Legendaries in BWSkullCandy-Battling Strategy
21Status in the Uber TierDracoYoshi8firecapeBattling Strategy
21How it's Made: Defenseyee-Battling Strategy
21Top Ten Moves in OUSkullCandy-Battling Strategy
21Featured OU RMTIconic-Metagame
21Featured Ubers RMTFurai-Metagame
21Featured UU RMTkokoloko-Metagame
21Featured NU RMTDjango-Metagame
21Metamorphosis: How Awful Bug-types Have Improved Over TimeSilentVerse-Metagame
21Underrated Ubers MovesetsFuraiCollaborationMetagame
21Underrated DPP OU MovesetsIconic-Metagame
21Introduction to "Balanced" HackmonsDTCverbatimMetagame
21Worrying About WeatherGiga Punch-Metagame
21BW1 OU Metagame AnalysisHarsha-Metagame
21Ubers CoresFuraiCollaborationMetagame
21What's New in NU?DTCDjangoMetagame
21RU Ready for BW2?Texas Cloverleaf-Metagame
21NU CoresDTCZebraikenMetagame
21Pokémon Biology: Under the SeaBirkalCollaborationArts & Recreation
21PokéTour: Goldenrod CityBirkalCollaborationArts & Recreation
21Smeargle's Studio UpdateFatecrashers-Arts & Recreation
21Why the Ladder Sucks at Ubers, or: Charizard is Not a Good Meta PickTobes-Entertainment
21Bottom 10 Most Threatening Pokémon IRLOglemi-Entertainment
21Admin Tips - How to Succeed on Smogonbojangles-Entertainment
21The OI Players Play: Pokémon TCG for GameBoy ColorBirkalCollaborationEntertainment
21Review: Pokémon Conquestbugmaniacbob-Entertainment
21IRC Survival GuideFatecrashers-Entertainment
21The Orange Islands - Smogon's Casual RetreatJellicent-Other Features
21The Outsiders ChallengeHarsha-Other Features
21CAP3 Report: Mulling over Molluxcapefeather-Other Features
22Note from the EditorSetsuna-General
22Interview with Kevin GarrettOglemi-General
22Featured LC Pokémon: Drilburcomatthew6-Battling Strategy
22Featured RU Pokémon: NidoqueenSilentVerse-Battling Strategy
22Safe Battling: How to use Protectionshrang-Battling Strategy
22Featured Ubers RMTFurai-Metagame
22Featured UU RMTPK Gaming-Metagame
22Featured NU RMTDjango-Metagame
22Normal-types in RU: Anything but AverageMolkOglemiMetagame
22BW2 OU Metagame AnalysisHarsha-Metagame
22Underrated OU MovesetsPDC-Metagame
22Underrated UU Movesetskokoloko-Metagame
22Underrated NU MovesetsZebraiken-Metagame
22What's New in NU?EBeastDTCMetagame
22Smogcraft, Smogon's Own Minecraft ServerSalTheThiefforksArts & Recreation
22Pokémon Biology: Man-Made SpeciesBummerCollaborationEntertainment
22The OI Players: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Red/Blue Rescue TeamJellicentCollaborationEntertainment
22Game Freak's Birdchievements and Blundersballabrown24-Entertainment
22Black and White 2, The Medal Rally, and You!Joeyboy-Other Features
22About the Starters: The Grass-typesSuperJOCKEsandshrewzOther Features
22From Zero to Hero: Forgotten OU Members Who Excel in CAP ASBzarator-Other Features
22Peaking the Ladder on Pokemon Showdown!PDC-Other Features
22Competitive Retyping III - BW EditionSkullCandyDeck KnightOther Features
22Pokémon: Old vs. NewSuperJOCKE-Other Features
23Note From The EditorSetsuna-General
23Interview with ZarelOglemi-General
23Smogon 2012 in a NutshellBirkalLayellGeneral
23TriviaLevel 51-General
23The Smog Awardsbojangles-General
23Featured Ubers Pokemon: Ho-OhFurai-Battling Strategy
23Featured UU Pokemon: Crobatkokoloko-Battling Strategy
23Featured NU Pokemon: SawkDTC-Battling Strategy
23Featured OU RMTHarsha-Battling Strategy
23Featured RU RMTWindsong-Battling Strategy
23Featured LC RMTElevator Music-Battling Strategy
23Type Analysis: FightingHarshaPK GamingBattling Strategy
23Weather Analysis: HailPDC-Metagame
