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The primary purpose of this thread is to be a complete resource for CAP ASB referees of all experience levels. It will provide the tools necessary to ref in accordance with ASB regulations and act as a registration thread for ASB's individual referees.

People interested in reffing should first read through this entire thread to get accustomed to the mechanics of the game, and they should also participate in at least a few matches to get a sense of what is expected from a good referee. Once comfortable with the general goings-on of the forum, the next step is to create a referee profile in this thread that includes: 1) Name; 2) Time Zone; 3) Availability (including frequency and time spent); and 4) Links to battles currently being refereed (and ideally finished reffings as well). As referees post new battle threads and complete current reffings, they are expected to update their referee profiles.


Quick Links

Attack and Command List
Ability List
Type Description List
Berries, Herbs, and Signature Items
Battle Items
Major and Minor Status Effects
Stat Descriptions and Nature Effects
Critical Hits, Stat Boosters, and Combinations

Simple Questions, Simple Answers
Feedback and Game Issues
Implementation Announcements



03/17/2012: Combinations updated. Same Move combos have a reduced multiplier (1.75x instead of 2x), Contact mechanics added, Direct Recovery mechanics added.

02/11/2012: Referee Training Grounds revamped into Referee Resource Thread. Changes include: consolidating information, organizing layout, removing all outdated information, adding up-to-date information, eliminating the Referee Tutoring Program, updating the list of active referees, adding links to the DAT where appropriate, and rewording/adding/removing content for clarity.


Reffing Policy:

Every ASB referee will need to be deeply familiar with the following information in order to be accurate and effective with their reffings.

1. Referees are a central part of CAP ASB. To be a successful ref requires time, dedication, organization, and the ability to describe action over distances effectively. Each reffing post is expected to include the following:
  • A pre-Round summary of the competing Pokemon, including sprites, names, Items, current HP, current Energy, and any stat boosts or other effects relevant to the current standings.
  • An organized Action summary, including each Pokemon's Actions, the damage they caused to their opponent, Energy spent on each Action, and any other in-battle effects.
  • An End-of-Round summary of the competing Pokemon showing their standings after the Round of Actions is complete (this will become the pre-Round summary for the following Round).
  • An organized and labeled list of calculations and RNG rolls for each time they were required to referee the Round. We're all human, and posting calculations and rolls can help settle disputes easily, as well as prevent issues surrounding "why did my attack deal X damage?" questions. It also helps players evaluate how effective their attacks were, and can be used to plan their actions for future rounds.
  • A paragraph of prose writing that brings the hard math to life. This paragraph should aim to excite battlers and spectators alike and trigger their imaginations. You don't have to write a novel every time you referee a Round, but you are greatly encouraged to put as much into this part of your post as you can manage, as it's the most fun.
2. Calculate damage using CAP ASB's Long-Form Damage Calculator. Every non-fixed damage-dealing attack in the game will use this calculation to determine its final damage.

The damage formula is as follows:

[(Base Attack Power + STAB + Critical Hit + Attack Rank Bonus + Ability Effects + Field Effects - Defense Rank Bonus - Burn Effect) * Type Effectiveness] + (Stage Boost Difference * 2).

Base Attack Power: The Base Attack Power of an Attack. Most attacks in ASB have Base Attack Powers equal to their game values divided by 10 and rounded up. However a floor has been implemented on most attacks, resulting in no attack having less than 4 Base Attack Power. Check the Attack List for data on specific attacks, as they can have other effects on damage.

STAB: Same Type Attack Bonus. It provides +3 damage and -1 Energy Cost to moves a Pokemon uses that match its type.

Critical Hit: Adds 3 damage to any attack (before applying weakness and resistance). Critical Hits ignore Reflect and Light Screen and only apply stat boosts if positive boosts exceed negative boosts. Super Luck doubles the Critical Hit Stage of a Pokemon, and Sniper increases the damage dealt by critical hits to 5 instead of 3. The easiest way to determine whether or not a Critical Hit lands this is to use a Random Number Generator. Without any boosts or abilities, if a value lands on 625/10000 or below, the resulting attack will land a Critical Hit.

Attack/Defense Rank Bonus: Pokemon deal more damage based on the relevant Attack stat, and take less damage based on the relevant Defense stat. For each rank between 1 and 6, a Pokemon gets a Bonus of 1.5. For example, a Pokemon with Rank 4 Atk would get an Attack Rank Bonus of 4*1.5=6, while the defending Pokemon with Rank 2 Def would get a Defense Rank Bonus of 2*1.5=3. Any Rank above 6 adds 1 to the Rank Bonus instead of 1.5. For example, a Pokemon with Rank 7 Atk would get an Attack Rank Bonus of (6*1.5)+1=10.

Ability Effects: Guts, Hustle, Sturdy, and the like, applied from both Pokemon. Check the Ability List for specific information regarding how the various Abilities interact with damage calculations.

Field Effects: Weather effects on damage reflect in-game principles. Under intense Sunlight, Fire-type moves gain an additional 3 damage and Water-type moves lose 3 damage. Under Rain, it is the opposite. In a Sandstorm, Rock-types receive a Special Defense increase that reduces incoming damage from Special Attacks by 2.

Burn Effect: If a Pokemon is Burned, its physical attacks have their power reduced by 3.

Type Effectiveness: Effectiveness based on type. The table below shows the multipliers that are used based on a move's effectiveness.

4x super-effective: 2.25x
2x super-effective: 1.5x
Neutral: 1x
2x resisted: x/1.5
4x resisted: x/2.5
8x resisted: x/3.75

Stage Boost Difference: The differences in Stage Boosts brought on by attacks like Swords Dance and Bulk Up. For example, a Scizor with +2 Atk will do an additional 2*2=4 damage per attack. Stat drops work the same way; that same Scizor with -1 Atk will do 1*2=2 less damage per attack. Defensive stat boosts/drops are also taken into consideration here. For example, if Scizor is at +2 Atk and Whimsicott is at +3 Def, the Stage Boost Difference is calculated as (2*2)-(3*2)=-2 and so the attack will do 2 less damage than normal.

Damage Rounding: Damage is rounded at the end of the Round. This means that if in a Round, a Pokemon takes attacks of 16.5 and 14.5 damage, the total damage is 31 even. .5 is always rounded up. The only exception is that if a Pokemon is left at .5 HP or less at the end of an Action, that Pokemon is considered KOed.

3. Use the Random Number Generator. Never guesstimate a move accuracy or a critical hit. Using the RNG tool gives you a concrete way to determine probabilities in an objective manner. This number allows you to roll one die for all required effect rolls: use 625 for Critical Hit (1250 for high crit moves), and use Acc x100 for rolling moves. Also, an easy guide to how to roll the RNG: Anything below the threshold is a hit, anything above is a miss. For example: Hydro Pump has 80 Accuracy, so its hit threshold is 8000. Thus, a 6000 would be a hit, while a 9500 would be a miss.

4. Do not force a reorder when one makes illegal orders. Orders which cannot be performed are replaced by Struggle. All substitutions that are of a legal syntax activate, those which are of an illegal syntax or those which call a move which is illegal do not - but they still count towards the substitution limit.

5. Have fun. ASB is as much a spectator sport as it is a thrill for participants. Be objective and fair in your reffings, but don't feel you're constrained to game-like text like "Cacturne used Needle Arm, Geodude flinched." This is especially true when you factor in Arena effects or commands. Try to have realism in your physics.


Additional Rules:

Consecutive Move Use: Consecutively using attacks of the same name (Except Fury Cutter, Rollout, and Ice Ball which build in an effect like this), even between Rounds, will increase Energy Cost by four (4) multiplied by each additional use. (e.g. spamming an attack will cost its normal Energy Cost the first time, EC + 4 the second time, and EC + 8 the third time).

Extended Moves Information:
  • 2-Hit and Multi-Hit moves: 2-Hit and Multi-Hit moves use the cumulative Base Attack Power of all hits as the intial Base Power. Then damage boosts like STAB, Stat differentials etc. are applied to the cumulative base damage. Multi-Hit moves increase the number of guaranteed attacks by one (e.g. from 2-3 or 3-4) for each stage boost to a Pokemon's Accuracy. These attacks can also disrupt an opponent using a charge-up attack and cause the attack to fail.
  • "Sluggish": While a Pokemon doesn't have to take an entire Action to recharge after moves like Hyper Beam and Blast Burn, they will be unable to perform Protective Attacks (Protect/Detect), Evasive attacks (Agility, Teleport, Dodge) attacks with an Energy Cost higher than 5, and non-attacking moves with an Energy Cost higher than 8. Sluggishness lasts for one Action after a Pokemon uses one of those relevant moves.
  • Charge-Up Attacks: Attacks like SolarBeam and Sky Attack don't take two Actions to perform like in-game. Instead, the attacking turn of every charge-up attack has negative priority (without Power Herb), and these attacks can also be disrupted by 2-Hit and Multi-Hit moves, which cause the user to lose focus and the move to fail.
  • Vague Move Descriptions: If you see a move that would defy ASB physics, in-game logic, or something else, it's up to your imagination, however wide or limited it is, to determine its effect on the match you are reffing. For example, Fire Spin can be used to trap the foe in a small ring of fire and do damage if the trapped Pokemon tries to extend a physical attack through the flames. Pokemon can evade attacks with a move such as Dig or intercept and cancel out attacks with Rock Slide, Surf, etc. Battlers' "intended effects" (when posted clearly) or Roleplay-like Actions should be taken into serious consideration when reffing, but be sure to maintain your integrity as a ref and not let battlers stray to far into the realm of implausibility.
Bonuses (in terms of damage and effects): This is also up to your imagination, but don't get wild! Stay within the boundaries of the game. If Fire Spin doesn't burn, it does not burn. However, in a specific scenario such as trapping the user under hot lava with a Fire Spin, that could add in some more damage. Another example of this would be using a charge move such as Flame Charge or Flare Blitz at a Pokemon and sending it crashing onto a wall. This might cause the victim to receive additional damage (2-4, depending on how hard it was hit in your head). It may also cause the wall to be destroyed, causing some props to appear for use while also allowing more roaming freedom.

For effects, perhaps a user wants to let his Pokemon aim a Fire Blast at a wall to have a shot of breaking it down and slamming onto his opponent. Usually at weird scenarios like this, you can give yourself a 50/50 success or failure rate. Either Fire Blast will destroy the wall and cause havoc or it won't. It all depends on the flip of a coin. As for how much damage it will do if the move/command succeeds, it should do considerably more than what Fire Blast would have done in normal conditions (no sun), due to the creativity to even think of creating such a hazard. Just think about it: a wall falling and smashing onto the foe's Pokemon would definitely do about 18 damage due to the force and shock of the impact. It's also almost always a one-time use too.


Reffing Data Encyclopedia:

An Attack is any of the official Pokemon Attacks on the Attack List. A Command is slightly different. Commands can be issued as Actions in any battle that might take a sufficient amount of time or focus to accomplish. Commands can be anything from "create some distance from the opponent" to interactions with specific arenas like "pick an Oran Berry from the bushes." Depending on the complexity of the command, it is up to the referee to determine how much Energy is spent performing it. Some Commands, such as "Take Cover", "Chill", and "Dodge" are already codified and can be found at the bottom of the Attack and Command List for their official effects.

Actions: These are orders given by the trainers in a match. They will always be three orders per Pokemon, unless it is a Triple Battle or larger, in which case it will become two orders.

Rounds: Complete and legal Actions from both trainers are applied to the Damage Calculator, RNG, and referee discretion and posted by the referee in the battle thread.

Rather than a Signature Move system, CAP ASB focuses much more on the usage of combinations. Used correctly, combinations can turn the tide in tough battles. Combinations are allowed at the discretion of the ref, however any combination that makes some level of sense will likely pass the basic test of "can these moves feasibly be combined." Combinations occur on the first action they are used and the second action is a "cooldown" Action where the Pokemon is left vulnerable to attacks. The cooldown of a Combination is determined to take place on the Action immediately following the Combination, and can be spread across rounds. This means that a Pokemon may use a Combination on the final Action of a round, and the cooldown will occur on Action 1 of the next round. This also applies to rounds that end prematurely due to a fainted Pokemon.

Combination Effects:

There are two kinds of combinations. A combination of the same attack, and a combination of different attacks. Combinations of the same attack have multiplicative effects, Combinations of different attacks have additive effects.

Same Attack:
Base Attack Power = BAP * 2.25
Energy Cost = (EC + (EC+4))*1.75
Effect Chance = Effect Chance * 2
Stat Boosts/Drawbacks = Stat Boosts/Drawbacks * 2
Return Damage Multiplier = Return Damage Multiplier ^2
Recoil = Recoil * 1.5
Accuracy = (Accuracy^2) + Spe Modifier
Direct Recovery = Direct Recovery * 2.25
Contact = Yes if Contact Move is part of Combo

Different Attacks:
Base Attack Power = BAP 1 + BAP 2
Energy Cost = (EC 1 + EC 2) * 1.5
Effect Chance = Effect Chance 1 + Effect Chance 2 (for identical effects - different effects retain their usual effect chances).
Stat Boosts/Drops = B/D 1 + B/D 2
Return Damage - Return Damage 1 + Return Damage 2
Recoil = Recoil 1 + Recoil 2 / # Recoil Moves
Accuracy = ((Accuracy 1 + Accuracy 2) / 2) + Spe Modifier
Direct Recovery = Direct Recovery 1 + Direct Recovery 2
Contact = Yes if Contact Move is part of combo.

