Sixth Generation Pokemon Analyses Index


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Hello! This thread is an index of every Pokemon preview and analysis created so far. In case you didn't know, Pokemon Previews are a sort of mini-analysis system created while we revamp our content management system. Until we get the new system online, this thread will serve as a way to find EV spreads and moveset selections for Pokemon, particularly Kalos Pokemon and new Mega Evolutions.

Please remember that the Pokemon previews are for pre-Pokebank OU, and thus might not be up-to-date!

NOTE: This post lists only the analyses that have been fully completed at this time. Please don't message me that you think a Pokemon should be on this list; I don't decide what's viable in the "OU list" and what isn't. I'm simply adding what's been completed as time goes on. You can find all our full-on analyses in progress being worked on here.

Once an analysis has been completed, just send me a PM and I can edit it in to this index.
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