23The 10 Most Annoying Pokémon SetsSuperpowerdude-Metagame
23Buff, Buff, Pass: Baton Pass in NUDjango-Metagame
23Unopened Christmas Gifts: NU Ice-typesAnnoyerEBeastMetagame
23Other Obscure MetagamesDTC-Metagame
23What's HOT in C&C? QC CornerPocketCollaborationMetagame
23Underrated RU MovesetsWindsongOglemiMetagame
23Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's 9th Art PanelBirkalCollaborationArts & Recreation
23PokéTour: Snowpoint CityJellicentCollaborationArts & Recreation
23Smeargle's Studio UpdateiumCollaborationArts & Recreation
23The Arterview: Volmiseium-Arts & Recreation
23Great Moments in Smogon HistoryFatecrashers-Entertainment
23Top 10 Worst Pokémon to have as Christmas Party GuestsOglemi-Entertainment
23Scramble Challange: Give the Gift of PokémonJellicentIts_A_RandomEntertainment
23Pokémon Biology: Combined EvolutionBummerCollaborationEntertainment
23Saved by the Bell: PokéSchool IRLsandshrewz-Entertainment
23The Perfect Pokémon Christmas Dinnerbugmaniacbob-Entertainment
23Do You Even Lift? A Guide to the GymsRodanCollaborationEntertainment
23About the Starters: The Fire-typesSuperJOCKEsandshrewzOther Features
23Pokémon TCG: Boundaries Crossed Set OverviewTheMantyke-Other Features
23Lights, Camera, Action! A Look at PokéStudios!Joeyboy-Other Features
23Players of the LaddersWindsong-Other Features
23Becoming Popular (The Avenue Every Player Should Know)Level 51-Other Features
23Battling at Full CAPacityXaqwais-Other Features
23CAP4 Report: Aurumothcapefeather-Other Features
23The CompetitorTobes-Other Features
24Note from the EditorBirkal-General
24Interview with GlenOglemi-General
24The Smog Awards 2012: Voting StagebojanglesJellicentGeneral
24Featured OU Pokémon: TerrakionHarsha-Battling Strategy
24Featured RU Pokémon: SnoverSilentVerse-Battling Strategy
24Featured LC Pokémon: TirtougaSuperpowerdude-Battling Strategy
24Featured Ubers RMTsyrim-Battling Strategy
24Featured NU RMTDjango-Battling Strategy
24Featured ADV OU RMTSir-Battling Strategy
24Watch Your Step! Entry Hazard Laying in OUSuperpowerdude-Metagame
24Underused 101: Teambuildingkokoloko-Metagame
24What's New in NU?DTCiumMetagame
24Welcome to Smogon Doubles!PocketCollaborationMetagame
24A Crash Course in Smogon DoublesPwnemon-Metagame
24Underrated DPP OU MovesetsBKCCollaborationMetagame
24Where Are They Now? The Stars of RBY OUJellicentMetagame
24Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's 10th Art PanelBirkalCollaborationArts & Recreation
24The Arterview: RitterCatiumArts & Recreation
24Smeargle's Studio UpdateiumRitterCatArts & Recreation
24Smogon Pathfinder: A Brief HistoryvonFiedler-Arts & Recreation
24Pokémon Biology: Specialized CombatBummerCollaborationEntertainment
24Do You Even Lift: Johto Jockstrap EditionRodanLayellEntertainment
24Dog ArticleDjangoCollaborationEntertainment
24Good Game, or Was It?GinkuMcMeghanEntertainment
24About the Starters: The Water-typesSuperJOCKEsandshrewzOther Features
24The Sky's the Limit! Generation VI Speculation!JoeyboyOther Features
24CAP Policy Review: Getting the Bugs Out of Our SystemDeck Knight-Other Features
24Winning With Wooper: A Guide to Challenge CupNfskMjmMal-Other Features
25Note from the EditorSetsuna-General
25Interview with ZebraikenOglemiiumGeneral
25The Smog Awards 2012Jellicent-General
25Featured UU Pokémon: Snorlaxkokoloko-Battling Strategy
25Featured NU Pokémon: Gardevoirskylight-Battling Strategy
25Featured OU RMTHarsha-Battling Strategy
25Featured RU RMTJellicent-Battling Strategy
25Featured LC RMTSuperpowerdude-Battling Strategy