Combination Type (CT):

Combination type can alter based on how attacks are used, though most are cut and dried. Combination attacks take on the typing of whichever attack within the Combo has the strongest Combination Type. There are 6 Combination Types, in order of strength:

Set: Typing is such a fixed part of this attack it will override all other types.
Force: Typing defines the attack to such an extent it will override elements.
Elemental: Typing defines the attack as imbued with an elemental property.
Passive: Typing is part of the attack but is not definitive in its use.
Deferring: This attack is easily redefined by the qualities of other attacks
None: This attack summons other attacks and uses their properties, or otherwise cannot be combined.

In cases where the CT of both attacks used in a Combo is the same, then the typing of the attack is the same as whichever attack has the higher BAP.

Combination Priority:

Combinations often utilize moves of different priority levels. Here is a breakdown of how these priority brackets interact:

Priority 0 + Priority 0: -2

Priority 3 + Priority 2: 5 (ex. Fake Out + Feint)
Priority 3 + Priority 1: 4 (ex. Fake Out + Bullet Punch)
Priority 2 + Priority 2: 4 (ex. ExtremeSpeed + Feint)
Priority 2 + Priority 1: 3 (ex. ExtremeSpeed + Aqua Jet)
Priority 2 + Priority 0: 2 (ex. Feint + Crunch)
Priority 1 + Priority 1: 2 (ex. Bullet Punch + Mach Punch)
Priority 1 + Priority 0: 1 (ex. Bullet Punch + ThunderPunch)
Priority 1 + Priority -3: -2 (ex. Mach Punch + Focus Punch)
Priority 0 + Priority -1: -3 (ex. Body Slam + Bounce [Hit])
Priority 0 + Priority -2: -4 (ex. Brave Bird + Fly [Hit])
Priority 0 + Priority -3: -5 (ex. ThunderPunch + Focus Punch)
Priority 0 + Priority -4: -6 (ex. Icicle Crash + Avalanche)
Priority 0 + Priority -5: -7 (ex. Metal Burst + Counter)
Priority 0 + Priority -6: -7 (ex. Iron Tail + Dragon Tail)
Priority -1 + Priority 0: -3 (ex. Razor Wind [Hit] + Air Slash)
Priority -1 + Priority -6: -7 (ex. Vital Throw + Circle Throw)
Priority -1 + Priority -2: -5 (ex. Skull Bash [Hit] + Dig [Hit]
Priority -2 + Priority 0: -4 (ex. Dig [Hit] + Crunch)
Priority -2 + Priority -1: -5 (ex. Fly [Hit] + Sky Attack [Hit])
Priority -3 + Priority -3: -7 (ex. Focus Punch + Focus Punch)
Priority -4 + Priority -4: -7 (ex. Avalanche + Avalanche)
Priority -5 + Priority -5: -7 (ex. Mirror Coat + Mirror Coat)

Other Priority Combination notes:

Charge effects always occur during their normal priority, so Focus Punch will always charge before any other action. Sky Attack will still charge at +1, and Razor Wind and Skull Bash will still have their useful effects at +1 Priority.

Evasive Actions are moved down by the same level of priority as a the Hit phase, so Dig + Crunch will have the Evasive action take place at -2 and the Hit take place at -4 (e.g. it can evade Focus Punch and priority combinations that hit -3 priority) Body Slam + Bounce will take evasive action on -2 priority and hit at -3, potentially allowing you to evade a normal Dig, Fly, or 0 + 0 Combination, or worst case scenario evading or damaging vs. a Focus Punch.

Priority attacks used in combinations (e.g. Aqua Jet, ExtremeSpeed) only add half their Base Attack Power to a combination with a different move. The same priority move combined with itself will not suffer any loss in BAP. If two priority moves are used in a combination, only the Base Attack Power of the weaker priority move is halved. If both are the same power, only one of them is halved (e.g. Mach Punch + Bullet Punch has 6 BAP, not 4).
You must order an action for the action after the combination. In the event that you fail to execute the combination due to full paralysis, flinching, or another reason, ordering an action in the form of something like "Flamethrower + Fire Blast - Cooldown (Flamethrower)" gives your Pokemon a safety net if you would not actually cool down that action. If no action is ordered along with a presumed cooldown and the combination fails to be executed, then the Pokemon uses Struggle on that action instead.

Switch=KO Pokemon cannot be switched out during battle or they will be KOed. Moves that would initiate a switch effect on either side do not activate that effect. Instead they have been given descriptions for what they do in a non-switching battle on each Attack.

Switch=OK: At the end of each round, a trainer may switch their Pokemon. If they do, the Pokemon they send out must issue Actions first. The same trainer cannot switch on consecutive rounds unless an Attack like U-turn, Volt Change, or Teleport is used. Trainers whose Pokemon are returned through the effects of moves like Dragon Tail, Circle Throw, Roar, and Whirlwind do not have to move first the next round.

Voluntary switches occur only during a Switching Phase.

Switching Phases may only be initiated by the trainer moving first that Round. Instead of issuing Commands, the trainer may instead switch out his/her active Pokemon in exchange for ones in reserve. A Switching phase has only two possible outcomes:

1. Player A Switch > Player B Declines Switch > Player A Orders > Player B Orders.

2. Player A Switch > Player B Counterswitch and Orders > Player A Orders.

Combinations and Switching: If a Pokemon uses a combination on the last action of the round, it cannot switch until after it cools down unless forced out by an attack, including its own or an ally's. In such an event, the Pokemon will have to take its cool down action the first action it comes back in.

Tag Team Battles operate the same with both team members on the same team switching their Pokemon first. The team which performs the most switches in the switch phase moves first. (e.g. if both trainers on a two person tag team switch, but only one of their opponents does, their opponents still move second)

Melee Battles go through each trainer next in the order. Attack Order is then determined in the reverse order of trainers who switched. (eg. Trainer A initiates switch phase. Trainer B makes a switch, Trainer C declines to switch, then Trainer D makes a switch. The attack order would now be D > B > A > C. Because D was able to see the decisions of all other players, D is punished the most for deciding to switch after B switched and C declined.

Any Battle large enough to require orders via PM will automatically be set to Switch=KO

Before a match begins, battlers must agree on the maximum number of substitutions battlers allowed per set of actions. It is the referee's job to determine the legality of substitutions and to ignore them when they don't adhere to ASB's specific rules regarding substitution legality.

A substitution is most basically comprised of an IF (conditional) THEN (action) – if the conditional is true when the Pokemon moves, then whatever action follows will activate. Usage of the boolean operator AND is permitted and will not contribute to the substitution count, while usage of the boolean operator OR is permitted and will add one to the substitution count unless in a Frequency Clause. The conditional section of each substitution is made of Attack Clauses, Chance Clauses, KO Clauses, and Frequency Clauses, while the action section should have some argument related to the Pokemon's action set.

Most battles have two substitutions per action set, though sometimes you may see more or less.


Frequency Clause

A Frequency Clause has two functions: (1) to restrict the substitution or a clause of the substitution from activating more than a set number of times, and (2) to restrict the substitution or a clause of the substitution from activating outside of certain action numbers. The first function is achieved by adding the restriction in front of the entire substitution, or adding it in the action clause. The second function is achieved by placing the Frequency Clause immediately after an Attack, Chance, or KO Clause. It is impossible for boolean operators to be used in the first case, but, in the second case, using NOT is not permitted while using OR is allowed with no penalties, as the result it gives is identical to NOT but much easier to comprehend. Here are some examples in how to use a Frequency Clause:
  • [TWICE] IF (conditional) THEN (action)
  • IF (conditional) THEN (action, but only once)
  • IF (conditional on A3) THEN (action)
  • [ONCE] IF (conditional on A1 or A2) THEN (action)
Attack Clause

An Attack Clause is a clause that activates on one specific attack or command the opponent may issue. This conditional can only be triggered by the opponent's actions, but can trigger multiple times in the same round. Instead of substituting for specific attacks or commands, a battler may also use one of the following substitution classes to make substitutions easier:
  • Protective Moves: Protect, Detect
  • Evasive Moves: Agility [Evasive], Teleport [Evasive]
  • Protective / Evasive Move: Protect, Detect, Agility [Evasive], Teleport [Evasive]
  • Damaging Evasive Moves: Dig, Fly, Dive, Bounce, Shadow Force
  • Damaging Priority Moves: Aqua Jet, Bullet Punch, Extremespeed, Fake Out, Feint, Ice Shard, Mach Punch, Quick Attack, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Vacuum Wave
  • Multi-Hit Moves: Arm Thrust, Barrage, Bone Rush, Bullet Seed, Comet Punch, DoubleSlap, Fury Attack, Fury Swipes, Icicle Spear, Pin Missile, Rock Blast, Spike Cannon, Tail Slap, Bonemerang, Double Hit, Double Kick, Dual Chop, Gear Grind, Twineedle, Triple Kick
  • Damaging [Type] Moves: Covers all of Flamethrower, Lava Plume, Fire Blast, Ember, etc. under the umbrella of "Damaging Fire-type Move." Covers all of Psychic, Psyshock, Confusion, Dream Eater, etc. under the umbrella of "Damaging Psychic-type Move." NOTE: This Substitution applies to all attacks of a certain type that have a BAP, so moves like Rapid Spin and Knock off will trigger "Damaging Normal-type Move" and "Damaging Dark-type Move," respectively.
  • Damaging [Type] Combinations: All combinations that are of [Type] will activate the substitution. NOTE: A damaging [Type] combination activates a substitution for damaging [Type] moves.
  • Paralysis-Inflicting Moves: Thunder Wave, Glare, Stun Spore
  • Poison-Inflicting Moves: Poison Gas, Poisonpowder, Toxic
  • Sleep-Inflicting Moves: Spore, Hypnosis, Sleep Powder, Sing, Grasswhistle, Lovely Kiss, Dark Void, Yawn
  • Confusion-Inflicting Moves: Confuse Ray, Supersonic, Sweet Kiss, Teeter Dance, Swagger
  • Switch-Preventing Moves: Block, Mean Look, Spider Web
  • Trapping Moves: Fire Spin, Sand Tomb, Whirlpool, Magma Storm, Bind, Wrap, Clamp
  • Switch-Forcing Moves: Whirlwind, Roar, Circle Throw, Dragon Tail
  • Self-Switching Moves: U-Turn, Volt Switch, Teleport (Switch)
  • Healing Moves: Roost, Slack Off, Recover, Moonlight, Synthesis, Morning Sun, Softboiled, Heal Order, Milk Drink, Swallow
  • Status-Healing Moves: Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, Refresh
  • Lock-On Moves: Lock-On, Mind Reader
  • Attack-Reducing Moves: Growl, Charm, Featherdance, Memento
  • Defense-Reducing Moves: Leer, Tail Whip, Screech
  • Special Attack-Reducing Moves: Captivate, Memento
  • Special Defense-Reducing Moves: Fake Tears, Metal Sound
  • Speed-Reducing Moves: String Shot, Cotton Spore, Scary Face, Bulldoze, Icy Wind, Mud Shot, Rock Tomb, Electroweb, Glaciate, Low Sweep
  • Accuracy-Reducing Moves: Flash, Kinesis, Sand-Attack, Smokescreen
Only the battler issuing actions first may use an Attack Clause in substitutions. Usage of the boolean operator NOT directly preceding an Attack Clause is not allowed.

In the event that an arena effect would negate an effect of a move that caused it to be placed in a substitution class, the move will no longer fall under the umbrella of that substitution class for the duration of the match. Similarly, if an arena effect would add a property of a substitution class to a move that does not already possess that quality, then that move would be covered under that substitution class for the duration of the match.

Chance Clause

A Chance Clause is a boolean clause that activates depending on the success of a certain action(s) that occur during the round. If replacing the current action's attack with a new attack, the new attack's priority must not exceed the current one's, or else the substitution will be ignored. The following are examples of what may be used as a Chance Clause:
  • HP Value: "IF you have less than 27 HP," "IF you have at least 83 HP," and "IF you have exactly 51 HP" are all legal.
  • EN Value: "IF you have less than 27 EN," "IF you have at least 83 EN," and "IF you have exactly 51 EN" are all legal.
  • Missing an Attack: "IF Hydro Pump misses A2" and "IF Rock Slide misses Volcarona on A1 OR A2" are all legal.
  • Critical Hits: "IF Night Slash crits you on any action" is legal.
  • Secondary Effects: "IF Air Slash flinches" and "IF Fire Blast burns A1" are all legal.
  • Status: "IF you are asleep A2" and "IF you are burned" are all legal. "IF you are statused" is illegal.
  • Stat Boosts / Drops: "IF you are at -1 Spe or lower" is legal. "IF you win the speed tie" is illegal.
  • Substitutions: "IF none of your substitutions activate" and "IF the above substitution does not activate" are legal.
  • Other Effects: "IF you are Taunted A3" is legal. NOTE: "IF Bidoof uses Taunt A3" is an Attack Clause, but "IF you are Taunted A3" is a Chance Clause.
Both battlers may use a Chance Clause in their substitutions. Usage of the boolean operator NOT is allowed and will not give any penalties.

KO Clause

A KO Clause is another boolean clause that activates if an ally or opponent is KOed. These always follow the form "IF Cradily is KOed" or "IF Heracross is KOed on A2." If a substitution's conditional is comprised solely of KO and Frequency clauses, it will not count towards the substitution count. KO clauses are unlimited and so may be used as much as the battler would like.


