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Other Metagames Index
Playable on Main Server
*challenge only

Both sides bring three Pokemon to battle, and only send out one each. This metagame moves quite quickly and centers around offense. Self-KO moves, Swagger, Soul Dew, Kangaskhanite, and Focus Sash are banned. Species Clause is turned off.

2v2 Doubles*

Based on standard Doubles, both sides bring four Pokemon but only send out two on each side. These two Pokemon battle against the opponent's two Pokemon; the user to defeat both of the opponent's Pokemon win. Self-KO moves are banned from this metagame.

(Almost) Any Ability / AAA

Give almost any ability you want with a few exceptions. A few abilities and Pokemon are banned, see thread for the full list.

Anything Goes

Anything Goes is a metagame where players are able to use anything they want, as long as it abides with the game's rules.

All Pokemon's stats are changed to 100 across the board. Huge/Pure Power, Eviolite, Smeargle, Shedinja, and unique items that increase the attacks or defenses (like Thick Club) are banned.

Balanced Hackmons

Pick any ability or moves you want. Bans include no OHKO, Shadow Tag, Wonder Guard, Huge/Pure Power, Arena Trap, and Parental Bond. You also can't run an ability more than twice on your team.

Hidden Type*

Extra types are added to your Pokemon depending on the IVs that would determine the type of the move Hidden Power. For example, 31 IVs in every stat would add the Dark-type to a Pokemon. Three types are possible, too. For example, if you changed Keldeo's IVs required to produce the Ice-type, it would become Water/Fighting/Ice.

Inverse Battle Metagame

Inverts the type chart so ineffective moves become super-effective moves and vice versa. Ability immunities stay the same. Kyurem-Black and Snorlax are banned.


Build a team of 6 Pokemon that all share a common type. Mega Evolutions are allowed on their base form's team, so Mega Charizard X is allowed on a Mono-Flying team because regular Charizard is Fire/Flying, while Mega Pinsir is not allowed on a Mono-Flying team because it is only a Bug-type in its base form.

OU Theorymon (ladder discussion)

A project that asks "what if" when a new typing, move, or ability is added to a Pokemon. The Pokemon are swapped in and out after a few days.


Give any move you want that matches a Pokemon of the same type. For example, Keldeo learns all Fighting and Water moves. Pre-evolution type changes carry forward as well. Sylveon and Porygon-Z are banned. Darkrai, Deoxys-D, and Deoxys-S are unbanned.

Tier Shift

All Pokemon in the tiers below OU gain buffs to their stats, turning formally uncompetitive Pokemon into threats worthy of OU status. OU/BL are not boosted, UU/BL2 gain +5, RU/BL3 gain +10, NU gain +15, and PU and below gain +20.

Playable on ROM Server
*challenge only

Acid Rain

All four weathers exist at once, producing some strange outcomes to weather-related moves and abilities. Castform and Weather Ball are banned.


Accessorize is a metagame where several new items, or "accessories", are introduced. Each of these accessories will add or change the secondary typing and will give a 50 base point bonus along with a 10 base point penalty.

Burning Mon'

Every Pokemon is burned as they enter the battle field and stay burned the entire match. Fire-types are unaffected.

Custom Power

A metagame where the first moveslot's "type" changes according to the Pokemon's Hidden Power IVs.

EXTREME Tier Shift

In Extreme Tier Shift, it follows all rules of Ubers, and Pokemon in lower tiers get stat boosts in order to balance it out.

Follow The Leader

Every Pokemon on a team has access to ALL of the moves and abilities the first Pokemon slot on the team has, but they lose access to their own movepool and abilities.

Gods and Followers

Each team has one "God" and five "Followers". The Followers must share one type with the God. If the God faints, the Followers are afflicted with a Curse effect.

Got Talent
An unique metagame where moves are now separated into their contest conditions. Each move now uses the stat correlating with its contest condition for damage calculation such as Cool with Attack, Tough with Defense, etc.

Gift of the Gods

A metagame where a team gets one Uber that then distributes its stats to the corresponding teamslot. For example, Yveltal would give its HP stat to the Pokemon in the first slot, its Attack to the Pokemon in the second slot, and so on.

Head Start

Every Pokemon receives a "Gale Wings-like" ability that corresponds with their secondary typing, giving them priority on these moves.


Pokemon are able to inherit from other Pokemon and use their abilities and moves, but not their own unless they chose to inherit from themselves. Keldeo, Kyurem-B, Regigigas, Shedinja, and Slaking are banned. Inheriting Wonder Guard, Pure Power, Huge Power, Shadow Tag, Imposter, Parental Bond or anything from Smeargle is banned as well.


Itemize removes the species restriction on non-form changing items.

Mix & Mega

Pokemon receive typing, stats, and ability changes when using another Pokemon's mega stone. For example, a Pokemon holding Altarianite would receive Atk +40, Def +20, Sp. Atk +40, gain a secondary Fairy typing, and Pixilate.


