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Data Referee Resource Thread

Discussion in 'Network Center' started by Korski, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. TheWolfe


    Sep 26, 2008
    It's time to give this reffing game a go. Again.

    Timezone: EST (GMT -5:00)
    Availability: I'm fully free on Saturdays and Sundays. For all other days I'm generally from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

    Ongoing matches (open)

    Roleplays (open)
    [Battle Hall] C$FP - Regirock; Rank 4 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] LouisCyphre - Woobat; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Ice-eyes - Machop; Rank 2 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Yarnus of Bethany - Aipom; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Yarnus of Bethany - Munchlax; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Mr. L - Natu; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] AOPSUser - Larvitar; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Lord Jesseus - Totodile; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] waterwarrior - Rebble; Rank 2 (Subreffing; Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Mr. L - Smeargle; Rank 2 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Temperantia - Necturine; Rank 2 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Orcinus Duo - Lotad; Rank 1 (Subreffing; Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Temperantia - Weepinbell; Rank 2 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Dogfish44 - Makuhita; Rank 1 (Subreffing; Clear)
    [Battle Hall] SubwayJ - Breezi; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] The Wanderer - Totodile; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Lockdown - Zubat; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] waterwarrior - Slowbro; Rank 4 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] UllarWarlord - Pikachu; Rank 2 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] LouisCyphre - Tyranitar; Rank 4 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] C$FP - Bronzong; Rank 3 (Subreffing; Clear)
    [Battle Hall] akela - Tirtouga; Rank 2 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] TheWanderer - Kitsunoh; Rank 4 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Mylo Xyloto - Oshawott; Rank 1 (Subreffing; Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Dare234 - Sandshrew; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Its_A_Random - Volbeat; Rank 2 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] ZhengTann - Riolu; Rank 2 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Woodchuck - Lucario; Rank 4 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] IceSpade - Golett; Rank 3 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Someoneelse - Larvesta; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Subway] King Serperior - Nidoking, Pyroak, & Lucario; Streak 0 (Clear)
    [Battle Subway] Faylion - Garchomp, Lucario, & Volcarona; Streak 0 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] LupusAter - Honchkrow; Rank 3 (Clear)
    [Battle Subway] waterwarrior - Mamoswine, Weavile, & Cloyster; Streak 0 (Clear)
    [Battle Subway] EspyOwner - Gallade, Fidgit, Milotic, & Conkledurr; Streak 0 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Eternal Drifter - Stunky; Rank 1 (Clear)
    [Battle Hall] Ragnarokalex - Gallade; Rank 4 (Subreffing; Clear)
    [Battle Subway] EspyOwner - Kitsunoh, Steelix, & Lucario (Streak: 0; Clear)
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2013
  2. SimonSays


    Aug 13, 2010
    Le copy-paste.

    Timezone: GMT +12
    General Availabilty:
    All week: 4.00pm to 5.00pm, 8.00pm to 9.30/10.00pm
    Note; I'm pretty inconsistent, in that I'm often on at times not listed above, but I will attempt to post every time I'm on, if I can.
    Ref limits: I can take anything smaller than a 5v5. Triples is now my bitch. Have yet to do a Brawl.

    Completed Battles (open)

    (Completed) 3v3 Doubles Arcanite vs iiMKUltra!
    (Completed) 1v1 in the Berry Forest! Arcanite vs Metal Bagon!
    (Completed) Beginner's Battle in the ASB Arena! 3v3 LevitatingLamprey Vs pimpgangster!
    (Completed) MaelStorm Battling, 3v3 Dogfish44 Vs Rewindman!
    (Completed) Random battling!! TheWolfe vs Alphajolt! (Subreffing)
    (Completed) Training battle in the Lighthouse! Metal Bagon vs Orcinus Duo 1v1! (Terrador Subrefs)
    (Completed) Just your average everyday 1v1 in the ASB Arena. Ragnarokalex Vs rewindman! (Terrador Subrefs)
    (Completed) jas61292 vs deadfox081: African Nights!
    (Completed) 1v1 smashlloyd20 VS Lord Jesseus!
    (Completed) Hey, guys! It's a Triples! 3v3 Temperantia vs TheWolfe!
    (Completed) The 3v3 Singles in a totally unique Arena! EndQuote vs Ziposaki!
    (Completed) Let's get Down and Dirty. Some Random and Jesseus, 2v2 Singles
    (Completed) EndQuote vs jas412839523592 in the ASB Arena!
    (Completed) Dragging IceBug and Leethoof's Strongmons through Time!
    (Completed) Bring your Jackets, Son_of_Shadoo vs Texas Cloverleaf in The Thunderstorm!
    (Completed) A new arena, every Round! Arcanite vs Limewire, 3v3 Doubles!
    (Completed) Final Destination Umpteen! Royal Guard vs Texas Cloverleaf! (SS Refs)
    (Completed) Athenodoros vs smashlloyd20! Faster than a +6 Ninjask! (SS Refs)
    (Completed Hipster Sandstorm! IAR vs Leethoof, 2v2 Singles!
    (Completed) HAPPY 3K ENGINEER PIKACHU!!!! (Subreffing, retaken by Its_A_Random)
    (Completed) 1 Hour DQ? Athenodoros vs LouisCyphre! (Tie)
    (Completed) Rocks vs Dragons! SDS vs jayjinde, 2v2 Doubles!
    (Completed) Babysitter Doubles! UllarWarlord vs jayjinde!
    (Ongoing) Child's play in Minnesota! Dummy007 vs Gerard, 6v6 Triples! (Subreffed by TheWolfe)
    (Ongoing) Return to the Forest! TheWolfe vs Tortferngatr, 3v3 Singles! (Subreffed by Dummy007)
    (Completed) Sarcrebleu! Bataille dans l'arène! waterwarrior vs. typon77! (Subreffed by Yarnus of Bethany)