25Diamonds in the Rough: the Elemental Gems in SinglesCherub Agent-Battling Strategy
25Getting a Strong Start: Leads in BW2 OUpokemon0078-Metagame
25Suspect Coverage: Rounds 6-7PDC-Metagame
25NFEs in NUJoim-Metagame
25Just Deserts: A Taste of Sand in Little CupElevator Music-Metagame
25Uncommon Doubles StrategiesLevel 51-Metagame
2515 Pokémon That Rely on Their AbilitiesNfskMjmMal-Metagame
25Underrated ADV OU MovesetsSir-Metagame
25RBY Underdogs that Hit it Big in BWJellicent-Metagame
25The Arterview: Birkalium-Arts & Recreation
25Smeargle's Studio Updateium-Arts & Recreation
25A Beginner's Guide to Pathfinder SocietyvonFiedler-Arts & Recreation
25Pokémon Biology: Conditional EvolutionArcticblastCollaborationEntertainment
25PokéTour: Fortree CityLayellCollaborationEntertainment
25Do You Even Lift: Hoenn Hunks EditionRodanLayellEntertainment
25Tiers of Joy: Understanding Each Game's In-Game TiersLayell-Other Features
25XY Primer: Mad Speculation, Now in 3DDeck Knight-Other Features
25(WIP) The Article WorkshopRedewLady SalamenceOther Features
25A Close Look at Zero IsleSuperpowerdude-Other Features
25How to Not Piss Off the PS StaffTobes-Other Features
26Note from the EditorSetsuna-General
26Interview with IconicOglemi-General
26TriviaLevel 51-General
26OU Spotlight: KeldeoJukain-Battling Strategy
26Enlightenment: Working Out Arceus Formes from Team Previewshrang-Battling Strategy
26Underused 201: Battlingkokoloko-Battling Strategy
26Status in RUMack the Knife-Battling Strategy
26NU Spotlight: DrifblimJoim-Battling Strategy
26Doubles Spotlight: AmoongussPwnemon-Battling Strategy
26An Introduction to Setup Moves in OUJoeyboy-Metagame
26Using Choice Items in OUSuperpowerdude-Metagame
26Suspect Testing Rounds 8-9PDC-Metagame
26OU's Top Threats: How Do They Fare in Ubers?ThisMysteriousGuy-Metagame
26NU Doublesskylight-Metagame
26The Best New Pokémon of GSCJellicent-Metagame
26GSC and ADV Underdogs that Would Have Hit Big in RBYCrystal_-Metagame
26Seasonal FunJoim-Metagame
26The Arterview: Bummerium-Arts and Recreation
26The Many Styles of the April Fools' SpritesLayellRitterCatArts and Recreation
26Pokémon Biology: Special AbilitiesLady SalamenceCollaborationEntertainment
26Top 10 Most Infuriating Pokémon In-GameJukain-Entertainment
26The Oddishcookie-Entertainment
26Beyond the Barrel: Pokémon You REALLY Shouldn't Use in OverusedArcticblastjas61292Entertainment
26Battling 1337: How to Battle CorrectlyLevel 51-Entertainment
26Where Are They Now? The Stars of Old SmogonFatecrashers-Entertainment
26How Moves Workcookie-Entertainment
26Battling 101: Anime StylePwnemon-Other Features
26How Moves Workcookie-Entertainment
26ADV Player Bio: reyscarfacekd24-Other Features
26Review: The Legendary Birds of KantoLorenzo-Entertainment
26The Monsters We Crave: Pokémon and Monster TheoryeriXtone-Other Features
26I Thought We Were Just Supposed to PlayGolden Piloswine-Entertainment
27Note from The EditorSetsuna-General
27Interview with VaderJellicent-General
27TriviaLady SalamenceMack the KnifeGeneral
27Diamonds Aren't Forever: Elemental Gems in the Lower Tiersskylight-Battling Strategy
27RU Spotlight: SlowkingMack the Knife-Battling Strategy
27ADV OU Spotlight: TyranitarDanilo-Battling Strategy
27Suspect Testing Round 10PDC-Metagame
27OU Playstyle Analysis: Rain OffenseTrinitrotoluene-Metagame
27Everything you've been told is a lie: Weatherless Offense in BW2 OUJukain-Metagame
27RU TheorymonNfskMjmMal-Metagame
27NU's Newest Additionsskylight-Metagame
27Underrated NU MovesetsZebraiken-Metagame
27Priority in NUTreeckoskylightMetagame