Your team must consist of 6 Pokemon all from the same generation. Mega forms are considered to be from the same generation as their base form.

Nature Swap

In Nature Swap, a pokemon's base stats are swapped based on their nature. For instance, a Landorus-T with Impish nature will have his Defense and Special Attack swapped, with a new base 105 Defense stat and a new base 90 Special Attack stat.

Palette Pals

All Pokemon that share the same dex colour (this/these Pokemon are called "stat receivers") as the Pokemon closest to the 1st slot in the teambuilder (this Pokemon is called the "stat giver") get to share the stat giver's base stats.

Powered Up!

This metagame doubles the effects of all abilities. Specific abilities without effects able to be doubled do not receive a buff.

Protect: The Metagame

In this metagame, Protect and its variants do not fail with consecutive uses.


Changes the type of the first move in a Pokemon's moveslot to match its primary type, and changes the type of the second move to match its secondary type, if applicable.


A metagame where the move in the first slot has its base power determined by the happiness value, using the same formula as Return.

Stat Switch

Swaps the highest stat and lowest stat of each Pokemon. If there are multiple highest and lowest (so if both Attack and Defense are highest), they are switched together. For example, Keldeo's highest stat is Special Attack, which switches with its lowest stat, Attack. Another example, Regice, has two lowest stats (Attack/Speed), which both switch with its highest stat, Special Defense.


Give any move you want to Pokemon that are weak to that type(s). For example, Keldeo learns all Electric, Grass, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy moves in addition to its usual moves. Pre-evolution type changes carry forward as well and abilities are ignored when factoring weaknesses. Hidden abilities are released.

Type Reflectors

Teams are "monotype'd" by taking the primary type of the Pokemon in the first slot and adding it on as a new secondary type to all other Pokemon in the party, replacing old secondary types or giving Pokemon a new dual typing.

Playable, but not on ROM
*challenge only

350 Cup

An Ubers based metagame in which every Pokemon with a base stat total of 350 or less has its stats doubled. Eviolite, Light Ball, Thick Club, DeepSeaScale, and DeepSeaTooth are banned. Darumaka and Pawniard are also banned.


This metagame aims to figure out how well Pokemon fare without their immunities given based on their typing (i.e. burn immunity on Fire-types, Poison immunity on Steel- and Poison-types, etc.)


If hax can happen, it will happen: any move with a chance to miss will miss; every move that hits will crit; and every move with a secondary effect activates that effect. King's Rock is banned.


Hemiswap is a metagame where you "trade" half of your team to your opponent before the match begins. Think of your first three slots and your last three slots as separate "halves." Right before the match, Showdown! flips a metaphorical coin. Heads, it picks the first half of your team, tails, it picks the second half. Then, the Pokemon in that half are now a part of your opponent's team, and vice versa. Finally, the game progresses to team preview as normal.


There are variations of every type based ability.

Coded, but not playable

Ability Shift

All abilities are replaced with the next one alphabetically. For example, Protean becomes Pure Power.

Ability Unity

Pokemon that share the same type can now share abilities. For example, since Keldeo and Poliwrath have both Fighting and Water types, they can each use either Justified, Water Absorb, Swift Swim, and Damp. Huge Power, Pure Power, Parental Bond, Simple, Shadow Tag, Arena Trap, Fur Coat, Forecast, Flower Gift, Speed Boost, Prankster, and Zen Mode are banned. So are Slaking, Regigigas, and Archeops.

Alphabet Cup

Give any move you want to a Pokemon that share the same first letter. For example, Keldeo learns all K moves in addition to its usual moves. There is a limit to one Pokemon per letter (can't have both Keldeo and Kingdra).


Moves that have a chance to affect the foe/user have an equal chance to affect the user/foe.

Highest Stat Meta / HSM

Only Pokemon that share the same highest stat can be on the same team. For example, Keldeo can be on a team of other Pokemon that have Special Attack as their highest stat. Pokemon with multiple highest stats are usable on multiple corresponding teams. For example, Ninetales is usable on both Speed and Special Defense teams because those are both its highest stats.


A metagame that is similar to the Link Shop in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, the first two moves of a Pokemon's set are linked into one.


Only Pokemon with every stat less than 100 are eligible. Huge/Pure Power and Clefable are banned.


Based on Ubers, you can have more than 1 Mega Evolution per team and they can be used without their mega stones. The Mega Mewtwos and Mega Gengar are banned.


Every type gets an -iate ability and every Pokemon receives one based on their primary type. For example, all primary Ice-types gain Refrigerate plus what ability they usually have.

Middle Cup

Only middle evolution Pokemon are eligible and play is set at level 50. Eviolite is banned.


You can no longer use items, abilities, natures, EVs, or IVs. It's Pokemon plain and simple. Slaking and Regigigas are banned.

No Guard Galaxy

All moves have perfect accuracy just like the move Swift.


No status moves are allowed.

Protean Palace

All Pokemon receive the ability Protean alongside the ability they usually have.