The action section is much less variegated than the conditional section, mainly because everything in this section must be related to your Pokemon's action set in some way. The following operations and modifiers may be used in the action section and can be combined in several creative ways.
  • Replace: An operation that replaces your entire action set with a new one, e.g. "Replace your action set with Hypnosis – Dream Eater – Nightmare"
  • Replace / Instead on A[#]: An operation that replaces A[#] with the input, e.g. "Use Fire Blast on A2 instead" and "Replace Struggle Bug with Bug Buzz"
  • All Instances: A modifier used with replace, e.g. "Replace all instances of XXX with YYY"
  • Specific Instance: Specifically "First Instance," "Second Instance," "Last Instance," and whatever else instance you want. Similar to All Instances, but obviously only referring to one specific instance.
  • Push actions (back): An operation that permutes the set {A1, A2, A3} to {—, A1, A2} and the set {A1, A2} to {—, A1}
  • Push actions forward: An operation that permutes the set {A1, A2, A3} to {A2, A3, —} and the set {A1, A2} to {A2, —}
  • Keep (MOVE as) A[#]: A modifier used with pushing actions that removes A[#] which should be MOVE from the set, applying the operation, then inserting A[#] back into its original location, e.g. "Push actions but keep A3" activated on A1 will permute the set {A1, A2, A3} to {—, A1, A3}.
  • Switch AX and AY: An operation that switches two elements of the set {A1, A2, A3}, e.g. "Switch Leaf Storm and Power Whip" or "Switch A1 and A2"

Substitutions that are illegal by syntax will be ignored. Substitutions that are made illegal because the Action Section would change your action to a move that cannot be performed will still activate and cause your Pokemon to Struggle. Substitutions that exceed the maximum number of substitutions will be ignored; only the first however many listed will be taken into account.

Stat boosters/drops will work exactly as they do in-game, boosting as many stages as is stated in the attack. At the end of a Round (after the damage is calculated and applied to the opponent), whatever boost/drop a Pokemon has will be moved towards a zero stage boost, and any boosts/drops they would get from their 3rd action are moved forward to apply to the next Round:

+1 Stat Boosters/Drops (Meditate, Leer, Charge Beam, Close Combat, Low Sweep) last for the Round in which the move was used, as well as the following Round, before decaying back to zero if not locked.

+2 and +3 Stat Boosters/Drops (Swords Dance, Tail Glow, Overheat) have different rates of decay depending on which Action they were used:
  • Action 1/2 (Triples+): Moves one stage toward zero at the end of the current Round and continues this way until the stage boost reaches zero if not locked.
  • Action 2 (Triples+)/3: Moves one stage toward zero at the end of the following Round and continues this way until the stage boost reaches zero if not locked.
+1/+1 Stat Boosters/Drops (Bulk Up, Dragon Dance, Close Combat) have different rates of decay depending on which Action they were used:
  • Action 1: Resets to zero at the end of the current Round if not locked.
  • Action 2/3: Resets to zero at the end of the following Round if not locked.
For Speed stat boost, each stage boost multiplies the Pokemon's Speed by a factor of 1+(0.75*Level)) for positive boosts, or divides the Pokemon's Speed by a factor of 1+(0.75*Level)) for negative boosts, calculated using the Pokemon's base Speed stat. For instance, a 70 Speed Pokemon using Agility will wind up with 70*(2.5)=175 Speed, while a 70 Speed Pokemon slowed by Mud Shot will have 70/1.75=40 Speed.

Staus effects are powerful afflictions in ASB. Unlike in the cartridges, a Pokemon can be affected by multiple status afflictions at once.

Major Status Effects:


Burns are external injuries inflicted primarily by fire attacks. When a Pokemon is Burned, its physical attacks are reduced by three (3) Base Attack Power AND the Pokemon will lose 2 HP per Action.


Poison is an unnatural affliction that only deals damage to an affected Pokemon at the end of every Action. Poison can be compounded by additional toxins capable of Bad Poison in order to be made into a Bad Poison status effect, but Bad Poison cannot be reduced to the normal Poison level by any means without completely being cured.
  • Poison: Deals two (2) damage per Action.
  • Bad Poison: Deals one (1) damage per Action, increasing by one (1) each Round.

Paralysis has five levels, but all levels of paralysis decrease speed to 25% (0.25x). The level of paralysis indicates the chance of full paralysis on any given Action in a Round:
  • 25% Paralysis: Inflicted by Freeze Bolt, Glare, Lightning Strike, Stun Spore, Thunder Wave, and Zap Cannon.
  • 20% Paralysis: Inflicted by all 30% paralysis chance moves and the Static Ability.
  • 15% Paralysis: Inflicted by all 10% paralysis chance moves, the Effect Spore Ability, and Tri Attack.
  • 10% Paralysis: Not inflicted by any moves.
  • 5% Paralysis: Not inflicted by any moves.
Paralysis degrades by 5% at the end of each Round as long as the Pokemon is active that Round and also whenever a Pokemon is fully paralyzed and unable to move for an Action. If a Pokemon is hit by a stronger level of paralysis than the level it is presently at, paralysis will be renewed at the higher level.


Sleep has three levels of severity. With the exception of a few moves, whenever sleep is inflicted it has a 1/3rd chance of landing on each of the three levels, unless the attack always inflicts a certain level:
  • Light Sleep: If inflicted with Light Sleep, a Pokemon with Early Bird will wake up immediately. All other Pokemon will be asleep for one (1) action.
  • Deep Sleep: All Pokemon inflicted with Deep Sleep will be asleep for one (1) action.
  • Intense Sleep: Pokemon with Early Bird will wake up after one (1) action. All other Pokemon will be asleep for two (2) actions.
If a sleeping Pokemon is hit with a single attack that causes sixteen (16) or more damage, it will wake up immediately. If a Pokemon is switched while it is Asleep, it will return to its original level of Sleep.


Freeze has two intensities, each with a 50% chance of occurring when a Pokemon is frozen:
  • Light Freeze: The Pokemon will be frozen for one (1) action.
  • Deep Freeze: The Pokemon will be frozen for two (2) actions.
A Pokemon cannot be frozen while Sunny Day is in effect. Frozen Pokemon can also be thawed out when hit with one of the following attacks: Blast Burn, Blue Flare, Eruption, Flame Charge, Flame Wheel, Flare Blitz, Fusion Flare, Inferno, Lava Plume, Magma Storm, Overheat, Sacred Fire, Scald, Searing Shot, and V-Create.


Minor Status Effects:


When Attracted, a Pokemon has a 50% chance not to attack. Attraction can only occur between Pokemon of different genders. Each Attraction level has a 1/3rd chance of being selected when it is inflicted. Attract has three levels of severity:
  • Intense Attraction: Lasts for thee (3) Action.
  • Severe Attraction: Lasts for two (2) Actions.
  • Slight Attraction: Lasts for one (1) Action.
When a Pokemon is hit by an attack with more than 10 Base Attack Power, its Attraction stage is lowered. Attract is removed if the Pokemon is switched out.


When Confused, a Pokemon has a 50% chance to hurt itself in confusion. Confusion has three levels of severity, and each level has a 1/3rd chance of being selected when it is inflicted:
  • Intense Confusion: Lasts for four (4) actions.
  • Severe Confusion: Lasts for three (3) actions.
  • Slight Confusion: Lasts for two (2) actions.
When a Pokemon hits itself in confusion or receives an attack with more than 10 Base Attack Power, its Confusion stage is lowered by one. Confusion is removed if the Pokemon is switched out. When a Pokemon hits itself in confusion, its intended attack fails and it instead expends three (3) Energy on a four (4) Base Attack Power, typeless self-damaging attack (use Pokemon's Atk and Def stats for calculations). The Energy Cost of the originally called move is ignored.


How to Referee a Match:

1. The referee is responsible for starting a battle thread and transforming battlers' commands into both confident prose and accurately calculated results until the conclusion of the match. Battlers challenge each other and accept challenges in the Battle Tower. Once a challenge has been accepted, any referee can make a post in that thread to accept the match. When you accept a match to ref, please PM the two (or more) participants asking for their squads. Once all battlers respond with legal teams, you may post the OP of the battle.

2. When you post the OP, give an Arena description along with any introductory prose you wish. Then add the Rules regarding Size and Format of the match, Disqualification time*, Chill/Recover limits, Switches, Abilities, Items, and Substitutions (these should all be decided upon by the battlers before a ref accepts the match). Finally, post the battlers' teams (each Pokemon with its own set of Hide tags) and beginning turn order.

*If you have a specific schedule for availability, please post it.

3. TURN ORDER: Unless specifically stated otherwise by the battling trainers in the Battle Tower, the Turn order of any match is as follows:
  • The Match Challenger posts his/her first Pokemon with its Abilities/Item if applicable.
  • The Match Acceptor posts his/her first Pokemon with its Abilities/Item if applicable and issues their Actions for the Round.
  • The Match Challenger issues his/her Actions for the Round.
  • The Referee posts the results of the Round.
  • The Match Challenger issues his/her Actions for the next Round.
  • The Match Acceptor issues his/her Actions for the next Round.
  • The Referee posts the results of the Round.
  • The Match Acceptor issues his/her Actions for the next Round...
  • Continue along this pattern until the match is complete.
Resource: How to ref a 1st Round + Basic Reffing Pointers

4. At the conclusion of a match, it is the referee's duty to award the trainers and Pokemon with the various Counters they earned by battling (refer to Battle Tower OP for specifics). The referee can also award him/herself with Universal Counters, depending on the size and complexity of the match:

Referees will be compensated for their time based on the complexity of the battle. A battle must be fought to completion for any rewards to be claimed. Even though Double and Triple battles ostensibly end sooner, they require much more skill and time to ref, as they are taking into account 12 or 18 Actions each round.

Compensation for standard battles:

A "Battle" is defined to be Singles, Doubles, or Triples.

1vs1 Battle: 3 UC
2vs2 Battle: 6 UC
3vs3 Battle: 10 UC
4vs4 Battle: 15 UC
5vs5 Battle: 21 UC
6vs6 Battle: 28 UC

XvsX Battle:
(X + 1) * (X + 2) / 2, rounded down, capped at 100.

A "Melee" is defined to be a battle with more than two (2) trainers and/or a match whose format is above Triples.

Melee Battles [Cap - 25]: 1 UC for each Pokemon in the match + 2
Multiple Melee Battles [Cap - 25]: 1 UC for each Pokemon in the match + 2

Compensation for battles that end in Disqualification:

A referee shall be compensated for a match ending in disqualification based on the cumulative number of Pokemon sent out in battle. To calculate UC gain, input into the standard formula above the average number of Pokemon sent out by each team.

Rotation Battles count as a Singles Battle. A Disqualification can only occur after the first two Rounds of a battle have been reffed. If fewer than two Rounds have been reffed, the battle is cancelled and no Counters are distributed.

Compensation for battles that are Subreffed:

IF You were not the last referee THEN Payout =

FLOOR(Standard Counters for that Match * (Rounds Reffed / Total Rounds Reffed))

IF You were the last referee THEN Payout =

CEILING(Standard Counters for that Match * (Rounds Reffed / Total Rounds Reffed))


Concluding Notes:

Referees are critical to maintaining the speed and quality of ASB and their work is greatly appreciated and rewarded. Below is a convenient list of all of them with links to their referee profiles.

Registered Referees:

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Timezone: GMT -5, CST
Availability: Inconsistent time-wise, but I spend time on Smogon every day, and pretty much only in CAP and ASB.
UC Earned: 571



1vs1 Singles:
Destiny_Warrior vs. Objection
Venser vs. Metal Bagon
rewindman vs. iiMKUltra
Ragnarokalex vs. TEA_DEMON (Subreffed)
Terrador vs. Blazikenmaster-Zeo
Arcanite vs. shinyskarmory
Woodchuck vs. SimonSays
Arcanite vs. LightWolf (Subreffed)
Rediamond vs. Endquote
Son_of_Shadoo vs. Darkamber8828
Its_A_Random vs. LightWolf

1vs1 Melee:
Fire Blast vs. pimpgangster vs. DFrog vs. XVIcaliber (Subreffed)
Fire Blast vs. Tortferngatr vs. AlphaJolt vs. Woodchuck

2vs2 Singles:
SimonSays vs. Deck_Knight
Maxim vs. undisputed
Rediamond vs. Gerard
Doominic vs. Detroitlolcat (Subreffed)
TravelLog vs. jas61292
TheWolfe vs. Kaxtar

2vs2 Doubles:
pimpgangaster vs. DFrog
iiMKUltra vs. Dogfish44
DFrog vs. Dragonboy52
Objection vs. Dogfish44
TravelLog vs. danmantincan
Dogfish44 vs. Engineer Pikachu
GoldenKnight vs. Venser
IceBug vs. Deadfox081
nESP vs. Woodchuck
Engineer Pikachu vs. C$FP
C$FP vs. Woodchuck
Metal Bagon vs. Endquote
C$FP vs. rewindman
C$FP vs. ToastTyrant13
Lord Jesseus vs. hoblaph
Nightmare Jigglypuff vs. Endquote
IceBug vs. Fire Blast
rewindman vs. IceBug
Arcanite vs. Maxim
Orcinus Duo vs. TheWolfe

3vs3 Singles:
Deadfox081 vs. Frosty
Dogfish44 vs. shadowbone66
Flamestrike vs. -Charmander-
Ragnarokalex vs. Spenstar (Subreffed)
AlphaJolt vs. Albinoloon
jas61292 vs. TEA_DEMON (Subreffed)
ToastTyrant13 vs. TEA_DEMON (Subreffed)
Huntofthelion vs. Leethoof (Subreffed)
devoninja vs. Son_of_Shadoo
TheWolfe vs. Nightmare Jigglypuff

3vs3 Simultaneous Singles:
Mr.L vs. shinyskarmory

3vs3 Doubles:
TravelLog vs. Ragnarokalex
Leethoof vs. LightWolf
Objection vs. iiMKUltra
Limewire vs. Rickheg
shinyskarmory vs. deadfox081

3vs3 Triples:
danmantincan vs. Tortferngatr (Subreffed)

3vs3 Singles Melee:
Gerard vs. Romeert vs. Lady Salamence
Flamestrike vs. Tortferngatr vs. Lyris1035
Lady Salamence vs. Rewindman vs. Tortferngatr
danmantincan vs. Flamestrike vs. Rediamond

3vs3 Doubles Melee:
Kaxtar vs. Son_of_Shadoo vs. jas61292

4vs4 Singles:
deadfox081 vs. shinyskarmory

4vs4 Doubles:
Nightmare jigglypuff vs. Arcanite (Subreffed)
PinkCaptainFalcon vs. TravelLog
Gerard vs. pimpgangster
XVIcaliber vs. Woodchuck
Its_A_Random vs. Deck Knight

4vs4 Triples:
Ragnarokalex vs. TEA_DEMON

6vs6 Singles:
Dogfish44 vs. Lyris1035
Objection vs. Kaxtar
danmantincan vs. Kaxtar
Terrador vs. Ragnarokalex
Arcanite vs. Son_of_Shadoo

6vs6 Doubles:
iiMKUltra vs. Kaxtar
Alchemator vs. Blazikenmaster-Zeo

6vs6 Triples:
danmantincan vs. Blazikenmaster-Zeo
TEA_DEMON vs. Tortferngatr

6vs6 Brawl:
Ragnarokalex vs. TEA_DEMON
Ragnarokalex vs. Athenodoros
Blazikenmaster-Zeo vs. danmantincan
Dogfish44 vs. danmantincan
Kaxtar vs. Maxim

8vs8 Brawl:
Alchemator vs. Maxim (Subreffed)

Blazikenmaster-Zeo vs. EndQuote (ToastTyrant13)
albinoloon vs. rewindman (ToastTyrant13)
C$FP vs. Steampowered (ToastTyrant13)
Let's kick off with some Objection's Reffing Profile 2.0

My timezone is GMT but my awake times can vary. However, I am still an active ASBer (and by active I mean around at least once a day). Also I like to ref singles or doubles battles with interesting arenas.