27LC Pokémon That Take After Their OU ParentsSuperpowerdude-Metagame
27Stay Afloat: Simple VGC Anti-Rain TipsTheMantyke-Metagame
27Glory Hogs - Fallen Stars in the Doubles MetagameAudiosurfer-Metagame
27War of the Weathers: A Look at Weather in Tier ShiftTreecko-Metagame
27Equality for All? Common Tier Shift Threats ExplainedYarnus of Bethany-Metagame
27DPP and BW underdogs that would have hit big in RBYCrystal_-Metagame
27What Moves You: Later Gen Moves that would redefine RBYDeck Knight-Metagame
27The Top 10 Mechanical Changes to Competitive PokémonJellicent-Metagame
27Top 10 Things That Ruined Pokemon: Part 1LonelyNess-Metagame
27Smeargle's Studio UpdateBummer-Arts and Recreation
27Movie Critics - The Panel: Golden OldiesLady SalamenceCollaborationArts and Recreation
27Do You Even Lift: Sinnoh SweatLayellTreeckoEntertainment
27Pokémon Biology: Baby BoomersLayellCollaborationEntertainment
27PokéTour: Fuchsia CityBirkalCollaborationEntertainment
27Looking back: Blue aka Gary Oak, the best rival everJoim-Entertainment
27Vis-à-vis with Contributions & CorrectionsJukain-Other Features
27Inside the ROM: The deepest secrets of MissingNo. and Glitch PokémonCrystal_-Other Features
27Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Moves in the DungeonsDarknesscrusher-Other Features
27A Look Back on NU's Premier Leagueskylight-Other Features
28Note from the EditorSetsuna-General
28Interview with OglemiJellicent-General
28TriviaLevel 51-General
28OU Spotlight: LandorusJukain-Battling Strategy
28RU Spotlight:Druddigoncol49-Battling Strategy
28NU Spotlight: Scolipedeskylight-Battling Strategy
28NU Spotlight:KangaskhanAgent Dell-Battling Strategy
28Double Spotlight: HeatranJoim-Battling Strategy
28RU Spotlight RMT: Rise of MangooseMack the Knife-Battling Strategy
28Frameworks in TeambuildingLimitless-Battling Strategy
28EVs and IVs Through the AgesJoim-Battling Strategy
28Aldaron's ProposalPDC-Metagame
28UU TheorymonNfskMjmMal-Metagame
28Underrated RU MovesetsScraftyIsTheBest-Metagame
28RU Metagame AnalysisYonko7-Metagame
28Pee-Wee Punchers: The Fighting-types in LCSuperpowerdudeThe Unlucky oneMetagame
28More Obscure MetagamesArcticblastAgent DellMetagame
28Introduction to Competitive GSCRoyal Flush-Metagame
28The Arterview: YilxBummer-Arts and Recreation
28Judge a Pokémon: The Smog's 11th Art PanelBirkalCollaborationArts and Recreation
28Movie Critics - The Panel: Johto JourneysLady SalamenceCollaborationArts and Recreation
28Do You Even Lift: Over with Unova - Part 1LayellTreeckoEntertainment
28Geological Wonders of the Pokémon WorldTreeckoDarkBlazeREntertainment
28Enter Nskylight-Entertainment
28Smogon Conspiracy Theories: What Really Goes on Behind the ScenesJukainMack the KnifeEntertainment
28The Oddishcookie-Entertainment
28Leadership Dojo: How to Be a Gym LeaderQwilphish-Entertainment
28Insider X & Y Leaks, Straight From the PlaygroundTheMantyke-Entertainment
28Incredible EdiblesPhoenix01-Entertainment
28All of These Freakin' Fairies!Deck Knight-Entertainment
28XY Primer: How Much Will We Know Pre-Release?Layell-Other Features
28Playing Your Games, The Other Way!Darknesscrusher-Other Features
29Note from the EditorToast++-General
29Interview with tabJellicent-General
29How to Host a TournamentFireMageLady SalamenceGeneral
29Welcome to the New Forums!Lady Salamence-General
29TriviaLevel 51CerezaGeneral
29Creating Forum Projects 101DittoCrow-General
29UU Spotlight: MienshaoScraftyIsTheBest-Battling Strategy
29UU Spotlight: QwilfishQwilphish-Battling Strategy