Same Type Stealth Rock

Stealth Rock is now the same type as the primary type of the user. For example, if Skarmory uses the move, it will be the Steel-type.

Unreleased OU

"Frees" current unreleased items and Pokemon such as Gems.

VoltTurn Mayhem

Every move forces the user to switch, like U-turn or Volt Switch.

Not Coded / Hosted

1v1 Reversed

Essentially this is the same as 1v1, but instead of picking what move to use, you pick what move your opponent will use (against you).


In 400, all Pokemon that have a Base Stat Total of 400 or less gets access to any move in the game. This creates for some wild combinations such as Shift Gear Beedrill, Perish Song Gothorita, and even Spore Sableye! Only OHKO moves are banned in this metagame.

AAA Ubers

An Ubers-based version of AAA. Simple, Contrary, Fur Coat, Huge/Pure Power, Speed Boost, Imposter, Shadow Tag, Arena Trap, Parental Bond, Wonder Guard, and Sturdy Shedinja are banned.


All Pokemon will only have one type, their primary if they are regular and their secondary if they are shiny, and all Pokemon will resist the type they lost. All Pokemon have the ability Adaptability hard-coded. For example, Sableye will have both Prankster and Adaptability.

All Stars

Teams must consist of 1 OU, 2 UU, 2 RU, and 1 NU Pokemon.


Give any ability you want to a Pokemon that share the same first letter. For example, Keldeo learns all K abilities but no longer can used Justified. Huge/Pure Power and Moody are banned. Mega evolutions keep the ability of their base form.

Atk-Def Equality

The highest stat between Attack and Defense becomes the new stat for both. Same with Special Attack and Defense. For example, Keldeo has a Special Attack of 129, which is higher than its Special Defense of 90, so both stats are now 129. The process is repeated for Attack/Defense.

Base Power Damage

Move's base damage hits for that set amount. For example, High Jump Kick hits for a consistent 130 damage each time.

Basic Elements

Types are split into the three basic ones: Fire, Water, Grass.

Baton Pass Marathon

Regular switching is now treated like Baton Pass, so boosts remain permanent until the chain is broken. Perish Song and status moves that lower Accuracy are banned.

Battle Stance

Pokemon receive the Aegislash-effect where, when they attack, they change into offensive forms; when they use Protect variants they are brought back to defensive form.


The move you KO your opponent with is depleted of all of its PP, similar to the effects of the move Grudge.

Binary Battles

Binary Battles is inspired by the triples format, where you have three Pokemon fighting at once. However, when the central Pokemon is left out, the sides will basically fight two battles at the same time, as long as they don't have any Flying- or Pulse-moves. This OM takes this concept a little further, removing the aspects specific to triples (Flying-type moves hitting the other side, Quick Guard, etc.This basically allows two single battles to be played at the same time. The catch is that you still use 1 team, so you have 6 Pokemon to cover both battles. It's a challenge to plan over both of them and keep track of your Pokemon, so that they can keep covering the opponent. For example, you can take advantage of the Pokemon on the other side to make sure it can't cover the other side, or pressure both sides in a way that they would need to send out the same Pokemon on both sides!


Blindmons is a metagame where team preview is removed, the species and name of opposing Pokemon are invisible, and their first two moves are visible instead.


Priority brackets are shifted.


Pokemon change type to match their first two moves. For example, Keldeo with Hydro Pump and Secret Sword will still be Water/Fighting, but if it ran Hydro Pump and Calm Mind in the first two slots instead, it would be Water/Psychic.

Chart Shift

Type effectiveness is shifted one spot to the left on the type chart. For example, Normal is now weak to Poison and Steel, resists Fighting, Bug, and Dark, and is immune to Dragon.

Classic Elements

Types go back to Gen 3 mechanics and become either all physical or special. Fairy becomes Special.

Class Warfare

Types are separated into 4 unique classes, each with their own class advantage that acts as a Download boost, giving unique stat boosts dependent on the class of the Pokemon.


Doubles the time of field effects like weather and terrain, while also making field hazards disappear over time.


A metagame where Pokemon get a bunch of abilities based on specific "categories". Each category gives you ALL the abilities in said category so long as you pick one of the abilities in a particular category.

Contrary Doubles

In this metagame, all moves/abilities that are associated with a Pokemon's stats have their effects reversed (so kinda like Contrary). For example, in this metagame, Speed Boost will lower your speed by 1 at the end of each turn, and Screech will raise your target's Defense by 2. Status effects, such as burn and paralysis, also have their effects reversed. Burn now multiplies your Attack by 1.5, and paralysis has your Speed quadrupled. However, status effects such as Poison retain their same effect, since it isn't associated with stats.


STAB is now x1 while Different Type Attack Bonus, or DTAB, is boosted to x1.5, which means coverage moves are now stronger than STAB moves.

Cross Evolution

This metagame allows "cross evolving" which gives new stats and access of a maximum of 2 moves from an evolutionary lines' movepool as well as the final form's abilities. If the new evolution gains a typing, primary or secondary, the cross-evolved Pokémon will get it too (or replace its old type).