    Ongoing Battles (open)

    None atm

    Ref Counters: 7/To be tallied

    Tutor: elDino

    I am now a fully fledged ref. =] Need a decent hat for that.
  3. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Copy/pasta go!

    Time Zone GMT-4
    General Availability:
    8PM to 12AM weekdays, pretty much all day weekends

    Current Reffings:
    zarator vs. tavok (SICK Tournament)
    Leader Pwnemon vs. youngjake93 (Grass Gym)
    Engineer Pikachu vs. Birkal (Best of the Best Tournament)

    Completed Reffings:
    Leader Elevator Music vs. zarator (Fairy Gym)
    Speed-X vs. Gale Wing Srock
    Leader Birkal vs. deadfox081 (Fighting Gym)
    Leader Pwnemon vs. Frosty (Grass Gym)
    Engineer Pikachu vs. waterwarrior
    Avnomke vs. zarator (SICK tournament)
    Fortress Bastion vs. Leethoof
    Its_A_Random vs. Imanalt
    cbrevan vs. LouisCyphre
    Elevator Music's Battle Subway
    Objection vs. Engineer Pikachu
    Engineer Pikachu vs. smashlloyd20
    Engineer Pikachu vs. Yarnus of Bethany (subreffing)
    Complications vs. Pwnemon
    Engineer Pikachu's Subway Challenge
    BM-Zeo vs. shinyskarmory
    deadfox081 vs. EndQuote
    Typhloterra vs. typon77
    Engineer Pikachu vs. smashlloyd20
    TheMogRunner vs. UllarWarlord
    Engineer Pikachu vs. smashlloyd20
    IAR vs. Leethoof
    Engineer Pikachu vs. Rickheg
    Elevator Music vs. Maxim
    Engineer Pikachu vs. Arcanite (subreffed by BM-Zeo)
    Leethoof vs. jas61292 (subreffed by BM-Zeo)
    Engineer Pikachu vs. smashlloyd20 (subreffed by BM-Zeo)
    Deck Knight vs. iiMKUltra (Tournament)
    blastoiseboy19 vs. Blazikenmaster-Zeo
    danmantincan vs. ToastTyrant13
    Albinoloon vs. ToastTyrant13
    Engineer Pikachu vs. Solstice (Tournament)
    rewindman vs. danmantincan
    Objection vs. iiMKUltra
    Tortferngatr vs. Temperantia (Tournament)
    iss vs. Maxim
    Galladiator vs. Venser
    HD vs. Pikapwnd
    DetroitLolcat vs. Galladiator
    TEA_DEMON vs. C$FP
    Flora vs. deadfox081
    DarkSlay vs. Seven Deadly Sins
    Terrador vs. Temperantia
    Tortferngatr vs. Rolf
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2014
  4. EndQuote


    May 5, 2011
    Useful thread, this.

    GMT-5 (Eastern)
    Varies, usually can be on about 5-10 weekdays, more open on weekends.

    Current Matches:

    Current Battle Hall Reffings:

    Current Universal Counters: 70
    Total Universal Counters Earned: 305
  5. Pippy


    Apr 18, 2011
  6. Elevator Music

    Elevator Music still not a girl, sry
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Site Staff Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 25, 2008
    My profile

    Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
    Availability: Varies, but I am generally on every day!

    Current Matches:
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. SubwayJ (1v1 singles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. tavok (1v1 singles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. YellowAdminSilver (1v1 singles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. ooraloo (2v2 doubles)