29RU Spotlight: Rotom-CMack the Knife-Battling Strategy
29NU Spotlight: JynxskylightRaseriBattling Strategy
29NU Spotlight: PrimeapeTreecko-Battling Strategy
29LC Spotlight: MurkrowSuperpowerdude-Battling Strategy
29OM Spotlight: ShuckleArcticblast-Battling Strategy
29RU Spotlight RMT: Daenerys StormDittoCrow-Battling Strategy
29NU Spotlight RMT: Light SpeedRaseri-Battling Strategy
29OU Metagame Analysis for JulyPDC-Metagame
29OU Theorymonvyomov-Metagame
29Banned But Not Forgotten: How Former OU Monsters Are Doing In Ubersrileydelete-Metagame
29Overrated Ubers Sets That Are Simply Mediocre shrang-Metagame
29RarelyUsed Teambuilding 101DittoCrowSilentVerseMetagame
29NU TheorymonRaseri-Metagame
29Kacaw! The Birds of NUTreeckoRanger DellMetagame
29Underrated Sets on Overrated NU PokémonRaseri-Metagame
29A Look at NU Viability Rankings: S-RankRaseri-Metagame
29Underrated LC MovesetsDcaemikelMetagame
29Pokémon You Probably Shouldn't Use in the LC MetagameThe Unlucky OneGoddess BriyellaMetagame
29Why LC Will Get You LaidDcae-Metagame
29Tailwind in DoublesJoimMizuhimeMetagame
29Hang Out in the Orange IslandsDeinosaur-Arts and Recreation
29Movie Critics - The Panel: Direct to Hoenn VideoLady SalamenceCollaborationArts and Recreation
29Do You Even Lift: Over With Unova - Part 2LayellTreeckoEntertainment
29Top 10: Pokémon to OwnDeinosaur-Entertainment
29Mewtwo Used Forward Smash! Pokémon's Likely Smash RepresentativesTheMantyke-Entertainment
29Smogdoom: June and July's Tales of DOOMskylight-Entertainment
29A Spectrum of Possibility: Dual-type MovesJukain-Entertainment
29How to Ladder (and Win).Windsong-Entertainment
29How to Not Be a Dipshit on PS!Tobes-Entertainment
29History of Gyarados in Uberlandtrickroom-Other Features
29The Fairy-Typeskylight-Other Features
29Cutemons That Don't SuckTreeckoRaseriOther Features
30Note From the EditorSetsuna-General
30Interview with StellarJellicent-General
30Sun and Sandz: A Farewell Interviewskylight-General
30What is Smogon mentorship?Hulavuta-General
30What's going on in RMT?PDC-General
30TriviaLevel 51CerezaGeneral
30NU Teambuilding 101Raseri-Battling Strategy
30A Beginner's Guide to Trick Roomlucariojr-Battling Strategy
30The Outrageous Dragons of RUDittoCrow-Metagame
30Powerful Plants: The Grass-types of RUMack the Knife-Metagame
30NU's Top Threats: How do they fare in RU?ScraftyIsTheBest-Metagame
30Metagame Comparison: DPP UU vs BW RUSilentVerse-Metagame
30Differences Between Smogon Doubles and VGClucariojr-Metagame
30When Babies Escape Daycare: LC Pokémon That Wreck Outside of LCGoddess BriyellaDiatomMetagame
30Anything Goes! Balanced Hackmons Threats RevealedEzioImanaltMetagame
30The Arterview: elcheesoBummer-Arts & Recreation
30Movie Critics - The Panel: Blue Times TwoLady SalamenceCollaborationArts & Recreation
30Smogon Noir - The Underside of SmogburbiaLady Salamence-Entertainment
30The Five Stages of HaxTreecko-Entertainment
30Plus drops some barsPlus-Entertainment
30RODANNING it, how to survive on smogon whilst badgelessRodan-Entertainment
30The Societea: The AftermathGoverness-Entertainment
30Best New Moves of Each GenerationDeck Knight-Other Features
30Mega Speculation: Mega Evolutions and Their Potential ImpactDeck Knight-Other Features
30Generation Five: The reasons why we wish we didn't have to say goodbyeskylight-Other Features
30Similarities & Differences: Mantine & SkarmoryParallel-Other Features
30Pokémon OriginsFlora-Other Features
30Streaming: Next Generation YouTubersV0x-Other Features
30RU Sure About That? Advising Opponents on the RU LadderMack the Knife-Other Features