Enchanted Items

Every item now has an ability attached to them, allowing Pokemon to effectively have two abilities.

Field Control

The field effect put in place is now dependant on the Pokemon's nickname.

Field Plating

If a Pokemon is holding a plate, it will trigger an effect upon switchin. For example, if a Pokemon is holding a Sky Plate Rain will trigger, and if a Pokemon is holding a Mind Plate Trick Room will trigger.

Final Breath

Pokemon will only faint at the end of a turn, even if their HP is at 0.


A weather based metagame with the idea that there is a set weather pattern throughout the match, switching after every three turns. The pattern is fixed, so players can predict plays accordingly.


Male Pokemon received a 1.2x boost to Attack and Defense and a .8x reduction to Special Attack and Special Defense. Female Pokemon receive a 1.2x boost to Special Attack and Special Defense and a .8x reduction to Attack and Defense. Genderless Pokemon are unaffacted.


Pokemon learn all moves that were introduced in the same generation as it and only those moves. For example, Keldeo can learn Quiver Dance, a Gen 5 move but it can no longer learn Surf, a Gen 1 move.

Gods Among Us

Gods Among Us is a metagame where all Uber Pokemon are nerfed and introduced into OU.

Happy Harvest

All Pokemon gain Harvest as a hard-coded ability. For example, Celebi will have both Natural Cure and Harvest.


All Pokemon receive a "Flying Press-like" move that corresponds to the Pokemon's primary typing.

Item Flip

Most items now have a flipped effect, such as an Assault Vest now boosting Defense by 1.5x, but the Pokemon can only use status moves.

Laws of Attraction

Pokemon are now able to trap Pokemon that correspond to their primary typing.

League of the Phoenix

League of the Phoenix creates a tally system which determines when a person loses. Check thread for more information.

Legal Mons

All Pokemon can have any formerly "illegal" move combinations, for instance Nidoking can now use Sheer Force and Lovely Kiss because Lovely Kiss was learned in Gen 2.

Little Cup Legends

All Legendaries receive a Little Cup match. This is a LC metagame with Ubers in it!


A metagame where the first 6 turns can often decide the outcome of the battle. Starting at Turn 6, every field effect and entry hazard are locked down meaning they cannot be gotten rid of. Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, Tailwind and Heal Block are unaffected.


No Mega Pokemon are able to be used.

Mega Mania

All Pokemon receive Megas with static increases. See thread for more information.


A metagame that takes inspiration from the Mega Man series. Each KO a Pokemon scores nets them the opponent's ability and the last used move by the opponent, the latter of which they can be kept until said Pokemon is OHKOed.


All Pokemon work off of the mechanics of the Generation they were introduced.

Mirror Move

Two of your Pokemon's moves are chosen in the teambuilder while the other two moves are copied from the opponent's moves. Imprison is banned.

Mood Swings

Natures either increase or decrease by 50%, versus the usual 10%.

Nature's Blessing

Pokemon receive an immunity based on the type resisting Berry they hold.

Negative Metagame

Stats are recalculated with a new formula [(New Stat)=150-(Old Stat)] and floored at 5. For example, Keldeo's new Special Attack is 21 (150-129). Smeargle, Huge/Pure Power, Light Ball, Thick Club, DeepSeaTooth/Scale, and Eviolite are banned.

No Ability Metagame

All abilities are removed so Pokemon must rely only on their stats and typing. Slaking and Regigigas are banned.

No Legends Pls

All "legendary" Pokemon (usually defined as only one existing per game, but not always) are banned. Blaziken, Kangaskhanite, Gengarite, and Lucarionite are still banned.


Types that are super effective against another type are now always inversely resisted. For example, since Electric is super effective against Water, it now resists Water. Old resists that aren't tied to super-effectiveness (e.g. Normal vs Rock) are removed.

Normal Balance

Normal-type effectiveness is re-worked, so their STAB is super-effective against Dragon and Fairy, and they resist Dragon and Fairy; they're weak to Psychic and Poison; and their attacks are not very effective versus Poison.


The Pokemon's highest attack stat determines if their moves are physical or special. For example, if you invest in Keldeo's Special Attack to make it the highest (between Attack and Special Attack), all its attacks will be special.


Each attacking move has a "Doom Desire / Future Sight" effect where they attack hits 2 turns later.

Partners in Crime

A metagame based on Doubles OU, but with a twist! The concept was that you "share" your moves and abilities with your partner. This means that you can use your partners moves (aka, eight moves will show up in the selection screen) and its abilities.

Passive Aggressive

All type-based passive damage, such as Leech Seed and the Burn status now deals damage based on the type chart.


All moves, abilities, and stats revert to or stay at their "peaks". For example, Blizzard had 90% accuracy in RBY, so now it will again.

Physical Special Swap

Physical moves become special and special moves become physical. Attacks that lower stats change to correspond with the new mechanics as well (Leaf Storm lowers Attack 2 stages.)