Currently reffing:
  1. Its_A_Random vs Athenodoros (4v4 singles) - started subreffing 3 rounds in
  2. Engineer Pikachu vs Mr.L vs Glacier Knight vs Dummy007 vs Temperantia vs Dogfish44 (2v2v2v2v2v2 singles melee)
  3. LouisCyphre's Battle Arcade doubles challenge
  4. Wobbanaut's Battle Arcade singles challenge
  5. typon77's Battle Arcade singles challenge - started subreffing 2 rounds in
  6. Leche de Dulce vs MrcRanger97 (2v2 singles)
  7. TOURNAMENT BATTLE! Complications vs Its_A_random (4v4 doubles)
Previously-reffed battles that may have been done under older mechanics and/or may contain reffing mistakes:
  1. wilde32 vs Imanalt (1v1 singles) - started subreffing 1 round in
  2. The Wanderer vs C$FP (3v3 singles)
  3. Lord Jesseus vs Destiny Warrior (4v4 doubles)
  4. SubwayJ vs Dummy007 (4v4 doubles) - cancelled after 1 round
  5. Son_of_Shadoo vs Ziposaki (3v3 singles) - reffed 7 rounds before being subbed out
  6. Destiny Warrior vs Orcinus Duo (1v1 singles)
  7. Leethoof vs Metal Bagon (2v2 doubles)
  8. AOPSUser vs Yarnus of Bethany (3v3 singles)
  9. King Serperior vs Maxim (3v3 singles)
  10. SubwayJ's Battle Hall rank 2 singles challenge - reffed 1 battle before being subbed out
  11. Its_A_Random vs waterwarrior (3v3 rotation singles)
  12. Pwnemon vs Rajaion Tagami (2v2 singles)
  13. Ragnarokalex vs C$FP (2v2 doubles)
  14. waterwarrior's Battle Hall rank 2 singles challenge - reffed 2 battles before being subbed out
  15. Lord Jesseus vs TheWolfe (6v6 singles)
  16. SimonSays vs MrcRanger97 (5v5 singles - DQ after 1 round)
  17. Glacier Knight vs ToastTyrant13 (2v2 singles - DQ after 5 rounds)
  18. Its_A_Random vs Temperantia (3v3 singles)
  19. GrassBlade vs Doorknob (3v3 singles)
  20. Texas Cloverleaf vs Galladiator (4v4 brawl)
  21. Metal Bagon vs UllarWarlord (2v2 doubles)
  22. Dogfish44 vs Steampowered vs Elevator Music vs jas61292 vs The Royal Guard vs Rediamond (2v2v2v2v2v2 doubles melee)
  23. Steampowered's Battle Hall rank 4 singles challenge - reffed 1 match
  24. Alchemator's Battle Hall rank 3 singles challenge - reffed 2 matches
  25. EndQuote vs Lady Salamence (2v2 singles)
  26. Albinoloon vs Son_of_Shadoo (2v2 doubles)
  27. Kaxtar vs danmantincan (4v4 doubles)
  28. Orcinus Duo's Battle Hall rank 1 singles challenge - reffed 2 battles before being subbed out
  29. Nightmare Jigglypuff vs Dogfish44 (2v2 doubles)
  30. Alchemator vs iiMKUltra (6v6 doubles)
  31. Alchemator vs DarkSlay (2v2 singles - DQ after 4 rounds)
  32. Rising_Dusk vs TEA_DEMON (3v3 triples)
  33. C$FP vs ToastTyrant13 (1v1 singles)
  34. Little Battler vs Alchemator (3v3 triples) - started subreffing 1 round in
  35. Lord Jesseus vs iiMKUltra (4v4 singles)
  36. Lord Jesseus vs Arcanite (2v2 doubles)
  37. Leethoof's Battle Hall rank 1 singles challenge - reffed 5 matches
  38. FlamingFighter's Battle Hall rank 1 singles challenge - DQ after 2 rounds
  39. IceBug vs Fire Blast (3v3 triples)
  40. dragonboy52 vs Lyris1035 (2v2 doubles)
  41. Darkamber8828 vs Venser (4v4 doubles or 6v6 doubles, depending on how it goes down - DQ after 7 rounds)
  42. Son_of_Shadoo vs Puffins R Cool (4v4 doubles)
  43. Nightmare jigglypuff's Battle Hall rank 2 singles challenge - started subreffing after 2 rounds of the first battle, DQ after 1 round of the second battle
  44. TheWolfe vs BiGGiE (2v2 singles)
  45. Athenodoros vs Destiny Warrior (1v1 singles)
  46. Lord Jesseus vs elDino (2v2 doubles)
  47. Terrador14's Battle Hall rank 1 singles challenge - reffed 10 matches
  48. TEA_DEMON's Battle Hall rank 1 singles challenge - reffed 3 matches
  49. Lord Jesseus' Battle Hall rank 1 singles challenge - reffed 4 matches
  50. Pippy vs Dogfish44 (3v3 singles - DQ after 12 rounds)
  51. Flora's Battle Hall rank 1 singles challenge - reffed 10 matches
  52. Blazikenmaster-Zeo vs danmantincan (2v2 doubles)
  53. Its_A_Random's Battle Hall rank 2 singles challenge - reffed 6 matches
  54. Zarator's Battle Hall rank 1 singles challenge - reffed 3 matches
  55. TravelLog's Battle Hall rank 2 singles challenge - reffed 8 matches
  56. Engineer Pikachu vs QuantumDerp (2v2 doubles)
  57. Pippy vs Blazekinmaster-Zeo (1v1 singles)
  58. Spenstar vs Texas Cloverleaf (3v3 singles)
  59. Zarator vs The Shiny Umbreon (1v1 singles) - tutored Nightmare jigglypuff and started subreffing 1 round in
  60. Leethoof vs kingofburgerz (2v2 doubles) - started subreffing 0 rounds in
  61. TravelLog vs jas61292 (3v3 singles)
  62. Limewire vs TravelLog (2v2 singles)
  63. DarthVader317 vs Arcanite (2v2 doubles)
  64. danmantincan's Battle Subway singles challenge - reffed 3 matches and 4 rounds before being subbed out
  65. Kaxtar vs shadowbone66 (1v1 singles)
  66. Kaxtar vs TravelLog (1v1 singles)
  67. Flamestrike vs danmantincan (3v3 doubles)
  68. Dummy007 vs Leethoof (3v3 singles)
  69. doominic77 vs iiMKUltra (2v2 singles - DQ after 4 rounds)
  70. Athenodoros vs Lord Jesseus (1v1 singles - tie)
  71. Rediamond vs smashlloyd20 (3v3 singles)
  72. iiMKUltra vs danmantincan (3v3 singles)
  73. Brammi vs Rediamond (3v3 singles - DQ after 6 rounds)


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# (#)
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Status: N/A
# Atk / # Def / # Sp.Atk / # Sp.Def / # Speed / # Size / # Weight


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[center][url=#]Battle BGM[/url][/center]


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Oh, you mean that dusty thing that i never changed in my sig? Okay, but i don't think i'll be updating it still.

Monday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday: always varies, but usually 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Thursday: 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM and maybe longer.
Saturday: if ever, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sunday: Limited activity, don't rely on this day.
Terrador's Reffing Profile 2.0.

Timezone: GMT-8
Availability: Somewhat scarce on weekdays, more than ample on weekends. Mostly in the evening there.
I'd ref... I despise Doubles+; I rarely have more than one at a time. I tend to do facilities more than Tower for the most part.

WAY too many to keep track of; I've had my nose in around 1/3 of the facility threads in ASB.

Privelages: Battle Tower, Battle Hall, Battle Subway, Battle Castle
Time Zone: EST (-5)
Availability: During the school year, I'll be on for a few hours during the afternoon/evening. On weekends and during summer break, I'll be active, but my activity level will be more sporadic due to having a social life. I may be offline for a few days without notice occasionally.
Willing to Ref: Right now, I'm mostly reffing Battle Halls. However, I'm able to ref most things if I feel up to it and have the time.

General Availability:
Eastern Standard Time; I might be able to ref some stuff most weeknights, and usually plenty on the weekends

Willing to ref most matches, as long as the arena isn't ridiculously complicated, or if I know the match is going to take forever and a half. Typically I just ref small matches due to irl time restraints.

Reffing Current:

Reffing Finished:
XVIcaliber vs. rewindman (2 RC)
Blazikenmaster-Zeo vs. Albinoloon (2 RC)
Nightmare Jigglypuff vs. The Shiny Umbreon (3 RC)
Alchemator vs. HD (2 RC)
rewindman vs. deadfox (4 RC)
Albinoloon vs. pimpgangster (2 RC)
Steampowered vs. Crux (2 RC)
Maxim vs. Venser (2 RC)
Tea Demon vs. Albinoloon (4 RC)
-Charmander- vs. Alphajolt (4 RC)
shadowbone66 vs. LupusAter (2 RC)
Banryu vs. LupusAter: 6v6 Triples! (12 RC)
Ragnarokalex vs. TravelLog (6 RC)
jas vs. ToastTyrant (2 RC)
Fire Blast vs. BiGGiE (4 RC)
Texas Cloverleaf vs. The Shiny Umbreon (8 RC)
Flamestrike vs. Tortferngatr (2 RC)
Athenodoros vs. The Shiny Umbreon (5 RC)
Athenodoros vs. Little Battler (6 RC)
shinyskarmory vs. Hyperbeem (4 RC)
Glacier Knight vs. Elevator Music (6 RC)
Elevator Music vs. Blazikenmaster-Zeo (2 RC)
Fire Blast vs. Romeert (6 RC)
smashlloyd20 vs. EndQuote (3 RC)
Elevator Music vs. DarkSlay (2 RC)
Rediamond vs. elDino (2 RC)
Terrador vs. Blazikenmaster-Zeo (2 RC)
Elevator Music vs. Steampowered (5 RC)
Nightmare Jigglypuff vs. Alphajolt vs. Dummy007 vs. EndQuote vs. Galvantula (5 RC)
Fire Blast vs. ToastTyrant (2 RC)
Fire Blast vs. SimonSays (6 RC)
IceBug vs. Galladiator (2 RC)
Pikapwnd vs. Chris Teke (2 RC)
IceBug vs. Ragnarokalex (4 RC)
Kaxtar vs. Blazikenmaster-Zeo (2 RC)
Albinoloon vs. ToastTyrant13 (2 RC)
Athenodoros vs. TRG (3 UC)
Spenstar vs. Leethoof (10 UC)
TalkingLion vs. Spenstar (3 UC)
jayjinde vs. LouisCyphre (3 UC)
Texas Cloverleaf vs. Elevator Music (7 UC)
zarator vs. Nightmare Jigglypuff (5 UC)
zarator vs. smashlloyd20 (4 UC)
SoS' referee profile 2.0:

Timezone: GMT

Availability: Variable due to university, but most evenings, weekends, and all day Monday/Wednesday.

Arcanite (completed)
Fanal (stalled)

Ongoing battles:

Past battles:
Ragnarokalex vs. Lady Salamence.
rickheg vs. Deck Knight.
jas61292 vs. EndQuote.
Xav vs. levren. (subreffing)
rewindman vs. smashlloyd20
Kaxtar Vs. Albinoloon.
Orcinus Duo Vs. Engineer Pikachu.
rewindman Vs. Objection.
Arcanite Vs. devoninja.
IceBug Vs. rickheg.
Albinoloon Vs. Woodchuck.
smashlloyd20 Vs. Deck Knight.
SimonSays Vs. Flora.
Leethoof Vs. Fire Blast.
rickheg vs. Maxim.
Zarator vs. Terrador.
Zarator vs. danmantincan.
Metal Bagon vs. Devoninja.
dogfish vs. penguin.
the dead mans odyssey vs. Doran Dragon.
Galladiator vs. danmantincan.
Objection vs. Maxim.
Gym Leader Battle - Kaxtar vs. ToastTyrant13.
Spenstar vs. dogfish44.
Terrador Vs. SDS.
Objection Vs. Maxim.
IAR Vs. Deadfox.
Rediamond Vs. Terrador.
Orcinus Duo vs. dogfish44.
Leethoof Vs. Arcanite. (abandoned)
The Legend Run - Destiny Warrior (Timeless Tower) (abandoned)
The Legend Run - Zarator (Mysterious Cove) (abandoned)
Complications Vs. Gerard (Tournament)
Alchemator vs. deadfox081.
Engineer Pikachu vs. Lord Jesseus (GYM).