30A Cyclic Psychic: The Ups and Downs of AlakazamEnder-Other Features
31Note from the EditorSetsuna-General
31Interview with NixHexJellicent-General
31TriviaLevel 51CerezaGeneral
31Questions and Answers: Ask the Admins #10Lady Salamence-General
31The OU CouncilAldaron-General
31RU Ready to Say Goodbye? Interviews with BW RU VeteransMack the Knife-General
31Doubles Spotlight: Kyurem-BlackPwnemonPocketBattling Strategy
31Last and Least: The Most Forgotten PokémonLady Salamence-Entertainment
31Smogon Conspiracy Theories: PART DEUXMack the KnifeskylightEntertainment
31Nostalgia: The Most Memorable Music of PokémonQwilphish-Other Features
31CAPs in the CAP MetagameQwilphish-Metagame
31Pokérap Battles: Dragons vs FairiesPlusFuzznipEntertainment
31Showdown Lowdown: Public Rooms on PS!Goddess Briyella-Other Features
31A Taskmaster's Tools: Productivity and PokémonEdacosis-Entertainment
31The Art of FakemonsChou Toshio-Arts & Recreation
31A Look at RU Viability Rankings: S RankScraftyIsTheBest-Battling Strategy
31Pokémon with Wasted Potential of Gens I-Vstarwarsfan-Other Features
31Revolutionary New Setsstarwarsfan-Entertainment
31ADV and DPP Underdogs that would be threats in GSCCrystal_-Metagame
31Forum Projects: Viability RankingscbtFireMageGeneral
31Why Choose Doubles For Gen 6?Audiosurfer-Metagame
31Judge a Pokémon: Mega Cool or Mega DroolRODANCollaborationEntertainment
31Thoughts on Suspect Test Round 11PDC-Metagame
31XY Little Cup: The Dawn Of A New EraGoddess BriyellaThe Unlucky oneMetagame
31NU Teambuilding 102: CoresRaseri-Battling Strategy
31What's NU in XYTreecko-Metagame
32Note From the EditorSetsuna-General
32Interview with JoimFlora-General
32What are Checks and Counters?MattL-General
32How not to suck at FirebotRODAN-General
32Smogon 2013 in a NutshellLayell-General
32Doubles Spotlight: Mega Charizard YPwnemon-Battling Strategy
32Biting The Bullet: Assault VestFuzznip-Battling Strategy
32DPP OU Underrated Movesets, Mark 3BKCTomahawk9Battling Strategy
32The Art of Switching in Doublesyoungjake93-Battling Strategy
32Stoned: Mega Evolutions in OUTreecko-Metagame
32XY Doubles StandoutsAudiosurfer-Metagame
32XY Little Cup: The Bullies Are Back In TownFlame EmblemGoddess BriyellaMetagame
32XY Little Cup: The Rise And Fall of SneaselGoddess BriyellaElectrolyteMetagame
32Powerful Pixies: Who Benefited Most from their New Fairy-type?Syberia-Metagame
32BW2 RU Suspect Test ResultsSilentVerse-Metagame
32Predictions for XY RUMack the Knife-Metagame
32Arterview: KadewBummer-Arts & Recreation
32Movie Critics - The Panel: How The Mighty Have FallenLady SalamenceLayellArts & Recreation
32Pokérap Battles: Cats vs DogsFuzznipPlusEntertainment
32Plus drops some bars of soapPlus-Entertainment
32Pokémon Reality TV ShowsBlue Frog-Entertainment
32Vivillon Hunting Guide: A 2013 Best-Sellerskylight-Entertainment
32Chingling Bells - Festivity in KalosElectrolyte-Entertainment
32Going Somewhere? Sure, I can helpEdacosis-Entertainment
32The Starters of Kalos!Goddess Briyella-Other Features
32Wishful Thinking: Missed Fairy Retype OpportunitiesFlora-Other Features
32Next Generation Anime Style BattlingBoxAOPSUserOther Features
33Note from the Editorskylight-General
33Interview with TreeckoFlora-General
33TriviaLevel 51-General
33The Smog Awards 2013Toast++-General
33How to fit in on PS: Starting off on the right foot!Novae-General
33So, you wanna be a master of? Mentoring!Redew-General
33Cool stuff to do at the Orange Islands!Hulavata-General
33How Not to Be "That Guy"Audiosurfer-General
