Rate of the Week V3: Week 48

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Rate of the Week
Welcome to Rate of the Week! This is a project that looks to bring quality individual rates into the spotlight and recognizes the hard work of unbadged raters. Here's how it will work:
  • Each week, official Team Raters will be paying close attention to the RMT forum and reading the rates posted in their respective tiers. They will then shortlist a few which will be in contention for the Rate of the Week award.
  • From the pool of shortlisted rates, one will be chosen which most exemplifies the qualities of an excellent rate. That rater will be the winner for that particular tier!
  • A post will be made by an official TR who specialises in that tier, explaining how and why the particular rate won. This will allow aspiring raters to gain an idea of what constitutes high-quality rates, and hopefully incorporate those aspects into their own rates.
  • There will be multiple winners every week, one from OU and a couple from other tiers depending on the quality of the rates posted. We hope that in this way we can expand rating activity in less popular tiers, while maintaining a weekly OU winner.
  • Official Team Raters are eligible to win, but unbadged raters will have priority since that is the main focus of this project.
So what's in it for the winners? Well, they will earn a place in the Hall of Fame, which will be kept in the OP of every thread, and will earn more consideration for the Ladybug
and Team Rater
badges. Also, after gaining three places in the Hall of Fame, a rater will be eligible to earn voice status in the RMT room on PS! on the condition that they've shown an interest in getting involved.

We hope that this project will encourage people to put more effort into their rates and become better and more experienced raters, which will consequently increase the quality as well as the quantity of rates in the forum. Good luck to you all!
Week #1 - Toon Linked (OU)
Week #2 - Nedor (OU), Arifeen (UU)
Week #3 - Fireburn (Ubers), Do A Bibarel (UU)
Week #4 - AM (OU), Raiza (PU), Kiyo (NU)
Week #5 - FlamingVictini (OU)
Week #6 - Cyndequil. (UU)
Week #7 - BreloomMyHomie (OU)
Week #8 - FlamingVictini (OU)
Week #9 - oml it's too ez (OU), Cyndequil. (UU), MrAldo (RU)
Week #10 - Nedor (OU), Cyndequil. (UU), Cranham (Ubers), Lax (Monotype)
Week #11 - AM (OU)
Week #12 - Lange (OU), Amaroq (UU)
Week #13 - all falls down (UU)
Week #14 - Manipulative (UU)
Week #15 - mil (OU)
Week #16 - Tricking (OU)
Week #17 - Hector Hard Mode (OU), Christo. (UU)
Week #18 - p2 (OU), all falls down (UU)
Week #19 - ez (OU), Chakra (RU), S0LID G0LD (LC), Memoric (Doubles)
Week #20 - nv (UU), GradeAGarchomp (VGC), Joshz (Anything Goes)
Week #21 - King Sun (OU), PrinceLucian (NU), GradeAGarchomp (VGC), NOVED (Battle Spot)
Week #22 - ez (OU), fran17 (LC), TONE114 (PU)
Week #23 - Sken (LC)
Week #24 - Nedor (OU), RebornFX (VGC)
Week #25 - Adaam. (UU), Level 51 (Doubles), all falls down (Monotype)
Week #26 - bludz (OU)
Week #27 - celes (OU), Cyndequil. (UU), Chakra (RU)
Week #28 - Hector Hard Mode (OU), nv (UU)
Week #29 - Special Mention: Nedor, celes (OU)
Week #30 - Fireburn (Ubers), Level 51 (Doubles)
Week #31 - Eutychios (OU), pokeisfun (UU)
Week #32 - GradeAGarchomp (VGC)
Week #33 - ez (OU)
Week #34 - Bright Size (VGC)
Week #35 - Amaroq (UU)
Week #36 - ez (OU)
Week #37 - zbr (OU)
Week #38 - tigers jaw (OU), Killintime (UU)
Week #39 - 2xTheTap (PU)
Week #40 - Killintime (UU)
Week #41 - Millionsunz (OU)
Week #42 - obii (UU)
Week #43 - Californium, Hack (Ubers)
Week #44 - Leftiez (OU)
Week #45 - tigers jaw (OU)
Week #46 - Sun (OU), Killintime (UU)
Week #47 - Reymedy (OU)
Week #48 - Vague (UU)
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So this rate is a bit older than the norm but me and IronBullet both agreed that this rate was fantastic and essentially without flaws and I somehow missed it while looking through rates :(. In any case this rate was just too good to not post and therefore an exception has been made for this rate even though it is a bit older.

This week's UU winner is Vague! His rate was a really good one that had both good formatting and excellent suggestions. He begins his rate by replacing Bronzong with Metagross as Bronzong is too passive for such an offensive team and since they share similar typing, they are able to check similar Pokemon (Crobat, Sylveon etc.) making Metagross a more optimal choice. It also has a lure for bulky waters in Grass Knot which complimented his next change very well.

That change was replacing Heliolisk with Mega-Aerodactyl, and more specifically the Hone Claws set as it functions as an efficient cleaner on a team with wallbreakers such as Grass Knot Metagross and Entei. Synergising well with the rest of the team too in addition to keeping Pokemon like Mega-Beedrill and Crobat in check.

In his smaller changes he adjusts Tentacruel's EV spread to outpace Krookodile as providing that Pokemon a free turn would put the team on a back foot. The given EV spread also allows it to 2hko Entei with Scald. He recommends the use of Haze and Toxic Spikes on the moveset in order to check set up sweepers and whittle down Pokemon for the team's win conditions respectively.

He wraps up his rate by giving Hydreigon a Timid Nature so it can make the most out of its speed tier. Finally, he recommends Colbur Berry on Celebi in order to lure Hydreigon to click Dark Pulse and then retaliate with a Dazzling Gleam. Giving that the team has no fairy type, counterplay such as this is useful. Thanks to his fantastic rate Vague earns himself a very well deserved spot in the Hall of Fame! Congratulations!
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