Engineer Pikachu

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is a Contributor Alumnus

Timezone: PST (GMT -8)
Willing to Ref: Tower, Subway, Hall, Pike, TLR, Raids, Gym
Availability: Available?

Wikey v Darkamber8828 (2v2) (Singles)
Samurai v Chomper (3v3) (Singles)
Dracoyoshi8 + HD v Cartoons! + Wikey (1+1 v 1+1) (Tag-Team Doubles)
Rediamond v Wikey (4v4) (Doubles)
Banryu v Cartoons! (1v1) (Singles)
playforkeeps123 v Banryu (DQ) (1v1) (Singles)
Ducklett Stare v MapleSandwich (DQ) (3v3) (Singles)
smashlloyd20 + DarkSlay v Cartoons! + Midou (DQ) (2+2 v 2+2) (Tag-Team Doubles)
DarkSlay v Limewire (2v2) (Doubles)
Its_A_Random v mewtwo15026 (4v4) (Doubles)
DarkSlay v Nonpain (2v2) (Doubles)
JBCWK v Son of Shadoo (1v1) (Singles)
Puffins R Cool v MapleSandwich (Forfeit) (1v1) (Singles)
Random v Jesseus (2v2) (Doubles)
Flamestrike v Undisputed (2v2) (Doubles)
Kaxtar v smashlloyd20 (6v6) (Brawl)
deadfox081 v Dummy007 (4v4) (Doubles)
AlphaJolt v danmantincan (1v1) (Singles)
Its_A_Random v Solstice (4v4) (Doubles)
(Tournament) porygon3 v Flamestrike (2v2) (Singles)
Destiny_Warrior v TravelLog (2v2) (Doubles)
Acklow v Flora (1v1) (Singles)
Gerard v Darkamber8828 (DQ) (2v2) (Singles)
AlphaJolt v pimpgangster v Flamestrike v danmantincan (1v1v1v1) (Melee)
Venser v Blazikenmaster-Zeo (1v1) (Singles)
Albinoloon v HD (1v1) (Singles) (TUTOR)
(Tournament) smashlloyd20 v jas61292 (2v2) (Singles)
dogfish44 v Venser (1v1) (Singles)
Temperantia v Texas Cloverleaf + Lyris1035 + PinkCaptainFalcon (6 v 2+2+2) (Tag-Team/Regular Triples)
(Tournament) C$FP v DarkSlay (2v2) (Singles)
Terrador14 v PinkCaptainFalcon (3v3) (Doubles)
Alchemator + iiMKUltra v shadowbone66 + Korski (DQ) (2+2 v 2+2) (Tag Team Doubles)
(Tournament) Deck Knight v Destiny Warrior (2v2) (Singles) (SUBREF)
Mr.L v Galladiator (1v1) (Singles)
Its_A_Random + Leethoof v Objection + DFrog (2+2 v 2+2) (Tag-Team Doubles) (SUBREF)
Metal Bagon v SimonSays v Leethoof v Galladiator (1v1v1v1) (Melee)
(Tournament) danmantincan v iiMKUltra (3v3) (Singles)
smashlloyd20 v Terrador (1v1) (Singles)
Flamestrike v ToastTyrant (3v3) (Singles)
Korski v ToastTyrant13 (3v3) (Triples) (SUBREF)
Objection v Leethoof (DQ) (4v4) (Doubles)
Flamestrike v Blazikenmaster-Zeo (DQ) (6v6) (Singles) (SUBREF)
(Gym QL) Athenodoros v Darkamber8828 (3v3) (Doubles)
Flamestrike v Kaxtar (4v4) (Singles)
VFXCross v Doorknob (1v1) (Singles)
Terrador v LouisCyphre (2v2) (Doubles)
lucarioisawesome v Flamestrike (DQ) (2v2) (Doubles)
Elevator Music v Terrador (1v1) (Singles)
Objection v UllarWarlord (2v1) (Squash)
SimonSays v UllarWarlord (1v1) (Singles)
Maxim v DEMo_Gorgon47 (3v3) (Singles) (SUBREF)
(Gym) Leader dogfish44 v Lord Jesseus (3v3) (Singles)
Blazikenmaster-Zeo v deadfox081 v Flamestrike v Glacier Knight v Lady Salamence v LouisCyphre v Objection v Son_of_Shadoo v TheMogRunner v The Royal Guard (1v1v...v1v1) (Melee)
Dummy007 v The Royal Guard (2v2) (Doubles)
(Tournament) C$FP v Leethoof (5v5) (Triples)
LouisCyphre v EspyOwner (3v3) (Singles) (DQ)
dogfish44 v Orcinus Duo (3v3) (Singles)
(Tournament) Athenodoros v EndQuote (3v3) (Singles)
Dogfish44 v deadfox081 (6v6) (Singles)
(Gym) Leader Rediamond v Glacier Knight (3v3) (Singles)
(Gym) AOPSUser v Texas Cloverleaf (6v6) (Singles) (DQ)
(Gym) Leader Gerard v Rediamond (4v4 Doubles) (DQ)
Dogfish44 v Its_A_Random (4v4 Doubles)
(Tournament) kingofburgerz vs. Maxim (3v3 Singles) (DQ)
(Subway) Kaxtar Challenge 1 (Singles) (Success) (14 BT)
(Subway) Doran Dragon Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Charmander Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Subway) danmantincan Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Subway) DarkSlay Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Subway) Alchemator Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) DarthVader317 Challenge (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Tortferngatr Challenge (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Athenodoros Challenge 2 (Singles) (1-1) (4 BT)
(Hall) Blazikenmaster-Zeo Challenge 1 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) GoldenKnight Challenge 1 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 5) (12 BT)
(Hall) Rolf Challenge 2 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 3) (8 BT)
(Hall) Nightmare Jigglypuff Challenge 1 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Subway) DarkSlay Challenge 2 (Doubles) (Battle 4) (22 BT)
(Hall) DarkSlay Challenge 2 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 2) (DQ) (6 BT)
(Hall) AlphaJolt Challenge 2 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) ElDino Challenge 2 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) ToastTyrant13 Challenge 1 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Hall) LouisCyphre Challenge 1 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) Tortferngatr Challenge 1 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Subway) Kaxtar Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 8) (11 BT) (SUBREF)
(Raid) Athenodoros and Lord Jesseus (FVNM) (Encounter 1) (DQ) (0 BT)
(Subway) TravelLog Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) GoldenKnight Challenge 3 (Doubles) (22 BT)
(Subway) C$FP Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Subway) Lord Jesseus Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 5) (4 BT)
(Hall) Dummy007 Challenge 3 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) C$FP Challenge 6 (Rank 4 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Fire Blast Challenge 2 (Singles) (Success) (10 BT) (SUBREF)
(Subway) C$FP Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) DarthVader317 Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Hall) rewindman Challenge 4 (Rank 4 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) danmantincan Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) Woodchuck Challenge 2 (Rank 4 Singles) (Battle 4) (8 BT)
(Subway) Korski Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 4) (8 BT) (SUBREF)
(Subway) Maxim Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Leethoof Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Subway) ToastTyrant13 Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) rewindman Challenge 4 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Ragnarokalex Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Subway) Kaxtar Challenge 3 (Singles) (Success) (14 BT)
(Raid) Tortferngatr and Blazikenmaster-Zeo (WFPNM) (Encounter 1) (DQ) (14 BT)
(Hall) Leethoof Challenge 5 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Hall) SimonSay Challenge 5 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) Tortferngatr Challenge 3 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 3) (8 BT)
(Hall) rewindman Challenge 7 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) Dummy007 Challenge 4 (Rank 4 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Flora Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 7) (8 BT)
(Hall) Flora Challenge 5 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Hall) EndQuote Challenge 4 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Raid) C$FP and rickheg (FVNM) (Encounter 2) (32 BT)
(Hall) Temperantia Challenge 3 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) Terrador Challenge 6 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) ToastTyrant13 Challenge 4 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) Maxim Challenge 5 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Subway) Flamestrike Challenge 2 (Singles) (Success) (14 BT)
(Subway) Arcanite Challenge 4 (Singles) (Battle 6) (6 BT)
(Hall) Nightmare Jigglypuff' Challenge 4 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 2) (DQ) (6 BT)
(Hall) EndQuote Challenge 5 (Rank 4 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Castle) TravelLog Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-1) (4 BT)
(Hall) Kaxtar Challenge 4 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 0) (2 BT)
(Hall) zarator Challenge 3 (Rank 4 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) rickheg Challenge 3 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Hall) SimonSays Challenge 6 (Rank 4 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) C$FP Challenge 5 (Doubles) (Battle 1) (6 BT)
(Hall) DarthVader317 Challenge 1 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Subway) ToastTyrant13 Challenge 5 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Castle) Fire Blast Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-2) (7 BT)
(Hall) IceBug Challenge 4 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Castle) Maxim Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-2) (7 BT)
(Castle) rickheg Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-1) (4 BT)
(Castle) Kaxtar Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-2) (7 BT)
(Castle) Terrador Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-1) (4 BT)
(Hall) ToastTyrant13 Challenge 10 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Castle) DarkSlay Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-2) (7 BT)
(Hall) Athenodoros Challenge 5 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 3) (8 BT)
(Castle) smashlloyd20 Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-1) (4 BT)
(Raid) Maxim and Lady Salamence (WFPNM) (Encounter 2) (36 BT)
(Hall) Blast's Hall Challenge 5 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 2) (DQ) (6 BT)
(Castle) Dummy007 Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Ragnarokalex Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Gerard Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Raid) dogfish44 and Son_of_Shadoo (WFPNM) (Success) (30 BT)
(Raid) Blazikenmaster-Zeo and LightWolf (Wildfire Plateau NML) (Encounter 1) (DQ) (2 BT)
(Castle) smashlloyd20 Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 1-2) (7 BT)
(Castle) deadfox081 Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Dummy007 Challenge 7 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Castle) Lady Salamence Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-1) (4 BT)
(Castle) Its_A_Random Challenge 1 (Singles) (SUBREF) (Battle 1-2) (4 BT)
(Hall) Athenodoros Challenge 6 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 3) (8 BT)
(Hall) jayjinde Challenge 1 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) EndQuote Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Castle) iiMKUltra Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-1) (4 BT)
(Hall) TheWolfe Challenge 4 (Rank 4 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Lord Jesseus Challenge 5 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Castle) Dummy007 Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 1-2) (7 BT)
(Hall) Alchemator Challenge 2 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 5) (12 BT)
(Subway) Terrador Challenge 5 (Singles) (Battle 3) (8 BT)
(Subway) Athenodoros Challenge 5 (Doubles) (Success) (22 BT)
(Legend) Terrador and Metal Bagon (Timeless Tower) (Boss | Guardian) (51 BT)
(Raid) zarator and Objection (WFPNM) (Encounter 2) (36 BT)
(Castle) iiMKUltra Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 1-3) (9 BT)
(Castle) TheWolfe Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1-2) (7 BT)
(Legend) Son_of_Shadoo and Doran Dragon (Mysterious Cove) (Boss | Guardian) (49 BT)
(Subway) Maxim Challenge 5 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Gerard Challenge 4 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Dummy007 Challenge 8 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) TheMogRunner Challenge 2 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) Son_of_Shadoo Challenge 5 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) ToastTyrant13 Challenge 14 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Subway) Lord Jesseus Challenge 6 (Singles) (Battle 3) (8 BT)
(Castle) deadfox081 Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 1-4) (15 BT)
(Legend) Ragnarokalex and MK Ultra (Timeless Tower) (RP Stage 2 | Guardian) (28 BT)
(Hall) Doorknob Challenge 1 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 3) (8 BT)
(Hall) TheMogRunner Challenge 3 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Raid) dogfish44 and zarator (EotSNM) (Success) (12 BT)
(Hall) Orcinus Duo Challenge 3 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Legend) Galladiator and Texas Cloverleaf (Timeless Tower) (RP Stage 1 | Guardian) (29 BT)
(Hall) typon77 Challenge 1 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Hall) Ice-eyes Challenge 1 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 4) (10 BT)