33How Not to Be "That Other Guy" - A Lesson in EmpathyAudiosurfer-General
33LC Spotlight: PawniardGoddess Briyella-Battling Strategy
33How The New Guys Fare in OUValmanway-Metagame
33Whatchu Got? Our Preferred MEvosBirkalCollaborationMetagame
33XY Little Cup: How To Tang Your DragonflyGoddess Briyella-Metagame
33Viability Doesn't Always Run in the FamilyMattLGoddess BriyellaMetagame
33Flying-type as offensive STABTomahawk9-Metagame
33The Arterview: AndrewBummer-Arts & Recreation
33Judge a Pokémon: The Cold ShoulderRODANCollaborationArts & Recreation
33Movie Critics - The Panel: Double VisionLady SalamenceLayellArts & Recreation
33I Mustache You to Come Back After You're More Stylishchameleonskyes-Entertainment
33Gifts of Generation VIParallel-Entertainment
33Aron Chef: Making the Best of the WorstAfti-Entertainment
33The Chinese Zodiac and the Ubers Metagameshrang-Entertainment
33Pokérap Battles: Sun vs. RainPlusFuzznipEntertainment
33The Real Smog AwardsRODAN-Entertainment
33Sensible Suggestions for the TroubledEdacosis-Entertainment
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34OU Spotlight: AegislashTRC.-Battling Strategy
34LC Spotlight: SpritzeeGoddess Briyella-Battling Strategy
34Berry Juice in Little Cupblizzardy-Battling Strategy
34Don't Be a Fool - Protect Your Tool! - Doubles EditionElectrolyte-Battling Strategy
34The Most Buffed Threats in XY OUScraftyIsTheBest-Metagame
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34Remembering our Roots: A Look Back at the Heroes of Generations PastSyberia-Metagame
34Berries in the XY MetagameSequins-Metagame
34"Don't Jynx it, but we're banned now" - ScolipedeskylightCollaborationMetagame
34XY Little Cup: Take Them Out Of The Ball GameGoddess BriyellablizzardyMetagame
34LC Viability Shift from BW to XYGoddess BriyellaKingler12345Metagame
34Viability Doesn't Always Run in The Family - Part 2Goddess BriyellaMattLMetagame
34Aerial Combat: An Overview of Sky BattlesQwilphish-Metagame
34What Did Gen 6 Bring to Monotype?AgousGoddess BriyellaMetagame
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34Twitch Plays... the story of a boy, his fossil and a dreamskylight-Entertainment
34A Smog Of Ice and Fire: A Metagame of ThronesLayell-Entertainment
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34Eeveelution PokérapTh!nkPi-Entertainment
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35A Trivial AnnouncementToast++-General
35(Safely) Meeting Smogoners IRLskylightCollaborationGeneral
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35Pokémon You Should Use in OU and WhyReverb-Battling Strategy
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35Randbats - How to Play from an ExpertOglemi-Battling Strategy
35.dancin' - a Guide to Dancing Setup Moves in DoublesElectrolyte-Battling Strategy
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36Judge A Pokémon: Wingin' ItskylightCollaborationArts & Recreation
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36What's Missing From OUalexwolf-Metagame
36The Post-Aegislash MetagameJukain-Metagame
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36Into the Trash Heap: The Most Overrated RU PokémonMolkCollaborationMetagame
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36XY Little Cup: The Ban of MisdreavusThe AvalanchesblizzardyMetagame
36LC: Rank B for BadassFlame EmblemLord AlphoseMetagame
36Viability Doesn't Always Run in The Family - Part 3MattLGoddess BriyellaMetagame
36Climbing the Ropes: A Guide to Learning a New TierMinus-Metagame