    Past Matches:
    Show Hide
    elDino vs. Glacier Knight (1v1 singles)
    Alchemator vs. jas61292 (2v2 singles)
    Alchemator vs. Galladiator (2v2 singles)
    Fire Blast vs. SimonSays (3v3 singles) (incomplete: subreffed)
    LouisCyphre vs. Temperantia (3v3 singles) (incomplete: cancelled)
    Terrador vs. Fire Blast (2v2 doubles)
    Engineer Pikachu vs. Terrador (4v4 doubles)
    ToastTyrant13 vs. jayjinde (3v3 triples)
    The Royal Guard vs. LouisCyphre (1v1 singles)
    [subreffing] TalkingLion vs. ToastTyrant13 (2v2 doubles)
    Terrador vs. Athenodoros (1v1 singles)
    The Royal Guard vs. ToastTyrant13 (1v1 singles)
    jayjinde vs. Pikapwnd (1v1 singles)
    Ziposaki vs. Metal Bagon (1v1 singles)
    TalkingLion vs. Spenstar (2v2 singles)
    ToastTyrant13 vs. Albinoloon (1v1 singles)
    ToastTyrant13 vs. Albinoloon (2v2 doubles)
    Doorknob vs. Solstice (3v3 doubles)
    LouisCyphre vs. Tortferngatr (3v3 doubles) (via DQ)
    Ragnarokalex vs. Athenodoros (5v5 brawl)
    SevenDeadlySins vs. Glacier Knight (2v2 doubles)
    (Tournament) Maxim vs. Glacier Knight (5v5 triples)
    EspyOwner vs. Pwnemon (1v1 singles)
    The Royal Guard vs. Ragnarokalex (2v2 doubles)
    EspyOwner vs. Wobbanaut (1v1 singles)
    [subreffing] (Tournament) EndQuote vs. Rediamond (3v3 singles)
    SubwayJ vs. EspyOwner (1v1 singles)
    The Royal Guard vs. Moai (1v1 singles)
    AOPSUser vs. Doran Dragon (5v5 triples) (via DQ)
    Texas Cloverleaf vs. Objection (2v2 doubles)
    Rediamond vs. Wobbanaut (6v6 singles)
    (Tournament) MrL vs. Dogfish44 (5v5 triples) (via DQ)
    [subreffing] (Tournament) Leethoof vs. TheWolfe (5v5 triples)
    [subreffing] Engineer Pikachu vs. ZhengTann (2v2 doubles)
    Texas Cloverleaf vs. C$FP (3v3 triples + 3v3 triples)
    [subreffing] Orcinus Duo vs. danmantincan (3v3 singles)
    [subreffing] Matezoide vs. Pwnemon (5v5 brawl)
    (Tournament) Engineer Pikachu vs. Dogfish44 (5v5 triples)
    Glacier Knight vs. Texas Cloverleaf (1v1 singles)
    [subreffing] (Tournament) Athenodoros vs. smashlloyd20 (3v3 singles)
    (Tournament) Pwnemon vs. Objection (4v4 doubles)
    King Serperior vs. Glacier Knight (6v6 doubles)
    [subreffing] (Tournament) jas61292 vs. Dogfish44 (5v5 triples)
    Texas Cloverleaf vs. Birkal (1v1 singles)
    Glacier Knight vs. Birkal (2v2 doubles)
    [subreffing] Gerard vs. Birkal (3v3 triples)
    Glacier Knight vs. Flamestrike (2v2 doubles)
    Flamestrike vs. deadfox081 (6v6 singles)
    Birkal vs. Pwnemon vs. SimonSays vs. LouisCyphre vs. ZhengTann vs. maserato (1v1v1v1v1v1 singles)
    LouisCyphre vs. The Royal Guard (1v1 singles)
    C$FP vs. Flamestrike (1v1 singles)
    Flamestrike vs. Matezoide (1v1 singles)
    Geodude6 vs. SubwayJ (1v1 singles)
    Geodude6 vs. Gerard (1v1 singles)
    Geodude6 vs. Matezoide (1v1 singles)
    akela vs. Ute (3v3 doubles)
    Geodude6 vs. Ute (1v1 singles)
    [subreffing] (Gym) SimonSays vs. Maxim (4v4 singles)
    [subreffing] (Gym) Gym Leader Leethoof vs. LouisCyphre (4v4 doubles) (incomplete: cancelled)
    Complcations vs. Texas Cloverleaf (1v1 singles)
    akela vs. Frosty (20v20 singles)
    ViralN9 vs. akela (3v3 singles)
    (Gym) Gym Leader Pwnemon vs. LouisCyphre (4v4 singles)
    Texas Cloverleaf vs. Ragnarokalex (1v1 singles)
    LouisCyphre vs. Rediamond (1v1 singles)
    Birkal vs. MK Ultra (1v1 singles)
    Box vs. Zeruda (1v1 singles)
    (Tournament) Frosty vs. SubwayJ (3v3 singles) (via DQ)
    [subreffing] (Gym) Gym Leader Dogfish44 vs. Imanalt (4v4 doubles)
    EspyOwner vs. Complications (1v1 singles) (via DQ)
    Frosty vs. ZhengTann (1v1 singles)
    Its_A_Random vs. akela (2v2 doubles)
    Texas Cloverleaf vs. akela (1v1 singles)
    (Tournament) Complications vs. Pwnemon (3v3 singles)
    Its_A_Random vs. akela (1v1 singles)
    Chinchou111 vs. akela (1v1 singles)
    Birkal vs. Metal Sonic (2v2 doubles)
    akela vs. Canis Majoris (6v6 brawl)
    Birkal vs. starwarsfan (1v1 singles)
    Birkal vs. starwarsfan (3v3 triples)
    (Gym) Canis Majoris vs. Geodude6 (3v3 singles)
    Its_A_Random vs. akela (1v1 singles)
    Birkal vs. akela (3v3 triples)
    Its_A_Random vs. Complications (2v2 doubles)
    Matezoide vs. Birkal (1v1 singles)
    akela vs. Matezoide (13v13 singles)
    Complications vs. starwarsfan (2v2 doubles)
    Birkal vs. starwarsfan (3v3 triples)
    Birkal vs. akela (3v3 triples)
    (Tournament) The Wanderer vs. Frosty (3v3 singles)
    Birkal vs. Its_A_Random (1v1 singles)
    rickheg vs. Canis Majoris (6v6 brawl)
    waterwarrior vs. S0L1D G0LD (2v2 doubles)
    starwarsfan vs. S0L1D G0LD (1v1 singles)
    Birkal vs. starwarsfan (1v1 singles)
    Psyco Josho vs. SubwayJ (1v1 singles)
    starwarsfan vs. Its_A_Random (1v1 singles)
    Its_A_Random vs. AOPSUser (1v1 singles)
    SubwayJ vs. LupusAter (1v1 singles)
    starwarsfan vs. Geodude6 (1v1 singles)
    Birkal vs. Dummy007 (3v3 triples)
    Birkal vs. GemOftheDay (1v1 singles)
    tavok vs. youngjake93 (1v1 singles)
    GemOftheDay vs. tavok (1v1 singles)
    tavok vs. starwarsfan (1v1 singles)
    tavok vs GemOftheDay (1v1 singles)
    starwarsfan vs. Texas Cloverleaf (1v1 singles)
    rickheg vs. tavok (1v1 singles)
    Avnomke vs. SubwayJ (1v1 singles)
    Birkal vs. S0L1D G0LD (1v1 singles)
    Birkal vs. Geodude6 (1v1 singles)
    kingmidas vs. Redew (1v1 singles)
    Gerard vs. SubwayJ (8v8 brawl)
    Redew vs. Franz Hopper (1v1 singles)
    (Tournament) Matezoide vs. SubwayJ (3v3 singles) (incomplete: subreffed)
    Birkal vs. Gerard (1v1 singles)
    Texas Cloverleaf vs. waterwarrior (1v1 singles)
    Redew vs. akela (1v1 singles)
    (Tournament) Fighterman481 vs. Mulan15262 (2v2 singles)
    Birkal vs. Someoneelse (1v1 singles)
    (Tournament) Someoneelse vs. Ragnarokalex (2v2 singles) (via DQ)
    Flamestrike vs. waterwarrior (1v1 singles)
    Avnomke vs. Dogfish44 (8v8 brawl)
    Dogfish44 vs. SubwayJ (8v8 brawl)
    Birkal vs. Frosty (8v8 brawl)
    Birkal vs. Dogfish44 (8v8 brawl)
    Birkal vs. Canis Majoris (8v8 brawl)
    Birkal vs. Flamestrike (1v1 singles)
    Flamestrike vs. Dogfish44 (9v9 brawl)
    (Tournament) P2X7 vs. Gerard (2v2 singles)
    (Tournament) Mulan15262 vs. Rediamond (2v2 singles)
    Geodude6 vs. Flamestrike (1v1 singles)
    Canis Majoris vs. SubwayJ (9v9 brawl) (imcomplete: cancelled)
    Gale Wing Srock vs. ProtoLucario (4v4 doubles) (via DQ)
    Texas Cloverleaf vs. Geodude6 (1v1 singles)
    (Gym) Gym Leader zarator vs. Geodude6 (3v3 singles) (via DQ)
    Its_A_Random vs. PsYkIk (1v1 singles)
    [subreffing] (Tournament) Engineer Pikachu vs. Birkal (3v3 singles)
    Avnomke vs. Gerard (1v1 singles)
    Avnomke vs. Frosty (1v1 singles)
    Gale Wing Srock vs. S0L1D G0LD (1v1 singles)
    Leethoof vs. Maxim (9v9 brawl)
    [subreffing] (Gym) Gym Leader Dogfish44 vs. Texas Cloverleaf (4v4 doubles)
    (Tournament) Mowtom vs. Gerard (2v2 singles)
    Gale Wing Srock vs. Rainman Legends (6v6 doubles)
    Gale Wing Srock vs. Rainman Legends (2v2 doubles)
    akela vs. Avnomke (1v1 singles)
    waterwarrior vs. Rainman Legends (2v2 doubles)
    S0L1D G0LD vs. Geodude6 (1v1 singles)
    (Tournament) Pwnemon vs. Birkal (3v3 singles)
    (Tournament) Chinchou111 vs. Canis Majoris (3v3 singles) (via DQ)
    (Gym) Gym Leader Texas Cloverleaf vs. Geodude6 (3v3 singles)
    (Tournament) Canis Majoris vs. Dogfish44 (3v3 singles)
    Canis Majoris vs. Its_A_Random (1v1 singles)
    Redew vs. Its_A_Random (1v1 singles)
    S0L1D G0LD vs. Redew (1v1 singles)
    [subreffing] (Tournament) Birkal vs. Engineer Pikachu (3v3 singles) (via DQ)
    (Tournament) Avnomke vs. Vrin (3v3 singles)
    MastaNVX vs. akela (3v3 singles)
    Its_A_Random vs. Dogfish44 (1v1 singles)
    Texas Cloverleaf vs. Dogfish44 (1v1 singles)
    (Tournament) Its_A_Random vs. Gerard (4v4 singles) (via DQ)
    (Gym) Gym Leader waterwarrior vs. Frosty (3v3 singles)
    S0L1D G0LD vs. BlackHeart (1v1 singles)
    Canis Majoris vs. S0L1D G0LD (1v1 singles)
    (Gym) Gym Leader Dogfish44 vs. tavok (5v5 doubles)
    (Gym) Gym Leader Frosty vs. Its_A_Random (6v6 triples)
    [SELF-REFFED] Ragnarokalex vs. Elevator Music (5v5 doubles)
    (Gym) P2X7 vs. Leethoof (3v3 singles)
    [subreffing] (Gym) Gym Leader Frosty vs. Dogfish44 (6v6 triples)
    [subreffing] (Gym) Gym Leader Dogfish44 vs. Gerard (5v5 doubles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. Texas Cloverleaf (2v2 doubles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. Rainman Legends (2v2 doubles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. YellowAdminSilver (2v2 doubles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. S0L1D G0LD (2v2 doubles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. Rainman Legends (1v1 singles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. Frosty (1v1 singles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. smashlloyd20 (1v1 singles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. Birkal (1v1 singles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. SubwayJ (2v2 doubles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. jayelt413 (2v2 doubles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. Iggy Azalea (2v2 doubles)
    [subreffing] (Gym) Gym Leader Canis Majoris vs. Rainman Legends (5v5 doubles)
    [SELF-REFFING] Elevator Music vs. Fort Colorcastle (2v2 doubles)
    SubwayJ vs. Someoneelse (1v1 singles)
    [SELF-REFFED] Elevator Music vs. Someoneelse (2v2 doubles)