(Castle) Dogfish44 Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 2) (7 BT)
(Castle) MK Ultra Challenge 4 (Singles) (Battle 2) (7 BT)
(Hall) Alchemator's Hall Challenge 4 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 6) (14 BT)
(Legend) Its_A_Random and LouisCyphre (Black Sulfur Caldera) (Guardian | Guardian) (23 BT)
(Hall) TalkingLion Challenge 2 (Rank 1 Singles) (SUBREF) (Battle 4) (8 BT)
(Castle) Destiny Warrior Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Legend) Korski (Black Sulfur Caldera) (Guardian) (11 BT) (SUBREF)
(Legend) Son_of_Shadoo and Terrador (Timeless Tower) (RP Stage 2 | RP Stage 2) (41 BT)
(Legend) Its_A_Random (Mysterious Cove) (Guardian) (15 BT) (SUBREF)
(Subway) Maxim Challenge 6 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Raid) Arcanite and Son_of_Shadoo (CoTHM) (Encounter 2) (102 BT)
(Hall) EndQuote Challenge 9 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 1) (4 BT)
(Hall) The Wanderer Challenge 5 (Rank 4 Singles) (Battle 2) (6 BT)
(Pike) RagnarokalexChallenge 1 (Bronze) (Failure) (14 BT)
(Arcade) King Serperior Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 2) (7 BT)
(Legend) Maxim (Windswept Meadow) (Guardians) (12 BT)
(Arcade) The Wanderer hallenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1) (5 BT)
(Legend) Kaxtar and Lord Jesseus (Timeless Tower) (DQ | Boss) (49 BT)
(Legend) The Royal Guard (Windswept Meadow) (RP Stage 1) (14 BT)
(Raid) Blazikenmaster-Zeo and Glacier Knight (SDHM) (Encounter 1) (DQ) (12 UC)
(Pike) Lord Jesseus Challenge 2 (Bronze) (SUBREF) (5 UC)
(Pike) LouisCyphre Challenge 2 (Bronze) (SUBREF) (DQ) (3 UC)
(Subway) Lord Jesseus Challenge 8 (Doubles) (Battle 3) (14 UC)
(Subway) Orcinus Duo Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 2) (DQ) (6 UC)
(Subway) Aweshuck Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Subway) Its_A_Random Challenge 7 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Raid) Imanalt and Aweshucks (SDNM) (Encounter 2) (DQ) (34 UC)
(Pike) EspyOwner Challenge 2 (Bronze) (8 UC)
(Subway) Gerard Challenge 6 (Doubles) (Battle 6) (10 UC)
(Subway) The Royal Guard Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Subway) EndQuote Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 3) (8 UC)
(Subway) danmantincan Challenge 5 (Singles) (Battle 3) (8 UC)
(Subway) rickheg Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Raid) zarator and danmantincan (WFPNM+) (Success) (34 UC)
(Legend) The Wanderer (Black Sulfur Caldera) (Guardians) (18 UC)
(Subway) Elevator Music Challenge 3 (Singles) (Success) (15 UC)
(Subway) Glacier Knight Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 UC)
(Hall) DFrog Challenge 4 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 1) (5 UC)
(Raid) zarator and Elevator Music (TSNM) (Encounter 1) (12 UC)
(Inq) [LouisCyphre | Its_A_Random | Flamestrike | Maxim] (Standard) (20 UC)
(Subway) Subway Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Hall) TheWolfe Challenge 8 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 2) (8 UC)
(Subway) The Wanderer Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 2) (6 UC)
(Raid) Arcanite and Son_of_Shadoo (EoTSNM) (Failure) (12 UC)
(Subway) Rediamond Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 4) (15 UC)
(Hall) DFrog Challenge 6 (Battle 3) (3 UC) (SUBREF)
(Subway) Gerard Challenge 7 (Doubles) (Battle 4) (26 UC)
(Legend) SubwayJ and Texas Cloverleaf (Timeless Tower) (Failed) (21.75 UC)
(Raid) AOPSUser and Pwnemon (FVHM) (Success) (104 UC)
(Legend) Arcanite (Ruined Eden) (Failed) (12.5 UC)
(Subway) The Wanderer Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Subway) Ragnarokalex Challenge 8 (Doubles) (Battle 3) (14 UC)
(Subway) deadfox081 Challenge 5 (Singles) (Battle 3) (8 UC)
(Subway) TIO Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Subway) Its_A_Random Challenge 9 (Doubles) (Battle 6) [SUBREF] (6 UC)
(Hall) The Wanderer Challenge (Rank 4) (Battle 2) (8 UC)
(Raid) Glacier and Frosty (CotNM) (Success) (30 UC)
(Subway) TheWolfe Challenge 3 (Singles) (Battle 3) (8 UC)
(Legend) Frosty (Windswept Meadow) (Fail) (22.75 UC)
(Raid) Its_A_Random and Maxim (SDHM) (Success) (80 UC)
(Subway) akela Challenge 1 (Singles 1-4) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Legend) The Royal Guard (Glacial Cave) [SUBBED] (8 UC)
(Hall) Geodude6 Challenge 5 (Rank 4) (Battle 1) (5 UC)
(Hall) yoshinite Challenge 9 [SUBREF] (Rank 1) (Battle 3) (5 UC)
(Subway) Houndoomsday Challenge 1 (Singles 1-4) (Battle 3) (8 UC)
(Subway) King Serperior Challenge 2 (Singles 1-4) (Battle 3) (8 UC)
(Subway) maserato Challenge 1 (Singles 1-4) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Subway) Someoneelse Challenge 1 (Singles 1-4) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Subway) deadfox081 Challenge 7 (Singles 5-8) (Battle 8) (15 UC)
(Subway) Unoriginal Name Challenge 1 (Singles 1-4) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Subway) The Wanderer Challenge 6 (Singles 1-4) (Battle 1) (4 UC)
(Subway) Its_A_Random Challenge 10 (Singles 9-12) (Battle 9) (4 UC)
(Subway) Frosty Challenge 4 (Doubles 1-4) (Success) (21 UC)
vs. Athenodoros (2v2) (Doubles) (Lose)
vs. Rolf (2v2) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Kannon (1v1) (Singles) (Lose)
vs. Banryu (4v4) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. Solstice (3v3) (Singles) (Win)
vs. -Charmander- (4v4) (Doubles) (Draw)
vs. dragonboy52 (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
(Tournament) vs. rewindman (2v2) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Venser (4v4) (Doubles) (Draw)
vs. Korski (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. levren (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. Temperantia (2v2) (Doubles) (Lose)
vs. QuantumDerp (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. TEA_DEMON (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. AlphaJolt (2v2) (Doubles) (Lose)
vs. Dummy007 (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. Terrador (1v1) (Singles) (Win)
vs. dogfish44 (2v2) (Doubles) (Lose)
vs. TravelLog (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. Flamestrike (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
(Tournament) vs. Terrador14 (2v2) (Singles) (Win)
vs. DetroitLolcat (2v2) (Doubles) (Lose)
vs. TravelLog (3v3) (Singles) (Lose)
vs. Terrador (1v1) (Singles) (Lose)
vs. Elevator_Music (3v3) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Alchemator (1v1) (Singles) (Win)
vs. iiMKUltra (2v2) (Doubles) (Lose)
vs. Kaxtar (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
(Tournament) vs. Solstice (2v2) (Singles) (Win)
vs. dogfish44 (3v3) (Triples) (Win)
(Tournament) vs. Deck Knight (2v2) (Singles) (DQ Lose)
vs. C$FP (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. Kaxtar (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. danmantincan (4v4) (Doubles) (Lose)
vs. Mr.L (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. Fire Blast (1v1) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Ragnarokalex (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. smashlloyd20 (2v2) (Singles) (Lose)
vs. Orcinus_Duo (1v1) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Fire Blast (4v4) (Doubles) (DQ) (Win)
vs. EndQuote (2v2) (Singles) (Win)
vs. HD (2v2) (Sim. Singles) (DQ) (Win)
vs. Blazikenmaster-Zeo (1v1) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Arcanite (1v1) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Fire Blast (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. smashlloyd20 (2v2) (Singles) (Win)
vs. iss (1v1) (Singles) (Win)
vs. rickheg (4v4) (Doubles) (DQ) (Win)
vs. Box (3v3) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Terrador (4v4) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. DarkSlay vs. Athenodoros vs. Fire Blast vs. dogfish44 vs. Glacier Knight (2v2v2v2v2v2) (Singles)
vs. ToastTyrant (1v1) (Singles) (Lose)
vs. smashlloyd20 (2v2) (Singles) (Win)
vs. smashlloyd20 (3v3) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Objection (6v6) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Gerard (2v2) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Leethoof (1v1) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Rediamond (4v4) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Ice-eyes (2v2) (Doubles) (Lose)
vs. Ice-eyes (1v1) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Mr.L (3v3) (Triples) (Lose)
vs. Yarnus of Bethany (2v2) (Singles) (Win)
(Gym) vs. Challenger Maxim (Win)
vs. Temperantia (10v10) (Quintuples) (Win)
vs. Destiny_Warrior (4v4) (Singles) (Win)
vs. MrL (1v1) (Singles) (Lose)
vs. Flamestrike (4v4) (Singles) (Win)
vs. MrL (1v1) (Singles) (Win)
vs. waterwarrior (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. smashlloyd20 (2v2) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Glacier (5v5 Triples) (DQ) (Win)
(Gym) vs. Challenger Lord Jesseus (3v3) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Objection (4v4) (Singles) (Win)
vs. MrL vs. Glacier Knight vs. Dummy007 vs. Temperantia vs. dogfish44 (2v2v2v2v2v2) (Singles)
(Gym) vs. Challenger Son_of_Shadoo (3v3) (Singles) (Win)
vs. The Royal Guard (4v4) (Doubles) (Lose)
vs. Temperantia (3v3) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. ZhengTann (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. rickheg (4v4) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. Leethoof (3v3) (Triples) (Win)
vs. UllarWarlord (4v4) (Doubles) (Win)
Big Melee (1 Pokemon)
vs. Gerard (4v4) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. The Wanderer (6v6) (Singles) (Win)
(Gym) vs. Challenger Its_A_Random (3v3) (Singles) (Lose)
vs. LockDown (4v4) (Singles) (Win)
(Gym) vs. Leader zarator (3v3) (Singles) (Win)
vs. Glacier Knight (2v2) (Doubles) (Win)
vs. King Serperior (3v3) (Doubles) (Win)
(Tournament) vs. Tortferngatr (5v5) (Triples) (DQ Win)
(Tournament) vs. Maxim (5v5) (Triples) (Win)
(Tournament) vs. Dogfish44 (5v5) (Triples) (Win)
vs. Dogfish44 (4v4 Doubles) (L)
vs. Maxim (4v4 Doubles) (W)
(Gym) vs. Gerard (4v4 Singles) (W)
(Gym) vs. Texas Cloverleaf (4v4 Singles) (W)
vs. Elevator Music (6v6 Triples) (W)
(Tournament) vs. Its_A_Random (3v3 Singles) (DQ L)
vs. waterwarrior (2v2 Singles) (DQ W)
vs. Eternal Drifter (3v3 Singles) (W)
vs. Elevator Music (2v2 Singles) (W)
(Raid) Stormrage Depths (NM) w/ danmantincan (Encounter 1)
(Hall) Challenge 1 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 2) (2 BP)
(Subway) Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 2) (1 BP)
(Hall) Challenge 2 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 1) (1 BP)
(Raid) Wildfire Plateau (NM) w/ Flamestrike (Success)
(Subway) Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 4) (6 BP)
(Hall) Challenge 3 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 17) (18 BP)
(Subway) Challenge 3 (Singles) (Success) (12 BP)
(Subway) Challenge 4 (Singles) (Battle 8) (6 BP)
(Subway) Challenge 5 (Singles) (Success) (11 BP)
(Subway) Challenge 6 (Singles) (Battle 7) (3 BP)
(Raid) Frozen Vault (HM) w/ Terrador (Success)
(Hall) Challenge 4 (Rank 2 Singles) (Success) (22 BP)
(Hall) Challenge 5 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 13) (13 BP)
(Subway) Challenge 7 (Singles) (Success) (11 BP)
(Hall) Challenge 6 (Rank 3 Singles) (Battle 2) (2 BP)
(Subway) Challenge 8 (Singles) (Success) (16 BP)
(Raid) Central Processing (NM) w/ Lord Jesseus (Success)
(Castle) Challenge 2 (Singles) (Success) (11 BP)
(Raid) Tidefury Strand (NM) w/ deadfox081 (Encounter 2)
(Subway) Challenge 9 (Doubles) (Success) (11 BP)
(Raid) Eye of the Storm (NM) w/ deadfox081 (Success)
(Legend) Timeless Tower: Rock Crag, Ice Spire, Iron Dungeon (Success)
(Hall) Challenge 7 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 17) (17 BP)
(Arcade) Challenge 1 (Singles) (Battle 3) (4 BP)
(Subway) Challenge 10 (Doubles) (Success) (16 BP)
(Raid) Central Processing (HM) w/ Dogfish44 (Success)
(Hall) Challenge 8 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 7) (14 CC)
(Pike) Challenge 1 (Bronze) (Failure)
(Arcade) Challenge 2 (Singles) (Battle 2) (4 CC)
(Legend) Mysterious Cove (Success)
(Raid) Tidefury Strand (NM) w/ deadfox081 (Success)
(Hall) Challenge 9 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 6)
(Raid) Wildfire Plateau (HM+) w/ deadfox081 (Encounter 3)
(Raid) Wildfire Plateau (HM Rechall) w/ deadfox081 (Success)
(Inq) w/ SimonSays | Gerard | Lord Jesseus (Standard)
(Hall) Challenge 10 (Rank 2 Singles) (Battle 5)
(Hall) Challenge 11 (Rank 1 Singles) (Battle 5)