Poison is a metagame where Poisoning your opponents halves their Special Attack, similar to how burns half Attack.

Priority Cup

All moves with a base power of 40 or less gain priority. Moves already with priority are unaffected.

RBY 6.0

Everything is reverted back to Gen 1's mechanics and types (so for ex. no Dark-, Steel-, or Fairy-type moves and Pokemon).


A new formula is created where every move inflicts recoil. Click thread for specific details.

Reduced Hax OU

Certain mechanics are tweaked in an attempt to take luck down a notch without killing it completely.

Santa Showdown

The theme of this metagame is that no move actually has a set base power, it is determined by luck of the draw. Every time you or your opponent picks a move it is subject to randomization which produces an outcome. The type of the move will be determined by the original move it was supposed to be so Tackle would be Normal-type and Flare Blitz would be Fire-type.


All Pokemon gain access to any stat boosting move that only increases two stats maximum, like Swords Dance or Dragon Dance.


Give Sketch once to every Pokemon, which allows them to learn any move to fill that single slot.


In this metagame, every team slot (1-6) has its own stat boosts and reductions (2 each) that activate upon switch-in.


Trick Room is in permanent effect so what used to be very slow is now very fast.

Smogon Triples

Send three Pokemon out to battle at a time against your opponent's three. You each still have a full team of six. The banlist and clauses are OU-based with a few differences. Dark Void, Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-oh, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Giratina-O, Arceus, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem-W, Xerneas, and Yveltal are banned.

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed is a metagame in which each Pokemon borrows one move from each teammate adjacent to it in the team lineup to occupy its 3rd and 4th moveslots.


Priority brackets are entirely removed, and everything is reliant on Speed.


STABmons+ is a spin off of STABmons with less limitations and an Ubers environment.

Stat Preference

Shiny Pokemon's Attacks swap with Special Attack, and their Defense swaps with Special Defense. Non-shiny Pokemon stay the same.

Stat Split

A metagame in which your Pokemon has equal stats to each other. The catch is that it is decided by the average of each of your Pokemons base stats.

Status Hazard

Targeted status moves such as Fake Tears and Memento can become entry hazards if put in the first two moveslots.


The stats of every Pokemon are averaged together, so every pure Fire-type now has the same stat allocation. Dual-typed Pokemon are an average of their two respective types, so a Fire/Flying Pokemon is an average of Fire and Flying (which are averages of all Fire and all Flying types). Eviolite, Pure/Huge Power, Light Ball, DeepSeaTooth, DeepSeaScale, and Thick Club are banned.


Stockpile is added to non-damaging moves, and it is removed when used by an attack; however, the attack will be boosted depending on the Stockpile counter.

Suicide Cup Doubles

Based on Doubles, the goal is to KO your own team before the opponent. All attacks besides a typeless Dragon Rage and some support moves are banned along with Shedinja, the Alakazam line, Sigilyph, and Reuniclus.

Team Movepools

Pokemon share moves with each other in pairs on the same team. For example, if Keldeo and Thundurus are in slots 1 and 2, they can borrow from each others movepool, but not from anything else on the team. The pairs are 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and 5 & 6.


Every Pokemon can gain a Therian boost based on their IV spread (HP Ground for Landorus-Therian, HP Electric for Thundurus-Therian, and HP Flying for Torandus-Therian).

The Power Within

All Pokemon are able to run any move that they would like to as long as the move's type is the same as the Pokemon's Hidden Power type.

Tier 10

Pokemon must be obtainable by level 10. They can only have moves they learn via level up, breeding, and move re-learning.

Top Percentage

A metagame that changes the way a player wins. Instead of OHKOing all 6 of the opponent's Pokemon, a player must deal 400% damage to the opposing team.

Tormenting Spirits

Torment is put in place as a field effect every time a Pokemon switches into battle.


A Pokemon's ability is now replaced by a status move that is within the Pokemon's movepool, activating upon switch-in.


1-5 turns in a battle must be only status moves, but 6-10 are only attacking, and they switch as the battle progresses.

Type Bridge

Pokemon that share the same type can now share moves. For example, since Keldeo and Poliwrath have both Fighting and Water types, they can borrow from each other's movepool so now Keldeo can learn Ice Beam and Psychic.

Type CondensinG (TCG)

The 18 currently available types are condensed into the 11 types that are in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Type Control

Change the type of your Pokemon simply by nicknaming them. For example, if you want Keldeo to be Flying and Fighting, change its name to 'Flying/Fighting' on the simulator.

Type Cycle

Every type shifts to the right based on a chart shown in the thread's OP. This affects everything including moves, abilities, and Pokemon's typing.

Type Exchange

Type Exchange is a metagame where the typing of one Pokemon transfers over to the next Pokemon in the party. For example, if your first Pokemon is Manaphy, your second one is Hydreigon, and your third one is Charizard, Hydreigon is now Water-type and Charizard is now Dark/Dragon-type. Manaphy will be the type of the last Pokemon in the party.