36Underrated Abilities in the Balanced Hackmons Metagameunfixable-Metagame
36Normal-types in the STABmons Metagameunfixable-Metagame
36Remembering Our Roots Redux: Where Are They Now (Part 2: RSE)Syberia-Metagame
36BW OU Final Metagame AnalysisHarsha-Metagame
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37WWII: Weather Wars in DoublesShaian-Battling Strategy
37Confirmed Mega Evolutions for ORAS!McMeghanCollaborationMetagame
37Monster Megas I: Gen 1 & 2 Megas' Performance in UbersDarnell-Metagame
37Mega Mawile: The Rise and Fall ofTrinitrotoluene-Metagame
37Mindgames: The Psychic-types of OUValmanway-Metagame
37RU Type Analysis: PsychicMolkEonXMetagame
37NFE Pokémon in RUgalbia-Metagame
37Creative Movesets in XY NUHollywood-Metagame
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38OU Spotlight: LatiosValmanway-Strategy & Metagame
38LC Spotlight: BunnelbyYaguraCorporal LeviStrategy & Metagame
38ORAS Megas in OU-Clone--Strategy & Metagame
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38Smashing the Shells—In All Shapes and SizesRegimeYaguraStrategy & Metagame
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39OU Spotlight: Mega MetagrossValmanway-Strategy & Metagame
39UU Spotlight: HydreigonBouffalant-Strategy & Metagame
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39Case Study: AegislashA10theHero-Strategy & Metagame
39Synergy and Cores - The Fundamentals of TeambuildingMetal Sonic-Strategy & Metagame
39What not to run in the STABmons metagameunfixable-Strategy & Metagame
39DPP Underrated MovesetsTomahawk-Strategy & Metagame
39Leads in RBYPiexplode-Strategy & Metagame
39The Creation of Anything GoesVertex-Strategy & Metagame
39Pokeémon That Benefited From the Transition to ORASMysteria-Strategy & Metagame
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39ORAS LC: What's Changed?The AvalanchesCollaborationStrategy & Metagame
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40Two Sides of One Coin: Versatile Threats in OUAlbacore-Strategy And Metagame
40The Kinder-garden: Grass-types in LCThe Avalanches-Strategy And Metagame
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41OU Spotlight: GliscorAlbacore-Strategy & Metagame
41The Grave Diggers of OUValmanway-Strategy & Metagame
41Hidden Gems in OU-Clone--Strategy & Metagame
41Don't Use That, Use This: Outclassed Pokémon in OUMysteria-Strategy & Metagame
41NU Suspect Analysis: Stage 4Can-Eh-Dian-Strategy & Metagame
41The Original LegendariesDisaster Area-Strategy & Metagame
41Doubles: The SemiRoom SystemMemoric-Strategy & Metagame
41Innovative/Underrated Sets in VGCchuckaboomboom-Strategy & Metagame
41Team Archetypes in ORAS LC: OffenseCorporal Levi-Strategy & Metagame
41Featured LC RMT: Shine Bright Like A VulpixCorporal LeviGoddess BriyellaStrategy & Metagame
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43NFE Threats in NUCan-Eh-DianboltsandbombersStrategy & Metagame
43 On Concepts and Misconceptions about Doubles OUMemoric-Strategy & Metagame
43Event Pokémon You SHOULD be Using in Doubles OUStratos-Strategy & Metagame
43Racing to Victory! Momentum Management in VGCchuckaboomboom-Strategy & Metagame
43Guide to Three-type CoresAlbacore-Strategy & Metagame
43Understanding Numbers in LC and BeyondArtemis Fowl-Strategy & Metagame
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44Entry Hazards in OUAlbacore-Strategy & Metagame
44RU Suspect Coverage: Stage 7Artemis Fowl-Strategy & Metagame
44How RBY has ChangedDisaster Area-Strategy & Metagame
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