(Raid) Cliff of Thunder (HM+) w/ deadfox081 (Success)
(Hall) Challenge 12 (Rank 3) (Battle 7)
(Raid) Frozen Vault (HM+) w/ deadfox081 (Success)
(Hall) Challenge 13 (Rank 1) (Battle 8)
(Pike) Challenge 3 (Silver) (Fail)

1x Tynamo
1x Eelektrik
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Timezone: CST (GMT -6 I believe)
Ref: Pretty much anything
Availability: Relatively high in the afternoon hours of my Time Zone, unless i have a lot of homework (during which my Siggy will state if i do).

Current Reffings can always be found on my Profile Page.

I don't feel the need to keep track of past matches. They're done for good, and I'm always improving my reffing abilities.


A distant memory
is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus
CAP ASB Referee Profile

Applying to be a ref, etc.

Rank: Tutor Referee
Apprentices: TEA DEMON, Maxim
Timezone: GMT +10 (April-September) or GMT +11 (October-March)
Availability: This is variable, but I'm on pretty much every day, but no later than 11PM most days.
Permitted to Ref: Tower Matches, TLR, Battle Subway, Battle Pike, Gym Matches
Total UC Earned from Battles: 289
Total UC Earned from Roleplays: 1351
(GYM) Leader Engineer Pikachu vs. Challenger zarator (4v4 Singles)
Maxim vs. LouisCyphre (3v3 Singles)
(FIGHTING QUALIFIERS) AOPSUser vs. Birkal (3v3 Singles)

iiMKUltra vs. Nightmare Jigglypuff (1v1 Singles) - Won by iiMKUltra 1-0
Frosty vs. Doran Dragon (2v2 Doubles) - Won by Frosty 2-0
porygon3 vs. Venser (1v1 Singles) - Won by Venser 1-0
Athenodoros vs. Rittercat (1v1 Singles) - Won by Athenodoros 1-0
Lord Jesseus vs. Bad Ass (3v3 Singles) - Lord Jesseus won by DQ
GoldenKnight vs. Temperantia (4v4 Singles) - Won by GoldenKnight 1-0
Solstice vs. Athenodoros (4v4 Doubles) - Won by Athenodoros 2-0
iiMKUltra vs. Lord Jesseus (6v6 Doubles) - iiMKUltra won by DQ
Galladiator vs. deadfox081 (1v1 Singles) - Won by deadfox081 1-0
Rittercat vs. Dummy007 (3v3 Singles) - Won by Rittercat 2-0
HD vs. Fire Blast (3v3 Singles) - Won by HD 1-0
Deck Knight vs. Dummy007 (4v4 Doubles) - Won by Deck Knight 2-0
Texas Cloverleaf vs. Steampowered (2v2 Singles) - Won by Steampowered 1-0
deadfox081 vs. Lyris1035 (3v3 Doubles) - Won by deadfox081 2-0
TravelLog vs. BiGGiE (2v2 Doubles) - Won by TravelLog 2-0
Lord Jesseus vs. Maxim (1v1 Singles) - Won by Maxim 1-0
Fire Blast & rewindman vs. shadowbone66 & PinkCaptainFalcon (1v1+1v1 Tag Team Doubles) - Fire Blast & rewindman won by DQ
Leethoof vs. Paradoxus (2v2 Doubles) - Won by Leethoof 2-0
Albinoloon vs. ToastTyrant13 (3v3 Singles) - Won by Albinoloon 1-0
Doran Dragon vs. LevitatingLamprey (1v1 Singles) - LevitatingLamprey won by forfeit
AlphaJolt vs. Galladiator (2v2 Singles) - Won by AlphaJolt 1-0
Alchemator vs. iiMKUltra (3v3 Singles) - Won by Alchemator 1-0
Texas Cloverleaf vs. Son_of_Shadoo (4v4 Singles) - Won by Son_of_Shadoo 2-0
Destiny Warrior vs. LevitatingLamprey (4v4 Singles) - LevitatingLamprey won by forfeit
deadfox081 vs. Dummy007 (4v4 Singles) - deadfox081 won by DQ
Dummy007 vs. deadfox081 (4v4 Singles) - Won by deadfox081 2-0
Terrador vs. Metal Bagon (1v1 Singles) - Won by Terrador 1-0
Engineer Pikachu's 3k Melee (2v2v2v2v2v2 Melee Singles) - Won by Glacier Knight 1-0-0-0-0-0 (Subref, Subsubsubref)
UllarWarlord vs. danmantincan (2v2 Doubles) - UllarWarlord won by DQ
Flamestrike vs. deadfox081 (6v6 Singles) - Won by deadfox081 1-0 (Subref)
typon77 vs. Korski (1v1 Singles) - Won by typon77 1-0
EspyOwner vs. Lord Jesseus (1v1 Singles) - Lord Jesseus won by DQ
(TOURNAMENT) jas61292 vs. Texas Cloverleaf (5v5 Triples) - Won by jas61292 1-0
Wobbanaut vs. Maxim vs. typon77 vs. SubwayJ (2v2v2v2 Melee Singles) - Won by SubwayJ 1-0-0-0
Objection vs. Engineer Pikachu (4v4 Singles) - Won by Engineer Pikachu 2-0 (Subsubref)
Objection vs. zarator (4v4 Singles) - Won by zarator 1-0
(GYM) Leader Engineer Pikachu vs. Challenger Son_of_Shadoo (3v3 Singles) - Won by Engineer Pikachu 3-0 (Subref)
(TOURNAMENT) Pwnemon vs. MrcRanger97 (4v4 Doubles) - Pwnemon won by DQ
Elevator Music vs. DarkSlay (2v2 Doubles) - Won by Elevator Music 2-0
(GYM) Leader C$FP vs. Challenger Pwnemon (3v3 Singles) - Won by C$FP 1-0
(GYM) Leader dogfish44 vs. Challenger Kaxtar (3v3 Singles) - Won by Dogfish44 1-0
(Gym) Leader Dogfish44 vs. Challenger The Royal Guard (3v3 Singles) - Won by Dogfish44 1-0
(Gym) Leader jas61292 vs. Challenger Texas Cloverleaf (4v4 Doubles) - Won by Texas Cloverleaf 2-0
The Wanderer vs. Eternal Drifter (2v2 Doubles) - Won by Eternal Drifter 1-0
Objection vs. DFrog (3v3 Singles) - Won by Objection 2-0
(GYM) Leader Orcinus Duo vs. Challenger Elevator Music (4v4 Doubles) - Cancelled... 9.9
(TOURNAMENT) smashlloyd20 vs. Alchemator (3v3 Singles) - Won by smashlloyd20 1-0
(TOURNAMENT) Glacier Knight vs. Geodude6 (3v3 Singles) - Won by Glacier Knight 2-0
(GYM) Leader Dogfish44 vs. Challenger Frosty (4v4 Doubles) - Won by Frosty 1-0
(TOURNAMENT) Complications vs. TheWolfe (3v3 Singles) - Won by Complications 1-0
(GYM) Leader zarator vs. Challenger Frosty (3v3 Singles) - Won by Frosty 1-0
The Legend Run: (Dogfish44) Four Swords Quest
Rediamond's Battle Subway (Challenge 5, Battles 1-4)

The Legend Run: (Leethoof | smashlloyd20) Timeless Tower
The Legend Run: (Terrador | Metal Bagon) Mysterious Cove (Subref)
The Legend Run: (TravelLog | DarkSlay) Timeless Tower
The Legend Run: (Lord Jesseus | Athenodoros) Timeless Tower (Subref)
The Legend Run: (Texas Cloverleaf | zarator) Timeless Tower
The Legend Run: (MK Ultra) Timeless Tower
The Legend Run: (C$FP | Athenodoros) Timeless Tower
The Legend Run: (MrcRanger97) Black Sulphur Caldera
The Legend Run: (Gerard) Timeless Tower (Subref)
The Legend Run: (C$FP | Galladiator) Mysterious Cove
The Legend Run: (Athenodoros) Timeless Tower
The Legend Run: (Destiny Warrior) Timeless Tower (Subref)
The Legend Run: (Arcanite) Mysterious Cove
deadfox081's Battle Subway (Challenge 1, Battles 5-8)
LouisCyphre's Battle Pike (Challenge 1, Bronze Rank)
danmantincan's Battle Subway (Challenge 4, Battles 5-8)
deadfox081's Battle Pike (Challenge 1, Bronze Rank)
Yarnus of Bethany's Battle Pike (Challenge 1, Bronze Rank) (Subbed out)
LouisCyphre's Battle Subway (Challenge 1, Battles 1-4)
waterwarrior's Subway (Challenge 1, Battles 1-2)
Elevator Music's Pike (Challenge 1, Bronze Rank) (Subref)
The Legend Run: (Engineer Pikachu) Mysterious Cove
MK Ultra's Battle Subway (Challenge 7, Battles 1-4) (Subref)
Rediamond's Battle Subway Challenge (Challenge 2, Battles 1-3)
Gerard's Battle Subway (Challenge 5, Battles 1-4)
The Legend Run: (Lord Jesseus | Rediamond) Timeless Tower
Orcinus Duo's Battle Subway (Challenge 3, Battles 1-4)
The Legend Run: (Galladiator) Windswept Meadow
Elevator Music's Battle Pike (Challenge 2, Silver Rank)
The Legend Run: (deadfox081) Black Sulphur Caldera (Subref)
AOPSUser's Battle Subway (Challenge 1, Battles 1-4)
The Legend Run: (danmantincan) Timeless Tower
The Legend Run: (zarator) Mysterious Cove (Subref)
The Legend Run: (C$FP) Black Sulphur Caldera
The Legend Run: (UllarWarlord) Glacial Cave
Orcinus Duo's Battle Subway (Challenge 4, Battles 1-4)
deasfox081's Battle Subway (Challenge 3, Battles 1-4)
The Legend Run: (Athenodoros) Mysterious Cove (Subref)
danmantincan's Battle Subway (Challenge 6, Battles 1-4) (Subref)
The Legend Run: (waterwarrior) Ruined Eden
waterwarrior's Battle Pike (Challenge 1, Silver Rank)
The Legend Run: (Elevator Music) Timeless Tower
Frosty's Battle Subway (Challenge 2, Battles 1-4)
The Legend Run: (danmantincan) Timeless Tower (2)
The Legend Run: (Dogfish44 | Maxim) Ruined Eden
The Legend Run: (Elevator Music) Timeless Tower (2)
The Legend Run: (Texas Cloverleaf) Timeless Tower
deadfox081's Battle Subway (Challenge 5, Battles 1-4)
Dogfish44's Battle Pike (Challenge 1, Silver Rank)
AOPSUser's Battle Pike (Challenge 7, Bronze Rank) (Subref)
Elevator Music's Battle Pike (Challenge 1, Gold Rank)
The Legend Run: (Gerard) Mysterious Cove
The Legend Run: (deadfox081) Timeless Tower
Engineer Pikachu's Battle Pike (Challenge 1, Silver Rank)
Elevator Music's Battle Subway (Challenge 7, Battles 9-12)
Canis Majoris' Battle Pike (Challenge 2, Bronze Rank)
Frosty's Battle Subway (Challenge 4, Battles 1-4)
The Legend Run: (Imanalt | EspyOwner) Four Swords Quest
[B]Round <RoundNo.> - <Title>[/B]



[U][B]<WEATHER/ROOM EFFECT>...((x)r)[/B][/U]
[B]<User> A/X/O[/B] [I][Team Effect ((x)r/l)][/I]
[IMG]<Pokémon Image>[/IMG]
[B]<Nickname> (<Gender>) @ <Item>
Abilities[/B]: <Ability1>/<Ability(x)>
[B]HP/EN[/B]:  [B][COLOR=SeaGreen/DarkOrange/Red]<CurrHP>[/COLOR][/B] /  [B][COLOR=SeaGreen/DarkOrange/Red]<CurrEn>[/COLOR]
Stats[/B]: <Atk> / <Def> / <SAtk> / <SDef> / <Spe>
[B]SC/WC/BRT[/B]: <SC> / <WC> / <BRT>
[B]Boosts[/B]: N/A / ±(x) <Stat>
[B]Status[/B]: N/A / <OtherEffects>

[B]<User> A/X/O[/B] [I][Team Effect ((x)r/l)][/I]
[IMG]<Pokémon Image>[/IMG] | [IMG]<Pokémon Image>[/IMG]
[B]<Nickname> (<Gender>) @ <Item>[/B] | [B]<Nickname> (<Gender>) @ <Item>
Abilities[/B]: <Ability1>/<Ability(x)> |
[B]HP/EN[/B]:  [B][COLOR=SeaGreen/DarkOrange/Red]<CurrHP>[/COLOR][/B] /  [B][COLOR=SeaGreen/DarkOrange/Red]<CurrEn>[/COLOR][/B] |  [B][COLOR=SeaGreen/DarkOrange/Red]<CurrHP>[/COLOR][/B] /  [B][COLOR=SeaGreen/DarkOrange/Red]<CurrEn>[/COLOR]
Stats[/B]: <Atk> / <Def> / <SAtk> / <SDef> /  <Spe> | <Atk> / <Def> / <SAtk> / <SDef> /  <Spe>
[B]SC/WC/BRT[/B]: <SC> / <WC> / <BRT> | <SC> / <WC> / <BRT>
[B]Boosts[/B]: N/A / ±(x) <Stat> | N/A / ±(x) <Stat>
[B]Status[/B]: N/A / <OtherEffects> | N/A / <OtherEffects>
[HIDE=Calculations][B][U]BEGIN ROUND[/U][/B]
[B]<Nickname> used <Move>![/B]
[I](Hit Roll [<=#]: (x)/10000; Yes/No)
(Crit Roll [<=#]: (x)/10000; Yes/No)[/I]
<Type factor>
<Nickname> took <Calculations>=<Damage> Damage!
[I](Effect Roll {<Effect>} [<=#]: (x)/10000; Yes/No)[/I]
<Nickname> used <Energy> Energy!

[B]<Nickname> used <Move> (Target | Target)![/B]
[I](Hit Rolls [<=#/10000]: (x), (x); Yes/No | Yes/No)
(Crit Rolls [<=#/10000]: (x), (x); Yes/No | Yes/No)[/I]
<Type factor>
<Nickname> took <Calculations>=<Damage> Damage!
[I](Effect Rolls {<Effect>} [<=#/10000]: (x), (x); Yes/No | Yes/No)[/I]
<Type factor>
<Nickname> took <Calculations>=<Damage> Damage!
[I](Effect Rolls {<Effect>} [<=#/10000]: (x), (x); Yes/No | Yes/No)[/I]
<Nickname> used <Energy> Energy!