Chose one type besides Normal and now your whole team has access to every move of that type.

Type OMlette

Type OMlette is a metagame in which a Pokemon's egg group is used to partially determine it's type.

Type Splice

Pokemon are classified by type. Every type costs as much as the amount of Pokemon it has in the National Pokedex in percentages. You can't go past 25% with the types you'll use.


Every Pokemon will receive a power boost in accordance to their weight.

Zero Sum Meta

A metagame where all damage you take your opponent also recovers and all health your opponent recovers you take.

Ability Balance

Ability Balance is a Pet Mod that takes unviable abilities and takes community suggestions that aim to buff the ability in some way, shape, or form. An example of a changed ability is Unnerve, which now lowers the opponent's Special Attack by one as the Pokemon switches in.


A mod that removes the Normal typing from Pokemon and moves and asks the community to help re-type them.


A mod that grants a new "stance" to each Pokemon. Each type is also given a variation of the move King's Shield, effectively making all Pokemon playable like Aegislash.


A mod that tries to make everything viable and "to make things that should happen, happen."

Ball Cup

A mod that turns Poke Balls into usable items. All other items are banned.


A mod that combines the best parts of Balanced Hackmons past and present.


A mod that tries to "break" every move.


A mod that tries to "break" every Pokemon.


The purpose of this mod was to make Pikachu as viable as possible in the OU metagame. Pikachuun succeeded.

Combo Battles

This mod creates combos with two or more moves used in a row to create new effects and change how the moves behave.

Effects Overload

A mod that changes the effects of moves, abilities, and items to new highs and lows. Some effects aremultiplied by 1.5, some are doubled, and some are squared.

Environment Change

New environments are introduced with many new buffs.

Five Items

Five items are reworked to introduce new methods of battling!


A mod where most Pokemon are nerfed, some stay the same, and a handful of terrible Pokemon get buffs so everything is viable in NU.

Fusion Evolution

A mod that fuses Pokemon based on community input.

Gen Wun

A unique Generation One metagame.

Hidden OU

Leaks, directly from Game Freak of a new generation!


Joim's mod!


A mod that attempts to correct Game Freak's reputation for trolling while also fixing a lot of things flavor-wise.


A mod that creates a whole new generation from scratch.


A mod where Pokemon get legendary formes with significant buffs.


All Pokemon are redesigned based on their letters of their names.

Level Balance

This mod changes the levels of every Pokemon to balance out their power, similar to random battles.

Little Cup Creationism

Fully evolved Pokemon are brought into a Little Cup format.

Little Cup Mega Evolutions

A mod based on LC, every Pokemon that can mega evolve gets a mega evolution for its lowest form with stat changes halved (+50 instead of +100). For example, Larvitar mega evolves into Mega Larvitar and changes into Rock/Dark with Sand Stream. Play is set at level 5.

Maximum Upgrade

A mod which "upgrades" moves to better, similar moves. For example, anything that learns Bulk Up now learns Coil, an "upgrade" to the move Bulk Up.


All Megas are revamped into new ones with new attributes.

Megas for All

A mod that gives every Pokemon a mega form based on community input.

Megas XNY

Every mega evolution is split into two, like Charizard and Mewtwo.

Minor Meta Modifications

A mod where users can take Pokemon from OU and buff them slightly so they're limited to the number of boosts they can receive (like stat changes, new moves, abilities, types, etc.)

Modest Evolutions

Mega Evolutions are changed into regular evolutions.

More Weather

A mod that aims to give each type a custom weather


A mod that aims to make every Pokemon NU viable.

No! More! Levitate!

Levitate is now an intrinsic quality instead of an ability, so new abilities are given to Pokemon that normally had the ability Levitate. Other Pokemon may be affected, too.

Noble Items

A mod that tries to make every item competitive.

Nonsense Theorymons

Theorymons, but without flavor holding back your creativity!

NU 2.0

NU Pokemon all receives buffs to make them more worthy in higher tiers.


A mod that codes every Pokemon's abilities together simultaneously, effectively giving them multiple abilities.

Pokemon Minus

A mod which seeks to make every Pokemon S-rank viable in Ubers.

Pokemon Restyle

Pokemon are revamped in a CAP-like matter.

Power Creep

A mod where mechanics are changed so offense is stronger, defense is hardier, critical hits are tweaked, and priority moves are reworked, too, among other changes.

Primal De-Evolution

Orbs affect all Pokemon now, dependent on their typing.

Project DPP

A mod that attempts to turn Gen 6 back into Gen 4-like metagame.

Secondary Weakness Typing

Pokemon lose their secondary type, if any, and have it replaced with a new type that they're weak to. For example, Keldeo loses its Fighting type and gains a new Grass type. New moves may be added to movepools as well.

Signature Moves

A mod designed to give every Pokemon a custom signature move.

Size Matters

A mod where you can give almost every Pokemon a Small, Average, Large, and Super size, just like Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist.