    Facility Matches:
    Battle Hall (open)
    [subreffing] waterwarrior|End (Challenge #1)
    [subreffing] EndQuote|End (Challenge #8)
    Yarnus of Bethany|End (Challenge #2)
    Dummy007|End (Challenge #10)
    Ragnarokalex|End (Challenge #6)
    EspyOwner|End (Challenge #1)
    Imanalt|End (Challenge #1)
    Metal Bagon|End (Challenge #4)
    Aweshucks|End (Challenge #1)
    Dummy007|End (Challenge #11)
    Aweshucks|End (Challenge #2)
    Ragnarokalex|End (Challenge #7)
    The Royal Guard|End (Challenge #3)
    Yarnus of Bethany|End (Challenge #6)
    Imanalt|End (Challenge #2)
    LouisCyphre|End (Challenge #6)
    [subreffing] Its A Random|End (Challenge #7)
    [subreffing] SubwayJ|End (Challenge #3)
    Lord Jesseus|End (Challenge #8)
    Imanalt|End (Challenge #3) (incomplete: subreffed)
    Ice-eyes|End (Challenge #4) (incomplete: subreffed)
    waterwarrior|End (Challenge #5)
    Imanalt|End (Challenge #4)
    [subreffing] rickheg|End (Challenge #5)
    Yarnus of Bethany|End (Challenge #8)
    yoshinite|End (Challenge #3) (via DQ)
    Dogfish44|End (Challenge #10)
    Matezoide|End (Challenge #6)
    AOPSUser|End (Challenge #12)
    Engineer Pikachu|End (Challenge #11)
    Mylo Xyloto|End (Challenge #1)
    Pwnemon|End (Challenge #2)
    [subreffing] Espeon65|End (Challenge #3)
    Its_A_Random|End (Challenge #13)
    [subreffing] TheWolfe|End (Challenge #9)
    Imanalt|End (Challenge #7)
    Eternal Drifter|End (Challenge #4)
    ZhengTann|End (Challenge #4)
    waterwarrior|End (Challenge #8)
    Espeon65|End (Challenge #4)
    EspyOwner|End (Challenge #7)
    Classical|End (Challenge #3)
    akela|End (Challenge #1)
    [subreffing] drunk ¬_¬|End (Challenge #1) (via DQ)
    [subreffing] LupusAter|End (Challenge #3)
    Texas Cloverleaf|End (Challenge #5)
    Matezoide|End (Challenge #8)
    King Serperior|End (Challenge #5)
    deadfox081|End (Challenge #7)
    Eternal Drifter|End (Challenge #5)
    waterwarrior|End (Challenge #9)
    [subreffing] Frosty|End (Challenge #6)
    TheWolfe|End (Challenge #11)
    King Serperior|End (Challenge #6)
    Complications|End (Challenge #3)
    LupusAter|End (Challenge #4)
    Dogfish44|End (Challenge #12)
    [subreffing] Engineer Pikachu|End (Challenge #12)
    Birkal|End (Challenge #1)
    King Serperior|End (Challenge #9)
    Yarnus of Bethany|End (Challenge #9)
    Eternal Drifter|End (Challenge #7)
    akela|End (Challenge #7)
    TheWolfe|End (Challenge #14)
    Birkal|End (Challenge #2)
    Someoneelse|End (Challenge #6)
    GemOftheDay|End (Challenge #3)
    The Royal Guard|End (Challenge #8)
    [subreffing] Cube|End (Challenge #1)
    Mylo Xyloto|End (Challenge #6)
    waterwarrior|End (Challenge #16)
    Canis Majoris|End (Challenge #4)
    Unitas|End (Challenge #6)
    Birkal|End (Challenge #5)
    [subreffing] Eternal Drifter|End (Challenge #9)
    The FoxTrot|End (Challenge #1)
    [subreffing] Matezoide|End (Challenge #14)
    Cube (Challenge #4)
    Its_A_Random|End (Challenge #17)
    Eternal Drfiter|End (Challenge #10)
    jayjinde|End (Challenge #4)
    Aweshucks|End (Challenge #6)
    The Wanderer|End (Challenge #22)
    Ragnarokalex|End (Challenge #11)
    Matezoide|End (Challenge #15)
    Objection|End (Challenge #3)
    Matezoide|End (Challenge #16)
    Crystaline|End (Challenge #1)
    [subreffing] Matezoide|End (Challenge #19)
    Someoneelse|End (Challenge #9)
    Birkal|End (Challenge #10)
    youngjake93|End (Challenge #2)
    [subreffing] Mulan15262|End (Challenge #6)
    Texas Cloverleaf|End (Challenge #12)
    [subreffing] S0L1D G0LD|End (Challenge #2)
    akela|End (Challenge #13)
    Avnomke|End (Challenge #2)
    starwarsfan|End (Challenge #5)
    Geodude6|End (Challenge #14)
    Dogfish44|End (Challenge #15)
    cbrevan|End (Challenge #1)
    epicdrill|End (Challenge #3)
    Matezoide|End (Challenge #24)
    jayelt413|End (Challenge #2)
    Geodude6|End (Challenge #21)
    Texas Cloverleaf|End (Challenge #15)
    smashlloyd20|End (Challenge #3)