(End of Acion Effects)
[B][I]<Weather/Room Effect>...[/I]
<Nickname> was <Hurt> by the weather![/B]
<Nickname> took <Damage> Damage!

[B]<Nickname> was hurt by <his/her/its> <status>![/B]
<Nickname> took <Damage> Damage!
[B]<Nickname> is Confused![/B]
[I](Self Hit Roll [<=#]: (x)/10000; Yes/No)[/I]
[B]<Nickname> hurt <himself/herself/itself> in <his/her/its> Confusion![/B]
<Nickname> took <Calculations>=<Damage> Damage!
<Nickname> used <Energy> Energy!

[I](Paralysis Roll [<=#]: (x)/10000; Yes/No)[/I]
[B]<Nickname> is fully Paralysed!
<Nickname>'s Paralysis degraded![/B]
[B]<Nickname> Chilled Out![/B]
<Nickname> recovered 12 Energy!

(Failing to act)
[B]<Nickname> <Failed to act for some reason>[/B]

[B][COLOR=Red]<Nickname> Fainted!
<Nickname> gained 1× KO Counter![/COLOR][/B]
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Official Smogon Know-It-All
I'll keep reffing, although I suspect that I never got officially approved by Flora or anyone, so this is
Me humbly asking to be an approved ref :)

I'll edit in all my stuff once I'm back in reffing action.

And the actual reason for this post: Hide tags, people! I don't want to read through every match in ASB when I look for a profile.

And actual link to something I should claim:

Things I've claimed:
I ref things
GMT+10 (except during DST)
I try to be on at least once a day, usually several times or for large periods of time, depending on IRL commitments.
My ASB Profile
(Look below Roleplays and above Pokemon for reffing details)

edit: "And the actual reason for this post: Hide tags, people! I don't want to read through every match in ASB when I look for a profile." seconding this (or just link your profile, if you're lazy like myself and cbf updating two things at once)
Well, time to move over to this thread.

Time Zone: Pacific
Availability: My work schedule's a bit erratic, so I can't really have any set times.
Battle preferences: In terms of arenas, I'd prefer an place other than ASB Arena, but it's not a deal-breaker if the fight is there. My only real restriction is that I won't ref more than three battles at a time (with a few exceptions, of course).
Reffed Battles:
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Subref, Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Gale Wing Srock (Current Streak 2 Champion):
Round 1 - Complete
Round 2 - Subref, Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Kinda got sent off the wayside
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Closed
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Metal Sonic:
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 (Subref) - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 2 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 2 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1
Flame Emblem:
Round 1 - Complete
Gale Wing Srock:
Round 1 (Subref) - Complete
Round 1 (Subref) - Complete
Glacier Knight:
Round 1
Iron Caliber
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 (Subref) - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Saleem S:
Round 1 - Complete
Solid Gold:
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
Round 1 - Complete
The Early years:
Professor Lamb vs. The Royal Guard
yarnusvshartiwg vs typon77
Doorknob vs. TheMogRunner
Ice-eyes vs. King Serperior
Mr. L vs. Ice-eyes

The particularly awesome ones:
King Serperior vs. Pippy
Temperantia vs. TheMogRunner
TheWolfe vs. Orcinus Duo
The War of the Brothers
DFrog vs. SimonSays
To Defy the End: Chapter 1 (Maxim + AOPSUser)
Objection vs. Pwnemon (Highlight match)

The tourney fights:
Destiny Warrior vs. TheWolfe
Leethoof vs. TheWolfe (subreffed by Elevator Music)
Flamestrike vs. Alchemator
Athenodoros vs. Inanimate Blob
LupusAter vs. Texas Cloverleaf
Elevator Music vs. Deadfox081 (Subref)
Engineer Pikachu vs. AOPSUser
Birkal vs. smashlloyd20

The ones that never finished:
Texas Cloverleaf vs. Jas61292 (Subref)
SimonSays vs. MrcRanger97
RagnarokAlex vs. deadfox081 (Subref)
To Defy the End chapter 1 - Gale Wing Srock and apt-get

The Hotekh arc (that totally isn't an excuse to come up with new characters):
Matezoide vs. EndQuote
AOPSuser vs. Zarator
Orcinus Duo vs. The Royal Guard
TIO vs. Dfrog
Endquote vs. Pwnemon

The Purse Salesman Arc:
Frosty vs. Faylion
LockDown vs. Someoneelse
Gale Wing Srock vs. Ragnarokalex
FMD vs. ZhengTann

The Poketopia Arc:
Akela vs. LupusAter
LouisCyphre vs. Ute
Frosty vs. Gerard
ZhengTann vs. SimonSays

All Aboard the Cerebus Train!
Leethoof vs. Arcanite
Leethoof vs. Maxim

The everything else:
Endquote vs. Metal Bagon (subref)
Mr. L vs. Gerard
Arcanite vs. jas61292 (subref)
King Serperior vs. Pippy
Axmaster68 vs. Pippy
typon77 vs. Endquote
Rediamond vs. Maxim (subref)
Rediamond vs. Gerard
deadfox081 vs. Dummy 007
TheWolfe vs. Orcinus Duo
Flamestrike vs. danmantincan
danmantincan vs. Nightmare Jigglypuff
Flamestrike vs. Ragnarokalex (Subref)
Dogfish44 vs. Wobbanaut
SimonSays vs. Wobbanaut
Destiny Warrior vs. TheWolfe
SimonSays vs. Temperantia
Moai vs. SimonSays
Moai vs. Sound
Itchni vs. LockDown
Eternal Drifter vs. Gerard (subref)
TheWolfe vs. Gerard
Madotsuki vs. Biobizbarto
King Serperior vs. Matezoide
Madotsuki vs. AOPSUser
Madotsuki vs. Orcinus Duo
Gemoftheday vs. Lucarioisawesome (Subref)
Glacier Knight vs. Maserato
Birkal vs. DFrog
Gemoftheday vs. Leethoof
King Serperior vs. ZhengTann
Eternal Drifter vs. Maxim
AOPSUser vs. Eternal Drifter
Crystaline vs. Maxim
EspyOwner vs. Zeruda
SimonSays vs. Gerard
Gale Wing Srock vs. GerardGlass Pyramid: Chapter 1 (Maxim and IAR)
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Yeah, I'm still here.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard
Availability: Weekdays from 5-8 PM, usually. Saturdays I typically have all day, but Sundays are a no (which is funny because I posted this on a Sunday, but this is a really rare occurrence). (Spenstar vs. Dark Pulse; 2 vs 2 Singles) (Temperantia vs. elDino; 1 vs 1 Singles) (Dark Pulse vs. Venser; 3 vs 3 Doubles) (TEA_DEMON vs. Pikapwnd; 3 vs 3 Triples) (shadowbone66 vs. Acklow; 2 vs 2 Doubles) (Deck Knight vs. TravelLog; 4 vs 4 Doubles) (Venser vs. iiMKUltra; 1 vs 1 Singles) (deadfox081 vs. Son_of_Shadoo; 4 vs 4 Doubles) (Engineer Pikachu vs. AlphaJolt; 2 vs 2 Doubles) (loudkirbyking vs. auramaster; 3 vs 3 Singles) (subreffed for danmantincan) (Arcanite vs. Nightmare jigglypuff; 1 vs 1 Singles) (Its_A_Random vs. Son_of_Shadoo; 3 vs 3 Triples) (Nightmare jigglypuff vs. Paradoxus; 2 vs 2 Singles) (got subreffed by IceBug) (EndQuote vs. Albinoloon; 2 vs 2 Singles) (got subreffed by Dogfish44) (Woodchuck vs. TravelLog; 3 vs 3 Doubles) (subreffing for Gerard, got subreffed by Fire Blast) (Kaxtar vs. Texas Cloverleaf; 1 vs 1 Singles) (Son_of_Shadoo vs. TravelLog; 5 vs 5 Brawl) (TravelLog DQ) (The Wanderer vs. Texas Cloverleaf vs. dragonboy52 vs. jayjinde; 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 Singles) (got subreffed by Flamestrike) (TheWolfe vs. EndQuote; 1 vs 1 Singles) (Doran Dragon vs. The Wanderer; 2 vs 2 Doubles) (Doran Dragon DQ) (Doran Dragon vs. Orcinus Duo; 4 vs 4 Doubles) (Doran Dragon DQ) (Leethoof vs. Engineer Pikachu; 1 vs 1 Singles) (TheWolfe vs. Solstice; 3 vs 3 Singles) (subreffed for Spenstar) (Son_of_Shadoo vs. Alchemator; 2 vs 2 Singles) (MrL vs. Dogfish44; 1 vs 1 Singles) (got subreffed by Ragnarokalex) (Its_A_Random vs. Lord Jesseus; 5 vs 5 Brawl) (subreffed for Quagsires) (TheWolfe vs. Tortferngatr; 3 vs 3 Singles) (subreffed for SimonSays) (Doorknob vs. Ragnarokalex; 1 vs 1 Singles) (subreffed for dragonboy52) (Doorknob vs. Ragnarokalex; 1 vs 1 Singles) (subreffed for dragonboy52) (Orcinus Duo vs. Son_of_Shadoo; 2 vs 2 Doubles) (Tournament: zarator vs. LouisCyphre; 4 vs 4 Doubles) (The Legend Run: AOPSUser- Mysterious Cove) (The Legend Run: Eternal Drifter- Mysterious Cove) (Tournament: waterwarrior vs. Objection; 4 vs 4 Doubles) (The Legend Run: zarator- Mysterious Cove) (subreffed by IAR) (The Legend Run: Wobbanaut- Mysterious Cove) (subreffed by Gerard)
EspyOwner vs. rickheg; 1 vs 1 Doubles
SubwayJ vs. UllarWarlord; Skiddo vs. 1
Avnomke vs. chifii; 3 vs. 3 Rotation (chifii DQed)
GemOftheDay vs. akela; 1 vs 1 Singles (part of a triple flashmatch)
Birkal vs. Classical; 1 vs 1 Singles (subreffed for S0L1D G0LD)
Birkal vs. SubwayJ; 1 vs 1 Singles (subreffed by GemOftheDay)
Leethoof vs. AOPSUser; 6 vs. 6 Doubles
Kingler12345 vs. waterwarrior; 3 vs. 3 Singles (Kingler12345 forfeited)
akela: Battle Pike (Bronze) (lost to Lucy)
waterwarrior vs. Its_A_Random; 1 vs 1 Singles
Geodude6 vs. starwarsfan; 1 vs 1 Singles (subreffed for S0L1D G0LD)
waterwarrior vs. starwarsfan; 1 vs 1 Singles
waterwarrior vs. Geodude6; 1 vs 1 Singles
S0L1D G0LD vs. SubwayJ; 1 vs 1 Singles
Geodude6 vs. GemOftheDay; 1 vs 1 Singles
Eternal Drifter vs. P2X7; 1 vs 1 Singles
Tournament: Eternal Drifter vs. Matezoide; 3 vs 3 Singles (got subreffed by waterwarrior)
Texas Cloverleaf vs. Dogfish44; 1 vs 1 Singles (part of a triple flashmatch)
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Destiny Warrior

also known as Darkwing_Duck
is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus
Returning, so time to c&p my old profile!

Trainer profile:

Time Zone: +5:30 GMT

Reffing is fun, I guess I'll sign up!
Availability(All times +5.30 GMT):
No fixed time as such, it depends on IRL things.

Battles being reffed:-

Completed battles
1.Acklow vs Dogfish44
2.Darkslay Vs Smashlloyd20
3.Rising_Dusk Vs Energy Storm
4.Chou Toshio Vs Athenodoros
5.Lord Jesseus Vs Zarator
5.smashlloyd20 Vs Athenodoros
6.Venser Vs Bad Ass
7.Flamestrike Vs Leethoff
8.Lord Jesseus Vs Its_A_Random
9.AlphaJolt Vs Blue_Tornado
10.Athenodoros Vs Alchemator
11.PinkCaptainFalcon Vs iiMKUltra
12.Deck Knight Vs Tortferngatr
13.Lord Jesseus Vs Venser
14.elDino vs Gerard
15.XVICaliber Vs rickheg
16.Tortferngatr Vs Doran Dragon
17.elDino Vs Xaqwais
18.shadowbone66 vs Korski
19.Athenodoros Vs Korski
20.Fire Blast Vs Shiny Snivy
21.Flora Vs Frosty
22.elDino vs Pikapwnd
23.iiMKUltra vs Engineer Pikachu
24.Alchemator Vs LevitatingLamprey
25.C$FP Vs smashlloyd20
26.Lord Jesseus Vs Orcinus Duo Vs dragonboy52
27.Yarnus of Bethany Vs EspyOwner
28.Objection Vs Lord Jesseus
29.Glacier Knight Vs MrL

1.Engineer Pikachu vs rewindman
2.elDino vs Tortferngatr
3.Spenstar Vs Son_Of_Shadoo
4.Kaxtar Vs Venser

1.Battle Subway Challenge of iiMKUltra
2.Battle Subway Challenge of Objection
3.Battle Subway Challenge of zarator
4.Battle Subway Challenge of DFrog
5.Battle Subway Challenge of Lord Jesseus
6.Battle Subway Challenge of danmantincan
7.Battle Subway Challenge of elDino
8.Battle Subway Challenge of Engineer Pikachu
9.Battle Subway Challenge of zarator
10.Battle Hall Challenge of Athenodoros
11.Battle Hall Challenge of The Wanderer
12.Battle Hall Challenge of dragonboy52
13.Battle Arcade Challenge of The Wanderer

1.Pokethlon - GoldenKnight Vs OmegaMan Vs DarkSlay Vs smashlloyd20(Stamina)

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