Skill is entirely made into the metagame, making all Pokemon 100% competitive.


A mod that gives all moves a buff when used by a Pokemon of the same type.

Steps to a Better Metagame

A mod that adds five small changes each month after discussion and voting. The changes rollover month to month.

Super Staff Bros: OM Edition

A spin-off from the popular Seasonal, Super Staff Bros, that includes auth from the OM room on Pokémon Showdown!.


A mod in the new generation style that adds new Pokemon, types, abilities, moves, and mechanics.

The Colosseum

Implements moves from Pokemon XD.

The Complete Pokedex Project

In this mod, every Pokemon that doesn't already receives a 3-pokemon evolutionary line created by the community.

The Lost World

In this mod, every fossil Pokemon will receive a new sub-typing replacing Rock, as well new stats, abilities and moves for them to carve out a potent niche in OU. The aim is to turn them into S/A-rank threats with a unique playstyle.
Playable on the Aqua server.

The Next Type

A project where new types and moves are created with community input. Pokemon and moves may get retyped for flavor purposes.

The Signature Meta

A mod that aims to give every Pokemon its own signature ability.

Three Type 'Mons

A mod that allows Pokemon to have up to 3 types while also adjusting stats, abilities, and movepools.

TM Revamp

A mod that replaces the "bad" TMs with better moves.

Tubular Mod

A Pet Mod that aims to balance out OU through various changes.

Type Attributes

Pokemon receive unique "attributes" depending on their typing.

Type Buff Mons

A mod that gives stat boosts and new attacks to every Pokemon of a particular type. For example, all Normal-types get +20 Attack and +20 Special Attack. This only applies to the primary type.

Type Enhancements

Types receive stat buffs.

Ubers Tamed

A mod that aims to decrease Uber-level threats to OU levels by nerfing stats, movepools, abilities, etc.

Undiscovered Types

A mod that aims to make every possible type combination a reality.


Snaquaza's personal Pet Mod, where Pokemon as a whole is changed.

Violet Version

A gen one mod that aims to tweak existing aspects of the game and make the format a gen one environment.
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Other Metagames Archive Index
100 Little Cups

Based on LC rules and Pokemon, 100 Little Cups is a metagame that takes all LC Pokemon and makes them Level 100; essentially a Level 100 metagame versus the normal Level 5 metagame. Fixed damage moves are also unbanned because nothing is bothered by them anymore.

A TM Meta

Pokemon have access to ten packs of TMs, and all receive one bitcoin to purchase just one pack. In these packs are custom TM sets that replace the Pokemon's existing TMs. Pokemon may not use normal TMs in this metagame. Normal moves are allowed regardless of pack that is chosen.

Ability Exchange

In Ability Exchange, Pokemon are able to swap the abilities among their teammates. For example, Keldeo and Machamp are able to trade Justified and No Guard, but only once; Keldeo is unable to give Justified to any other Pokemon on the team after this switch.

Ability Match

Each type is given a pool of 10 abilities to use but can no longer use its normal abilities. For example, Keldeo can use any ability in the Water or Fighting groups but can no longer use Justified. Slaking, Regigigas, Archeops, Wobbuffet, Gengar, and Smeargle are banned.

All RBY & GSC Moves

Moves from Generations I and II are transferable now, including moves from the New York Pokemon Center. For example, Snorlax can learn Lovely Kiss again.

Attitude Adjustment

Natures are paired up with types so the standard +10%/-10% is changed to +20%/-20%. For example, all Adamant Grass-types get a +20%/-20% boost/decrease to Attack/Special Attack while all other Adamant types stay the same.


Each attack's base power is recalculated based on the number of letters in its name. Letters and spaces all have a value of 8, so a move with four letters like Surf now has 32 base power and the move High Jump Kick has a base power of 112. Priority moves are capped at 80 except Extreme Speed, which is capped at 100.

Clash of the Classes

4 classes are created out of 10 Pokemon each. You pick 1 class and can use any 6 Pokemon in that class to build your team.


STAB attack moves now get +0.5 priority and the multiplier drops to x1.3. Status moves are unaffected.


Pokemon are immune to their own types. For example, Keldeo takes no damage from Water and Fighting attacks.


The move Imprison becomes a permanent, automatic field effect so you can't use moves that the opponent's Pokemon knows.

Last Bastion

A metagame based on a move, Last Bastion, from Pokemon Conquest.


The power points of every move are reduced so the lowest PP is 2 and the highest is 10. Pressure is banned.

Mega REvolution

One Pokemon per team can mega evolve into almost any mega forme of your choice. The base forme must have a HP stat of 110 or less. Smeargle can't mega evolve. Only regular base formes can mega evolve into megas with Pixilate, Refrigerate, and Aerilate.


Each Pokemon is assigned to two others so that they can share movepools. For example, Keldeo and Kingdra share moves, but they both don't have to be on the same team to share. Pre-evolutions also gain their evolved forms' partners' moves.