    Battle Pike (open)
    Complications (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Orcinus Duo (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Leethoof (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Alchemator (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    SubwayJ (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    [subreffing] Wobbanaut (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Texas Cloverleaf (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Lord Jesseus (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Pwnemon (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Lord Jesseus (Bronze)|End (Challenge #2) (incomplete: subreffed)
    waterwarrior (Bronze)|End (Challenge #2)
    Wobbanaut (Bronze)|End (Challenge #2)
    LouisCyphre (Bronze)|End (Challenge #2) (incomplete: subreffed)
    EspyOwner (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    UllarWarlord (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    waterwarrior (Bronze)|End (Challenge #3)
    Wobbanaut (Bronze)|End (Challenge #3)
    Engineer Pikachu (Bronze)|End (Challenge #2)
    DarkSlay (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1) (via DQ)
    Wobbanaut (Bronze)|End (Challenge #4)
    SubwayJ (Bronze)|End (Challenge #2)
    EndQuote (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Orcinus Duo (Bronze)|End (Challenge #3)
    Frosty (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Pwnemon (Bronze)|End (Challenge #3) (via DQ)
    Its_A_Random (Bronze)|End (Challenge #3)
    The Royal Guard (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Dogfish44 (Bronze)|End (Challenge #2)
    Glacier Knight (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1) (via DQ)
    TheWolfe (Bronze)|End (Challenge #1)
    Texas Cloverleaf (Bronze)|End (Challenge #4)