Mergemons 2.0: Dex Merge

The same as Mergemons, but now Pokemon share via their location in the Pokedex instead of in the alphabet. Replaces Mergemons.

Mergemons 3.0: Merge Mania

Like Mergemons, Pokemon are grouped by two. This time, Pokemon receive abilities / moves from these Pokemon. This is the last one, we promise.

Mix & Matchups

The type chart is reworked randomly with new effectiveness for every type. Subject to change periodically.

Move Equality

All moves without priority are set to 90 base power and 100 accuracy.

Move Pass

Based on Little Cup, all moves learned by the final stage in an evolutionary line flow backward, so now Stage 1 Pokemon learn them. For example, Klink can now learn Shift Gear and Gear Grind because its final evolution, Klinklang, can.

Multitype Mansion

Every Pokemon receives Multitype along with its normal ability. If it carries a Plate, it can have the move Judgment.


Pokemon can no longer use any moves of the same type. For example, Keldeo can't use any Water or Fighting moves.

No Preview

Takes away the team preview mechanic therefore increasing the value of leads drastically.


Pokemon must attack with their weaker attacking stat plus the difference between the two attacks must be 50 or more. For example, Keldeo is eligible because the difference between Special Attack and Attack is 57 and it must only use its physical Attack. Hazards are banned.

OU Underdogs

All A or S rank Pokemon from OU are banned.


Pokemon cannot use attacking moves. Taunt, recovery-only moves (like Recover, Rest, and Wish), and Magic Guard are banned.

Physical Hidden Power

Pokemon have access to a new move called Hidden Force, a physical version of Hidden Power. Both Hidden Force and Hidden Power have 70 base power.

Playstyle Reversal

This metagame adds and reduces stat changes based on what moves your Pokemon uses. For example, all attack and setup moves will lower Attack and Special Attack, but raise Defense and Special Defense. All status moves will lower Defense and Special Defense, but raise Attack and Special Attack.

Pokemon Throwback

Takes one OM per month and sends it back in time to another generation, complete with type changes and old mechanics.


The base power of every attack inverts on a scale from 1 to 150, making formally weak moves powerful and vice-versa. Side effects of moves also invert, so for example, Superpower now raises Attack and Defense and Mud-Slap raises the target's Accuracy.

Pure XY

Only Pokemon that were available before Pokebank are eligible. Likewise, if Pokebank was required for an egg or tutor move or ability, it is ineligible.


All attacks used the turn after an ally faints have their base power doubled, similar to the move Retaliation.


Reverses the order of each Pokemon's stats, so HP and Speed swap, Attack and Special Defense swap, and Defense and Special Attack swap. Kyurem-B is banned. Genesect, Blaziken, Deoxys-D, and Deoxys-S are unbanned.


Every Pokemon's BST is scaled to 600 or as close as possible.


Every type "shifts" on the type-chart to become the type before it. For example, all Pokemon and moves with the Poison type shift into the Fighting type.

Six Move Battling XY

You can now teach 6 moves to every Pokemon instead of only 4.

Sky Battles

Only Flying-types and Pokemon with Levitate can battle. Grounded Pokemon (even with the Flying-type or Levitate) and moves (like Earthquake or Substitute) are ineligible.

Stat Exchange

Every Pokemon swaps its Attack with Defense and Special Attack with Special Defense.

Stat Split Metagame

The highest stat of each Pokemon is halved while the lowest stat is doubled.

Super Shuffle

Every fully-evolved Pokemon is paired with another and they trade types and movepools but keep their abilities and stats.

Super STAB

Mono-typed Pokemon now receive a 2x STAB modifier instead of 1.5x.


All Pokemon swap BST with another Pokemon starting with highest BST swapping with lowest BST. For example, Arceus and Sunkern swap BST then the stats are adjusted proportionately.

Technical Meta

Grants access to every current TM to all Pokemon. Hidden Abilities are released.


All Pokemon receive the ability Technician over their normal abilities. Any moves with a base power of 100 or more are banned.

Technician Tower

All Pokemon receive the ability Technician in addition to their other abilities. Any moves with a base power of 91 or higher (or moves that can reach base power 91+) are banned.
Playable on the Aqua server.

Test Subject

A project where a mechanic, ability, move, type, etc is transferred from one gen into another.


This format gives each player only 10 seconds each turn to pick their move and they can't use the cancel button. The format can be played across tiers and metagames.

Type RemiXY!

Every Pokemon is given two randomized types and a pool of moves to work with for each type. For example, Keldeo is now Fairy/Rock and can use 1 new Fairy and 1 new Rock move from said pool.

Weather Wars

Brings back the weather mechanics of BW.


Each Pokemon receive abilities randomly while keeping the same instances of old abilities. For example, there is only one Wonder Guard, just like normal. Also, Pokemon only receive the same number of abilities they had before, so since Keldeo only had Justified, it only gets one ability to replace it. Blissey had three, so it gets three new random abilities.
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