    Battle Subway (open)
    Singles Line:
    Athenodoros|End (Challenge #6, battles 1-4)
    TheWolfe|End (Challenge #2, battles 1-2)
    Flamestrike|End (Challenge #2, battles 5-8)
    Gerard|End (Challenge #5, battles 1-2)
    Someoneelse|End (Challenge #2, battle 1)
    Aweshucks|End (Challenge #2, battle 1)
    Cube|End (Challenge #1, battle 1)
    [subreffing] AOPSUser|End (Challenge #3, battles 1-4)
    Rediamond|End (Challenge #4, battle 1)
    Mylo Xyloto (Challenge #1)
    zarator|End (Challenge #1, battles 1-4)
    Someoneelse|End (Challenge #3, battles 1-3)
    The Wanderer|End (Challenge #7, battles 1-4)

    Doubles Line:
    [subreffing] Ragnarokalex|End (Challenge #3, battles 1-4)
    SubwayJ|End (Challenge #1, battles 1-4)
    Geodude6|End (Challenge #1, battles 1-4)

    The Legend Run (open)
    [subreffing] Gale Wing Srock|End (Mysterious Cove)
    [subreffing] Geodude6|End (Black Sulphur Caldera)
    Matezoide|End (Mysterious Cove)
    Gale Wing Srock|End (Enchanted Meadow)
    [subreffing] Zekrom2525|End (Black Sulphur Caldera)
    [subreffing] Gale Wing Srock (Timeless Tower: Ice Spire)
    [subreffing] Birkal|End (Almaz Mine)

    Simulator (open)
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2016 at 4:38 PM
  7. TheMogRunner


    May 4, 2011
    What? I hav to do this again? mmm... kk

    TheMogRunner (or TMR or Mog)

    Time Zone: North American Eastern Time Zone
    Availability: 12pm-10pm might take me awhile to post, be patient. Tuesday is my best day to do flash match, and Friday sucks for me.
    Mood: Happy
    Prefers Singles (who doesn't?)
    15Galladiator vs The Wanderer
    14C$FP vs Complications
    13Yarnus of Bethany vs waterwarrior
    12Son of Shadoo vs jas1292
    11Yarnus of Bethany vs The Wanderer
    10Sub reffing, SoS vs Temperantia
    9Ice-eyes vs The Wanderer
    8waterwarrior and King Serperior vs. Axmaster and Maxim
    7lucarioisawesome vs Maxim
    6the dead mans oddysey vs. Ice-eyes
    5The Wanderer vs. Gerald
    4dragonboy52 vs. Darkaxis
    3The Wanderer vs. lucarioisawesome
    2Galladiator vs. Spenstar
    1pimpgangster vs. Spenstar

    Current reffing status: 3/5
  8. Daenym


    Jan 10, 2008
  9. SubwayJ


    Dec 16, 2011
    I'd like to give this reffing thing a try.

    Name: SubwayJ
    Time zone: EST gmt-5 EDIT: Now Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4)
    Availability most weeknights from 4-9 weekends- inconsistent

    Currently Reffing (open)

    Completed Battles (open)
  10. AOPSUser


    Dec 3, 2011
    I would like to give reffing a try

    Name: AOPSUser
    Time zone: Pacific GMC -8
    Availability: Whenever I have time

    Currently Reffing (open)

  11. Metal Bagon

    Metal Bagon

    May 27, 2011
    Ima back.

    Timezone: GMT +12
    General Availability: Varies.

    Current reffings (open)

    Completed battles (in order from top to bottom) (open)

    XVIcaliber vs rewindman 2v2 singles
    Blazikenmaster-Zeo vs Romeert 2v2 singles
    Rising Dusk vs Simon Says 1v1 singles
    Doran Dragon vs Lyris1035 4v4 Doubles (Player DQ, 0 RC)
    Elevator Music vs Terrador 1v1 singles
    Agentzer0 vs Korski 1v1 singles
    SimonSays vs. iiMKUltra 3v3 Singles (sub-reffing for 5 RC)
    Chris Teke vs Rewindman 2v2 doubles
    Lightwolf vs Pikapwnd vs ShinySkarmory 1v1v1 singles
    Temperantia vs Arcanite 2v2 Doubles
    Objection vs Korski 4v4 singles
    Kaxtar vs Galladiator 3v3 singles
    Gerard vs Korski 4v4 singles
    Tortferngatr vs Toast Tyrant 2v2 doubles
    Rickheg vs Arcanite 1v1 Singles
    Albinoloon vs Nightrise 3v3 singles (player DQ, 2 RC)
    Kaxtar vs Nightrise 1v1 singles (sub-reffed for 2 RC)
    Alchemator vs Ragnarokalex 8v8 brawl
    Steampowered vs Solstice 1v1 singles
    Shinyskarmory vs Dummy007 3v3 singles
    Rezzy vs Orcunis Duo 3v3 singles (player DQ, 2 RC)
    New RC rule made at this time, all matches after will comply with new RC rules.
    Niggly vs Endquote
    Amarillo vs Woodchuck 2v2 singles
    Texas Cloverleaf vs iiMKUltra 6v6 singles (sub-reffing for full RC compensation)
    Solstice vs Leethoof 6v6 singles (sub-reffing for full RC compensation)

    Total RC earned: 131
    Total RC up for grabs in current matches: 0
  12. Stratos

    Stratos No one remembers the names of the trampled flowers
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Smogon Social Media Contributoris a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributoris a Tiering Contributoris a Contributor to Smogonis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus
    Visual Media Head

    Aug 26, 2010
    I would like to try being a ref!

    Name: Pwnemon
    Timezone: GMT -5 (East coast USA)
    General Availability: usually from 6 PM onward-ish, all the time weekends

    current reffings (open)

    Past Reffings (open)
  13. Yarnus of Bethany

    Yarnus of Bethany

    Mar 5, 2010
    I now have too many battles to not get one of these.
    Time zone: Mountain
    Availability: Random
    I don't feel like showing my past reffings; I get better every day.
    Ongoing Reffing (open)
  14. Wobbanaut


    Feb 29, 2012
    I would like to be a Ref

    Timezone - +5:30
    Availability - Random but will keep up to DQ time
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    Ongoing Battles
  15. smashlloyd20


    Aug 7, 2010

    Timezone: GMT -4
    Availability: I can hold deadlines of 2 Day DQ. Anything past that, no promises.

  16. Argetlam


    Apr 7, 2012
    Reffing Profile go

    Timezone: GMT -5
    Availability: With school and tennis, most the time not able to get on until about 5pm my time, game days, closer to 7. So short DQ's aren't for me. Weekends vary a lot

  17. Ziposaki


    Jun 14, 2011
    3rd time's the charm?

    Timezone: GMT -6, CST.
    Availability: Everyday (barring sickness and stuff like that), though most active on weekends.
    Willing to Ref: No triples, brawls, melees, or especially complicated arenas.

    Battle Format (open)

    Name (Nickname)

    Name (Nickname)


    Round (insert round number here) - (insert round title here)

    Insert flavor here.

    Calculations (open)

    End Round (insert round number here)


    Name (Nickname)

    Name (Nickname)
  18. Complications


    Aug 20, 2011
    Notes: My Current Battles and Completed Battles lists are horribly uppity of date. However, from this edit on expect them to be better.
    Availibility: Most days (Unless Marching band prevents it ;P)
    Time Zone: -4:00 GMT
    Battles Reffing:

    Battles Reffed:
    IAR vs. SoS (open)

    The Royal Guard vs. Wobbonaut 2 (open)

    The Royal Guard vs. Wobbonaut (open)

    King Serperior vs. Lady Salamence (open)

    King Serperior vs. AOPSuser (open)

    Yarnus of Bethany vs. The Wanderer (open)

    SubwayJ vs. Frosty (open)

    Pwnemon vs. MK Ultra (open)

    Rediamond vs. Yoshinite (open)
    Rediamond vs. Yoshinite

    Matezoide vs. MrcRanger97 (open)

    Rediamond vs. Yoshinite (open)

    Texas Cloverleaf vs. Box (open)

    SubwayJ vs. UllarWarlord (open)

    Biobizbarto vs. UllarWarlord (open)

    Hall Challenge: Pwnemon (open)

    Glacier Knight vs. Classical (open)

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    UC: 12
  19. Classical


    Apr 27, 2012
  20. Imanalt

    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 26, 2010
    I guess i'll try and start reffing
    Timezone: est
    generally on in most afternoons and evenings

    Current reffings:
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    Completed reffings:
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  21. Aweshucks


    Mar 25, 2012
    Timezone- EST
    Availability- varies. I will usually be very available, but there may be times where I won't have internet access for a few days. I will make sure I don't sign up for any matches that may conflict with those times

    will update with current/past matches once there are any
    Current Reffings (open)

    Past Reffings (open)

  22. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    I am willing to learn and get into this. I severely need UC fast, and this looks like the best way to get it.

    Timezone: GMT -5
    Availability: I am on and off of Smogon randomly, but I come here daily. As long as I can access a computer that has not blocked off Smogon, I'll be here!

    Current reffings (open)

    Past Reffings (open)

    None >.>
  23. nyttyn

    nyttyn Yamaxanadabbadoo
    is a Forum Moderator

    Sep 8, 2010
    Last edited: May 2, 2015
  24. Eternal Drifter

    Eternal Drifter

    Apr 11, 2012
    Name: Eternal Drifter (Also known as: Walker, Eternal, Drifter, and ED)
    Timezone: Pacific (US & Canada) (GMT -08.00)
    Availability: Unknown
    Currently Reffing:
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    Completed Battles Reffed:
    Show Hide

    King Serperior vs. Maxim (Subref; Cancelled)
    Glacier Knight vs. Gerard (Original Ref; Flavor Match; Original Arena; Cancelled)
    Orcinus Duo vs. Kaxtar (Original Ref; Cancelled before posted)
    Glacier Knight vs. Imanalt (Original Ref)
    Glacier Knight vs. Pwnemon (Original Ref)
    EspyOwner vs. rickheg (Original Ref; Flash)
    Its_A_Random vs. danmantincan (Original Ref)
    Kaxtar vs. Imanalt (Original Ref)
    Zarator vs. The Royal Guard (Subref)
    The Icy Forest (Original Ref)
    yoshinite vs. Objection (Original Ref; Cancelled)
    SubwayJ vs. Dogfish44 (Original Ref)
    Its_A_Random vs. AOPSUser (Original Ref)
    UllarWarlord vs. Elevator Music (Original Ref)
    Elevator Music vs. Its_A_Random (Original Ref)
    waterwarrior vs. DFrog (Original Ref; Flash)
    someoneelse vs. DFrog (Original Ref)
    Its_A_Random vs. Objection (Original Ref; Called for Subref)
    TheWolfe vs. Rediamond (Subref)
    waterwarrior vs. The Wanderer (Original Ref)
    Realm of the Forgotten Demon King (Original Ref; System Testing)

    Referee Credentials:
    Adventure Battle Ref
    Battle Pike Ref
    General Ref
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2013
  25. Sound


    Feb 18, 2012
    As I've noticed a lot of battles going through the tower without being reffed, I'd figured I would help out the effort. I may not be the most experienced, but reffing is primarily numbers, flavor, and looking stuff up. I'm great at math, and I'm a semi-good writer. The third isn't too hard.

    Name: Sound
    Timezone: EST (GMT -5)
    Availability: I can get on at least once a day, generally much more.
    Currently Reffing (open)


    Finished Reffing (open)


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